Chapter 1735 I’ll Have to Look Down on You (Teaser)

The original devil race’s prophet gently touched Long Chen’s face with her hands. Long Chen immediately felt his soul shake, and the Divine Gate Star activated on its own, instinctively resisting.

Long Chen hastily stopped the Divine Gate Star. However, huge waves rose in his heart. It was just that he didn’t say anything.

“Good child, you’re very handsome. Your future children with Xiaoqian, whether they’re boys or girls, will definitely be very cute.” The original devil race’s prophet pulled back her hands. When they left Long Chen’s face, they returned to their normal, withered state.

The only difference was that the prophet was smiling brightly now. “Child, don’t let a romantic relationship stop you from doing what you need to do. Sometimes, a good result needs a bitter process. However, as long as you can get that result, all that bitterness will be worth it. The bitterness will become your most perfect memories. However, if your hesitation over the process affects the result, if it causes you...

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