Chapter 1735 I’ll Have to Look Down on You

The original devil race’s prophet gently touched Long Chen’s face with her hands. Long Chen immediately felt his soul shake, and the Divine Gate Star activated on its own, instinctively resisting.

Long Chen hastily stopped the Divine Gate Star. However, huge waves rose in his heart. It was just that he didn’t say anything.

“Good child, you’re very handsome. Your future children with Xiaoqian, whether they’re boys or girls, will definitely be very cute.” The original devil race’s prophet pulled back her hands. When they left Long Chen’s face, they returned to their normal, withered state.

The only difference was that the prophet was smiling brightly now. “Child, don’t let a romantic relationship stop you from doing what you need to do. Sometimes, a good result needs a bitter process. However, as long as you can get that result, all that bitterness will be worth it. The bitterness will become your most perfect memories. However, if your hesitation over the process affects the result, if it causes you to fail, it will only bring you endless regret. All your efforts are for that goal. If you don’t achieve it, then everything fades away. When you reach the end, you will only find emptiness.”

“I understand.”

Long Chen bowed to the prophet and Yue Xihan. He then hugged Yue Xiaoqian before being led away by one of the Elders.

When Long Chen’s figure vanished, Yue Xiaoqian, Yue Xihan, and the prophet left as well. The roar of Magical Beasts began to ring out once more as they continued charging into the Skyscraping World.

“Mom, what did you see?” Yue Xihan looked at the prophet. She and Yue Xiaoqian were supporting her. They had arrived at a pavilion at the top of a mountain. 

The prophet looked like she had aged a great deal. Her breathing was a bit unsteady. As soon as she sat down, she began to cough intensely.

Yue Xiaoqian and Yue Xihan hastily poured a cup of water for her. Her coughing eased a bit after drinking some water.

“Grandma, why did you have to look at him? Doing so is suicide.” Yue Xiaoqian was crying as she looked at her grandmother.

“Child, which person doesn’t die? Death is another form of life. You need to learn this point from your mother. After giving up my position as the leader of the race, I sacrificed my cultivation base, transforming it into prophetic power so I could see further, see clearer. Although it was a sacrifice, it was worth it. Last time, I managed to see that Long Chen would be in trouble and I sent you just as a test. However, you really did manage to help him at a critical moment. At that time, I knew that no matter how strong I was, I would never be able to read the fate of a nine star heir. The fact that my prediction actually ended up true means that Long Chen’s fate is deeply intertwined with the fate of the original devil race. So how could I give up this chance?” The prophet smiled, but then she immediately began to cough fiercely again.

Yue Xiaoqian hastily pushed the water closer and gently patted her back. 

After a moment, the prophet continued, “I’m very gratified. Let me tell you a piece of good news. Our original devil race has not been wiped out. I saw many more branches living in different star-fields.”

“Really? That’s… great!” Yue Xiaoqian and Yue Xihan were both delighted. They had always thought that after the Motherstar had collapsed, the others had all died, leaving behind only their one branch of the original devil race. This news was the best news they could have gotten.

“Did you see which star-fields they’re in? Can we communicate with them? Can we restore the original devil race’s glory?” asked Yue Xihan, her voice trembling with emotion.

The prophet shook her head. “The cultivation technique of an heir of the nine stars is too domineering. Although I only tried to see information relating to our race, I still received a backlash. If Long Chen hadn’t suppressed it, I wouldn’t have been able to see anything at all. Xiaoqian, hurry and tell the others this news. Let everyone be happy as well.”

“Yes!” Yue Xiaoqian immediately rushed away.

“Mom, you…” Yue Xihan suddenly looked at her mother in shock. She wasn’t as naive as Yue Xiaoqian.

The prophet’s smile vanished, replaced by complete seriousness. She slowly said, “I wasn’t able to hold back. In the end, I still glanced at Long Chen’s future.”


Yue Xihan let out a startled cry. She looked at her mother closely and couldn’t help but cry. The divine seal on her mother’s forehead had completely faded. That meant her life force had run out.

“I just praised you for understanding the Dao of Life and Death. I said that Xiaoqian should follow your example, and you act like this,” sighed the prophet. She continued, “Long Chen is different from the nine star heirs from the legends. He lacks a kind of true domineeringness. It’s a very strange scenario. No one in this world can train in this cultivation technique and still control themselves, but he has done it. In all the historical records, nine star heirs are solitary figures who fight against heaven and earth. They never form companionships. However, Long Chen is completely different. That’s why I couldn’t hold back from taking a peek at his future. Unfortunately, I saw something that I shouldn’t have.”

“What did you see?”

“Death, darkness, endless death and endless darkness. All life was extinguished. Within that endless darkness and death, I couldn’t see the slightest glimmer of hope.”

“Are you saying that Long Chen’s fate is to die?!”

“I don’t know. My ability is limited. I could only see this much.”

The prophet suddenly touched Yue Xihan’s cheek. A faint glow appeared on her face.

“Don’t wear yourself out. You only have to do your best. We are just a speck of dust within this cosmos, and we follow the waves. If a star’s destiny reaches an end, we can only be destroyed along with it. You wouldn’t be able to do anything about it regardless, so don’t feel so bad. Just as I said, death is not an end, but another kind of… life.”


The prophet closed her eyes and silently collapsed into Yue Xihan’s embrace, still having a faint smile on her face. The old leader of the original devil race passed away just like that.

Long Chen was quickly led out of the Skyscraping World by an Elder from the original devil race. He had no idea that the original devil race’s prophet had peeped into his future and thus left the mortal world.

Once he left the original devil race, Long Chen went toward the Eastern Xuan City. There, he saw that things were exceptionally lively.

Walking along the large path, he saw experts from different regions. The restaurants were packed.

Was there some kind of festival? Why were there so many people? Long Chen curiously perked his ears up.

“Hmph, that Long Chen really is trash. Either someone helped him or he used some shameless method to get his Dragonblood Legion to occupy two spots in the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. In my opinion, that is no different than cheating!”

Long Chen was just randomly listening to the conversation when he heard a voice come from within a restaurant.

This voice wasn’t very loud, but it wasn’t quiet either. Anyone in the surroundings of the restaurant could hear it. It was clearly intentional.

“Someone’s causing trouble for me again?”

Long Chen suddenly stopped. However, that theory was wrong. He was wearing a cloak and had concealed his spiritual fluctuations. His appearance had also been changed. No one should realize who he was.

Just as he was questioning his disguise, another voice came from the restaurant. “You’re right, Long Chen really is shameless. Ignoring how he cheated his way into the top ten, he even colluded with those demons from the original devil race. Although no one has absolute proof, Long Chen’s wild ambitions are abundantly clear. Even though everyone is speaking out against him, he’s hiding in his sect like a turtle. If he doesn’t have a guilty conscience, why would he do that?”

This voice was just as loud as the first. It was clearly being said so that others would hear it.

“Long Chen, if you keep enduring like this, I’ll have to look down on you.”

Evilmoon’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s head. Clearly, it disapproved of Long Chen’s indifference.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He had walked past the restaurant, but now he returned. He also wiped off the disguise on his face, revealing his true appearance.

However, he was still wearing a hood that covered most of his face. There were countless people on the street, so no one paid any attention to him.

“Xiang Yunfei has already come to challenge Long Chen, even building a martial stage right outside the Eastern Xuan City, and Long Chen doesn’t even dare to come out. It’s been a month, and there hasn’t even been a peep from the Xuantian Dao Sect. Hmph, when he encounters a real expert, Long Chen runs like a dog.”

“Don’t compare Long Chen to a dog. At least, a dog will bark a few times when they encounter an enemy, but Long Chen doesn’t even dare to make a sound. There’s no comparing the two.”

Long Chen slowly walked up the stairs. After hearing the two of them echo off each other, a cold smile appeared on his face. The two of them were clearly doing it intentionally to provoke him into coming.

The Dragonblood Legion was in seclusion in the Xuantian Dao Sect, and Li Tianxuan definitely wouldn’t allow them to learn of this news. That was why there was no response from the Xuantian Dao Sect.

When it came to the outside world’s suspicions, Long Chen and Li Tianxuan’s attitudes were almost the same. They would walk their own path, and any dogs yapping in the background could yap away.

However, this time, Long Chen felt irritated, and the flames of fury slowly began to grow in his heart. He didn’t know if he had been suppressed for too long or if it was the influence of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. However, he was unable to remain indifferent.

“In my opinion, Long Chen is just-”

Two rank nine Celestials at the peak of Soul Transformation were sitting at a window table, chatting happily when they saw a certain person walk up. Their expressions immediately changed.

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