Chapter 1734 Lost Wilde

“That is a soul bewitching rune. What are you planning?”

Evilmoon was startled. The spiritual rune that Long Chen had condensed was not a slave mark. It was more similar to hypnosis and would keep the Spine Sword Armor Dragon asleep. Long Chen wouldn’t be able to control it like this.

With this kind of spiritual seal, the sleeping Sword Spine Armor Dragon might technically count as his housepet, but as soon as it woke up, the seal would be dispelled.

Maintaining this seal would be a constant drain on his Spiritual Strength. If he didn’t keep it up, it would wake up. Evilmoon couldn’t understand why Long Chen would choose such an option.

“I already said that all things in this world have their own use. Even dung can be used to nourish trees. However, if it lands on a person’s face, sometimes, it’s even more powerful than a martial weapon,” laughed Long Chen.

“What is that supposed to mean?” demanded Evilmoon. That evil tone of Long Chen’s told it that Long Chen was up to no good again. Evilmoon truly wanted to know. Suddenly, it had a thought. “What the fuck, I understand now. You evil scoundrel.”

“Hehe, we don’t produce Magical Beasts. We’re just in charge of transporting them throughout the world? Why would you call that evil?”

“Hmph, fine, I admire you. But, hehe, I really want to see who the unlucky bastard will be,” laughed Evilmoon.

Long Chen smiled and didn’t respond. He continued to pour in his Spiritual Strength. The huge spiritual rune was constantly fluctuating until it shuddered one final time.

The seal was complete. Long Chen wasn’t skilled in spiritual arts, so although he had an ocean’s worth of Spiritual Strength, it took him a long time to condense the seal. If it had been Meng Qi, she would have completed it in the blink of an eye.

The seal slowly merged into the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s head, and its whole body shook intensely. Its wings slammed on the ground repeatedly.

However, after a moment of struggling, it stopped moving. The spiritual seal took effect.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s huge body vanished as it was sucked into Long Chen’s spiritual space. It was chained by many spiritual seals and kept in a deep slumber.

“Nice work.” Long Chen clapped his hands a couple of times and smiled. This was a killer trump card. If he used it well, it could bring him endless benefits.

The original devil race’s experts that were watching cheered loudly upon seeing Long Chen subdue that Sword Spine Armor Dragon so easily. 

The distant Magical Beasts hiding in the distance were too scared to approach. Although their intelligence was low, they had seen Long Chen suppress the Sword Spine Armor Dragon.

Even the several half-step Netherpassage Magical Beasts didn’t dare to approach. They hid in the distance, letting out low growls.

The reason Magical Beasts could not be classified as top-class lifeforms was because of their low intelligence. Their bloodlines were too impure, so there was no way for them to compare to Xuan Beasts.

Although they were both beasts, the Xuan Beasts kept their bloodlines very pure, and their intelligence was on the same level as humans. As for Magical Beasts, no matter how high their intelligence, they were still dumb beasts.

Furthermore, Magical Beasts were easily bewitched by the Xuan Beasts. In the Devil Abyss, a sudden army of Magical Beasts had appeared and attacked the Dragonblood Legion. Long Chen was sure it was done by the Xuan Beasts. Only they had the ability to control such a huge army of beasts.

After putting away the Sword Spine Armor Dragon, Long Chen didn’t bother with the half-step Netherpassage Magical Beasts. Flying high into the sky, he quickly saw a long ‘path’ stretching into the distance.

It was a bloody path, filled with destruction and blood. Long Chen immediately began to follow it.

This bloody path was the remnants of Wilde’s fighting. As long as Long Chen followed it, he should be able to quickly find Wilde.

With his divine ring active, all the surrounding Magical Beasts were forced away by his divine might. They obediently kneeled in the distance.

Long Chen followed the path for a large part of the day. Standing at the peak of a tall mountain, he looked over the remnants of a ruthless battlefield. 

There was a skeleton here that was emitting the pressure of a Netherpassage Magical Beast.

It looked to be a tiger or leopard-shaped Magical Beast. However, only its skeleton remained, so he couldn’t tell its exact appearance.

He landed on the skull and saw a crystal core. The crystal core still had powerful runes revolving within it, and he could hear some kind of angry roar coming from it as if it was echoing its anger and unwillingness right before its death.

Beside the large skeleton was a dozen other small skeletons. He looked over their crystal cores and found that they were all of the half-step Netherpassage level.

Wilde would only eat the skeletons when he was starving to death. Normally, he only ate the meat. As a result, this child didn’t recognize the crystal cores as treasures and had tossed them aside.

Long Chen gathered the crystal cores and flew back into the air. He looked at the bloody path.

“Oh no.”

Long Chen bitterly smiled. Wilde had definitely gotten lost. He saw that the path now crossed in many places as Wilde traveled around randomly.

Wilde had gotten lost here and had run around, searching for his way back. As a result of his frantic running, he ended up covering up the path he had come from. With Wilde’s intelligence, it would be very difficult for him to find his way back.

The thing that made Long Chen speechless was that many bloody paths were stretching so far into the distance that he couldn’t see their ends.

He could imagine how frantic this child was after realizing he was lost. He had to be rushing around randomly, resulting in his path growing more and more chaotic. Now, there were so many paths that Long Chen had no idea which direction Wilde went.

“Well if he’s lost, he’s lost. He can eat as much as he wants. Maybe one day he’ll eat his way back to us.”

Long Chen was speechless. If he wanted to find Wilde, it would take a long time. He didn’t have that much time.

In any case, Wilde’s power was not inferior to his own. That mouth of his was even capable of biting Netherpassage Magical Beasts to death. There was no need for Long Chen to worry about him.

Long Chen returned along his original path. When he came out of the spatial crack, Yue Xiaoqian asked, “Where is Wilde?”

“Lost,” sighed Long Chen.

“What? Don’t joke.”

“It’s the truth.”

Long Chen bitterly smiled and told Yue Xiaoqian about what had happened inside. Upon learning that Wilde had somehow gotten lost inside, Yue Xiaoqian also became speechless.

The giant spatial crack should have been a giant beacon to Wilde, but even with such a giant reference point, Wilde still managed to get himself lost. Even Magical Beasts could have found their way back, but not Wilde.

“The Skyscraping World’s aura was constantly passing through to the other world through the spatial crack. The Magical Beasts on the other side take that as a threat and a provocation, so they charge over. Hopefully, Wilde will be able to follow those Magical Beasts back,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“I doubt that’s possible considering who he is. Wilde’s blood mark is still in Guo Ran’s hands. Ah, I have handed that to him back in the Immemorial Path so it would be easier to find Wilde, but I didn’t bring it with me this time. Just let Wilde eat as much as he wants for now. If he doesn’t come out during this time, I’ll have Guo Ran make me something that can track him down,” said Long Chen helplessly.

After a moment’s hesitation, he apologetically added, “Xiaoqian, the Dao Sect still needs me for many things. I have to go back…”

“I know. I understand. Go back and say hello to my sisters. Tell them… that Xiaoqian misses them.”

Xiaoqian couldn’t help crying. They had just reunited and were about to be separated again. On the Martial Heaven Continent, endless dangers meant that they couldn’t be sure how long this parting would be. Perhaps it would be eternal.

Just as Long Chen was at a loss as to how to comfort her, an ancient voice rang out.

“Xiaoqian, don’t grieve. The two of you will forever be together. No one will be able to separate you.”

“Greetings great prophet, greetings race leader!” The original devil race’s experts all knelt. From the distance, Yue Xihan slowly walked over while supporting an old woman.

The old woman looked like she already had one foot in the grave. Her face was covered in wrinkles. She looked like the slightest breeze would knock her over. She had no aura at all, like she was someone who hadn’t cultivated.

However, Long Chen was shocked to see how bright her eyes were. They were clearly intelligent. It was like her eyes could see through all the mysteries of heaven and earth, as if they could see through the past and future. Her eyes were like a mirror that reflected the world.

“Greetings great prophet.” Seeing that this woman was being personally escorted by Yue Xihan, Long Chen could tell that this woman’s position was probably even greater than Yue Xihan’s in the original devil race.


Yue Xiaoqian hastily went over to support the old woman. Unexpectedly, this prophet was actually Yue Xiaoqian’s grandmother, Yue Xihan’s mother.

The old woman’s withered hand gently caressed Yue Xiaoqian’s cheek, wiping away her tears. “I thought that you had forgotten your grandma after seeing your boyfriend.”

“Grandma!” Yue Xiaoqian pressed her hand against the old woman’s arm. She blushed.

“Your grandma was also young back in the day. What is there to be embarrassed about? Look, Long Chen’s completely at ease.” The old woman smiled kindly.

“You overpraise me. This little one’s skin was built up over thousands of trials. It’s thick enough to not be embarrassed.” Long Chen hastily went up. This was his future grandmother-in-law. To obtain her granddaughter, he had to obtain her approval.

“Not feeling embarrassed is a good thing. People who don’t get embarrassed aren’t so fake. They say what they want to say, do what they want to do. Good child, come here and let grandma touch your face. I want to see the face of my granddaughter’s future husband.” The old woman reached out her two withered hands and gently touched Long Chen’s face.

When her hands touched Long Chen’s face, they transformed, becoming plump like a young maiden’s hands. At the same time, glowing lines appeared on her palms.

 Long Chen’s heart shook. “This is…”

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