Chapter 1733 This is Called Intelligence

The huge sphere exploded in the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s mouth. Its mouth became a bloody pulp, but it didn’t die. It was only a somewhat serious injury that wasn’t fatal.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon flipped back, smashing a large hole in the ground. It seemed the explosion had affected its mind, and it couldn’t even tell different directions apart. Its claws, wings, and tail randomly attacked everywhere.

“What a tough body. No wonder Evilmoon said I couldn’t beat it. Even its own attack was unable to kill it.”

If it was an ordinary Magical Beast, causing their own full-strength attack to explode inside them would definitely be enough to kill them. However, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s defensive power far exceeded its offensive power. It was too tough. Furthermore, with a Magical Beast’s natural recovery abilities, it wouldn’t be long before this injury healed.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s wild attacks were an instinct. It wanted to make sure Long Chen couldn’t get close during this moment to launch a fatal attack. It was buying itself time.

Suddenly, a cyan brick appeared in Long Chen’s right hand. He spun through the air three times, concentrating all his power.

“Little Heaven, show Evilmoon your power. Don’t let it look down on you!”

Long Chen suddenly threw the cyan brick at the Sword Spine Armor Dragon.

Evilmoon refused to work with him, so Long Chen took out the Heaven Flipping Seal. The Heaven Flipping Seal had gained an initial level of control over its power thanks to Evilmoon’s guidance.

The Heaven Flipping Seal explosively grew once Long Chen threw it. It was like a giant mountain as it smashed into the Sword Spine Armor Dragon. 


The entire world shuddered. Then everything became calm.

There was a huge cyan brick deeply imprinted in the ground. The Sword Spine Armor Dragon was beneath it, with only half its tail sticking out. Its tail was constantly twitching.

Long Chen jumped in shock. He hadn’t expected the Heaven Flipping Seal to be so powerful. It had actually crushed the Sword Spine Armor Dragon in one attack.

“Fool, how many times have I told you not to use your full power unless it’s a life and death moment?! All that energy you saved up during this time has been wasted!” Evilmoon’s furious roar rang out.

The Heaven Flipping Seal transformed back into an ordinary cyan brick and returned into Long Chen’s mind-sea. It was like a child that had made a mistake, just floating there in front of Evilmoon, not daring to move.

Long Chen sensed that the Heaven Flipping Seal’s aura had plummeted after this one attack. It had used up over ninety percent of its power.

“I was the one who made Little Heaven do this. You refused to help, so why can’t Little Heaven help me?” Long Chen immediately moved to protect Little Heaven. In truth, its power had made him jump as well. That kind of power could only be described as terrifying.

The Heaven Flipping Seal immediately stopped acting so afraid with Long Chen’s support. It hid behind Long Chen.

“You fool, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon is just a troublemaker. Congratulations on killing it! Tell me, how much do you think you actually got out of it? How much money? You are no longer a rookie, and I am still sealed. Little Heaven is a life-protecting talisman, but you wasted all its energy on something useless like the Sword Spine Armor Dragon! How are you going to protect yourself against the truly dangerous enemies in the future?” demanded Evilmoon angrily.

Evilmoon had been constantly teaching and training Little Heaven to control its energy. It firmly warned Little Heaven that it couldn’t easily attack. In fact, even Long Chen hadn’t realized how powerful the Heaven Flipping Seal was, which was intentionally done by Evilmoon. It didn’t want Long Chen to form a dependence on the Heaven Flipping Seal. The Heaven Flipping Seal was only there to save his life at a critical moment. If he used it nonchalantly, it wouldn’t have any energy to help him when he needed it.

For example, the spiritual seal that the terrifying expert had left on Long Chen’s mind-sea was something that Evilmoon would require a long time to fully erase with just its own power. That amount of time was more than enough for the master of the seal to lock onto Long Chen’s position, and Little Heaven had been the trump card that had managed to break the seal instantly. Now, this powerful trump card had used up all its energy on a useless Sword Spine Armor Dragon. Naturally, Evilmoon was infuriated.

Hearing all this, Long Chen finally understood Evilmoon’s thinking and also gained a greater understanding of Little Heaven. It was an item-spirit he had given birth to from the Alldevil monster’s soul essence. It was like a child, and when it got excited, it wouldn’t have too many thoughts in its head.

“It’s fine. Experience is what leads to wisdom. If Little Heaven hadn’t used its full power, it wouldn’t even know how strong it is, let alone know how to control its own power. It’s not a bad thing. I will ask Xia Chen if he could create a formation to let Little Heaven recover its energy faster. We’re not lacking money. As long as we have money, what can’t we do?” laughed Long Chen.

Evilmoon’s anger faded. Recovering divine energy required a very long time. However, a formation master could make a formation that could make this process quicker.

Furthermore, it was true that Little Heaven needed to experience its full power in order to learn how to control it. Just theory with no practical practice was no good.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon was not dead yet. If Little Heaven had used its power properly, it would have killed it. However, it had unleashed its power a bit too early, before it had been concentrated perfectly, resulting in it wasting thirty percent of its power.

Now, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon was constantly twitching. It was unknown how many of its bones were broken. Its defensive power was truly astonishing. Even with its whole body deformed, it wasn’t in danger of dying. It had just fallen unconscious.

If it was an ordinary person, the divine power contained in the Heaven Flipping Seal’s attack would invade their body. Many people died from the invasion of that divine power even if they survived the actual attack.

On the other hand, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon might be heavily injured and unconscious, but its natural recovery had kicked in. If left like this, it would fully recover.

“Is this Sword Spine Armor Dragon really useless? Don’t try to trick me. I’ve read plenty of books.” Long Chen’s gaze landed on the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s head. Such a powerful Magical Beast was actually called trash by Evilmoon. 

“Of course it’s useless. A Magical Beast’s Spirit Blood contains a chaotic aura, and their intelligence is so low. They can’t even compare to Xuan Beasts, let alone real divine beasts like the true dragon. Its bloodline is too muddled. The dragon breath attack is innate to the dragon race. Low-class dragon races are only capable of the simple dragon breath. Middle-class dragon races can breathe stars. The so-called star breath is comparable to the level of a real star at its stronger point. When I was at my peak, my star breath was enough to destroy an entire minor world. As for its breath, tch, it’s as weak as my spit,” said Evilmoon disdainfully.

One attack to destroy an entire minor world? Long Chen was shocked inside. He knew Evilmoon’s character, and it would disdain to lie.

However, someone as terrifying as Evilmoon was unable to receive a single attack from Sovereign Yun Shang. Just what level of existence was a Sovereign?

“Other Magical Beasts have their divine abilities concentrated in divine runes on their skulls, which can create a crystal bone. A twelfth rank Magical Beast’s crystal bone is essentially a quasi divine item. However, this Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s bloodline is too impure, and its divine ability is not only linked to its crystal core and the runes on its skull, but it also requires the twenty bone spurs on its back to activate. A quasi divine item requiring all of those big things is useless. What exactly are you going to use it for? Tell me, don’t you think you’re a fool for wasting so much effort?” Evilmoon’s rage began to boil once again.

“You can’t put it that way. It might be trash to you, but it has great use to me.” Long Chen laughed sinisterly. Actually, he knew he was in the wrong, but he thickened his face to say that it was useful. Otherwise, Evilmoon’s anger would just continue to grow.

“What are you going to use it for? Stew?” snorted Evilmoon. It clearly wasn’t so easy to trick.

“Hehe, if Wilde was present, I would naturally give it to him. However, I don’t think this Sword Spine Armor Dragon is as useless as you say. I can always bring it back and study it. Speaking of which, can I put a slave mark on it and turn it into my housepet?” Long Chen had a sudden thought. If he had a Netherpassage housepet…

The first thing he thought of was giving it to Meng Qi. Cloud’s speed and attacks were unparalleled. Her only weakness was defense. If this Sword Spine Armor Dragon was given to Meng Qi, then with Cloud in charge of attacking and the Sword Spine Armor Dragon in charge of defense, Meng Qi would become the most terrifying asset in the Dragonblood Legion.

“Nice try. You are treating a twelfth rank Magical Beast too simply. That is an existence on the same level as a Netherpassage expert. First of all, let’s ignore whether or not you have enough Spiritual Strength to place a slave mark on such a powerful existence, even if you did, it would easily manage to struggle free. I know you have some special methods to put a special slave mark on it and make it so that it can’t escape, but I’m telling you, you won’t be able to control it. The Sword Spine Armor Dragon is the result of inbreeding. It’s the product of the Sword Spine Nether Dragon and the Sword Spine Earth Dragon. Its head is chaotic, and it has almost no mind. It does not differentiate between friend or foe in battle. With such a housepet, hehe, you’ll sooner or later play yourself to death,” sneered Evilmoon.

“Hehe, the earth doesn’t give birth to nameless grass, and the heavens don’t give birth to useless people. Everything in this world has its own usefulness. The only question is whether you use it properly.” Long Chen suddenly smiled sinisterly.

“Why is your smile so evil? Have you thought of some sinister moves?” asked Evilmoon.

“What do you mean, sinister moves? This is called intelligence. Yes, correct, this is intelligence.”

Long Chen sat on the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s head. He formed a hand seal, and his Spiritual Strength surged. A giant spiritual mark slowly condensed.

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