Chapter 1732 Who Needs a Saber

A twelfth rank Magical Beast was on the same level as a Netherpassage expert. Although Magical Beasts were unable to control divine items, their innate divine abilities made it so their combat power wasn’t much inferior to human race Netherpassage experts.

Long Chen’s fury was starting to soar at being attacked continuously. He didn’t know if it was because of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, which refused to allow him to lose, or because he had been suppressed by Netherpassage experts for too long. Either way, he wanted to have a real fight against an existence on this level.


The huge claw smashed down once more. Evilmoon transformed into a crescent fang that slashed into it.

However, what shocked Long Chen was that his saber-image was instantly blown apart upon contact with the claw.

“What is this thing?! How can its defense be so tough?” Long Chen was speechless. The difference was a bit too immense, wasn’t it?

“You can’t beat it. It’s the Sword Spine Armor Dragon. Amongst the middle-class dragon races, it stands at the top. Although its bloodline isn’t pure, and it doesn’t have any powerful divine abilities, its physical strength and defensive power are excellent in its class. Fellows like this were just snacks to me before, but now I don’t think we can win. Its skin is too tough. Even before, I would have to skin it before eating it. We should just leave. It’s not that fast, so as long as you want to leave, it won’t be able to stop you,” said Evilmoon.

Even Evilmoon had no choice but to admit that they couldn’t do anything to it. It might not pose a fatal threat, but its immense defensive power and physical strength meant that they also didn’t pose a fatal threat to it either.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon continuously attacked Long Chen, but Long Chen had filled the surroundings with lightning runes and was blinking across them, dodging its attacks.

In front of its giant body, Long Chen was like a tiny ant. However, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s attacks were all very accurate, surprising Long Chen.

“How can it lock onto me?” asked Long Chen.

“If you were just an ordinary Soul Transformation expert, it probably wouldn’t even see you. Since its vision is only a bit better than a blind person’s, it uses its nose to sense things. The reason it’s attacking you isn’t because of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, but because it smells the true dragon essence blood flowing in your veins. That true dragon essence blood might only be from a green dragon, but it is incomparably pure. Amongst the millions of dragon races, only the true dragon is able to shake off the restrictions of any laws and live forever. Other dragons would drool at true dragon essence blood. Even I want to devour your essence blood. Although devouring it has no use to me, it’s practically an instinct,” said Evilmoon.

“Fuck, I treat you as a brother, and you treat me as food? When you get bigger, are you going to eat me?” demanded Long Chen.

“Hmph, the great dark evil dragon race cares more about promises than any other race. When have I ever lied?” raged Evilmoon.

Long Chen curled his lip. “When I first saw you, didn’t you try to con me? I just didn’t fall for it. However, didn’t all those people that fell for it die?”

“Bullshit, I promised that if they helped me break my seal, I would fulfill one of their desires. That’s the same as what I promised you. However, aren’t I still under my seal? They didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, so who cares if they died? Fuck off, I’m ignoring you. Handle it yourself.”

Long Chen was in the midst of blocking the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s attack when his weapon suddenly vanished.


Although Long Chen immediately dodged, he was still sent flying by powerful shockwaves. He almost coughed up blood.

“Evilmoon, you almost conned me to death!” raged Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die. If you can’t beat it, then run. However, the heir of the nine stars is such a badass, isn’t he? Why would such a person run? Go ahead and kill it.” Evilmoon had already returned to Long Chen’s spiritual space and refused to leave.

Evilmoon was truly a bit angry. However, its anger was also a bit of embarrassment. Back then, in order to escape its seal, it had truly used some shameless methods. That was definitely a bit disgraceful to the name of the dark evil dragon race.

Long Chen was picking at that scab, making it angry. That was its lesson to Long Chen and a warning that he better not bring this up again to mock it.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon was very strong, but it had its own clear weaknesses. Evilmoon refused to believe that Long Chen wouldn’t be able to recognize those weaknesses with his combat experience. As long as he didn’t fight directly, he wouldn’t be in danger.

“Hmph, who needs your help? I can kill it myself.”

Even without Evilmoon, Long Chen didn’t give up. Long Chen saw the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s weaknesses clearly. However, he had his own bitter troubles.

Having advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation, he clearly felt a change in his mental state. His arrogant side had grown stronger.

Just after having his power increase, along with his confidence and arrogance, he encountered such a powerful existence. If he fled, Long Chen had a premonition that it would be a serious blow to his confidence.

The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had very unique points. If, just as his confidence was surging, he encountered such a huge setback, it would be a heavy blow. So Long Chen wanted to defeat it somehow.

However, he was speechless toward Evilmoon’s pettiness. It had just been a joke, but Evilmoon had turned away from him.

Without Evilmoon, Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to attack. He was constantly dodging in the air.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s huge body only occasionally revealed itself to Long Chen at the last moment through the dust and smoke from its attacks. 

It was similar to the Earth Dragon in that it had two giant wings. Long Chen had narrowly avoided being struck by its wings several times. The greatest difference between them though was that the Sword Spine Armor Dragon had twenty sharp bone spurs growing out of its back. Each of them was thousands of meters long.

Those twenty bone spurs were where its energy was condensed, similar to a human’s Dantian. They were incredibly tough, and even divine items couldn’t easily damage them.

After repeatedly attacking, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon was getting angrier and angrier at not being able to hit Long Chen. Long Chen was like a mosquito that was flying around its body, but it couldn’t manage to hit him.

All the other Magical Beasts continued fleeing further and further away. They didn’t even dare to get closer to the spatial crack now.

In the Skyscraping World, due to the lack of reinforcements, the Magical Beasts on the battlefield were all slain quickly.

The original devil race’s experts were staring in shock at the spatial crack. As long as nothing was passing through it or disturbing it, it was possible to see through the spatial crack. They could clearly see what was happening on the other side.

Seeing Long Chen fighting a twelfth rank Magical Beast stunned them all. He was only at the Soul Transformation realm but was actually able to fight a Netherpassage level Magical Beast.

They had thought that their fight against eleventh rank Magical Beasts had been an amazing battle, something worthy of pride. Yet, those disciples would be in great danger if they faced a half-step twelfth rank Magical Beast, and they needed the Elders to handle those. However, Long Chen was also in the Soul Transformation realm, but he was fighting a true twelfth rank Magical Beast fearlessly.

“Truly worthy of a nine star heir. He doesn’t even use his saber. He’s fighting it completely barehanded!” praised an Elder.

They had only gotten a clear view of what was happening just as Evilmoon had vanished, causing Long Chen to fight barehanded. They practically prostrated themselves toward Long Chen in admiration.

Of course, if Long Chen knew what they were thinking, he would cry: no matter how arrogant I was, I wouldn’t be arrogant to such an idiotic level. If Evilmoon doesn’t want to help, what am I supposed to do?

With only his bare hands, Long Chen could only rely on the Celestial Lightning Body Blink to dodge through the sky. He was familiarizing himself with its attack patterns. If they fought directly, his chances of winning would be no greater than ten percent. He wasn’t such a fool.

This was an existence that could match Netherpassage experts. Fortunately, its huge body made it a bit clumsy, and its attack speed wasn’t that great. Otherwise, Long Chen would have been forced to run for his life.

With all its attacks missing, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s eyes turned scarlet, and it entered a berserk state. It opened its mouth, condensing a golden sphere once more.

“This is the moment!”

Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. Instead of retreating, he advanced right over to its mouth. Yue Xiaoqian jumped in shock. This action was practically sending himself to his death. The Sword Spine Armor Dragon had released this golden sphere attack several times now, and its power was practically apocalyptic. Even Netherpassage experts struck by it would definitely die.

“Blaze Dragon Spear!”

A black spear appeared in his hand, one composed of black flames. It was filled with a berserk and explosive power, like it was a compressed volcano.

The black spear shot out of Long Chen’s hand, striking the golden sphere. As soon as he released the spear, Long Chen’s figure vanished, reappearing behind the Sword Spine Armor Dragon.


The spear was like a detonator, while the golden sphere was like a bomb. It was like a star had exploded. The golden sphere had yet to leave the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s mouth before it exploded.

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