Chapter 1731 Fighting a Twelfth Rank Magical Beast

Long Chen quickly caught up to Yue Xiaoqian. Her shy appearance was so enchanting, making Long Chen’s heart grow itchier by the second.

The two of them quickly move toward the battlefield. Long Chen wanted to see how Wilde was. Had he finally managed to fill his stomach?

When Long Chen arrived at the battlefield, he saw more Magical Beasts than before. There was even a half-step Netherpassage Magical Beast that had just been slain by a dozen of the original devil race’s Elders.

“What’s going on?”

Long Chen was surprised. According to reason, such a powerful Magical Beast would have been immediately targeted by Wilde. 

“Elders, may I ask what happened to my brother?” asked Long Chen. He didn’t see any sign of Wilde.

“Wilde hasn’t come back through the spatial crack ever since entering. We are unable to go through, so we don’t know how he’s been doing,” answered an Elder.

“At first, we could still hear his shouting, but ten days ago, he stopped saying anything. We reported this to the leader, but she told us not to worry, Wilde is definitely fine,” added another Elder.

Hearing that Yue Xihan also knew of this matter put Long Chen at ease. Yue Xihan knew more about Wilde than he did. If she said he was fine, he was definitely fine.

However, the number of Magical Beasts on the battlefield was growing increasingly greater. This didn’t quite make sense. If Wilde was on the other side, he should be drawing the attention of the Magical Beasts, and the number appearing here should be dropping.

The Elders were only here to oversee the battle and would only attack when half-step Netherpassage Magical Beasts appeared, quickly killing them.

It was the disciples of the original devil race who were busy. The Soul Transformation disciples constituted the main force, with Jade Core disciples assisting. Even some weaker disciples were present, and they weren’t lazing around.

They were tidying up the battlefield, transporting the Magical Beast corpses away and stripping them of their hide, bones, blood, cores, etc.

After all, each part of a powerful Magical Beast was an expensive resource. By gathering so many, the original devil race could make quite a profit if they sold them in the Martial Heaven Continent. The rarer and higher level the Magical Beast, the more value they had.

The amount that they could get for these resources was definitely not one bit inferior to what they obtained from their businesses. Not only were they training their disciples, but they were also making money. Yue Xihan’s decision had killed two birds with one stone.

The original devil race’s experts were very powerful. Their attacks contained a unique kind of mysterious energy that increased their power. They were several times stronger than experts on the same level in the continent.

If these disciples managed to grow up, they would become a terrifying army. Clearly, Yue Xihan wanted to raise a powerful force, and the leader of this force was definitely Yue Xiaoqian. She was the future hope of the original devil race, bearing a heavy mission.

After so many days of training, the disciples, whose movements had been a bit sluggish and unrefined, had completely transformed. They were fighting smoothly and easily now.

After looking over the battlefield, Long Chen said, “I don’t like that my foolish brother has disappeared. I’m going to go find him.”

Yue Xiaoqian was startled. “If you were to go against the flow of space like that, you would have to survive the spatial tearing force. Wilde could make it because he has the body of a Blood Barbarian. You will definitely be injured if you try it.”

“No problem. I want to try.”

Long Chen walked toward the giant spatial crack. Only through that crack could one manage to go against the flow and enter the world on the other side.

When Long Chen was close, the spatial crack began to rumble intensely. Countless spatial blades began to gather and clash inside. That destructive power made everyone else’s hearts shake. This was a law of heaven and earth.

Long Chen snorted. His divine ring suddenly appeared like a blazing sun. Even heaven and earth were shaken by his divine ring. A powerful aura surged out of Long Chen, condensing into a giant pillar of light that soared into the sky and blew apart the clouds.

When Long Chen’s vast divine pressure erupted, all the experts of the original devil race, whether they were Elders or disciples, looked in shock at him. 

As for the roaring, crazy Magical Beasts, they instantly became frightened rabbits. They knelt on the ground, not daring to move. Even as they were slain by the disciples, they didn’t move.

“The divine power of the nine stars. How many epochs has it been? He has finally appeared again. This world is going to change at last.”

Yue Xihan stood at the top of the original devil race’s main palace. Her eyes looked across an immense space to see Long Chen. She muttered to herself, a hint of anticipation in her eyes.

This was the true pressure of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, one that forced all other lifeforms to kneel. This was the Hegemon Dao that superseded the Heavenly Daos.

As his divine ring revolved, he felt the laws of the world. They formed millions of tiny dots of light that bowed toward him. In that instant, he felt an unprecedented feeling of grandness. This was a feeling of being above heaven and earth. Even they had to listen to his orders.

As he walked into the spatial crack, even the spatial blades inside seemed to be afraid of him. They actually retreated slowly as he advanced.

Yue Xiaoqian looked at that in awe. The current Long Chen was so domineering that even the spatial laws didn’t dare to go against him.

As he advanced, Long Chen heard an even louder rumbling as if something was roaring at him to intimidate him.

However, he ignored it, continuing to walk forward slowly. The spatial blades were also rumbling, but they didn’t attack him.

“This feels amazing. No good, I can’t laugh. I have to look calm like I’m being low-key.” Long Chen had an urge to raise his head and laugh to unleash this feeling of being unrivaled, but he endured it. He had to suppress that desire. If he allowed that feeling to inflate, sooner or later he would become crazy, blinding himself with his own power. 

“Fuck, Guo Ran is really lucky. He gets to show off whenever he wants.”

Long Chen cursed inside. He even began to envy Guo Ran. Guo Ran never gave up any chance to show off, but Long Chen had to suppress that desire, it was too unfair.

However, no matter how Guo Ran showed off, his confidence wouldn’t overinflate. That was because there was the Dragonblood Legion to suppress him if he did. Guo Ran also knew this, which was why he was free to show off without the slightest worry.


Eventually, Long Chen had advanced so far that it seemed he had reached a limit. The spatial blades finally surged toward him.

Long Chen smiled faintly. His divine ring unleashed waves of divine light that formed a protective barrier around him. The spatial blades bounced off his barrier without inflicting the slightest damage.

“I really do understand too little about the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. I’ll need to continuously experiment.”

Long Chen was excited to see this result. This move was something he had suddenly thought of when he had advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation.

The divine ring was capable of suppressing everything. Then he should be able to use that effect. He had tested it, resulting in this barrier.

Waves of light continuously came from the divine ring in addition to the barrier, blowing the spatial blades apart. Exploding lights filled the air, a dazzling and dangerous sight.

An incense stick’s worth of time after the first spatial blades attacked, Long Chen finally reached the end of the spatial crack.

As soon as he arrived in this other world, before he could even see where he was, a heaven-shaking roar rang out and the sky darkened.

A giant claw from the sky came at Long Chen. Before it even reached him, its immense power had compressed the space around him until it was deformed.

“A Netherpassage Magical Beast!”

Long Chen immediately activated the Celestial Lightning Body Blink. Lightning runes appeared all around him, and he dashed away from the claw.

However, although he had dodged the claw, it still crashed against the ground, shattering the ground for thousands of miles. Terrifying astral winds slaughtered all the Magical Beasts in the surroundings.

“Right after a moment of joy, I get this crap!”

Long Chen cursed. This Magical Beast was so huge that half its body was covered in the clouds, so he couldn’t see its appearance. But there was no way he could be mistaken about its aura. It was definitely a twelfth rank Magical Beast, a Magical Beast that had reached the Netherpassage level.

Long Chen’s current aura might be able to scare away eleventh rank Magical Beasts, but it was useless against a twelfth rank Magical Beast. He had almost been turned into a meat patty just now.

The Magical Beast let out a roar, and its huge head came down from the clouds. A golden ball of light shot out of its mouth.

Only now did Long Chen get a chance to see its head. It was similar in shape to an Earth Dragon. However, he had no time to examine it any closer. A huge golden sphere was falling toward him like a shooting star. 

“Fuck, how did I get so unlucky?!” cursed Long Chen. How was it that as soon as he arrived, there was a terrifying twelfth rank Magical Beast waiting for him?

Lightning spread throughout the land, and Long Chen’s figure vanished. In the next instant, the huge golden sphere exploded where he had just been.

This move instantly cleaned up the battlefield. A wave of earth spread in every direction. The surviving Magical Beasts fled for their lives, while the rest died. 

Long Chen came flying out of the ground, spitting out dirt. It wanted a fight? Fine, it would get one!

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