Chapter 1730 Heaven Shaking Divine Might

Long Chen stood, his aura causing his clothes to billow. His eyes looked like two sharp blades that could pierce through space, so sharp that people wouldn’t dare to look at them directly.

In the distance, Yue Xiaoqian, who had been protecting him, felt a painful pang in her soul when she looked at him.

The current Long Chen was like a sharp sword. He was so sharp that it hurt her. He had changed, becoming even more imposing and domineering, more like a battle god who could look down on all.

“This is the hegemon side of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art that Long Chen described?” Yue Xiaoqian was deeply shaken. She was even a bit afraid.

The current Long Chen was so domineering that it blocked out all emotions. He was heartless, a death god looking down on its subjects. Yue Xiaoqian felt that this was no longer the Long Chen she knew.

She finally understood why Long Chen did not dare to cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art according to its true essence. This kind of domineeringness was something that didn’t allow others to approach him at all.

Even from such a distance, she felt like his aura was so sharp that it would slice her as soon as she got closer. This was a merciless and domineering side, one that would annihilate anyone who resisted regardless of their motives.

Long Chen calmly sensed the changes in his body. A faint smile appeared on his face.

As an ocean’s worth of medicinal pills had poured into his stomach, his cultivation base had reached the ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation. He had many times more spiritual yuan than before.

He had borrowed the blessing of the altar to resist a portion of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s hegemon will. If he hadn’t run out of medicinal pills, he could have advanced another level, to the tenth Heavenstage.

However, the tenth Heavenstage would have been his limit for sure. He had to slow down and get used to this level because as his power grew, so did the will of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

At the ninth Heavenstage, he could still control it easily. It wouldn’t be a problem.

The divine ring appeared behind him again, and five-colored light lit up the sky. It was even more majestic, stunning, and domineering than before.

Ripples began to appear in the air once the divine ring appeared. All the surrounding energy was being forced to worship him. It poured toward him.

“So I was wrong as to the divine ring’s usage before. I don’t need the approval of the Heavenly Daos to get their energy. The divine ring will force the world to give me its energy. I am the ruler of heaven and earth, and the world must bow to me. If it refuses, then I will destroy and overturn this world. That’s the meaning of being a hegemon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a god or a devil, heaven or earth, they have to submit to me. Follow me and prosper, defy me and die.”

Long Chen clenched his fist, feeling the power the divine ring gave him, experiencing that will of forcing everyone else to submit. He finally knew that his previous fighting styles had all been wrong.

“No wonder the heavens want to destroy me. It doesn’t want to submit to me, so it naturally wants to kill me.”

Now he knew why his luck was so bad, why his tribulations were always full of destruction, thousands and thousands of times more difficult than the tribulations of other cultivators. The heavens didn’t want to be destroyed, so they didn’t want him to live.

His existence threatened the heavens, so the heavens wanted to eliminate him.

“Just the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art is enough to make the heavens terrified. Hence, just how terrifying are the true origins of the nine stars?!”

Originally, he had been an ant struggling at the bottom level of the secular world. Due to the Pill Sovereign memories, due to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he had walked to his current position.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t complain. Without the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, I’d have long since died a terrible death. My path is still long and covered in mist. Before reaching the end, how can I say whether it’s a good thing or not? All I want is to live with a clear conscience. Since I am accompanied by a group of hot-blooded brothers and beauties, I can die without any regrets. So what do I, Long Chen, have to be afraid of? I will not give this life of mine to the heavens, nor will I give it to the nine stars. My life is mine.”

A determined light appeared in his eyes. The world wanted to kill him, while the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art wanted him to become a merciless hegemon. Neither of those was his choice. Since this was the case, he would control the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he would control heaven and earth, and he would control his own fate!

“Long Chen!”

Suddenly, Yue Xiaoqian let out a soft cry, her eyes full of worry. The current Long Chen made her feel afraid. He seemed strange.

“I’m fine. Because I increased my cultivation base too quickly, the will of the nine stars is coming out. I can’t restrain it just yet, but it’ll be fine in a while. This place is practically perfect for my cultivation. I’ve already told Huo Long to start refining more of the pills. Once I have enough, I can attempt to reach Life Star here,” said Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian was still a bit pale. Long Chen’s current aura was difficult to bear. Although the aura of his cultivation base had been retracted, something else was coming from the depths of his soul and he couldn’t fully control it.

Fortunately, he hadn’t had enough pills to advance another level, otherwise, his aura would be even sharper, to the point where Yue Xiaoqian wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Long Chen did his best to suppress that aura, while Yue Xiaoqian got used to it gradually.

“The heir of the nine stars really is terrifying. Just this aura is enough to subdue enemies,” said Yue Xiaoqian. Great power was always the greatest charisma.

“This current state of mine isn’t a good thing. If I can’t control my own aura, it will be a constant strain on my soul. I’ll need to spend a few days getting used to my new cultivation base before I can control it perfectly,” said Long Chen.

“You can go into seclusion. Don’t worry, I’ll guard you,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“Thank you.”

Long Chen nodded. He needed to get used to his new cultivation realm. This was definitely not a suitable state to fight in, as he was constantly leaking energy in this state.

Three days later, the raging aura around him began to fade, and after a week, it finally vanished. Long Chen opened his eyes again, but the sharp light within them had been pulled back.

It was like a divine sword that had been hidden in a sheath once again. Long Chen looked about the same as before, but now, each of his movements seemed to contain a domineering air to them. This was something that not even Long Chen sensed.

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian held hands once more as they returned down the path. Yue Xiaoqian was smiling sweetly, a smile that made Long Chen’s heart melt.

When they passed the statue of the ancestor, Long Chen cupped his hands again in thanks. He had made great gains here that he hadn’t expected.

They returned to the battlefield. The spatial cracks were still open, and the original devil race’s experts were still fighting intensely against the Magical Beasts.

Long Chen suddenly clapped himself on the forehead. “I really am dumb. I even forgot something so important. Xiaoqian, here are many rank nine Heavenly Dao Fruit. You can distribute them so you can be more confident in the Martial Heaven Continent.”

Long Chen gave Yue Xiaoqian a spatial ring packed with the Heavenly Dao Fruits he had gathered. Of course, he kept the Empyrean level ones for himself.

The entire Dragonblood Legion had become rank nine Celestials, so these extra ones were useless to him.

Just now, he had been reminded by the sight of the original devil race’s experts fighting. They hadn’t unleashed their manifestations.

“I don’t know how useful these are to you, but they are useless to me in any case.” Long Chen smiled.

Back then, he had given Heavenly Dao Fruits to the original devil race so their disciples could roam the continent without the worry of exposing their identity. Before having the Heavenly Dao Fruits, those disciples would only be able to unleash a portion of their combat power without exposing their divine seal, and every bit of energy they used up would be lost until they returned to the Skyscraping World since they weren’t able to recover their energy in the Martial Heaven Continent.

Sometimes, despite being perfectly disguised, disciples of the original devil race were forced to allow themselves to be killed just to prevent them from being exposed.

With the Heavenly Dao Fruits, they didn’t have to worry about that. They could use the status of Celestials to roam the continent, and they could also fight using the Heavenly Dao manifestations.

“Of course they’re useful. Being Celestials not only allows us to roam the continent, but it also gives us a second kind of energy, making us even a bit stronger than we are in the Skyscraping World. Furthermore, they can also upgrade our talent- heavens, there are so many!”

Yue Xiaoqian jumped when she saw the mountain of fruit in the spatial ring. This was the result of Long Chen’s most recent expeditions. He had fought many large battles in a row and killed many experts. Due to how busy he had been, he had almost forgotten about them.

“Long Chen, thank you.” Yue Xiaoqian hugged Long Chen’s neck happily. This gift was truly immense to the original devil race.

There were over a hundred thousand high level Heavenly Dao Fruits inside the spatial ring. That was enough to give birth to many geniuses in the original devil race.

“Don’t worry about it. Since our children have to have your surname, why don’t we research exactly how we can have a child?” Long Chen rubbed Yue Xiaoqian’s soft back. He started to get an itching feeling in his pants. That kind of feeling was like a certain area had formed a primal urge.

“Ah!” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly let out a startled cry. They were so close together that she had felt that change. She immediately ran off. “You… you really are evil.”

Yue Xiaoqian vanished.

“Isn’t it only a matter of time? This is called planning ahead. Hey, wait for me. I want to check whether Wilde has eaten his fill.”

Long Chen shouted from behind without the slightest shame, looking like he was about to chase after her.

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