Chapter 1729 Ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation

“How dangerous. That person was able to reach you from a whole other world, discarding any spatial restrictions to leave a spiritual mark.”

Evilmoon’s voice contained a trace of shock. It had immediately sensed something wrong and worked together with the Heaven Flipping Seal to erase the spiritual mark, but this had still made it jump.

“Long Chen, what is it?” asked Yue Xiaoqian. Long Chen should have been bathing in this place’s blessing. This place was greatly beneficial to the soul.

The environment here was similar to the blessing of the Life God Tree in the Spirit World. However, Long Chen had just closed his eyes for a moment before being startled awake, startling Yue Xiaoqian.

“It’s nothing.”

Long Chen told Yue Xiaoqian not to worry, but inside, he was shocked and enraged. He was now certain he had been drawn into a terrifying vortex.

Clearly, some terrifying expert had managed to eavesdrop on his conversation with that mysterious voice. That expert was also able to leave a mark on his soul from a different world. This kind of technique was something he had never heard of.

Long Chen had no idea who those people were, or what they wanted. That made him feel uneasy, as well as angry.

“Don’t worry, although that fellow is so powerful that they are beyond our imagination, the Heaven Flipping Seal and I destroyed their spiritual mark instantly, so they won’t be able to pinpoint your location. However, you also can’t be careless. That person was able to leave a spiritual mark on you from an endless distance away, without you even being able to resist. They won’t be able to lock onto any of the stars, but they’ll be able to narrow it down to one area. It’s just that we have no idea how narrow that area is. Either way, you are really pressed for time,” said Evilmoon gravely.

“How strong do you feel that person is?” asked Long Chen. 

“I can’t tell. Perhaps only Sovereigns would be able to block them though,” said Evilmoon after a moment’s pause. It couldn’t be sure.

Long Chen shook his head. Sovereigns were legendary existences on the Martial Heaven Continent. Only five had ever appeared in history.

Just how powerful had Evilmoon been back then? Despite that, it hadn’t been able to even receive a single blow from Sovereign Yun Shang and had been forged into a divine weapon.

Furthermore, Evilmoon said that Sovereigns would only be able to resist, not win. That level of power was enough to cause despair.

When the mark on Long Chen’s soul was destroyed, he also lost his connection to the mysterious voice. Long Chen guessed that the voice had sensed that it was being watched by someone else, which was how that terrifying expert had found him in the first place.

Now that Long Chen had been noticed, that voice probably wouldn’t contact him again for fear of implicating him. 

“Long Chen, that voice is correct. Although I don’t understand your cultivation technique, I can sense that you are suppressing it. Like this, you are cultivating in the opposite direction the cultivation technique is trying to go, and you naturally won’t be able to cultivate as fast. You need to fully release yourself,” said Evilmoon.

“I know. I know the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art better than you, and I know that I’m suppressing it, which is why my cultivation speed is slower. However, you can’t feel just how domineering this technique is. It far surpasses your imagination. If I unleashed it, it would control me, not the other way around. Sooner or later, I would be its slave. I can be domineering, but I have to maintain my rationality. I can kill, but I have to maintain my bottom line. I can be arrogant, but I can’t go too far. Even being domineering has to have a limit. If I overdo it, I won’t just harm my enemies, but I will also harm my friends and family. My cultivation path will become one where I love only myself, where I only care about myself. That kind of domineeringness is the opposite of my will. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s domineering will is one that demands I be the only strong person in this world, that everyone else should kneel down before me, regardless of friend or foe. I can be domineering to my enemies but not my friends. So I need to suppress the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s influence on me,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Currently, he was walking on a tightrope. He had to cultivate carefully. He knew how terrifying the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was. If he cultivated according to its will, he would be unstoppable.

However, it was too domineering, to the point that even the master would become a slave to it. Long Chen didn’t want to be a combat maniac who forgot about everything else. Then he would lose everything that he loved.

No matter how strong a person was, if they didn’t have even one person that they cared about, they would just be a terrifying monster. They couldn’t be called a real human.

“Your human race’s emotions are really troublesome. In any case, I don’t understand them. However, what you’re saying seems to have some sense to it.” Evilmoon didn’t quite understand the emotions Long Chen was talking about, but it acknowledged his logic.

After being together for so long, Evilmoon had gone from first snorting derisively at the people Long Chen tried to protect, to feeling something it had never felt before. That feeling was trust.

Experts were solitary figures. Long Chen’s way of doing things was against this world’s normal way. However, the Dragonblood warriors all followed him with unwavering trust. He had united the hearts of over ten thousand people, allowing them to unleash endless power. That had shocked Evilmoon.

The dark evil dragon race relied on devouring all lifeforms to get stronger. They not only had to be on guard against other races, but they also had to be wary against their fellow dragons, even their fathers, mothers, brothers. They all had to be on guard against each other.

Since they devoured other races to get stronger, including other powerful enemies, they became strong very quickly. It was precisely because Evilmoon had grown so strong that its confidence had overinflated, and it had decided to challenge a Sovereign.

The reason why Evilmoon was in its current state was precisely due to its wild arrogance that had swallowed its rationality. If it had been like Long Chen, it wouldn’t have ended up like this.

So even Evilmoon had to acknowledge Long Chen’s words. A person couldn’t be too arrogant, or it would be all too easy for sudden calamity to befall them.

“What you said has given me a clue about another way I can try to cultivate.” Long Chen turned toward Yue Xiaoqian and said, “Xiaoqian, can I stay here and cultivate for a few days?”

“Of course. But why cultivate here? This place is designed to cleanse the heart and soul. It puts you in a fetus-like state, so how can you cultivate like that?” asked Yue Xiaoqian.

This fetus-like state was similar to a deep sleep. In that state, you wouldn’t be able to form your own thoughts, let alone cultivate.

“I have my own plans. I want to use the spiritual blessing of this place to resist the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s influence on me.”

During this time, Long Chen hadn’t been eating medicinal pills to increase his cultivation base not because he hadn’t had time, but because as his cultivation base grew, the power of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art also grew, and its influence over him increased.

Right now, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s influence had reached a grave level. Sometimes, the tiniest provocation would make Long Chen feel an urge to kill.

In fact, he even felt a desire to slaughter anyone who went against him, a will to dominate the world alone.

That was a frightening desire. If a person was so conceited that they couldn’t even see themselves clearly, they would become completely lost. That was the greatest danger.

In Long Chen’s eyes, those who were devoured by their own power were all idiots.

He had encountered many such idiots who thought themselves to be unrivaled, people who thought that the world should bow toward them, people who thought that anyone who went against them was blaspheming them, they both should and would be killed without feeling the slightest feeling of responsibility or guilt.

It was precisely because he didn’t want to become such a person that Long Chen was resisting the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s influence. If he allowed his cultivation base to rise too quickly, he would be unable to suppress it.

However, this place was blessed by the original devil race. It could strengthen his suppression of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Yue Xiaoqian didn’t ask too many questions since Long Chen was confident. She stood outside to guard him.

With Yue Xiaoqian outside, Long Chen took a deep breath. His divine ring appeared behind him, and five stars lit up in his eyes. Ripples began to spread through the air.

“As expected, with the hegemon will suppressed by the blessing here, I can increase my cultivation base.” Long Chen nodded. This was the best method to increase his cultivation base right now.

He sat down and opened his mouth. The medicinal pills in the primal chaos space began to pour into his mouth like a river.

These medicinal pills were the result of Huo Long refining day and night. There were giant mountains of them in the primal chaos space.

Before this, he hadn’t dared to increase his cultivation base too quickly, but now he had no more worries. He activated the devouring ability that Evilmoon had taught him.


A vast aura grew. Long Chen’s cultivation base instantly reached the fifth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation.

This devouring ability belonged to the dark evil dragon race. It could devour heaven and earth and refine all things.


Another two hours passed, and Long Chen’s cultivation base advanced once more. That made Yue Xiaoqian jump. This kind of speed was too shocking.


Six hours later, Long Chen advanced once more. The altar’s space began to twist due to Long Chen’s aura.


Every few hours, an explosive sound would ring out. After two days, Long Chen opened his eyes.

“I’ve finally found a shortcut to cultivating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, hahaha!”

Long Chen laughed, his laughter shaking the sky. His surging aura showed that he had advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation.

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