Chapter 1729 Ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation (Teaser)

“How dangerous. That person was able to reach you from a whole other world, discarding any spatial restrictions to leave a spiritual mark.”

Evilmoon’s voice contained a trace of shock. It had immediately sensed something wrong and worked together with the Heaven Flipping Seal to erase the spiritual mark, but this had still made it jump.

“Long Chen, what is it?” asked Yue Xiaoqian. Long Chen should have been bathing in this place’s blessing. This place was greatly beneficial to the soul.

The environment here was similar to the blessing of the Life God Tree in the Spirit World. However, Long Chen had just closed his eyes for a moment before being startled awake, startling Yue Xiaoqian.

“It’s nothing.”

Long Chen told Yue Xiaoqian not to worry, but inside, he was shocked and enraged. He was now certain he had been drawn into a terrifying vortex.

Clearly, some terrifying expert had managed to eavesdrop on his conversation with that mysterious voice. That expert was also able to leave a mark on his soul from a different world....

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