Chapter 1728 Skyscraping Ancestral Land

The murals here were mostly of scenes of the original devil race fighting against the devil creatures. There were all kinds of devil creatures depicted in the murals.

The number of different creatures shown numbered in the tens of thousands. Some were as large as mountains, while some were as tiny as flies. There were mountains of corpses depicted. Some were the devil creatures, while some were warriors from the original devil race. It was a bloody and cruel sight.

They quickly reached the end of the corridor, and there, Long Chen saw a scene that made his heart shake.

It was a giant mural, with millions of the original devil race’s experts kneeling on the ground. Their leader was a beautiful woman, also kneeling, her hands crossed before her. She was looking up, her expression sacred.

A brush was pressed against her forehead, leaving behind a seven-colored divine rune. That divine rune was the Devil character.

Long Chen instantly understood that this Devil character, this divine rune, was not innate to the original devil race. It was something that had been bestowed upon them.

What was truly shocking though was that the person holding the brush had nine stars behind him. The nine stars were unleashing brilliant divine light, and even through the mural, Long Chen felt a terrifying pressure that transcended through time.

Regretfully, the divine light was too bright, it was blinding. Those nine stars were like blazing suns, and their light drowned out the appearance of that person. Long Chen could only see a single hand through that light.

The hand was also covered in divine light and difficult to see clearly. It was hard to even say whether it belonged to a man or a woman.

Upon looking at those nine stars, Long Chen’s aura began to slowly rise. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art began to circulate on its own.

Long Chen closed his eyes and felt a kind of summons. Perhaps he would be able to learn some secrets relating to the nine stars.

Regretfully, when he opened his eyes, that feeling of being summoned had vanished. The nine stars in the mural were the same and he felt a resonance, but all he had was a close feeling with them, a feeling like coming from the same source.

He couldn’t help being disappointed. He knew too little about the nine stars. That made him lack confidence.

“Who is this person? Can you say?” asked Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian merely shook her head.

Long Chen nodded. Many things were forbidden. But looking at this mural, it seemed the original devil race’s divine mark had been bestowed to them by this person.

He examined the person. The nine stars revolving around them threw the laws of heaven and earth into chaos. They were so powerful that they could penetrate the cosmos. It was as if all things had to bow down before them.

Although it was just a mural and the leftover artistic will was from the original devil race’s experts, Long Chen still felt that compared to the entire cosmos, he was an incredibly insignificant speck of dust. The two of them were in different dimensions, and it was impossible to compare their power.

“Is this the realm that is obtained when all nine stars are activated?” Long Chen sighed. Without seeing the real thing, he couldn’t learn anything. The nine stars were too brilliant.

This was just a mural. Hence, Long Chen only felt a slight feeling but was unable to understand anything from it.

“The divine seal, the Devil character, was awarded to us by a supreme existence. It is an immense honor, as well as an immense responsibility. After countless years of fighting against the devil race, our divine seal has a great suppressive effect against them. That’s why I could help you suppress those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. However, I’m too weak, and using my divine seal on such a scale exhausts all my energy. I can only keep it up for a short moment. If it had been my mom instead, then with just her divine seal, she could have annihilated all those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils in an instant.”

Yue Xiaoqian smiled proudly when she spoke of her mother. Clearly, she worshipped her mother.

“But then, why didn’t anyone use their divine seals against the Magical Beasts just now? Did you not permit them to use it for training purposes?” asked Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian shook her head. “No. Magical Beasts are not part of the devil race. Their bloodlines are completely different, so Magical Beasts are not suppressed by our divine seal. Let’s keep going. The Ten Thousand Devil Blood Pool is up ahead.”

The two of them walked down a twisting stone path that wound around the mountains. In a region where nine mountains formed a circle, there was a blood-colored pool.

This pool was as flat as a mirror, and there wasn’t the slightest ripple on it. However, Long Chen felt an immense amount of energy within it.

“This is the Ten Thousand Devil Blood Pool. It is where our original devil race trains. Do you want to try it?” Yue Xiaoqian smiled.

“How do I try it?” asked Long Chen.

“This pool was created using the essence blood of ten thousand devils. Through the formation inside, it can duplicate a person. That person will have the exact same combat power, techniques, and cultivation base as you. In other words, you will be fighting yourself. It’s a very tough trial. It took me three tries to pass it, but it can really stimulate a person’s potential,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

Long Chen shook his head. “Then nevermind. I already went through such a trial in the Immemorial Path. It’s useless for me.”

In the Immemorial Path, he had ended up in a mysterious underground trial. It was extremely terrifying. That trial had created a version of himself that was just slightly stronger than him in every single way. However, the formation in the trial was unable to duplicate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. In the end, he defeated it and met the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

This blood pool was similar to that trial, but there was no danger of dying here. It really was a good place to train. If he could bring the Dragonblood warriors to try this, he thought it would be very beneficial.

Yue Xiaoqian didn’t force him to try it. Although she had been looking forward to seeing that kind of immense battle, it wasn’t that important.

They passed the blood pool and could see a giant altar ahead of them. Here, countless divine runes were circulating all over the place, making them feel like they were at the bottom of a sea.

“This is the Skyscraping Divine Altar, the most sacred place for our original devil race. It is what maintains the Skyscraping World’s karmic luck, similar to the divine pools in the sects of the Martial Heaven Continent.”

Long Chen nodded. It seemed that this place was the core of the original devil race. It was no wonder there were so many battle scars outside. Those people’s goal had been to destroy this divine altar.

Back in the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, Long Chen had destroyed their ancestral statue and their divine pool, causing them to decline. Now, there was no longer a Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect in this world, and there would never be one again.

If he hadn’t destroyed their ancestral statue or divine pool, then with their foundation and considering that a great era had descended, they would have ended up becoming a behemoth. However, with their divine pool destroyed, their karmic luck had run out. Even their divine item was implicated.

Although karmic luck sounded illusory and without substance, it existed. If the original devil race’s divine altar was destroyed, the original devil race would also fade away. 

Yue Xiaoqian and Long Chen walked onto the altar. Divine light flowed here, wrapping around the two of them. They felt like they were being immersed in sunlight. All their pores opened, and they felt relaxed enough to sleep.

“I can sense you again.”

Just as Long Chen was feeling relaxed, that ancient and familiar voice rang out in his head.

“So what if you can feel it? You can’t even hear me, and I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Long Chen brushed off this irritating voice.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand me. All you need to know is that if you continue like this, you and every person beside you will die to others. Furthermore, their deaths will be very miserable,” responded the voice.

“You… you can hear me?!”

“Don’t talk about such meaningless things. Long Chen, although our connection has been sporadic, we have been paying close attention to you from the start. You are too weak. Or perhaps I should say that you are too soft. Even now, you aren’t cultivating according to the will of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Geniuses are solitary figures. Only mediocre people group together. Do you still not understand the meaning of the Hegemon Body?” asked that voice rebukingly.

“Perhaps I really don’t know what the true meaning of the Hegemon Body is. But I am clear about my own goals. If a person abandons the ones they love in order to get stronger, they will lose their future motivation and path. What’s the point of being a hegemon if you’ve lost your path?”

Long Chen had already stopped caring about this voice. He had lost his initial curiosity a long time ago. In fact, he even felt a bit of disgust toward it. Each time, it only told him to hurry up but never cared about his feelings.

Each day, he was fighting on the border of death, and he was under enough pressure. However, this voice kept urging him on, not giving him any useful information. 

“Perhaps. I am not qualified to criticize the great heir of the nine stars. However, I have a responsibility to warn you. Your time is running out. Your enemies have passed through the wall of reincarnation, and they are searching for you through all kinds of tiny traces. Once they find you, you and the people beside you, and perhaps everyone on that star, will be annihilated. They will not permit any heir of the nine stars to exist within the ten planar worlds,” sighed the voice.

Long Chen calmly considered this information for a moment. “Tell me, who am I?”

“You are you.”

“Then why have I been thrown into this chaotic vortex?”

“Because you are the chosen son of fate. You have no way out. You can only get stronger or die. Furthermore, your life and death relates to the entire ten planar worlds, to the continuation of millions of stars. As the heir of the nine stars, you have this heavy burden. You-Buzz.

Just as the voice was still speaking, Long Chen felt a burst of pain in his head. An unfamiliar voice stabbed into his soul like a needle.

“Hehe, I’ve finally found a nine star heir. Just wait for your death.”

The voice’s demonic laughter made Long Chen’s blood turn ice-cold. At the same time, he felt this person leaving behind a mark in his mind-sea.


However, the mark had just formed when a cyan light and a black saber-light exploded. Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal worked together to destroy the mark.

Long Chen’s body shook. When he opened his eyes, the voices in his head had vanished. His face was a bit pale, but there was a sharp light in his eyes.

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