Chapter 1726 Tender Emotions

As Wilde charged through the spatial crack, it rumbled and shook. Spatial blades exploded out of it.

This spatial crack was like a flowing river. Going from the other side to this world was following the flow, but now Wilde was going against the current. It was similar to how Guo Ran had been kicked through the spatial channel before. He needed to endure extreme spatial pressure.

Back then, even Guo Ran’s armor had been deformed. However, as Wilde charged through, those powerful spatial blades all bounced off his skin, unable to cause the slightest harm to him.

Just relying on his physical body, Wilde charged through the spatial blades. Wilde’s physical body had to be even stronger than Guo Ran’s armor.


With a final intense shudder, Wilde managed to charge into the other world. His figure vanished from sight.

Once he was in the other world, the Magical Beasts charging out of the spatial cracks dropped in number. It could be imagined how Wilde had drawn all those Magical Beasts’ attacks. However, Long Chen wasn’t concerned about Wilde’s safety at all.

Tossing Wilde into a sea of Magical Beasts was like tossing a tiger amongst rabbits. Those Magical Beasts weren’t able to cause any real injuries to him.

Furthermore, as he continued to eat, his power would grow. Perhaps Wilde would be able to obtain enough energy to fully satisfy his second form.

“Star Fall.”

With Wilde gone, Long Chen tossed out a ball that exploded amongst the Magical Beasts. Golden flames devoured them.

The Magical Beasts on the battlefield were cleaned up in an instant. The warriors of the original devil race didn’t have to face any more pressure.

“Aunt Han, are these Magical Beasts useful to our original devil race?” asked Long Chen. With Yue Xihan’s power, she was more than capable of annihilating these Magical Beasts with a wave of her hand. In fact, he estimated that her power was more than enough to seal some of these spatial cracks.

Sometimes just words had the magical effect of drawing two people together quicker. Long Chen’s words made it sound like they were already one family.

Yue Xihan nodded. “In truth, these small spatial cracks were opened by me.”

Long Chen was startled, not understanding why she would do this. It sounded like she had been bored and looking for trouble.

Yue Xihan looked at Long Chen emotionally. She continued, “Our original devil race has been hunted down by the continent for so many years. We were unable to replenish many of the resources that we used up, and we’ve long since lost our former glory. But with your help, we are finally able to walk on the continent again and do business. We’re starting to get many resources that we lacked. However, rejuvenating the race requires a baptism of blood and fire, or even if we’re stronger, we would still just be stronger prey. So this is tempering for them. I calculated the spatial nodes and tore open the space to allow these Magical Beasts to invade, using them to temper the geniuses of the original devil race. Although they are very talented, without experiencing true life and death battles, their true combat power will always be limited. It’s just that I didn’t expect that after I opened a few cracks, suddenly they combined into one giant crack. The cracks I opened were originally perfect and would have only allowed early eleventh rank Magical Beasts through. Any stronger ones coming would cause the spatial channel to react and unleash spatial blades to kill them before they could pass. It was a safe and convenient way of training, but this giant spatial crack was not within my expectations.”

Now Long Chen understood. Any race needed a powerful enemy to train themselves with. The Martial Heaven Continent might be their enemy, but they still didn’t have the power to fight back. Without any fighting, even geniuses would rot into trash. They would never become true warriors.

Yue Xihan’s decision was the right one, but many things in this world never went according to plan. 

Fortunately, this current situation was still within her control. Since Yue Xihan was capable of opening these cracks, she should be capable of closing them as well.

This was an even faster way to temper their junior generation. It was to make them feel a sense of crisis, like they were needed to protect their home.

Long Chen saw that the warriors fighting were at the Soul Transformation realm and below. The Life Star Elders would only go help during dangerous times. They were there just to make sure there wasn’t anything unexpected that caused huge casualties.

Just now, because of the sudden surge of Magical Beasts, with a particularly large number of eleventh rank Magical Beasts, even the Elders had been having some trouble handling them. Fortunately, Long Chen and Wilde had resolved that.

Seeing that Long Chen was capable of annihilating these powerful Magical Beasts with just a wave of his hand, the original devil race’s experts were stunned. Although they had long since heard of Long Chen, for many of them, it was their first time seeing him. This casual attack of his had won him their profound respect.

Although they were also in the Soul Transformation realm, Long Chen’s combat power could only be described as monstrous. He could kill such powerful existences without batting an eye as if it was an incredibly minor thing.

“Xiaoqian, why don’t you take Long Chen to the ancestral lands for a stroll?” Seeing that the current situation was handled, Yue Xihan turned to Yue Xiaoqian.

Yue Xiaoqian nodded, and then she suddenly blushed. Right in front of Yue Xihan she brazenly held Long Chen’s hand. The two of them left, leaving Yue Xihan with only a faint smile. She didn’t say anything.

The two of them progressed deeper into the Skyscraping World. Long Chen hadn’t expected the Skyscraping World to be so marvelous. It was like the Spirit World. However, a large part of it was now a barren wasteland.

Yue Xiaoqian explained that there had once been a terrible battle, a battle strong enough to influence the laws of this world. The vitality in those barren wastelands had been stripped away, and their situation had been extremely bleak, especially with the inability to get more resources from the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Originally, the Skyscraping World was a sacred land. Based on the historical murals, it was filled with beautiful ancient forests and wonderful sights. Unfortunately, all of that was destroyed in battle. Battle really is the most frightening thing. No matter what you have, battle will mercilessly strip it from you. Your resources, your wealth, your inheritance, and even your life. That’s why I hate battle.”

Yue Xiaoqian suddenly stopped. She held Long Chen, resting her head on his chest. For some reason, she began to cry.

“I’m afraid that one day, battle will also take you from me. I’m very afraid.” Yue Xiaoqian tightly held on to Long Chen.

Long Chen immediately understood that she knew of his battles during these years. He had been constantly fighting, going through constant danger. She was afraid he would die.

Long Chen was extremely moved. Just this simple ‘I’m very afraid’ was superior to millions of oaths of eternal love.

In this chaotic world, nothing was eternal. No one knew if they would live to see the sun set the next day. No one knew the future. Battle was that cruel. A bright smile could die in an instant.

This was something everyone was helpless about. The majority of people were peaceful, but those who wanted peace were weaker, targets to be preyed on.

So when the weak asked for peace, it was a joke. If they really wanted peace, they had to get stronger so that they could protect everything they wanted to protect.

Long Chen also disliked battle, but he had to fight. He had to stand with his blade, becoming a demon king.

Long Chen held Yue Xiaoqian tightly and rubbed her cheek. He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead.

“Don’t be afraid. I promise, no one will be able to take me from you, not even a death god, not even the heavens.”

Yue Xiaoqian trembled, her face growing even redder. She didn’t dare to look up at him, so she just held him tightly, listening to his powerful heartbeat. The sound made her feel safe. It was like with him present, even if the sky collapsed, he would hold it up for her.

After a while, Yue Xiaoqian finally raised her head. She had finished crying, but she still had some tears left on her face. Those tears were like pearls trickling down white jade.

“Xiaoqian, you’re beautiful.”

Unable to control himself upon seeing this beautiful, charming face, Long Chen held Yue Xiaoqian as his fiery lips met her wet ones.

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