Chapter 1725 Blood Barbarian, Emperor of Barbarians


This character should be malevolent and sinister, one that invoked hatred and fear.

However, when it was present on the original devil race’s people, it seemed grand, righteous, and imposing instead.

“This Devil is actually a divine seal. It is also a mark of glory, as well as a symbol of things done and things to be done. The divine seal of the original devil race is what allows us to unleash our divine power. All ordinary devil races will be suppressed by it. This is why Xiaoqian was able to help you suppress those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. Now do you understand?” Yue Xihan’s voice contained immense confidence and pride in what she said. The sacred light of the mark on her head covered her. This divine mark was the greatest honor of the original devil race.

Long Chen’s heart pounded wildly. A mark of honor? Capable of suppressing all devils? Putting it like that, the original devil race was not a devil race, but a race to suppress the devil races.

“Are you curious? Our original devil race once suppressed the invaders. We once protected the Martial Heaven Continent and its peace. Why would the continent’s people suddenly start hunting us?” Yue Xihan looked at Long Chen and sighed.

Long Chen nodded. He was truly unable to comprehend this. The Martial Heaven Alliance and the devil races were mortal enemies. Based on the principles of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they should be allied with the original devil race, but instead, they hunted the original devil race down.

“I truly wish to tell you. However, now is still not the time. Furthermore, since you trust us so much, whether or not you know it won’t change anything,” said Yue Xihan.

Long Chen could only nod again. If Yue Xihan didn’t want to say, he wouldn’t continue asking. Even since returning from Purgatory, he had felt the ephemeral existence known as karma more strongly. Some things were forbidden by the Heavenly Daos, and speaking of them would bring frightening consequences.

Suddenly, furious roars came from the distance, and the ground began to shake. The original devil race’s experts’ expressions changed.

“The beast tide is erupting again. Everyone, get into position!” shouted Yue Xihan.

Long Chen and the others flew over. Long Chen saw over ten giant spatial cracks in front of them.

Some of them were only a few miles long, while the largest was a thousand miles. Endless Magical Beasts were boring out of those cracks, their roars shaking the sky.

“Tenth tier Magical Beasts? And even eleventh rank ones?”

Long Chen was amazed by what he saw. The original devil race experts were used to it though, and they raised their weapons. However, there were far too many Magical Beasts. They were practically endless.

“Wilde, wake up!” Long Chen was both startled and delighted to see these Magical Beasts. He immediately woke Wilde up.

When Wilde saw the sea of Magical Beasts, his eyes became like those of a hungry wolf.

An eleventh rank Magical Beast was instantly smashed through the head, and its body exploded into bloody mist. A powerful shockwave spread and annihilated all the surrounding Magical Beasts.

“This is… the power of the Blood Barbarian race! Wasn’t that race annihilated a long time ago?” Yue Xihan was shocked upon seeing Wilde attack.

Wilde’s attack also caused Long Chen to jump. The power of Wilde’s physical body was so terrifying. It was comparable to the attack of a divine item.

“Wilde, go lighter or you won’t have anything to eat.”

Wilde was just standing there foolishly, blankly staring at the bloody mist in the air. Long Chen had no choice but to give him a reminder. Wilde might have grown more powerful, but his head was still as slow as before. It seemed he still didn’t understand what had just happened.

Wilde didn’t seem to understand how his body had changed after his awakening. 

After Long Chen’s reminder, Wilde seemed to react and try to hold back. However, the eleventh rank Magical Beasts in front of him were still blown apart by each of his attacks.

He killed several eleventh rank Magical Beasts without obtaining a single complete corpse. Wilde was infuriated.

He suddenly opened his mouth and breathed in like a whale absorbing water. A large whirlpool appeared in the air, sucking up the bloody mist.

Wilde repeatedly attacked and inhaled, blowing up Magical Beasts and absorbing their blood. That appearance was a bit frightening.

“Wilde, aim for the ones with darker red bodies and stronger spatial fluctuations. Those are peak eleventh rank Magical Beasts,” shouted Long Chen.

If Wilde continued like this, he would be using up more energy than he consumed. It wouldn’t be long before he would collapse and feel even hungrier.

From the start, Long Chen had noticed that the Magical Beasts with dark red bodies had more powerful auras. Those were peak eleventh rank Magical Beasts. Just by appearances, early, mid, late, and peak stage Magical Beasts were very difficult to tell apart. It was their auras that made it easier for people to differentiate.

However, Wilde didn’t even know what an aura was, so Long Chen had taught him to recognize color and spatial fluctuations. Listening to his instructions, Wilde began to target the strongest peak eleventh rank Magical Beasts.

Finally, a giant python’s head was blown apart by Wilde’s fist, but its body was strong enough to survive after its head exploded. With a complete body, Wilde delightedly took out a silver bowl. The bowl’s runes lit up and sucked the giant python’s body into it.

This bowl was something Guo Ran had forged for Wilde. Guo Ran had specially arranged it so that as long as Wilde aimed the bowl at a Magical Beast’s corpse, it would be automatically sucked in.

The huge python was as small as a loach in the bowl. Wilde gulped it down in one bite and went after other strong Magical Beasts.

With Wilde targeting the strongest Magical Beasts, the other Magical Beasts also had a bad time. Each of his punches caused powerful shockwaves that blew them apart.

Suddenly, an angry roar rang out from within the spatial crack. A blood-colored lion came out. Its body was several times larger than the other eleventh rank Magical Beasts. The other Magical Beasts actually quivered and fled from it.

“A half-step Netherpassage Magical Beast.”

Long Chen was startled. This lion’s aura was shocking and already starting to reach the twelfth rank. Once it successfully advanced, it would be comparable to Netherpassage experts.

However, this half-step Netherpassage lion was now covered in fresh wounds. Blood was still gushing out of them.

Looking from the half-step Netherpassage lion to the spatial crack, Long Chen instantly understood that the spatial crack would not allow Magical Beasts of this level to pass. This lion had to have forced its way through, causing it to be badly injured.

Seeing that lion, Wilde roared and charged at it.


The lion’s mountain-sized claw smashed toward Wilde. The ground was blown apart, and powerful qi waves slaughtered the surrounding Magical Beasts.

However, the half-step Netherpassage lion let out an angry roar after its attack landed. It pulled up its claw, which was now covered in blood.

Wilde’s body had transformed. He was now a three-hundred-meter tall giant. He had grabbed hold of the claw and was crazily biting it, tearing away its hard exterior, flesh, and bones all at once.

The lion roared and flung Wilde away. However, Wilde shot after it again, clamping down on its throat and taking a big bite.

Wilde’s mouth was now giant considering his size. His bloody teeth had a cold sparkle to them as he bit down. The half-step Netherpassage lion had huge chunks of its flesh ripped out by Wilde over and over again.

Even its tough defenses were completely useless against Wilde’s sharp teeth. It was like he was biting into meat buns. 

“How… how terrifying. How savage.”

The original devil race’s experts were all stunned. This kind of battle scene had surpassed their imaginations.

“The Blood Barbarians are truly worthy of being the emperors amongst the Barbarian race. This kind of power is unimaginable.” Even Yue Xihan sighed emotionally upon seeing that the half-step Netherpassage lion was unable to shake Wilde off at all as he tore into its flesh.

“Senior, how much do you know about the Barbarian race?” asked Long Chen. He was very curious about Wilde’s origins.

“I don’t know much. The Barbarian race is extremely powerful and very terrifying. They’re called the wildest warriors of the ten planar worlds. They don’t need to cultivate, they just eat. Other than humans, they eat anything, and they’re split into seventy-seven different races, including the Power Barbarians, Spirit Barbarians, Bone Barbarians, Walking Barbarians, and more. However, it is the Blood Barbarians that possess the most terrifying bloodline and the most terrifying combat power. They lead the Barbarian race. As for Wilde, he is a Blood Barbarian and is in his second blood morph. It seems his Blood Qi is still very lacking so his transformation isn’t complete. There are many innate divine abilities that he has yet to awaken,” explained Yue Xihan.

Just as Yue Xihan was explaining, Wilde had already bitten the half-step Netherpassage lion to death and was now finishing up its body.

“The Blood Barbarians’ devouring and biting abilities are innate. Their teeth become stronger with each transformation. Even divine items can be shattered with a bite,” said Yue Xihan. This kind of talent was frightening. They essentially grew a mouthful of divine items in the form of teeth.

After finishing off the lion, Wilde suddenly let out an excited cry and charged toward the largest spatial crack.

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