Chapter 1724 Yue Xihan

Today, Yue Xiaoqian wasn’t wearing a veil. Standing there, she was surpassingly beautiful as she watched Long Chen’s flying boat approaching her.

When Long Chen walked out, the Elder had wisely left. Only Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian remained standing in front of the gate.

Their eyes locked, calmly looking at one another. After parting in the Eastern Wasteland, they hadn’t seen each other for several years. Although Yue Xiaoqian had appeared for a moment in the last battle, she had only been there for a moment.

“I… missed you.” Long Chen opened his mouth several times, in the end only capable of forcing out a few words.

Yue Xiaoqian’s smile deepened. Her eyes turned into crescent moons, and those crescent moons had beautiful dewdrops inside them.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to my mom.”

Yue Xiaoqian blushed slightly, but she still brazenly held Long Chen’s hand, unable to conceal her delight.

“Ah, can you get someone to look after the flying boat? Wilde is still sleeping inside.” Long Chen pointed to the flying boat with a smile. He didn’t want to wake Wilde up for nothing. Once he woke up, he would be using up even more energy and feeling incredibly hungry. To Wilde, hunger was a kind of torment.

“Don’t worry, within the Skyscraping World, everything is safe,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

Holding hands, Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian slowly walked through the gates. Once he was through, Long Chen saw seven-colored clouds and mist flowing through the air.

“Long Chen, you really are the original devil race’s lucky star. Look, even the Skyscraping World’s clouds are welcoming you.” Yue Xiaoqian smiled brightly.

“I feel like you’re my lucky star. As long as you’re by my side, I feel at peace.”

Long Chen greatly admired how erudite Yue Xiaoqian was. It was like she knew about everything. With her present, there would be no unsolvable puzzles.

Yue Xiaoqian reddened even more. Her grip on his hand tightened.

“Was my daughter tricked out of her heart just like this at the start?”

Just at this moment, the clouds and mist parted, and a teasing voice rang out.

A beautiful woman in her thirties appeared. Her hair was wrapped into a high bun, and there was a violet-gold Devil character on her forehead. She held a wooden staff in her hands.

Long Chen jumped in shock upon seeing her. He hadn’t sensed any aura. However, looking at her, he felt an innate nobility, as if anyone would have to be ashamed of their own inferiority to stand by her, as if just looking at her was blasphemy.

He felt a god-like air around her, as if the world’s laws were prostrating themselves toward her. This was a feeling that Long Chen had never felt before.

Without her aura or any pressure, she made people feel an urge to prostrate themselves toward her in worship. She was definitely an extremely powerful existence. He had only felt something similar from the High Priest, but this woman’s aura was even more special, with an immortal air to it.


Yue Xiaoqian blushed, as red as an apple. She lowered her head, incapable of looking at Long Chen.

Long Chen knew that this powerful expert in front of him was Yue Xiaoqian’s mother. She was also the leader of the original devil race. However, even someone as grand as her didn’t throw him off. He bowed. “This junior greets senior. Senior’s vision is omniscient. I precisely use this mouth of mine to con people so I can eat. However, when it comes to Xiaoqian, your words are only half right. I still haven’t managed to win Xiaoqian’s heart, but don’t worry, I will definitely do my best.”

The woman laughed. “What a shameless fellow. You can actually say such a thing without a hint of embarrassment.”

Although Yue Xiaoqian and her mother looked somewhat similar, there were still differences between them. Her mother’s beauty was one of nobility, one that was tranquil yet still invoked respect. As for Yue Xiaoqian, her beauty was one that could steal a person’s soul just by looking at her. Long Chen had felt that his soul was being drawn away the first time he had seen her.

That kind of beauty was very dangerous. It could easily consume a person, making it so that they couldn’t extricate themselves. Just like Meng Qi, Yue Xiaoqian was as beautiful as a celestial immortal, but the latter possessed a kind of soul-charming nature.

Yue Xiaoqian was as red as an apple, but she was still holding Long Chen’s hand.

“Senior overpraises me. I only have this little bit of ability.” Long Chen smiled mischievously. If you weren’t shameless, just how could you pick up girls? To pursue a beauty required a thick enough skin.

The woman nodded slightly. Putting away her smile, she suddenly became a bit grave. “Long Chen, if I entrust Xiaoqian to you, are you willing to look after her for a lifetime?”

“I am willing. If anyone tries to hurt her, they’ll have to step over my corpse,” promised Long Chen.

Although he and Yue Xiaoqian had never explicitly shared their feelings for each other, they each knew the other’s heart. Long Chen naturally wouldn’t be ambiguous at such a thing. This was what he thought in his heart, and this was what he said with his mouth.

Yue Xiaoqian had been expecting such an answer, but hearing Long Chen personally say it still made her emotional. Back in the Jiuli secret realm, when they had just met, Long Chen had stood between her and the skeleton of the Barbarian race expert that they couldn’t possibly defeat. At that time, Long Chen had already left a seed in her heart. 

It was because of this seed that Yue Xiaoqian’s tender heart had been occupied by this man.

In the Immemorial Path, during her tribulation, she had been implicated by four mysterious experts and almost killed by her lightning tribulation. Long Chen had furiously counterattacked, becoming enemies with the very heavens and tearing through their dome. That act had completely won her heart.

“Even if you have to become enemies with the entire world to be with Xiaoqian?” asked the woman profoundly.

Long Chen suddenly smiled. “Even if it weren’t for Xiaoqian, I am already surrounded by enemies. Nowadays, a few more enemies don’t mean much to me.”

This smile was a bit bitter and helpless, but it was also grand. So what if he was surrounded by enemies? He had this one life. He would fight with it.

Yue Xiaoqian’s mother nodded. She praised, “Perhaps in this world, only an heir of the nine stars could say something so grand and domineering.”

Suddenly, the space behind Yue Xiaoqian’s mother surged, and countless experts appeared behind her. They actually numbered in the millions.

“I am Yue Xihan. I command all warriors of the original devil race to pay respect to the heir of the nine stars.”

Yue Xiaoqian’s mother solemnly bowed toward Long Chen. As for all the original devil race’s experts behind her, they all went on one knee, their hands collapsed in front of their chests. Even Yue Xiaoqian went down on one knee, her expression serious.


Long Chen panicked, not knowing what this was. Yue Xiaoqian’s mother slowly got up after completing the rite. The others also stood.

“Don’t call me senior in the future. You can call me aunt Han. Actually, the original devil race was originally your family.” Yue Xihan smiled emotionally.

“Well, we’ll be one family in the future, but how are we originally one family?” asked Long Chen.

“Because the original devil race has a close connection with the nine star line,” said Yue Xihan.

“Then… do you know the secrets of the nine stars?!”

“I know a bit. But I can’t tell you, so you don’t have to ask. Actually, there’s no need for you to ask. The karma involved in this is far too terrifying, to the point that no one can endure it. Consider this. My original devil race is hunted down by the entire world. As for you, Long Chen, for just Xiaoqian, you are willing to trust us without any hesitation. Do you not find it curious?”

Long Chen was silent for a moment. “It really is a bit curious. Back when I learned Xiaoqian was from the original devil race, despite knowing it is a taboo, my intuition told me I could trust her. Are you saying…?”

“That’s why we are one family. From the moment Xiaoqian returned from the Jiuli secret realm, I knew about you. I didn’t let Xiaoqian go find you afterward because we didn’t want to hold up your growth, but then a problem occurred in Xiaoqian’s cultivation. A random girl who snuck into the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower to find medicine actually ended up encountering you. At that time, I knew the relationship between the two of you was fated, so I no longer blocked you from having dealings with the original devil race. The facts show that you are the savior of the original devil race. Your arrival has ushered in a new era for us,” said Yue Xihan.

Long Chen had given them Heavenly Dao Fruits, which had allowed the original devil race to enter the Martial Heaven Continent without worry about being discovered. They had then started to obtain the continent’s resources, as their own resources had almost been exhausted. Therefore, Long Chen had been the crux that had revived the original devil race from the brink of death.

“Do you know what this represents?”

Yue Xihan pointed to the resplendent violet-gold Devil character on her forehead.

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