Chapter 1721 Xia Chen Joins (Teaser)

He was a thin and somewhat frail-looking man, with a fair complexion. He didn’t look like a martial artist but rather almost scholarly. If he wore a scholar’s band and held a white fan in his hand, he would look even more like one.

That was the first impression that Xia Chen gave Long Chen. Long Chen could sense his aura and knew that he was definitely a Soul Transformation expert. However, the fluctuations of his spiritual yuan were very weak, so weak that Long Chen found it unimaginable. They were even weaker than a Foundation Forging expert.

“Are you surprised?” In a private room, Xia Chen faced Long Chen with a slight smile.

“I really am a bit. No wonder you were unwilling to reveal yourself until now,” said Long Chen.

“It’s not that I was unwilling, but that I didn’t dare. I’m very afraid of dying.” Xia Chen smiled bitterly.

A formation cultivator didn’t necessarily have a good life. They could only move within the protection of their own formations. If they left their formations, they would be like plucked hedgehogs. They would lose all ability...

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