Chapter 172 Revived Ancestral Mark

“Netherworld Soul Ignition!” Following Guo Sha’s roar, the black mist around his body disappeared as lines began to appear over his coke-like body. A devilish aura exploded from him and soared into the sky.

Those disciples watching were immediately filled with endless terror. It was like countless evil souls were trying to draw them in. That kind of terror struck deep into their hearts.

“What’s going on? Has he already broken part of the seal?” The Elders were horrified as well.

All of these corpses had had souls personally sealed into them by experts on the same level as their sect leader. 

In the past thousands of years, there had never been such a situation. The fact that his Spiritual Strength was able to exit the corpse, even if it was just an incredibly small portion, was incredibly horrifying.

“By igniting his Spiritual Strength as the price, he can resist a portion of the formation’s suppression! Do we go block him?” asked an Elder.

The situation had already completely exceeded any of their expectations. Part of Gui Sha’s true strength had now erupted out due to him not caring about his life anymore.

The grand formation was in a suppression state. If they increased the power of the seal, that would make it jump to another level and it would directly kill Gui Sha.

“All of you be prepared to go save them,” ordered Tu Fang.

Normally, since this situation had already surpassed his prediction, he would have ended the trial.

But Tu Fang always had this feeling that Long Chen still had trump cards. His eyes were still too calm, so calm that it was frightening.

Space was continuously quivering and even the earth was rocking. That evil air was continuously exploding out, causing people to tremble.

Those distant spectators all clearly knew that no matter how powerful that corrupt corpse was, the Elders would definitely not let it harm them.

But despite that, they were still unable to suppress that terror that surged out of the deepest parts of their hearts. They all retreated further back. Some of them were already sweating and pale.

Long Chen was also surprised by Gui Sha’s action. He slashed his saber, his mind completely focused. Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were also on opposite sides of him, closely watching Gui Sha’s movements.

Their expressions were slightly pale. At this close of a distance, that evil aura still struck fear in their hearts despite their powerful wills.

“Be careful! This old ghost has already killed countless people in his lifetime. His body has accumulated a great aura of death and resentment.

“Since he’s already died, that aura of death and resentment has already merged with his soul. That’s a formless kind of energy that will attack your state of mind!

“But for you two, this is also an extremely rare opportunity. Use this chance to temper your Spiritual Strength and firm your Dao-hearts!” said Long Chen.

That terror in Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s hearts stabilized a great deal. An unknown force was the most terrifying. Now that Long Chen had explained the mysteries within Gui Sha’s aura, their terror faded a great deal.

The two of them looked at each other. They could tell that they were both filled with admiration for Long Chen. He was normally such a wacky, glib-tongued brat, but in true life and death times, he was truly reliable.

“Jiejiejie…” Gui Sha sinisterly laughed, the sound was like insects crawling into their ears. The distant spectators actually turned pale immediately. Just the sound of his laugh caused their souls to ache.

“Little bastard, you actually dare scheme against me. I’ve never suffered such a loss in my entire life. You can die for me now!”

At this moment, Gui Sha’s body was completely covered in strange lines that looked like countless centipedes all over his body, appearing exceptionally terrifying. He sent a palm straight at Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t dare to be careless, slashing his saber against his palm.

BANG! It was as if his saber had slashed on steel. He was sent flying back, his stomach heaving. His throat tasted sweet as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Previously Long Chen had been able to fight him evenly, but now Gui Sha had injured him with a single blow, horrifying everyone. How powerful had this corrupt corpse become?

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were both greatly startled and sent out their wind blades and ice blades against Gui Sha.

Those two huge blades were several meters long. They mercilessly cut across the air. But the moment they arrived in front of Gui Sha, they came to a sudden stop.

Two black hands that were covered in centipede-like lines had firmly grabbed those huge blades.

With a light shout, the huge blades that had been condensed with Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s runic power were easily crushed.

Wild gales flew out from those blades exploding. Ice fragments rained from the sky. Two monster-class experts’ full strength attacks were nothing in front of Gui Sha. They were like children, easily brushed away by him.

“Fuck off.” Gui Sha suddenly pushed with his palms, releasing a fierce astral wind that swept towards the two of them. Before the astral wind even arrived, the land around them had already cracked and a tsunami-like energy attacked them.

Gui Sha’s speed was so fast that neither of them had even had a chance to dodge. They both smelled the scent of death. They knew that if they didn’t manage to block it, they would definitely die.

A firm determination appeared on Tang Wan-er’s face. Her hands continuously formed seals, and a faint image appeared in the space between her eyebrows.

When that image appeared, countless wind blades began to swirl around her body. There were at least a thousand of them.

Once those wind blades formed, they began to gather together, forming an absolutely giant wind blade over a hundred meters long. When that wind blade appeared, the sky began to thunder along with it, its pressure spreading everywhere.

At the same time as Tang Wan-er condensed that enormous wind blade, Ye Zhiqiu also formed hand seals, and a flower petal appeared on her forehead. That flower petal appeared to have been made out of ice crystals.

Following the appearance of that petal, an ice sword appeared before her, also over a hundred meters long.

When that ice sword appeared, the entire world seemed to slow down. Sound disappeared from the world. All that remained in the world was that terrifying qi.

“Excellent!” Tu Fang had been observing this entire time. At this moment when life and death were balanced on the tip of a needle, the both of them had achieved an initial awakening of their ancestral marks. That indicated their future cultivation path would be wide and long.

The ancestral mark was an innate talent left behind in their bloodline energy by an absolute peak-power ancestor. That was the greatest gift experts left behind for their descendants.

This talent would continue to be passed on along with the bloodline. But as the bloodline strength in the descendants grew thinner, that talent would also become weaker.

If too much time passed without anyone awakening the bloodline strength, that bloodline talent would completely disappear.

The first indication of the bloodline awakening was the revival of the ancestral mark. Those two images on top the two beauties’ foreheads were precisely their ancestral marks.

To revive the ancestral mark was incredibly difficult. It was said that only at life and death moments when one felt an intense, mortal danger would there be a slight chance of reviving the ancestral mark.

That was only an extremely slim chance. Geniuses which possessed a bloodline strength were already few and far between. No family would allow such a genius to actually risk their life for the slight chance of reviving the ancestral mark.

And so, many powerful families of experts had eventually faded away as their bloodline strength dried up. That was because it was incredibly rare for a person to awaken the bloodline later on.

In the secular world, there was a saying that wealth never survived three generations. That was because if the descendants were useless, then no matter how many riches there were at the beginning, those descendants would never be able to continue it and would quickly be ruined.

The cultivation world was also the same. If within one hundred generations of descendants the bloodline remained unawakened, then that ancestral inheritance would completely disappear.

And so the monastery also thought of many ways to try to stimulate those life and death trials, hoping to revive the ancestral mark and awaken the bloodline inheritance. But over many years, the results had been extremely lacking.

Within Tu Fang’s memories, there had only been one disciple who had awakened their ancestral mark in the past couple hundred years. And that was already something that had happened a long time ago.

But this time, there were two disciples who had revived their ancestral marks at once. How could Tu Fang not be overjoyed? Reviving the ancestral mark was just too difficult.


Neither Tang Wan-er or Ye Zhiqiu were even aware that they had awakened their ancestral marks. They were already slashing their enormous blades at their enemy. Three energies exploded.

The earth shivered, and a huge qi wave exploded out. Terrifying astral wind shot out everywhere. Even those people miles away were unable to stay standing in that wind and had to repeatedly fall back.

“Too terrifying!”

“What a powerful attack!”

“Is this really an attack of someone in the Blood Condensation realm?!”

Despite also being in the Blood Condensation realm, such an attack had already far surpassed their imaginations. That kind of difference was far too great.

Let alone fighting against that kind of attack, if they were even a bit closer, they might have been smashed to a pulp.

Once the explosion ended, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were sent flying back by a terrifying qi wave. Their faces were as pale as paper, and they felt as if every bone in their bodies were about to break.

They had unconsciously awakened their ancestral marks, causing their strength to evolve to a new level. But they were unaware of how to use that energy. Just that one attack ended up overdrawing all their spiritual qi, and now they were completely exhausted.

Without spiritual qi to defend their weaker bodies, there was no way to defend against the aftermath of that collision, and they immediately coughed up blood.

“Go die.”

A huge palm image slammed down on the two of them as they were flying back. If they were hit by that palm image, the two of them would undoubtedly die.

The entire crowd let out startled cries. Some people even shut their eyes, not willing to see the scene of two beautiful women tragically dying.

“Parting Wind Slash!”

A huge saber image appeared in the sky, cutting apart that palm image.

With a huge explosion, dust filled the sky. One figure flew out of the dust. That was Long Chen carrying the already exhausted Ye Zhiqiu and Tang Wan-er.

“Long Chen, give up. We aren’t his match. He’s too strong.” Tang Wan-er quietly advised him sadly.

They had overestimated themselves and underestimated how terrifying their opponent was. She didn’t want Long Chen to die because of some impossible mission.

Long Chen gently put them down and smiled slightly. That slight smile immediately warmed their hearts.

“You two just watch from here. Leave the rest to me!”

Resting the saber on his shoulder, he slowly walked back to Gui Sha in front of everyone’s horrified gaze.

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