Chapter 1719 Terrifying Dong Mingyu

The Martial Heaven Alliance controlled a huge part of the entire continent’s wealth. The Martial Heaven Alliance had its own mines and businesses.

Originally, the Martial Heaven Alliance was established by all the continent’s Righteous sects. Although the Martial Heaven Alliance had such a huge amount of wealth, they were only in charge of overseeing it. They did not have the authority to directly use it.

A portion of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s wealth came from a yearly tax each large sect had to pay. Another portion came from the Martial Heaven Alliance’s own mines and businesses, and another portion came from battle spoils won in battles against the Corrupt path.

This wealth was jointly owned, and each sect would pay tax according to its scale. Considering just how many Righteous sects there were, the total sum was an astonishing amount.

After all these years, the amount of wealth that it had accumulated could only be described as terrifying. However, this wealth had to be spent on defending the Righteous path, raising geniuses, and rewarding merit. Furthermore, any large expenditures had to have the alliance head’s personal nod of approval, as well as the Elders’. That was to avoid anyone being selfish or corrupt and abusing that wealth.

Now, Long Chen had led the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples to defend the entire Eastern Xuan Region’s Devil Abyss. That meant that the Xuantian Dao Sect was receiving all the Eastern Xuan Region’s reward.

In the past, each time the Devil Abyss erupted, it would mean the sacrifices of countless disciples. The compensation for these disciples went to their sects.

A single region’s sects numbered in the tens of thousands. Each sect was given a reward based on their accomplishments, and just those rewards were extremely plentiful. Because the rest of the Eastern Xuan Region’s sects had been instigated by others to not participate in the Devil Abyss, all their rewards were going to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

What shocked Long Chen was that the reward set for the Eastern Xuan Region was a staggering sum of fifteen billion spirit crystals.

However, thinking about it, when fifteen billion spirit crystals were split between tens of thousands of sects, just how much could each sect get?

It wasn’t just the sum that was shocking, but it also allowed Long Chen to see the power of the Martial Heaven Alliance. After all, the Eastern Xuan Region was just one of the four weaker regions.

The Central Xuan Region’s reward was definitely even greater because it had more sects and more devil creatures.

“Long Chen, I actually have to apologize for this matter of the rewards. Because the rewards for the eastern, western, southern, and northern regions always have to stay the same according to the rules…” Qu Jianying couldn’t help apologizing. This rule was based on the Devil Abyss’s formation that split the devil creatures into several channels. The Central Xuan Region was always the main force, so it got a larger reward, while the rest of the devil creatures were split between the other four regions equally, so the reward was split equally as well.

However, Long Chen had killed an even larger number of the devil creatures due to Heavenly Fate Island’s sabotage. According to reason, he should obtain an even greater reward.

Unfortunately, that matter was an accident, something unexpected. So if she wanted to reward Long Chen, she would have to go through the Elders and have this matter fully investigated first.

Heavenly Fate Island was so crafty, and they couldn’t have left behind any evidence. Since this matter would remain murky and unclear, it would be very difficult to give Long Chen his big reward.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s kill points had explosively grown, to the point where there was no longer a number. That was also something that had not occurred in the history of the Devil Slaughtering Rankings.

Qu Jianying was clearer than anyone just how strict the reward system of the Martial Heaven Alliance was. Without bringing out all the evidence, obtaining the reward was very, very difficult.

That was why Long Chen’s current reward was just the base reward. The aftermath of Heavenly Fate Island was not taken into account, so those Life Star level winged devils he had slain were not counted.

If Long Chen wished to persevere in chasing after that reward, the Elder Hall of the Martial Heaven Alliance would send experts to investigate this matter, but with their strict rules, the chances of him obtaining the reward were slim.

Qu Jianying disliked these strict and unbending rules, but there was nothing she could do about them, as they were passed down from countless years ago. Furthermore, without these strict rules, many people would be able to pull tricks with the reward, leading to greater corruption and greed. At that time, the day of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s collapse would not be far.

So despite how much Long Chen had done, she couldn’t help him, making her feel guilty.

“It’s fine. In any case, this is enough money for me.” Long Chen smiled. The reason he lacked money was because he needed to rebuild the Xuantian Dao Sect. Fifteen billion spirit crystals was more than enough.

After discussing it with Li Tianxuan, they decided to split the fifteen billion spirit crystals into three even portions. One portion would go to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

Li Tianxuan told Long Chen that in truth, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was so poor that they had nothing to eat. They had been reducing the number of disciples they were recruiting with each passing year.

However, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect cared far too much about face. If Li Tianxuan were to give them this money, they definitely wouldn’t accept it. It would be up to Long Chen to handle that.

Both the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect and the Xuantian Dao Sect were united, and they were like Long Chen’s family. Considering their absolute trust in him, Long Chen wouldn’t let them suffer.

Of course, there was no way that he could give his own money to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. With the old man’s character, he would definitely beat Long Chen. However, when it came to splitting this reward after all the hard work had been done, there was no reason for the old man to refuse.

The second portion of the money would go to the Xuantian Dao Sect. It was enough to finish the construction and more.

As for the remaining portion, Long Chen proposed splitting it amongst the families of the disciples who had died in the battle this time. This kind of compensation was too generous. It made even Qu Jianying nod with approval. It was no wonder so many disciples would follow Long Chen to death.

After all, based on the current situation, just taking out one billion spirit crystals as compensation would be a stunning move.

“Long Chen, you and Guo Ran both entered the top ten. There are more benefits to that than you realize. As for what they are, you’ll see soon.” Qu Jianying smiled. “Other than the reward for defending the Devil Abyss eruption, there is also the reward for dealing such a blow to the Corrupt path. Little Li Tianxuan, you did well. This situation will be quickly verified, so it won’t be long before we can confirm the damage done. In any case, you know what to do. Whether it’s spirit crystals, divine items, or other spiritual objects, just request what you want.”

“Many thanks, senior.” Li Tianxuan smiled. It wasn’t just Long Chen who had put in work this time. Li Tianxuan had also dealt a blow to the Corrupt path’s Netherpassage experts, and that came with a plentiful reward.

So even though Long Chen had practically given away five billion spirit crystals to the families of the fallen, Li Tianxuan didn’t mind. That money had been earned by Long Chen, and he could spend it however he pleased. Also, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s grand formation would be completed soon, so they wouldn’t need that many spirit crystals anyway.

Using a scheme, Li Tianxuan had managed to heavily injure the Corrupt path’s three Devil Kings. Once that matter was investigated, he would get his reward. After all, he had crippled a Netherpassage expert.

“Alright, that’s all the rewards I have. When I leave, try not to cause so much trouble. However, before leaving, let me warn you first, Long Chen. Don’t think that taking first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings means that you can look down on the other experts,” warned Qu Jianying.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t get a big head from this. After all, the reason I got first place was largely due to luck.” Long Chen nodded.

If it hadn’t been for Yue Xiaoqian unleashing a divine ability that had completely stunned those Life Star level Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, making them lose their ability to defend, his Double Dragon Destruction wouldn’t have been able to annihilate them. At most, he would have managed to kill the ones in the core region, but beyond that, it would be difficult to kill any more.

Furthermore, other people had been killing Empyrean Winged Blood Devils that were only on the Soul Transformation level, while he had been killing those on the Life Star level, giving him more points. It could be said that he had practically been cheating.

If everyone had been in a similar situation, he wouldn’t necessarily have gotten first place. So he didn’t feel any superiority or confidence from getting first place.

Qu Jianying nodded. Sometimes, Long Chen was still reliable.

“Then let me say this. All those who entered the top ten are extremely powerful existences. That Leng Yueyan from the Corrupt path is someone you want to be extremely cautious of. Rumor is that she possesses the spirit body of the Corrupt God and will inherit the Corrupt God’s will in the future. You’ve already seen her killing power, but based on the information I gathered on her, she has no supreme area attacks. In other words, she got those kill points by swinging her sword. Furthermore, her kill points rose at a very steady rate, meaning she didn’t unleash any large moves. That’s the most terrifying part, the fact that she got so many kill points while barely trying.”

The fact that Leng Yueyan’s kill points had risen at a steady pace showed that she hadn’t released her full power. In that kind of scenario, she had still taken second. So Qu Jianying used the word terrifying to describe Leng Yueyan.

“That Leng Yueyan is a supreme expert of the Corrupt path and upholds the Corrupt God’s mission. She is fated to be your mortal enemy, so don’t be careless,” warned Qu Jianying.

Long Chen nodded. He had always felt her to be a formidable opponent capable of taking his life. He was even a bit afraid of her.

Inside, he didn’t want to be enemies with her. However, they were on opposite sides. Sooner or later, they would face each other, and one of them would die.

Although Leng Yueyan had said that she would no longer try to kill him, that was relating only to their personal relationship. It didn’t mean that she wouldn’t attack if it was a battle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. That kind of clash was unavoidable.

Unless there came a day when Leng Yueyan betrayed the Corrupt path, or Long Chen betrayed the Righteous path, they would have to face each other with weapons in hands. Unfortunately, that was impossible. Long Chen’s hatred toward the Corrupt path would never change.

Although he also didn’t have any good feeling toward the Righteous path, as there were far too many idiots inside it who fought amongst themselves all day long, he also knew that not everyone in the Righteous path was like that. It was just that the control of many sects was in the hands of a group of idiots.

In any case, his own position would not change, and Leng Yueyan’s position would not change. The two of them had not encountered each other in a long time, but when that time came, it would probably be a battle to the death.

“Although Leng Yueyan is frightening, I’m still not that worried about her. The one I’m most worried about is Dong Mingyu. Before the eruption of the Devil Abyss, Dong Mingyu assassinated a Netherpassage expert.” Qu Jianying’s expression was grave.

“But… how is that possible?” Long Chen was shocked.

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