Chapter 1717 You Little Brat

Long Chen pointed at the opposing experts, cursing them on the nose arrogantly. These people were all supreme experts, people who could stand amongst the likes of Pill Valley’s master, the head of the ancient family alliance, etc. They were all figures that could shake the Martial Heaven Continent.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were stunned to see Long Chen cursing these experts so directly, yet they also had worship in their eyes when they looked at him. Who else in this world was as domineering as Long Chen?

A Soul Transformation disciple cursed Netherpassage experts into bastards. If news of this were to spread, it would shake the entire world.

“Long Chen, watch your words!”

Qu Jianying jumped in shock at Long Chen’s cursing. If these people were fully angered and went crazy, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to protect him.

“Oh, sorry, my sincere apologies. I was just making a comparison. Hehe, if I angered anyone, I’m truly sorry.” Although Long Chen was apologizing, that arrogant laughter of his didn’t contain the slightest apologetic tone.

“You’re clearly twisting logic to cover up your collusion with the original devil race.” Di Long was red with fury. He pointed at Long Chen angrily.

“Am I the one trying to cover up the truth, or are you the one trying to frame me? How did saying a standard greeting become collusion? In fact, I didn’t even give a full greeting, and that is still considered collusion by you? Now who’s the one twisting logic? If you wanted to, you could directly say that since I looked at her, we must be colluding! That glance must have been a case of love at first sight!” Long Chen continued to spout nonsense. He naturally wouldn’t admit to such a thing.

Now he knew why Yue Xiaoqian hadn’t let him speak to her, and why she had vanished after helping with one attack. She must have noticed the people hidden in the surroundings.

“What nonsense! If you had no relationship with her, why would she help you out?!” demanded Di Long.

“Are you an idiot? Why would you ask me that? How am I supposed to know why she would help me?” Long Chen looked at Di Long contemptuously.

Qu Jianying was standing beside him. Even with this many Netherpassage experts at such a close distance, Long Chen truly didn’t have anything to fear with Qu Jianying, the patriarch, and the Xuantian Tower as his shield.

“I think I might know.”

Suddenly, a voice that startled everyone rang out.

Guo Ran walked forward apologetically. “I’m sorry boss, I’m a righteous man, and there are some things that I just can’t keep quiet. My apologies.”

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were greatly shocked. Was Guo Ran planning on becoming a turncoat?

Only the Dragonblood warriors looked at him oddly, not quite sure what he was thinking.

Di Long and the others smiled delightedly, thinking Guo Ran had been bought by one of them and was coming forward to testify against Long Chen.

“What do you know? As long as you tell us, no one would dare to hurt you,” said Di Long.

Guo Ran nodded. “In truth, when it comes to this matter, you’ve overlooked one detail.”

“What detail?” asked Di Long.

“The detail that the veiled woman was a female,” said Guo Ran confidently as if it were some secret.

Di Long and the others’ expressions sank. Who was this idiot? Anyone with eyes could tell that it had been a woman. That was his so-called detail?

“So what?” demanded an ancient race elder. It seemed the others no longer wished to speak with this fellow, so he could only thicken his face.

“Do you not know? My boss Long Chen is a handsome man, of great suave and style. He is a genius of literature, culture, and martial power. Rumor is that he began practicing literature at three, training in martial arts at four, mastering the arts of poetry and song at five, slaughtering chickens at six, slaying dragons at seven-”

“Hold it, what is the point of all of this?” Someone finally interrupted Guo Ran, feeling like they had gone off track.

“What I’m saying is that this woman must have been affected by my boss’s great charisma, which is why she suddenly helped him. Perhaps the rest of you might still be mystified by this, but a wise man like myself saw through this detail from the start.”


Di Long finally couldn’t bear it anymore. A powerful sound wave surged toward Guo Ran.


Guo Ran was sent flying, blood pouring from his nose, eyes, and ears. Di Long had attacked so suddenly, that despite the Xuantian Tower summoning a golden barrier that blocked most of his power, Guo Ran was still coughing up blood.

“Fuck off, do you think my brother is someone you can touch?”

Di Long had yet to shut his mouth after his roar when Long Chen appeared in front of him like a phantom, slapping him once more.

He was as quick as lightning and borrowed the counter force to return to his original location. People had barely seen him move before it was all over.

The fact that Di Long would attack Guo Ran was already out of everyone’s expectations, but Long Chen’s attack was even more surprising. Di Long sneak attacked Guo Ran, and Long Chen sneak attacked Di Long.

Guo Ran was bleeding from his seven orifices, while Di Long had been slapped. Both sides had odd expressions.

“Boss, well struck! Beat that bastard! I was just testifying my view based on facts and reason, and he suddenly sneak attacked me! Di Long, you’re fucking garbage!” Guo Ran pointed at Di Long furiously as he cursed.

Guo Ran hadn’t expected Di Long to suddenly attack. Without the Xuantian Tower’s protection, he’d have been killed just now. Although there was no danger to his life, his head felt like it was splitting, and his Yuan Spirit was injured.

Originally, this was just a chance for him to show off and liven up the atmosphere, but he had almost lost his life. How could he not be infuriated?

However, Long Chen was really interesting. His vicious slap of Di Long’s face could count as compensation.

At the very least, this now served as a warning to Guo Ran. If he wanted to show off, there was danger involved.


Di Long was knocked several meters back. This time, Long Chen hadn’t had his divine ring or battle armor, which limited his slap’s power. It wasn’t even enough to injure Di Long. However, compared to the pain of the flesh, the pain of the mind was much worse. Just how many times had Long Chen slapped Di Long now? It was like he was beating a child who wasn’t listening.

The experts were all stunned each time Di Long was struck by Long Chen’s slap. When he saw their curious gazes, Di Long felt like killing himself.

Adding on Long Chen’s words, he went berserk and was about to charge out. However, he was held back by Yu Xiaoyun.

Yu Xiaoyun looked at Long Chen coldly. “No matter how you quibble, it doesn’t change the fact that you colluded with the original devil race.”

“How laughable. Your Pill Valley really likes to interject itself into everything, huh? Do you think you’re the bailiffs of this world? Let me use a phrase that you like to use so often: all things require proof. If you want to say I committed a crime, you have to bring out real proof, or you’re just farting into the air. A recording of me saying half a greeting is not enough to say I colluded with the original devil race. Valley master, I originally thought you had some intelligence, but it seems you’re only so-so. Next time you want to frame someone, make sure to gather more proof, or this kind of game will only end up with you embarrassing yourself. Other than that, please tell those idiots from Heavenly Fate Island that the calculations of man cannot surpass the calculations of the heavens. No matter how refined a scheme is, it will always have some hole. Tell them to be careful. Because once I grasp that hole, I’ll become a wild dog biting their throats until they die.”

Looking at the surrounding experts, Long Chen continued, “There’s no point in continuing this. If the alliance head wasn’t present, perhaps you could have obtained your goal, killing me with some random grand excuse and then slandering my corpse while covering up your crimes. However, you missed your best chance to eliminate me. Furthermore, this time, I can clearly see your determination to eradicate me. That’s very good, it means none of us will need to keep acting in the future. We can just directly fight. Let’s see who kills who in the end. Time will tell. Hey, what are you still doing here? Scram. Are you planning on shamelessly staying here and begging for a meal?”

They had expressed their attitude, so he was expressing his. They would be true enemies in the future.

You kill me, I kill you. This was right and proper. There was no need to find any excuse. They could simply fight to the death.

Yu Xiaoyun, Di Long, and the other experts were all gloomy. Some of them had some worry and fear in their eyes.

They recalled how the Eastern Xuan Region’s sects had been destroyed one by one. What if Long Chen suddenly came to their sects as well? Would they be able to stop him?

Quite a few experts began to regret coming here. They hadn’t expected things to end up like this. They were stuck between two hard choices.

“I feel like there’s no need to rush a judgment while things are not fully clear. We can continue investigating. If this is a mistake, it would be best not to harm the peace,” said an elder, clearly a bit afraid.

“That’s right. We need to investigate the matter of the original devil race before coming to a conclusion. We definitely won’t let off a bad person, but we definitely won’t wrongly accuse a good person.” Others immediately began to agree with that person’s words.

More and more of the experts began to say that they had to consider this matter at length, and that fighting amongst themselves was foolish. They would become laughingstocks in history.

In the end, Di Long, Yu Xiaoyun, and that expert from the Xuan Beasts conversed secretly for a while before saying that they would definitely investigate this matter.

Qu Jianying smiled, knowing that the three of them were trying to find a way out of this predicament for themselves. She also said that the Martial Heaven Continent would do a full investigation.

After that, Yu Xiaoyun and the others scattered. The Xuantian Dao Sect returned to its original calm.

Upon returning to the Xuantian Tower, Qu Jianying, whose expression had been calm, suddenly tried to grab Long Chen’s ear and twist it.

“You little brat!”

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