Chapter 1716 Original Devil Race, Exposed

“Alliance head!”

Upon seeing that figure, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts cried out excitedly. That woman was Qu Jianying.

Qu Jianying was standing in the sky, looking coldly at the experts surrounding the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“I, Qu Jianying, have not yet died, and you are not able to threaten the Xuantian Dao Sect. If you really feel so bored, then I don’t mind immediately activating the Martial Heaven Order so we can have a decisive fight. What do you say?” Qu Jianying’s expression was dark, and she was overflowing with killing intent. Her words conveyed her fury.

This time, Long Chen had taken first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. That had greatly excited Qu Jianying. The glory that the Martial Heaven Alliance had not dared to hope for had become reality under her command.

She had just been preparing to gather the entire Martial Heaven Alliance and have a celebration, taking advantage of this opportunity to raise the alliance’s morale and unity. Hopefully, that would eliminate all the unsavory rumors.

However, she quickly received word that the Xuantian Dao Sect had been surrounded. Long Chen had only just taken first place when Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient family alliance, and many other powers had gone to the Xuantian Dao Sect, saying that they would destroy it. How could Qu Jianying not be infuriated?

She had been preparing for a celebration, so if Long Chen was killed by them, it would be a clear slap in her face.

Even in the face of the likes of Yu Xiaoyun, Di Long, and the other experts, she could not contain her fury despite her best efforts. All those familiar with Qu Jianying knew that she was prepared to launch a war.

Hearing her mention the Martial Heaven Order, Yu Xiaoyun, Di Long, and the others’ expressions changed. The Martial Heaven Order was the highest order of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Once activated, all sects belonging to the Martial Heaven Alliance had to instantly gather for a life and death battle. It was an order to be used only when a great calamity was about to befall the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Qu Jianying, I don’t believe you would dare to do so. You know the consequences of activating the Martial Heaven Order!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun.

“Hmph, there are many things that you don’t believe. Although the Martial Heaven Order is for fighting off invaders from other worlds, I can still activate it if others want to bully the Martial Heaven Alliance. Having repeatedly accommodated you, it seems you think yourselves invincible. Since you aren’t afraid, why should I be? It just means we have to fight until one side dies. Rather than thinking of how to fight off the invaders, you lot spend all day scheming against us, the ones who should be united. If you’re just going to weaken us anyway, then we might as well settle things now. Let’s see who lasts longer.” Qu Jianying’s voice was frosty. No one doubted her determination.


Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out, and the Xuan Beast expert was forced back by the Xuantian Tower. The divine light filling the air retracted, and the Xuantian Tower returned to its original state.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch stood beside Qu Jianying, coldly staring at Di Long and the others. Qu Jianying had clearly come to intimidate them.

Long Chen ran over to Wilde. Wilde’s body shrank until he was around three meters tall.


Long Chen was both delighted and surprised to see Wilde. He had unexpectedly woken at such a time.

“Brother Long, how long have I been sleeping? I feel so hungry, like my stomach is burning. It feels a bit better after I got that snack. Hm, what are these things on my head?” Wilde was still as simple and straightforward as before. He touched the horns on his head with a confused expression.

“It’s nothing. In a bit, your brother Long will bring you hunting. Just try to endure the hunger for now.” Long Chen patted Wilde on the shoulder with a smile.

When his hand touched Wilde’s shoulder, Long Chen was shocked to find that Wilde’s skin was like a dragon’s hide. It was incomparably tough. Every inch of him was filled with explosive power. The current Wilde was like a volcano that could explode at any moment and destroy the world.

“Alright, I’ll listen to big brother Long. Brother Long, that fellow’s meat tastes very good.” Wilde pointed toward the distant Xuan Beast expert. He involuntarily gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Long Chen was speechless. He understood that Wilde lived for meat. The stronger the flesh, the more delicious it would taste.

“I loathe this bastard’s race.” Suddenly, Evilmoon’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s head.


“I’ll warn you that this foolish brother of yours will eat anything. He will bring you countless enemies in the future, so don’t blame me for not warning you.”

Long Chen was dumbfounded for a moment. He suddenly said, “Does his race eat your kind as well?”

Evilmoon snorted and didn’t reply. Long Chen jumped in shock. Just what kind of race was Wilde to be able to even consume dragons?

However, upon thinking about Wilde’s brain, if he was hungry, then he would eat anything with meat on it. He wouldn’t care what race it was.

Gu Yang and the others had been shocked to see Wilde’s new appearance, but seeing that he was the same person as before, they relaxed and went over to greet him.

“Qu Jianying, do you really want to stubbornly cling to the wrong side, all alone? Aren’t you throwing the world’s peace into danger?” demanded Di Long.

“The world’s peace? Why does that sound like such a joke when coming out of your mouth? When have you, Di Long, cared about the world’s peace? So many disciples sacrificed their lives to stop the devil creatures from charging out of the Devil Abyss. They fought for the Martial Heaven Continent. But you have decided to bring an army to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect? Is this your so-called world peace?” sneered Qu Jianying.

“We have our reasons!” raged Di Long.

“What reasons?” asked Qu Jianying contemptuously.

“Long Chen colluded with the original devil race! People have already released the proof!”

Di Long swung his arm, activating a photographic jade. An image of the Dragonblood Legion fighting the devil army appeared. In it, a veiled woman was floating in the sky.

There was a clear Devil character on her forehead, and it was shining brightly. This was the scene of Yue Xiaoqian helping Long Chen to destroy the devil army.

“Hmph, don’t tell me that you don’t recognize the original devil race’s innate divine ability. That woman is clearly one of Long Chen’s allies. On the Martial Heaven Continent, colluding with the original devil race is punished with the death penalty. We are fighting for the continent’s peace. Is there a problem with us coming to investigate this matter?” demanded Di Long.

The image in the sky caused all the experts’ expressions to change. The original devil race was forbidden on the Martial Heaven Continent. Rumor was that they were true fiends intent on destroying the Martial Heaven Continent and enslaving everyone.

It was said that the dark eras had been caused by them. The original devil race was the entire continent’s enemy. Any person, any power found to be colluding with them would be killed.

Furthermore, the original devil race’s experts were very easy to recognize. When they were using their full power, a Devil character would appear on their foreheads. This was conclusive proof.

If Long Chen had really colluded with the original devil race, he would be doomed. If the Xuantian Dao Sect tried to protect him, the Xuantian Dao Sect would also become the Martial Heaven Continent’s enemy.

Qu Jianying’s expression also changed. Clearly, the news she had received was limited to Long Chen getting first place. She hadn’t been told the process.

Suddenly, the sound of someone clapping rang out. Long Chen slowly walked over with a disdainful smile as he looked at the fierce Di Long.

“I’m admiring you more and more. It’s no wonder slapping you hurt my hand so much; your skin is truly thick. Tell me, who gave you that photographic jade? Do you dare to tell me?”

“Hmph, you want to silence the witness? Do you think I’d fall for that? No one can protect you, so don’t even bother,” sneered Di Long.

Long Chen’s smile grew. “I knew that you were a coward. Even after I slapped your clone, killed it, and then slapped your true body, you still don’t dare to kill me. I sympathize with you. For the ancient family alliance’s leader to reach this point, it’s probably something unprecedented in all of history and impossible for any future generations to surpass.”

“Long Chen, don’t try to change the subject. The question is why did you collude with that woman from the original devil race and what is your relationship with her. Don’t you think you should own up to your sins by now?” Yu Xiaoyun suddenly interjected.

“Valley master, you shouldn’t randomly say things, nor should you randomly accuse others. Where did you see me collude with that woman?” asked Long Chen innocently.

“Hmph, you greeted that woman and then immediately shut your mouth! Do you think we didn’t see it? You shouted Xiao, clearly greeting her. Is this really the point that you want to argue?” sneered Yu Xiaoyun.

“Valley master, it seems you’ve been in seclusion for so long. You’ve already forgotten how to act like a human and instead think everyone’s a beast. It seems you’ve forgotten your roots!”

Long Chen intentionally glanced at the Xuan Beast experts and the ancient race experts. The meaning behind that glance could not be clearer. The Xuan Beast and ancient race experts were infuriated. This was a clear insult.

Before they could say anything, Long Chen continued, “Just because I said Xiao, it means I know her and colluded with her? What a huge joke. I was calling her young lady[1]. What’s wrong with that? Valley master, if I call you junior brother, does that mean we’re colluding? Leader of the ancient races, if I call you a little idiot; giant fool of the Xuan Beasts, if I call you a damn brat; Di Long, if I call you a piece of trash, would that mean that we are colluding? Fuck off. Since we’re all colluding according to your logic, why did you bring so many people to destroy my Xuantian Dao Sect? Are your heads filled with crap?”

Long Chen pointed at all of them, cursing them loudly. His voice grew louder and louder, his spittle flying through the air.

[1] The Xiao in Yue Xiaoqian is 小, meaning small. All the following names he gave the leaders in this paragraph included the Xiao character.

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