Chapter 1715 Wilde Wakes Up

“Isn’t the Xuantian Tower supposed to be strongest in terms of defense but weak offensively? How can it have such power?”

All the experts’ expressions changed. They looked at that tower soaring in the sky and emitting waves of divine pressure.

The Xuantian Tower’s power stunned all of them. That power made even Netherpassage experts quiver.

They didn’t know that the Xuantian Tower’s offensive weakness had been made up for by the formation. The current Xuantian Tower was in full possession of both offense and defense.

“That first attack was a warning. Di Long, if you dare to take another step, I will make sure that the Martial Heaven Continent no longer has a Di Long,” said Long Chen. Di Long’s aura was still rising, and the bone claw in his hand was also starting to emit a powerful divine pressure.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant! Who do you think you’re trying to scare?!” Di Long sneered. Just now, he had been injured because of overconfidence. However, he wasn’t afraid. He wanted to activate the bone claw to test the Xuantian Tower’s power.

Long Chen let out a smile full of contempt. “Then you can try it.”

The reason he dared to ignore Di Long’s power and even slap him was because of the Xuantian Tower.

The Xuantian Tower was just an item-spirit, but even it was angry now. It also wanted to make a show of its power. Since this many people had come to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect, it would not accept such bullying.

The Xuantian Tower was the personal weapon of the first-generation Xuan Master, the founder of the Xuantian Dao Sect. It had personally witnessed the rise and fall of the sect. However, while there had been countless small fights, there had never been this many experts at its doors.

So the Xuantian Tower had given Long Chen a message. There was no need to be afraid because it was ready to kill as well. If they were obstructed at such a time, it would affect their future karmic luck. They couldn’t turn cowardly now. That was why Long Chen dared to give his strongest and most satisfying slap in all of history.

The rise of an expert was never the result of praying. If you wanted to get stronger, you had to advance over the corpses of countless other experts. There was no other path. The current Xuantian Dao Sect could not retreat.

“Hmph, little brat, you’re so arrogant? Then let’s see if you can still be so arrogant once I destroy your Xuantian Dao Sect!”

Surprisingly, the expert from the Xuan Beasts opened his mouth. His voice wasn’t loud, but it resounded like divine lightning.

“If you want to brag so much, then there’s no need to waste words. We can directly start fighting.”

Evilmoon appeared in Long Chen’s hand. He pointed it at the Xuan Beast expert, his sharp aura slowly rising. In the face of a twelfth rank Xuan Beast, he was filled with battle intent.

When it came to other Netherpassage experts, Long Chen might not have the power to fight them, but the Xuan Beasts did not cultivate life and death energy. They only cultivated their power and divine abilities. As for this expert, he was clearly a power-type fighter. Long Chen wanted to see just how powerful twelfth rank Xuan Beasts were.

“Courting death!”

That Xuan Beast sneered, but just as he took a step forward, a furious roar rang out, shaking the sky.

A terrifying aura exploded like a wild divine beast had been awoken. Even the Netherpassage experts got goosebumps.

A huge figure suddenly flew out of the Xuantian Tower. It charged directly at the Xuan Beast expert.

That figure shocked everyone. It was even larger than the Xuan Beast expert. It was a person covered in divine runes, with two horns on their head and a completely wild aura that surged out of control. That was not the aura of a human.

“Who are you?!”

The Xuan Beast expert snorted and smashed a fist at the incoming figure. He was a Xuan Beast, and he instantly recognized that this person was not human. Furthermore, this incoming person’s aura made him a bit afraid. That was a fear that came from the depths of his soul.


Long Chen and the others were startled. That giant figure charging over was Wilde!

Wilde’s eyes were scarlet as if he had gone insane. His body might be huge, but he also looked so thin that he wasn’t much more than a skeleton. The current Wilde gave off a very foreign feeling to them.

Long Chen was about to fly over to help Wilde against the Xuan Beast expert. But just at that moment, Wilde let out an angry roar.

“I want meat!”

In front of everyone’s dumbfounded eyes, Wilde grabbed onto the Xuan Beast expert’s arm.

As for the Xuan Beast expert, he was stunned to find that his fist only caused an explosive sound upon landing on Wilde’s chest. The sight of Wilde exploding that he had expected didn’t appear. In fact, he didn’t seem injured at all.

Having grabbed the Xuan Beast expert’s arm, Wilde refused to let go. No matter how the Xuan Beast tried to fling him off, he failed.

Then, under everyone’s dumbfounded eyes, Wilde opened his mouth and took a big bite into the Xuan Beast expert’s shoulder.


The Xuan Beast expert let out a miserable howl. A large hunk of his flesh was bitten off by Wilde.

People’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. That was a twelfth rank Xuan Beast. His body was comparable to divine items, but Wilde was actually able to tear out a piece of his flesh.

What gave them a chill though was that Wilde swallowed that hunk of flesh immediately and then took another bite.

Another piece of his flesh was torn away. The Xuan Beast expert roared and crazily battered Wilde with his other fist.

However, Wilde simply used one arm to protect his head as he continued biting.


Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out and Wilde was blown away. When they looked at the Xuan Beast expert, they saw that one of his arms had vanished. His shoulder was a mass of pulp.

In the distance, Wilde was holding a giant arm one hundred meters long. He was crazily eating it.

Wilde’s mouth seemed to have some kind of spatial power to it. He finished eating the whole arm in just a few breaths’ time.

Both friend and foe looked at Wilde in stunned silence.

After devouring the arm, Wilde’s withered body plumped up a bit. His eyes shone as he looked at the Xuan Beast expert. With a roar, he charged over again.

That Xuan Beast expert had just used a secret art to restore his arm when Wilde charged over again. Suddenly, a golden light shot out of the Xuan Beast expert’s forehead.

The golden light was like a celestial sword slashing down. It was one of his powerful divine abilities.

“Split the Heavens 6!”

Long Chen immediately slashed Evilmoon at the golden light.

His divine ability was blown apart by Long Chen’s saber. Divine light filled the air.

The experts present couldn’t help being moved. Long Chen’s saber hadn’t just been powerful, but his control was so great. Although he had attacked second, his attack landed first, and with shocking precision at that. It struck right where the Xuan Beast expert’s attack was weakest. It even stunned the old monsters that had lived for countless years.

They finally realized that Long Chen hadn’t climbed to his current height due to luck. This one attack showed them that Long Chen was a true expert.


The Xuan Beast expert had no time to attack again after his attack was broken by Long Chen. He suddenly let out a heaven-shaking howl.

When the golden light faded, people finally saw a scene that made them quiver.

Wilde was holding the Xuan Beast expert’s leg and crazily biting it, like a hamster that had been starved for hundreds of years and had finally found corn.

The Xuan Beast expert was attacking Wilde, but this position made it so he was unable to use his full power. Furthermore, the immense pain from his leg was also an issue.

A tempest of punches rained down on Wilde’s back, but it was like beating a drum. The explosive sounds shook the air.

Suddenly, Wilde was sent flying by one of the punches. He landed in the distance, raising a cloud of smoke.

“Heavens, this is too vicious!”

All the experts that had come with the Xuan Beast expert felt icy-cold sweat on their backs.

The Xuan Beast expert’s leg had vanished. Fresh blood was still spurting out of the wound.

In the distance, Wilde was holding a mountain-sized leg covered in black fur. He was devouring it quickly, and in just a few seconds, it was fully consumed.

Wilde was practically a man-eating monster. Even a twelfth rank Xuan Beast was eaten by him. Was there anyone more savage than him?

He ate his opponent alive. This scene was barely endurable to the spectators.


Having had his arm and leg eaten, the Xuan Beast expert was infuriated. His body suddenly grew larger, and he transformed into a black gorilla tens of thousands of meters tall.

“The Explosive Blood Heaven Piercing Gorilla race!”

Startled cries rang out as they recognized this Xuan Beast expert’s true form. It was a very terrifying race amongst the Xuan Beasts.

They had berserk blood flowing within their veins. Once it was activated, their power grew explosively. They also had innate divine abilities that were said to be able to destroy heaven and earth. Even divine items could be suppressed by them.

This Xuan Beast expert was completely infuriated and almost went crazy. He was a grand twelfth rank Xuan Beast, but he had actually been eaten. This kind of humiliation was even worse than Long Chen’s slapping of Di Long.

He roared, and following his roar, the world shuddered. A fist as large as a mountain smashed toward Wilde.


The Xuantian Tower activated, unleashing a golden shield that blocked the punch. Golden light flowed, and Wilde was pulled back.

“Attack together to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect!”

Suddenly, Di Long roared. His bone claw lit up, and he charged forward, taking advantage of when the Xuantian Tower was blocking the Xuan Beast expert.

“Interesting. I want to see who has such guts.”

Suddenly, a woman’s icy voice rang out. Di Long and the others’ bodies stiffened. They looked up in the sky.

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