Chapter 1715 Wilde Wakes Up (Teaser)

“Isn’t the Xuantian Tower supposed to be strongest in terms of defense but weak offensively? How can it have such power?”

All the experts’ expressions changed. They looked at that tower soaring in the sky and emitting waves of divine pressure.

The Xuantian Tower’s power stunned all of them. That power made even Netherpassage experts quiver.

They didn’t know that the Xuantian Tower’s offensive weakness had been made up for by the formation. The current Xuantian Tower was in full possession of both offense and defense.

“That first attack was a warning. Di Long, if you dare to take another step, I will make sure that the Martial Heaven Continent no longer has a Di Long,” said Long Chen. Di Long’s aura was still rising, and the bone claw in his hand was also starting to emit a powerful divine pressure.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant! Who do you think you’re trying to scare?!” Di Long sneered. Just now, he had been injured because of overconfidence. However, he wasn’t afraid. He wanted to...

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