Chapter 1714 The Xuantian Tower’s Power

Outside the Xuantian Dao Sect, many war chariots surrounded the gates. Each of those war chariots emitted powerful divine pressure. Each of them was a divine item, and the pressure was so suffocating that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were pale.

Although they had yet to enter a battle state, just seeing so many powerful war chariots was frightening. 

Each chariot had its own specific mark. The lead chariot was marked with a giant pill furnace. That was Pill Valley’s mark.

The valley master, Yu Xiaoyun, was standing in the air, his hands clasped behind his back. He looked down at the Xuantian Dao Sect, his gaze as sharp as a blade.

Not far from the valley master was another war chariot. Inside was a large man with a violet-gold crown on his head. His clone had previously been destroyed by Long Chen. He was the ancient family alliance’s head, Di Long.

Di Long’s expression was icy today. The destruction of his clone had not been forgotten by him. He would never be able to escape the humiliation of having Long Chen destroy his clone, so there was no way to describe his hatred for Long Chen with words.

On the other side was a giant man with explosive Blood Qi. It was like the power of his flesh was about to erupt out of him. Just standing there, the space around him twisted as if the world could not contain him.

He was almost ten meters tall, with bulging muscles. His arms were bare, and it was possible to see divine runes flowing on his skin like countless wriggling serpents.

This person was from the Xuan Beasts. His pupils were vertical like a crocodile’s, cold and merciless.

Beside this expert from the Xuan Beasts was a white-haired elder, the leader of the ancient races. His aura was well-concealed, and even though he was standing there, people were unable to sense his existence. His cultivation technique was extremely strange.

Other than Pill Valley, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and the ancient races, there were also chariots of some sects from eastern, western, southern, and northern regions. Hundreds of them were blocking the sky.

A flash of light came from the Xuantian Tower. Long Chen, Li Tianxuan, and the patriarch appeared in the sky, facing those experts.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch stood behind Long Chen without saying anything.

Looking at the scene before him, Long Chen smiled coldly. “What, after a sinister scheme fails, you want to fight openly?”

“Scram! You aren’t qualified to speak here!”

Seeing that the one to speak was Long Chen, Di Long was the first to find it unendurable. 

His voice was backed by the life and death energy of a Netherpassage expert. It rang out like thunder.

Runes appeared around the Xuantian Dao Sect as the protective formation was activated, blocking Di Long’s roar.

If that energy was allowed to invade the Xuantian Dao Sect, a lot of disciples wouldn’t be able to endure it. They would all be injured.

“How does someone who I’ve slapped and whose clone I’ve killed still have the face to cry about qualifications? If I were you, I’d have long since killed myself out of shame. For you to still be alive, did you spend all your years of cultivation on thickening your skin?” Long Chen wasn’t affected by Di Long’s roar at all. He glanced at him indifferently.

Everyone looked toward Di Long. The news that Long Chen had slapped Di Long and killed his clone had shaken the entire continent. They saw that Di Long’s body was trembling. He was on the verge of exploding.

“Are you having an epilepsy episode? What are you shaking about? For you to come here in such force, didn’t you want to quarrel? You don’t need to find a sanctimonious excuse. Come at me directly. Let’s see who dies,” sneered Long Chen.

“Brat, die!”

Di Long suddenly roared. A huge hand reached for Long Chen.

Li Tianxuan shook his head. This Di Long was really an idiot. Not even his acting skills were up to par. How could an alliance head be so easily provoked?

He was definitely acting. To use Long Chen’s words, he truly was shameless.

Di Long was as quick as lightning, but Long Chen, Li Tianxuan, and the patriarch simply stared at him calmly. At that instant, a bone claw appeared in his hand.

That bone claw didn’t release any aura. Adding on his great speed, it was easy for others to miss it.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch didn’t do anything, but Long Chen’s divine ring manifested and five stars appeared in his eyes. As a pillar of light soared into the sky, he raised his right hand.

“What is he doing? Is he really trying to fight a Netherpassage expert?”

These experts from the various large powers of the continent were filled with shock. Had Long Chen gone mad? He would be blown to pieces instantly.

Seeing Long Chen’s aura rise, Di Long sneered. As long as he killed Long Chen in one attack, his humiliation would be wiped away.

However, just as his hand was about to reach Long Chen, a light barrier appeared in front of him.

“It’s the Xuantian Tower!”

Startled cries rang out. The Xuantian Tower was shining brightly. This barrier was clearly placed by it.

“You’re looking down on me! Die!” Di Long smiled. The bone claw in his hand suddenly appeared, whistling forward. He had long since anticipated the Xuantian Tower’s defense.

“A true dragon bone claw!”

People finally saw that bone claw. Rumor was that it belonged to a true dragon from ancient times. It possessed dragon might. It required the bloodline of the true dragon race in order to use.

This true dragon bone claw was not a divine item, but its power was even more terrifying than a divine item. It was a priceless treasure.

It tore through the Xuantian Tower’s barrier. The disciples’ hearts rose into their throats.

However, just as Di Long thought that he could kill Long Chen in one attack, his expression changed. His bone claw suddenly felt like it had crashed into something solid, something impossible to move. His hand hurt from the impact, and he was unable to push any further.

There were only three inches between the bone claw and Long Chen’s chest. However, there was no way to shorten the distance any further.

Just at that moment, Long Chen, whose right hand had been raised in anticipation, struck, slapping Di Long across his shocked face.

The immense power caused a sonic boom. A visible ripple spread on Di Long’s face when Long Chen struck it. Di Long was sent flying back like a shooting star, crashing into a giant mountain hundreds of miles away.

The mountain collapsed, and broken bones flew out in every direction. All the experts were filled with disbelief.

Following the first mountain, the earth bulged. An entire mountain range expanded and then crumbled.

Those experts were gobsmacked. Just how much power had Long Chen used? He had not only sent Di Long flying, but even once Di Long crashed into the ground, he was still unable to steady himself and continued to fly through the ground. Was this a level of power a human could possess?

Let alone the others, even the giant from the Xuan Beasts was filled with disbelief. 

The huge mountain range continued to surge. Thousands of miles away, it suddenly exploded, and a figure flew out of the ground.

Di Long’s face was covered in blood, and half of it had caved in, revealing bones. He appeared frighteningly sinister.

People couldn’t help being shocked. How could a Netherpassage expert be slapped into this state? Just how much power had Long Chen used? Di Long was no ordinary Netherpassage expert.

Well, it had to be said that Di Long was also unlucky. Long Chen had been holding back his anger for a long time now. Upon seeing Di Long, that suppressed anger was all released through this slap.

This slap had not been purely used for humiliation. After all, this was an attack enforced with his divine ring and Five Star Battle Armor. It could be said that this was the most powerful slap he had ever done.

“Your skin is really thick. In all my years, I’ve seen many things, but I have to give you first place when it comes to the thickness of the skin.” Long Chen sighed and swung his arm a few times, flinging off the blood. He gave Di Long a big thumbs-up.

The blood on his hand was not Di Long’s but his own. A Netherpassage expert was truly powerful. Just the counterforce was enough to cause his skin to split open. The Netherpassage realm was still an existence he could only look up to.

This praise of Long Chen’s was clearly an insult. Di Long roared. Black and white lines surged around his body, and the world began to tremble. Even the stars in the sky were quivering. He had actually activated his life and death energy, the true power of Netherpassage experts. With a flash, he vanished from his original location.

Di Long’s body had just vanished when a golden ray of light shot through the air.

Shockingly, blood mist appeared there. Following that, space twisted and Di Long reappeared.

Di Long now had a large hole in his chest. It was possible to see the scenery behind him through that hole.

That bloody hole still had some golden light in it that was invading the rest of his body. Di Long looked down at the hole in his chest then to the Xuantian Tower in disbelief.

Countless runes had condensed within the Xuantian Dao Sect, forming a giant tower. The Xuantian Tower itself was shining brightly and slowly revolving with a shocking aura.

“It seems you were in too much of a rush to learn the real reason why the Corrupt path retreated. Don’t you think that was stupid? Or is it that the Corrupt path had no intention of telling you the true reason?” Long Chen smiled coldly at Di Long and the others under the illumination of the Xuantian Tower.

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