Chapter 1712 Original Heart

“Well said!”

The Dragonblood warriors all gave Hu Feng’s words a thumbs-up. This Hu Feng was fairly amazing.

There was no prefix to his name. That meant he was a rogue cultivator. For a rogue cultivator to get into the top ten was definitely difficult. But more amazing than that was that he dared to talk back to the ancient races as a rogue cultivator.

For him to say such a thing, Hu Feng was definitely from the human race and disliked the ancient races’ arrogance.

As for that Xiang Yunfei of the ancient races, he really was an idiot. Saying something like that was offending all humans.

Hu Feng’s words had just appeared when Mo Nian’s message followed: I heard the ancient races had quite a few powerful figures throughout their history. Just wait, once your grandpa Mo is done over here, I’ll go have a stroll through your ancestral tombs as well.

Seeing those words, everyone’s expression became a bit odd.

“Is Mo Nian a graverobber now? What is he doing going through other people’s ancestral tombs?” Gu Yang was speechless.

“It really isn’t clear. The rumors say that this little fellow has appeared in the Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern, and Central Xuan Regions during the past few years. It’s only recently that he settled in the Western Xuan Region. Apparently, his stay in the Western Xuan Region is like a calamity for the western ancient families, as many of their ancestral tombs were excavated by him. Some say it’s revenge, while some say he’s stealing their karmic luck to strengthen himself. Others say that he is destroying their feng shui with the intent of severing their ancestral line. However, Mo Nian himself has never said the real reason, so no one knows what he’s doing.” Long Chen shook his head. He had had Zheng Wenlong investigate what was going on with Mo Nian, but Mo Nian had been too secretive during these past few years. No one knew his goal.

However, a few details had been confirmed. Mo Nian had two peerless skills. One was gravedigging, while the other was fleeing for his life. The entire ancient family alliance was after him, and they had offered a high reward for his capture, but he was still living happily. That could be called a miracle.

Mo Nian’s name was known to everyone in the Western Xuan Region. His fame was about the same level as Long Chen’s in the Eastern Xuan Region. Even when it came to the Central Plains as a whole, they were famous figures.

Mo Nian’s words were also targeted toward the ancient races. That Xiang Yunfei had offended all humans.

Fourth place’s words quickly appeared as well. True Immortal Jiaoqi’s message was: Long Chen, don’t be too arrogant. Next time we meet, I will personally take your head.

It was yet another provocation. The fact that Long Chen had killed Hu Xiaolin in the Grand Han had angered the Xuan Beasts.

This matter had been suppressed by Qu Jianying, but that didn’t represent that the Xuan Beasts were willing to swallow this anger. They were just waiting for their chance.

“This True Immortal Jiaoqi is asking for it!” Gu Yang was also enraged now. The ancient races and the Xuan Beasts were provoking them.

“Ignore him. Next time we meet, we’ll directly beat him and turn him into a stew for everyone.” Long Chen flapped his hand indifferently.

Hearing that, everyone laughed. They knew Long Chen was also angered by these provocations. If Long Chen found him, that True Immortal Jiaoqi wouldn’t have a good ending.

Dong Mingyu also left behind two words: Original heart.

These two words were short and unclear. No one knew what they meant.

Long Chen felt a slightly familiar feeling from these two words, but he didn’t understand what they meant.

Leng Yueyan’s words followed: There’s nothing to say.

It was also a very willful message. The patriarch couldn’t help but shake his head, feeling like he had truly grown old. In the past, the messages of the top ten were always about expressing their feelings or heroism. But today’s geniuses didn’t seem to treat this chance to have their name shake the entire continent as anything important.

Long Chen’s words also appeared. When they saw those words, everyone let out a startled cry.

“Idiots from Heavenly Fate Island, just wait for me. If I don’t beat the piss out of you, you can count yourselves tough.”

Long Chen had actually used this chance to directly challenge Heavenly Fate Island.

“Boss is mighty!”

“Boss is domineering!”

“Boss is mighty and domineering!”

The Dragonblood warriors laughed. Heavenly Fate Island had sabotaged them, almost causing their deaths. Long Chen’s words were very satisfying.

“This is the Devil Slaughter Rankings! You’re… you’re treating it too indifferently.” The patriarch was speechless. Long Chen was actually using the Devil Slaughter Rankings to challenge Heavenly Fate Island? That was childish.

It could be imagined how Long Chen’s words were now seen by every major power on the Martial Heaven Continent. This would cause huge waves that even the patriarch was unable to predict.

Everyone would see this. Furthermore, these words would stay within every large sect for ten days. The Central Plains were about to be shaken.

However, after bitterly smiling, he didn’t say anything more. The current world was no longer his era. It belonged to his juniors. He had already decided to let go of control, allowing Li Tianxuan and Long Chen to mess around as they pleased.

Long Chen looked outside the top ten to see that eleventh place was Zi Yan. That surprised him a bit. He had a feeling that Zi Yan had not used her full power.

Others might be unaware of her power, but he knew that once Zi Yan activated the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, her sound waves would be a terrifying area attack. She definitely had the power to get into the top ten.

However, thinking of her character and how she didn’t like to compete, she should have intentionally let others get ahead of her.

Chu Yao was ranked thirty-seventh. This was also an amazing accomplishment. In truth, Chu Yao possessed the power to compete for the top ten.

Either Chu Yao or Liu Ruyan would have immense killing power and area attacks if they were fighting alone. Furthermore, they had immense spiritual yuan and life energy.

However, they had fought with everyone else rather than being solitary heroes. Their wide range and flexibility meant that they were the strongest shield protecting the Dragonblood Legion. That was why the majority of the time, they had been focused on defense.

Despite that, they were still able to get such a high ranking on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. That was a testament to their power.

Tang Wan-er was ranked sixty-third. When it came to offensive power, her wind blades were extremely sharp. However, she lacked endurance.

Tang Wan-er could explode with power, but she couldn’t maintain that for too long, at least not compared to wood and earth cultivators. Furthermore, her power had only explosively grown recently, and she was not fully adapted to it. So her attacks were still a bit wasteful.

By the time the spatial gate had been forced wider, everyone had been running out of energy. Tang Wan-er had been almost out of spiritual yuan, so she hadn’t been able to kill that many Life Star level Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. If she had still had some energy left at the end, she would also have a ranking as high as Chu Yao.

Meng Qi, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan also had decent rankings, just outside the top hundred. They all had immense power, but as the core of the Dragonblood Legion, they hadn’t been able to fight alone, causing their ranking to drop.

Yue Zifeng’s rank was outside the top hundred. After all, he had no divine item, no Heavenly Dao energy, and no manifestation. Using an ordinary sword, he had still managed to reach this level. No one else on the Devil Slaughter Ranking was capable of such a thing, so this accomplishment was worth being proud of.

As for Gu Yang, Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to even look. Gu Yang had had to rely on swinging a single spear to get points. That was too pitiful. Gu Yang’s combat style was only good for one-against-one fights.

Long Chen intentionally looked for Di Xin, only to find that he hadn’t even gotten in the top five hundred. Clearly, he had been completely flung aside toward the end.

That was because at the end, it had mostly been a competition of divine items. With the channel slowly closing, all the experts had exploded with power.

That was the best moment to climb. However, Long Chen was confident that Di Xin did not have a divine item, or if he did, he didn’t have one that suited him.

Even if he was Di Long’s son and Di Long could find him another divine item, Di Xin was a water attribute cultivator, and his new divine item might not suit his nature. Furthermore, even if he had obtained a suitable divine item, wanting to gain its approval in such a short time was very difficult. For him to be able to unleash its power wasn’t very likely. 

The illustrious son of the leader of the ancient family alliance didn’t even manage to get in the top five hundred. It would have been better if he hadn’t attended at all. At least, it wouldn’t have been so embarrassing.

If Long Chen were Di Xin, he wouldn’t have attended. But Di Xin’s head really was special.

After searching a long time, Long Chen managed to see Xia Chen’s name in the eight hundreds. He couldn’t understand how someone who had been first place could fall to this position.

Continuing down, he saw Bao Buping, Chang Hao, and other names. Although they had only appeared for a short while, the ones that they had killed were the Life Star level Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. That allowed them to get into the top thousand. It went without saying that when Split the Heavens was merged, it was truly vicious.

Looking through the top thousand experts, Long Chen saw that sixty percent of them came from the Central Xuan Region. When he looked at the top five hundred alone, he saw that eighty percent were Central Xuan Region’s experts. Their foundation was truly something that the other four regions couldn’t compare to.

In any case, Long Chen had managed to complete his mission with flying colors. The Xuantian Dao Sect alone had blocked the entire Eastern Xuan Region’s Devil Abyss. Although the devil creatures had appeared aboveground at the end, they had all been slain. No innocent commoners were killed.

Long Chen and Guo Ran had gotten into the top ten, with Long Chen even taking the top spot. They had definitely won Qu Jianying some face this time.

The Xuantian Tower quickly flew, and they arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect in a short while. When Long Chen saw the current state of the Xuantian Dao Sect, his expression immediately became ugly. The Dragonblood warriors were filled with killing intent.

“These bastards really deserve to die!”

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