Chapter 1711 Xiang Yunfei’s Provocation

“Boss is first place, hahaha!”

Everyone looked at the Devil Slaughter Rankings to see Long Chen’s name at the top. His name was completely different from others. It was a dazzling rainbow color.

Originally, Long Chen’s name had already fallen to who knew where. Although he had taken first place several times, those times had always been short-lived.

Even once he had defended the main channel himself, although he had gotten many kills, when compared to the monstrous existences at the top of the Devil Slaughter Rankings, he hadn’t gotten that many points. Moreover, the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had seen how great his offensive power was, and so they had focused their forces on the other two channels. Hence, even at that time, Long Chen’s ranking hadn’t been high.

In truth, the only time he had truly slaughtered a huge number of Empyrean Winged Blood Devils was at the very end with his Double Dragon Destruction.

With Yue Xiaoqian’s help, those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had been unable to move and defend, resulting in all of them dying.

Seeing that Long Chen ranked first, everyone cheered. The Devil Slaughter Rankings had brought out the supreme geniuses of the Martial Heaven Continent. For Long Chen to take first, the Dragonblood Legion’s name would truly shake the world. This was the entire Dragonblood Legion’s glory.

“Look at the other people’s rankings!”

After a moment of excitement for Long Chen, they finally continued looking at other rankings.

Tenth place was the representative of Pill Valley, the Pill Fairy. She had 963 kill points, which really represented 963 trillion. That was because after reaching one trillion points, your points would instead be shown according to how many trillions you had.

The Pill Fairy was an alchemist. Fighting was not her forte, yet she had managed to kill her way into the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

Ninth place was from the Northern Xuan Region, Ye Zhiqiu. She had 984 kill points, just a bit more than the Pill Fairy. However, the Pill Fairy had a powerful divine item, the Daynight Furnace.

For Ye Zhiqiu to surpass the Pill Fairy meant she had to not only have shocking combat power, but also a divine item of her own.

In eighth place was the ancient races’ Xiang Yunfei. He had 1067 kill points. He was clearly a top expert that the ancient races had sent to win them glory. Not only was he strong himself, but he had to have powerful trump cards. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent him.

Powers like the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the Bloodkill Hall, and the Xuan Beasts were not allied with the Righteous path. They would normally only send one or two top experts to fight for the top places of the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

If they sent more, that would be helping the Righteous path, when in reality, they were fighting for themselves. They didn’t care about the Righteous path or if the devil creatures charged onto the surface.

That was why the representatives that they sent would always be experts amongst experts, people they were confident in when it came to getting in the top ten. So it was natural that someone from the ancient races would take eighth place.

Seventh place was Guo Ran. He also had 1067 kill points, but his ranking was above Xiang Yunfei’s.

With each kill point representing one trillion points, it was unknown whether they were only a few hundred apart or a few billion. In any case, Xiang Yunfei was simply unlucky.

Guo Ran blessed his luck inside. Originally, his kill points had been stuck at 835 when he had run out of the black water, and that was not high enough to get into the top ten. However, he had managed to gain more points toward the end when the Dragonblood Legion had moved to defend one of the side channels.

At that time, the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had been charging out, and blocking them had been difficult. Guo Ran had panicked.

He had taken out all his exploding arrows and shot them using his Army Breaker Divine Crossbow. In just a dozen breaths’ time, he had launched one hundred and sixty thousand arrows.

That kind of shooting speed was not what the Army Breaker Divine Crossbow had been designed for. In the end, its runes had crumbled, making it unusable.

However, that one crazy burst had slaughtered the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils that had charged out. No one had been in the mood to check how many points a Life Star level Empyrean Winged Blood Devil was worth, but in any case, he had managed to muddle his way into seventh place.

Sixth place was Hu Feng. His ranking had always been tumultuous, but he had ended in sixth place with 1188 kill points.

When they saw the kill points that fifth place, Mo Nian, had, everyone couldn’t help but gasp. 6666. He had six times the points of Hu Feng.

Fourth place was from the Xuan Beasts, True Immortal Jiaoqi, with 6781 kill points. Mo Nian was just a bit below him. It was a pity he hadn’t managed to surpass him.

Third place was Dong Mingyu from the Bloodkill Hall. When they saw her kill points, everyone jumped in shock. 18543 kill points. That was almost three times greater than Mo Nian and True Immortal Jiaoqi.

As for second place, Leng Yueyan had 19895 kill points, suppressing Dong Mingyu.

“What? Where are boss’s kill points?”

Everyone was comparing the kill points of these experts. Before this, they had just been checking the rankings, but now that they were paying attention, their jaws dropped when they saw Long Chen’s kill points.

There was no number. It was just a blood-colored line, and they didn’t know what that meant.

“Could it be… maxed out?”

Everyone’s hearts pounded. Long Chen’s number had vanished. That was probably something that would only happen when he had maxed out, or there was no way to calculate how many he had killed.

Just at this moment, the jade plate in Guo Ran’s hand with the Devil Slaughter Rankings on it shook slightly. A design appeared on it, one that looked like a blank piece of paper. Guo Ran was dumbfounded, but just at this moment, the same thing appeared on Long Chen’s jade plate.

“This is a special reward given only to the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. You have the right to leave behind some words for future generations. Take out a drop of your essence blood and you can write whatever you want to write. These words will be forever imprinted on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Furthermore, your words will appear on the main palaces of all the major powers on the continent for ten days. It’s a chance to shake the entire continent,” said the patriarch.

Even the patriarch couldn’t help but feel emotional. Two of the top ten on the Devil Slaughter Rankings came from his Xuantian Dao Sect. This kind of glory made it so he couldn’t stay calm.

“Haha, there’s such a good thing? What should I say? Well, it doesn’t matter because boss will definitely write something even mightier and grander.”

Guo Ran laughed and scribbled away on his jade plate. In just a short while, everyone’s jade plates quivered.

“The experts have all left behind their words.”

Everyone quickly looked at what had been written. The first words came from the Pill Fairy: I hope the world will have no more slaughter, no more sorrow, and no more pain. We can live peacefully and happily.

Seeing that, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others felt emotional. The Pill Fairy’s words were very simple, yet it showed her dislike of fighting and how she yearned for there to be peace. It was the men who felt so competitive and aggressive that they wanted more fighting. They thirsted for power, to use that power to take, to kill, as if that was the only way to prove that they were strong.

After they took, after they killed, others could only bitterly endure, satisfying these so-called experts’ need for glory. Even if they beat you, you had to endure. If you didn’t, they would kill you. 

Battle created the strong, but it was unknown how many unknown people were brought to pain because of that battle.

However, in this world where the weak were prey to the strong, being strong was the truth. Even if you disliked it, you had to endure it if you wanted to live. The Pill Fairy’s words touched all their hearts, especially the women’s.

Unfortunately, they all knew that this was just a beautiful dream. Unless someone grew so strong that they could overturn this whole world and establish a new order, it was just a fantasy.

Seeing those words, Meng Qi and the others all felt that the Pill Fairy was the same kind of person as them.

Ninth place’s words then appeared. Ye Zhiqiu was the same as before, and she barely said anything: I’m waiting for you.

Others might not know what that meant, but Long Chen and the others did. They were also full of anticipation for Ye Zhiqiu’s return.

Xiang Yunfei left a message that was beyond arrogant: Long Chen, you only relied on external power or some shameful method to take first place. The human race really is despicable.

The Dragonblood warriors were enraged, with Guo Ran furiously saying, “Fuck your mother, I should have sent my entry in later! I’d directly kill you with my words, you ancient race bastard!”

Unfortunately, Guo Ran had already submitted his message, and each person only had one chance. It couldn’t be changed. Guo Ran almost crushed his jade tablet in his fury. This ancient race idiot was really hateful.

The Dragonblood Legion had gone through so much to obtain their current accomplishments, yet this person wildly guessed that they were cheating.

“Don’t be so angry. To use the boss’s words. ‘If you can fight, don’t waste time with words.’ The ancient races have suffered so many times at our boss’s hands, but it seems they don’t have a good memory. We’ll make sure they remember it next time,” said Gu Yang.

Only then did Guo Ran feel a bit better. When the Dragonblood warriors looked at the words that he had written, they couldn’t help feeling a bit moved.

“The Dragonblood warriors are closer than blood. Brothers, we will fight through heaven and earth, leaving behind a name that will last through eternity.”

Everyone knew that Guo Ran liked to show off. It was practically his life. They had thought that he would write something to that effect, but unexpectedly, he didn’t even mention his own name, instead choosing to represent the entire Dragonblood Legion and their brotherly emotions.

Long Chen smiled. Guo Ran’s display today was not bad. Although he liked showing off, at least he had some propriety. Originally, Long Chen had been planning on making Guo Ran get the first place. Everything had been going according to plan until they had been sabotaged. As a result, Guo Ran had fallen from first place to seventh place.

“Hu Feng has finished as well.”

Just at this moment, everyone saw Hu Feng’s words.

“Ancient race idiot, do you think you were born from a stone? Without the human race, where do you think you’d have come from? Do you think you’re so powerful that you don’t even need to acknowledge your ancestors?”

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