Chapter 1710 Devil Slaughter Rank

The divine items of those Corrupt experts had been blazing with light, on the verge of exploding with their divine power.

However, following that voice, a majestic divine pressure filled the world. It was like a god’s blessing had descended.

Those divine items’ exploding auras were suppressed. The Corrupt experts’ expressions completely changed as they found that their divine items had been released from their spiritual contracts.

Those divine items became turncoats, killing their own masters. They pierced through their heads and transformed into rays of light that vanished into the sky.


Long Chen and the others were stunned. Then, they saw a graceful and slender woman in the sky.

The woman wore a veil that covered her face, but just her eyes were so beautiful that they looked like they could cleanse the world. Being looked at by her would make a person’s heartbeat quicken involuntarily.

“Xiao-” Long Chen let out a startled cry.

“Don’t talk. Act like you don’t know me. I’ll help you.” That woman interrupted him with a spiritual message.

Suddenly, light began to shine from her forehead, and a divine aura spread. An immortal character appeared on her forehead: Devil.

When that Devil character appeared, the world rumbled. Immortal light spread, illuminating the entire battlefield.

Those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils immediately let out howls of pain. Under the illumination of the immortal light, their bodies began to stiffen. Their flesh even began to bubble as if this immortal light was their bane.

“Quick, kill them all in one go. I can only hold them for a single breath’s time,” said the woman.

Long Chen nodded. To Li Qi and Song Mingyuan, he said, “Go underground with everyone, as deep as possible.”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had no idea who this woman was, but hearing this order, they knew that Long Chen was about to unleash a big move. They didn’t dare to tarry. The ground instantly sank, bringing everyone away. More earth flowed over, covering the area that had sunk.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Long Chen formed a hand seal. Lei Long and Huo Long returned to him, intertwining. They then slammed into the ground.


Flames and lightning spread in every direction, devouring the entire battlefield.

Anything touched by the flame and lightning energy was turned into nothingness. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had been eradicated.

When the dust settled, Long Chen was floating in the air, panting. The battlefield had been completely emptied. Even the three spatial channels were empty.

This attack’s power and range was so great that it had even charged through the three channels and wiped away the enemies there as well.

The only one left was Long Chen. The veiled woman had vanished.

The ground split open and countless willow branches shot out. The Undying Willow was the first to come out, followed by Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Li Qi, and the others.

When they saw that the battlefield was empty, they were stunned.

“Look, I, Long Chen, am exhausted! Do any of you gutless idiots dare to come and fight?”

Long Chen shouted into the air. His voice was backed by his spiritual yuan and was as loud as lightning.

His voice echoed through the air, but no one else responded. Everything was silent.

At this time, on the other side of the spatial channels, more Empyrean Winged Blood Devils appeared. However, they simply stared in shock at Long Chen, not daring to charge through.

Suddenly, the void exploded and a huge object appeared in front of them. The Dragonblood warriors and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples sighed with relief.

The lofty Xuantian Tower had come, and it slowly landed on the ground. The patriarch flew out.

When he saw the battlefield, even he gasped. This scene was too shocking.

“There’s no need to shout. They’ve already run. It’s been hard on you.” The patriarch walked over to Long Chen.

“It wasn’t too bad. If you hadn’t personally come, perhaps they would have attacked.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

He didn’t know how those people had hidden themselves, but he was one hundred percent sure that they had been lying in wait for an opportunity.

The reason they hadn’t taken action was because they weren’t confident in killing him. One reason was because they didn’t want to give Long Chen any evidence he could use against them. After all, Long Chen had no concrete evidence to say that someone from Heavenly Fate Island had been the one to sabotage him.

Even if he recognized that ruler, so what? Ruler-type weapons might be rare, but it wasn’t as if there were none. Using a single ruler to prove that the culprit was Heavenly Fate Island was far from enough.

Heavenly Fate Island could easily deny his accusations and even mock him. If someone with a similar weapon to Long Chen killed someone, was that enough for them to accuse him as the killer?

Heavenly Fate Island hadn’t left anything for Long Chen to use against them. Even knowing it was done by them, he couldn't do anything.

As for the Corrupt path, they were already enemies with the Righteous path. Mortal enemies could use any means necessary against each other, so Long Chen had nothing he could use against them.

However, his shouting had scared away his opponents. They had no assurance in being able to kill him.

Even if they killed the Dragonblood warriors and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples, if Long Chen escaped, he would become their nightmare. Someone with nothing left to lose was the most worrisome.

His shouting had been part of a psychological battle. He was telling them that he was confident. At the very least, this attitude made them feel worried that Long Chen had another trump card that could allow him to escape.

“Was the Dao Sect struck by a sneak attack?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. Three top experts of the Corrupt path attacked at the same time. Fortunately, the grand formation plus the Xuantian Tower are linked, and we were able to heavily injure those top experts. Li Tianxuan knew that you were in trouble at that time. Those experts were at the Netherpassage realm, but Li Tianxuan was smart. He acted weak to lure them in and then suddenly activated the formation, managing to kill one of them. The others immediately fled. We managed to heavily injure them before having a chance to come and save you. It’s a good thing you were strong enough to last until now. This was a seamless scheme,” sighed the patriarch.

The patriarch felt that he himself had gotten old. He couldn’t keep up with the junior generation. Of course, to him, the junior generation included Li Tianxuan. Being in the Dao Sect,  Li Tianxuan had immediately realized that this attack was only a diversion. Their target wasn’t the Dao Sect but Long Chen. Nevertheless, Long Chen’s own intelligence also wasn’t inferior to Li Tianxuan’s, and he was powerful. The patriarch couldn’t help but feel that other than his cultivation base, he had no other use.

Just at this moment, countless runes within the spatial gate crumbled. It slowly closed.

In just a few breaths, the huge gate completely closed, and the world returned to calm. If there wasn’t such a wrecked battlefield, it would seem like nothing had happened.

According to reason, the spatial gate had been stable enough to last for several more hours. However, this capital gate was the result of Heavenly Fate Island sacrificing some kind of unknown pagoda to forcibly prop it open. Clearly, that pagoda’s energy had run out, resulting in the gate quickly closing on its own.

“How is the Dao Sect?” asked Long Chen.

“Tidy up the battlefield. We can discuss it when we’re back.”

The patriarch didn’t directly reply. Liu Ruyan swept through the entire battlefield before they all entered the Xuantian Tower and flew back to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Inside the Xuantian Tower, Long Chen counted the survivors and then sighed with relief. Although over twenty-one hundred people had been injured, with fifteen hundred and seventeen being seriously injured, no one had died in the Dragonblood Legion.

The serious injuries were the result of the Corrupt experts detonating their divine items. Those explosions contained their divine power, and that had invaded people’s Yuan Spirits. As it was more difficult to deal with, it would take some time to heal.

Long Chen sighed with relief. Fortunately, he had brought back blood soul stones from the Netherworld. That had strengthened everyone’s Yuan Spirits. Otherwise, the ordinary Dragonblood warriors might have all died from those immense explosions of divine power.

Heavenly Fate Island’s scheming was truly seamless. Each of his steps had been within their calculations. If others hadn’t helped, the entire Dragonblood Legion might have died on this battlefield.

“Long Chen, was that person Xiaoqian?” messaged Meng Qi.

“Yes, it was her. However, don’t tell anyone else. Keep everything about her secret,” replied Long Chen.

Long Chen had never expected Yue Xiaoqian to suddenly appear at this time. Furthermore, at that critical moment, she had helped him annihilate the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils.

Although she had immediately vanished afterward, her help had decided the fate of the Dragonblood Legion. If those divine items had exploded amongst them, the results were unthinkable.

“I actually fell to seventh place. However, at least I’m in the top ten. Hahaha, the name of Guo Ran will definitely spread through the world!” Guo Ran suddenly thought of the Devil Slaughter Rankings and checked his rank. He then laughed delightedly.

“Look at boss’s rank.”

With the battle over, everyone finally had time to check the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

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