Chapter 171 Long Chen's Peak State

Gui Sha angrily howled. He shot forward like a phantom, appearing in front of Long Chen in an instant. He was so fast it was almost impossible to see his movements.

“Moonwind Slash!”

Tang Wan-er was the first to react. She didn’t know how powerful Long Chen really was, so she first helped him to block Gui Sha’s attack.

“Fuck off!”

Gui Sha roared and with a single hand, brushed away Tang Wan-er’s wind blades. People were horrified to see that the wind blades, which Tang Wan-er had used her core energy to condense and had runic power to support them, were easily forced to explode by his palm.

And he didn’t halt in the slightest from his wind blades, immediately sending a palm at Tang Wan-er’s body.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that if that withered hand reached Tang Wan-er, she would immediately die.

“Chilling Ice Wall!” Suddenly, a wall of ice appeared in front of Tang Wan-er.

Gui Sha’s withered hand slammed into the ice wall. The ice wall immediately shattered, but Tang Wan-er also took that chance to retreat.

From the moment Gui Sha was released to now, less than a breath of time had passed. But Gui Sha had defeated two monster-class expert’s techniques at that moment.

One attack and one defense; neither of them had had any meaning in front of Gui Sha’s single hand. That completely horrified everyone. Just how powerful was this corrupt corpse? Had he really been weakened?

The disciples under Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were immediately filled with worry. That corrupt corpse was far too frightening. How was that fair at all?!

And it wasn’t just the disciples who thought so. Even the Elders’ expressions changed.

“Probably this sealed soul used to be an expert of a Corrupt sect. With just his spiritual energy, he is able to reach such a terrifying level.”

Tu Fang was also a bit startled. This corrupt corpse’s strength had already surpassed his expectations by a great deal. He didn’t know whether the three of them could really defeat it.

“All of you be prepared. As soon as I give the signal, charge into the formation and restrain that corrupt corpse.”

This was a backdoor he had opened for Long Chen, so he definitely didn’t want to mess it up. If the three of them really ended up getting crippled or dying, he would never forgive himself.

If ordinary people died, then fine. The monastery didn’t lack mediocre fellows. What they lacked was peak combat strength. They couldn’t do without any of these three.

After destroying that ice wall with just a single hand, Gui Sha didn’t hesitate at all to send his claw snatching at Ye Zhiqiu.

“Get your dog claw away!” An icy snort rang out as a huge saber cut across the air with an unstoppable might.

That terrifying Saber Qi filled the air. A huge saber image dozens of meters long filled the sky. That saber image seemed as if it was a divinity’s blade that was capable of destroying the world.

Gui Sha raised a single palm to face off against that saber image. 


The land shook and both Long Chen and Gui Sha were knocked back. The place they had collided was covered in cracks spreading hundreds of meters.

“How powerful…”

The spectators were awed by that practically divine figure holding that saber.

Of the people here, only a few had even seen Long Chen begin to move. Although they had heard Long Chen was powerful, they had also all heard that he had been struck by Lei Qianshang’s thunderseed. So everyone assumed there was no way he was actually on the same level as monster-class experts.

Gui Sha’s palm had been able to easily break apart the two beauties’ techniques. It had to be known that Tang Wan-er had managed to defeat a corrupt corpse with a cave age of over four hundred years.

But the same powerful attacks she had used then were now easily destroyed. It could be seen just how terrifyingly powerful this particular corrupt corpse was.

In contrast, Long Chen was able to knock the corrupt corpse back with his saber. At least on the outside, it seemed Long Chen might be evenly matched with it. Perhaps Long Chen really could defeat the corpse if he used his full strength.

The Elders were shocked, and one of them exclaimed, “What powerful strength and exquisite control! What a domineering saber!”

The Elders were naturally all true experts. They had all seen through that Long Chen’s saber had completely managed to condense his mind, spirit, and qi together. His saber’s angle and positioning had all been perfect to bring out the greatest possible power.

Even a cultivator who trained in the Saber Dao for dozens of years would be unable to bring out such a perfectly controlled attack like Long Chen’s. That was why all the Elders were filled with admiration.

“Old ghost, didn’t you like oppressing me inside the cave? Well, now it’s my turn.” Long Chen's voice rang out like thunder. Raising his saber in both hands, his FengFu Star quickly circulated, unceasingly pouring spiritual qi into his body.

People could see with their naked eyes that the air around him was slowly twisting. It was as if he were enveloped in water. Then space began to boil and it was like the world was filled with surging waves.

“What a powerful aura!”

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were shocked. Long Chen’s aura was still continuing to rise. He had entered a completely different state than how he normally was.

Long Chen knew just how terrifying this old ghost was. And so, he no longer held anything back. It was time for him to fight all-out.

All the energy within his FengFu Star surged out, filling his every meridian.

Only this Long Chen was the Long Chen in his peak state. Qi waves continuously soared into the sky. His robes billowed, his hair danced, and he appeared just like a god.

People were all stupefied, not expecting that once Long Chen’s full strength exploded out, it would be so domineering. That kind of will which seemed to want to cut apart heaven and earth filled them with reverence.

“Is this a Divergent? Disdainfully looking down on the world, defying fate, taking heaven and earth as enemies?” Tu Fang muttered to himself inside.

He wished to ask the world, what kind of person would possess such a manner? What person dared to possess such will?

Once Long Chen released all the energy within the FengFu Star, spiritual qi completely filled his entire body. He reveled in this kind of feeling of surging with energy.

“You actually hid your cultivation base?” Gui Sha looked at Long Chen with shock. The current Long Chen was completely different from the Long Chen he had encountered in the cave.

Long Chen lifted the saber to his shoulder, icily smiling to Gui Sha, “Don’t you think your question is a bit too stupid? If I hadn’t hidden my cultivation base, just how could I have escaped from you?”

Gui Sha immediately became infuriated. Back then he had never thought that Long Chen’s body would contain thunderforce, causing him to suffer greatly.

He had also been careless. That was because Long Chen’s acting had just been too good. If Long Chen had exploded out with this powerful of an aura back then, he definitely would have been more on guard. Unfortunately, it was too late for regret.

At this time, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu both came to Long Chen’s side. Tang Wan-er’s eyes rippled. This Long Chen was extremely fascinating.

“Two beauties, I’ll take the vanguard and face this old ghost head on. You two wait for good opportunities to land attacks. This old ghost has no weak points to speak of. If we want to kill him, we need to completely exhaust all of his Spiritual Strength. Be careful,” warned Long Chen.

Although he hadn’t had the experience of killing a corrupt corpse, he knew this corpse didn’t actually have any life energy. It was only moving with the control of the soul within.

Furthermore, this corrupt corpse’s body was too hard. With the addition of the soul within it, it was almost impossible to damage. So if they wanted to win, they first needed to exhaust its spiritual energy first.

“You be careful too,” warned Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen nodded. Focusing on Gui Sha, he leaned forward slightly, raising his saber.

“I’m going.”

With a press of his foot, he had already charged up to Gui Sha. Ice-cold Saber Qi slashed down at Gui Sha.

With a cold snort, strange lines appeared over Gui Sha’s black fist and he punched at Long Chen’s saber.

BANG! Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu saw that Long Chen was sent flying. They were stepping forward to take advantage of this brief opening when a sudden terrifying wave of qi surged over them. The two of them were actually forced back several meters just from that terrifying wave.

They were both shocked. Just the aftermath of their battle made it so they were unable to approach. Just what level of strength was that?


Saber-light danced and qi waves surged. Dust filled the air, immediately covering the entire battlefield. People were already unable to see Long Chen’s figure.

They could only see that whirling Saber Qi and hear those ear-splitting collisions that caused the ground to shake. Their faces paled.

Even Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin were filled with shock as they watched.

In their eyes, Long Chen had only been a loathsome, minor character that was never a true opponent for them.

But this terrifying power and that unstoppable will of his finally told them that Long Chen had hidden his true strength.

Tu Fang excitedly watched, celebrating inside. What he viewed most highly about Long Chen wasn’t his powerful strength or his forceful spiritual qi, but that unstoppable confidence.

He had carefully groomed these monastery disciples to slowly form some of that confidence. That was because only someone who possessed such confidence would be able to explode out with their full potential.

But grooming that kind of confidence was too difficult. And that was why they mostly only accepted disciples from powerful families. Those people were very confident in themselves. However, that kind of confidence was actually just a kind of conceit.

Being so arrogant was actually just being stupid. But it was on that foundation that they groomed true confidence. That would be at least a bit easier than trying to groom those inferior fellows.

The reason why so many of these registrants would do stupid things was precisely because they were too conceited.

The monastery would temper them, purging that conceit and leaving behind their confidence. Then through experiencing life and death trials, they would gradually begin to walk the path of an expert.

As for Long Chen, he seemed to have been born with that unstoppable Dao-heart. Furthermore, it was an extremely firm Dao-heart that no one could possibly shake in the slightest. Even in the face of such a powerful corrupt corpse, he still didn’t feel any fear.

Tu Fang now finally understood how he had managed to escape from the hands of an expert ten times stronger than him. In this world, there were no coincidences.

People’s jaws dropped as they saw this horrifying fight that had surpassed their imaginations. They finally understood just what a monster was.

If Lei Qianshang and the others were monsters, then Long Chen was a monster amongst monsters. He fought for over an hour, his tempest-like rain of attacks not slowing down in the slightest. In fact, he only became stronger and stronger, his attacks coming faster and faster.

With Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu to the side helping with their wind blades and ice blades, the three of them had actually surrounded and were suppressing Gui Sha.

Just when everyone thought this battle’s ending was already set in stone, a mournful cry rang out from Gui Sha.

“Bastards, all of you will die for me! Netherworld Soul Ignition!”

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