Chapter 1709 Divine Art, Contract Release

“Long Chen, don’t get arrogant. Today is the day of your death.”

Suddenly, space twisted, and dozens of elders appeared in the sky, wearing the robes of the Corrupt path.

These Corrupt experts were all late Life Star experts based on their powerful auras. Furthermore, each of them was holding a divine item that was unleashing its own immense pressure. An evil air spread from them, enveloping the world in a dark haze. This haze felt so heavy that it was hard to breathe. These were evil and powerful divine items.

“Long Chen, you slaughtered countless disciples of my Corrupt path. Today, you’ll die a miserable death.”

As soon as those elders appeared, dozens of divine items were activated at once, unleashing rays of divine light at Long Chen.

These Corrupt elders were rather crafty and concentrated their attacks on Long Chen. They completely ignored the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils.

The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils didn’t understand why these people were attacking Long Chen, but they also didn’t care. They attacked crazily.


The attack of dozens of divine items sent Long Chen flying. Despite blocking with his full power, he still coughed up a mouthful of blood.

However, it was the Corrupt experts that were stunned. For Long Chen to only cough up a mouthful of blood after all their attacks landed, that was far from what they had expected. They had thought that he would be at least heavily injured.

Long Chen was infuriated. These were quasi divine items, the weakest of all divine items. However, their divine power was still extremely powerful. According to reason, having multiple divine items work together like this was extremely difficult. Each of their fluctuations would interfere with the others. Their power was so great that they would cause the surrounding space to crumble, resulting in them interfering with each other’s attacks.

That wasn’t the case here. These people had attacked so smoothly, so they had to have spent a great deal of time training to achieve such a thing.

Clearly, this was a specially prepared trap. Perhaps it was a trap that they had been preparing for a long time to have trained to this extent. To be able to make such precise predictions, perhaps only Heavenly Fate Island was capable of it.

“Attack again!” shouted one of the Corrupt experts. The second wave of attacks immediately shot toward Long Chen while he was still injured.


However, just at this moment, Guo Ran let out a furious roar. All the Dragonblood warriors’ armor began to shine.

The armor of over twelve thousand warriors formed a giant formation. Light congregated around Guo Ran, and he crossed his dual sabers.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

A huge ‘X’ slashed toward the Corrupt experts.

“Not good!” Those Corrupt experts were stunned and hastily blocked. But this attack was extremely fast.

The huge X instantly killed seven of them.

Their attention had been focused entirely on Long Chen because other than Long Chen, no one else in the Dragonblood Legion possessed a divine item. However, this overconfidence had led to their doom.

After this one attack, all the Dragonblood warriors’ armor dimmed, and the warriors’ were slightly pale. That one attack had taken a large amount of their spiritual yuan.

Taking advantage of this, Long Chen flew back, slashing with his saber. One of the Corrupt experts was slain, his divine item exploding along with him.

“Don’t let your formation get chaotic. Brothers of the Battle Sect, I’ll have to trouble you!” Long Chen started attacking the other Corrupt experts. His divine ring and Five Star Battle Armor were both activated.

The Dragonblood Cross Slash was the strongest combination attack of the Dragonblood warrior. However, it wasn’t a powerful area attack. All its power was concentrated in the center of the cross. Of course, that was also why their power was enough to slay even these powerful Corrupt experts with their divine items.

This move’s power was practically heaven-defying. However, it had sucked away the majority of their spiritual yuan as well. They were only able to unleash this attack once.

The Dragonblood Legion’s combat power dropped immensely after this one attack, so Long Chen needed Bao Buping and the others to make up for it. Although Lei Long and Huo Long were blocking the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, they were still coming from the sky. 

With Evilmoon in his hand, those quasi divine items were nothing to Long Chen. Leaving the army to Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others to protect, he charged at the Corrupt experts.

“Stop him!”

One of the Corrupt experts had just roared when Long Chen’s figure vanished like a ghost. The black Evilmoon was like the Grim Reaper’s life-reaping scythe. Even when that expert blocked with his full power, his divine item was broken and he was killed.

“Fuck, his saber is definitely on the half-step divine item level! But how can he activate the power of a half-step divine item?!”

The Corrupt experts were unable to believe that their quasi divine items were being broken so easily. Only a half-step divine item at full power could do such a thing.

However, those capable of unleashing the full power of a half-step divine item were at least at the Netherpassage realm. Without that level of control, there wasn’t that much difference between a quasi divine item and a half-step divine item’s power.

Despite that, Long Chen, a Soul Transformation disciple, was destroying their quasi divine items so easily.

Each slash of his saber seemed ordinary, yet each slash was so powerful. Evilmoon’s aura completely sealed any paths of retreat for these Corrupt experts, so they could only face it head-on. Trying to dodge only increased the speed at which they would die, while resisting won them an extra eyeblink of life. It wasn’t able to change the result.

These Corrupt experts had managed to injure Long Chen with their combination attack at the start, however, the World Tree’s life energy had managed to instantly heal him without affecting his combat power.

On the other hand, the Corrupt experts were in disorder after the Dragonblood Cross Slash. Long Chen had then taken advantage of that to charge into their midst and cause more chaos. Their divine items were being broken one by one. They could almost hear the mournful cries of their divine items as they were destroyed.

“Is this boss’s power? He kills Life Star experts with divine items like they’re dogs.”

The Dragonblood warriors watched as Long Chen dominated the Corrupt experts. Flashing lightning runes surrounded the area around him. Any target he locked onto wouldn’t even have a chance to run. No matter how they roared, they couldn’t escape their fate of being killed.

Long Chen was truly infuriated. These people were too despicable to attack them at such a moment.

If the Dragonblood warriors weren’t able to defend the channel, the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils would charge onto the continent. Who knew how many innocent lives they would take?

Those were lives, yet in front of the condescending Heavenly Fate Island, it seemed that they had no value at all.

If they had the ability, then they could charge at him directly and he would accompany them. However, they had decided to throw all those innocent lives into danger.

Long Chen might not be afraid of death, but he still respected life. He couldn’t accept their despicable actions.

“Everyone, scatter!”

Long Chen had killed six of the Corrupt experts without any of them being able to react. The person who gave the order to scatter was quickly cut down after shouting. He was cut in two along with his blood-colored halberd. The faint lightning runes in the air allowed Long Chen to come and go like a flash.

The Corrupt experts’ divine items were evil, and there was no way Long Chen could use them, so he made sure not to let them off.


Evilmoon stabbed through an elder’s back, also stabbing through the hook he held.

However, that hook exploded. The Corrupt expert had ordered his divine item to explode right as he died.

The detonation of a divine item possessed terrifying power. Long Chen was at the core of the explosion, and he was instantly blown into the distance.

“Heaven Raising Willow Branches!”

Liu Ruyan summoned giant willow branches above the Dragonblood warriors’ heads.

Despite that, the power of a divine item’s explosion was immense. It struck the shield like a mountain, blowing it apart. The impact continued to strike the Dragonblood warriors.

The immense power caused the ground beneath them to sink. The Dragonblood warriors all coughed up blood. Some fainted from the impact.

“Everyone, attack! Long Chen, don’t you care about your people? Then let’s see how you act when your brothers die right in front of you!” shouted one of the Corrupt elders.


Another divine item exploded. Although Long Chen activated the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, he only had time to kill that elder. He was still one step too late in stopping his divine item from exploding.

This time, Liu Ruyan, Chu Yao, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan defended together. Wooden and earthen shields combined, blocking the divine item’s explosion. However, the four of them coughed up a mouthful of blood right after that.

Detonating a divine item was definitely the most scoundrel-like method of fighting. It fully released all the energy of the divine item and was not limited by the master’s power.

The other Corrupt experts saw this and seemed to go cray. They actually ignited all their divine items together. The detonation of over ten divine items was incoming.

“Long Chen, we don’t mind dying with you! Hahaha!”

The Corrupt experts laughed crazily. When so many divine items exploded together, their power could destroy heaven and earth. There wouldn’t be a single person alive within tens of thousands of miles.

“Divine Art, Contract Release.”

Just as Long Chen was powerless to stop them, a clear voice rang out.

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