Chapter 1708 The Power of the Double Dragons

At some point, a horde of Magical Beasts had appeared. They were charging at Long Chen and the others.

These Magical Beasts were all at the eleventh rank, equivalent to the human Life Star realm. However, their offensive power was many times greater than ordinary Life Star experts’. Also, those Magical Beasts with ancient bloodlines were in possession of their terrifying divine abilities.

An army of tens of thousands of Magical Beasts had now launched a surprise attack, surrounding the Dragonblood Legion and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. With the threat of the Magical Beast army behind them, they were no longer able to block the channel. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils were concentrated on the two side channels at this moment, and now over ten thousand of them had come through. To force them back and block the channel again was essentially impossible now.

“Fuck, how did these Magical Beasts get here?!” roared Gu Yang.

If this was during normal times, he wouldn’t even care about these Magical Beasts. However, at this critical time, they had come to disrupt their tempo. It was a fatal blow.

“Their souls are being controlled by someone. Someone has gathered them to attack us.” Meng Qi immediately recognized some clues.

These Magical Beasts were in formation and working together. That wasn’t something normal Magical Beasts did. They had to be controlled by an expert.

Furthermore, they even unleashed suicidal attacks immediately, disregarding their own lives. That was why Meng Qi was sure that this was another plot.

Long Chen’s expression was dark. The first wave of Magical Beasts had already injured some of the Dragonblood warriors. These Magical Beasts were crazy, and some directly detonated themselves.

With the Magical Beasts behind them and the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils in front of them, the Dragonblood Legion’s situation instantly became tense. It wouldn’t be long before casualties started to appear.

“Abandon the channels and retreat!”

Long Chen immediately gave orders to give up on defending. If they forced it, each second would cost lives.

Long Chen was filled with fury inside. This was his first time being schemed against without having the slightest ability to resist. It was infuriating.

The Dragonblood Legion and Heaven Splitting Battle Sect immediately banded together, forming a circular formation to block the attacks that were coming from all sides.

The Magical Beasts were completely crazy. They attacked whoever they saw, including the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils.

As for the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, they also didn’t care why the Magical Beasts had come. They tore through anything in their way. The entire battlefield was chaotic.

Meng Qi had her eyes closed while surrounded by people. She suddenly opened her eyes. “Long Chen, I’ve found the culprit.”

“Eliminate him.”

Long Chen pressed a hand against Meng Qi’s back. His Spiritual Strength poured into her, and through her soul, he saw an elder in a black cloak forming hand seals. That was the person controlling the Magical Beasts.

The elder’s expression suddenly changed. He dispelled his Spiritual Strength, but it was too late.

The elder’s head instantly exploded. His soul, including his Yuan Spirit, was wiped out of existence.

“This blood… It was someone from the Xuan Beasts.”

Through Meng Qi’s soul, Long Chen saw the scene of the elder’s head exploding. His expression grew uglier.

It was no wonder this person had possessed the ability to control so many Magical Beasts. Perhaps only the Xuan Beasts, the top of the beast races, could do such a thing.

Before this, it had been a sneak attack from Heavenly Fate Island, and now it was another sneak attack from the Xuan Beasts. The Dragonblood Legion was in danger now.

Fortunately, Meng Qi’s soul arts were strong enough to track down this person through the souls of the Magical Beasts he had been controlling. Adding on Long Chen’s assistance, she had managed to kill him from afar. However, if it hadn’t been for Long Chen’s help, she wouldn’t have been able to kill that fellow.

More and more Empyrean Winged Blood Devils appeared. The Magical Beasts regained their minds the instant that elder was slain, and they immediately fled the battlefield. The Magical Beast army was gone, but there was now a veritable sea of Empyrean Winged Blood Devils around Dragonblood Legion. They were surrounded, and more enemies were coming out of the three channels.

This was a rare chance for the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, and they were clearly taking advantage of it. Each of them was on the Life Star level, and their power was easily comparable to a rank nine Celestial.

Even the Dragonblood warriors and the elites of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect were having great difficulty defending against them.

“Damnit, if I had known this would happen, I would have kept the black water for now!” Guo Ran cursed himself. If he had kept some of the black water, perhaps he would have been able to extinguish their current crisis. He was filled with regret. No wonder Long Chen said that he always had to keep a trump card at all times as a life-saving measure. Now Guo Ran could only fight with his two sabers.

The thing that made him feel the worst was that he had now fallen to third place. Leng Yueyan and Dong Mingyu had already surpassed him.

However, he didn’t cry or complain. At this time, he was probably the only person in the mood to check the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

Long Chen repeatedly slashed Evilmoon, unleashing waves of saber-images that slaughtered the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. Evilmoon was so sharp that even the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils on the Life Star level were unable to resist.

However, no matter how fast he killed, he couldn’t keep up with the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils that were charging out of the channels. It had just been a few seconds, but this entire space had been occupied by them. There was no way to count their numbers.

Their numbers were enough to cause despair. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others were fighting all-out, however, even their attacks no longer appeared so sharp against these Empyrean Winged Blood Devils.

Cloud was in the form of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. She had been crazily devouring them, but toward the end, she had been forced to spit them back out. Even the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, claimed to be able to swallow heaven and earth, had a limit.

Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, Gu Yang, and the others were already starting to run out of energy. Yue Zifeng in particular had lost the original sharpness of his attacks. He wasn’t an Empyrean, and he recovered energy slower than the others.

Right now, the only one still in their peak condition was Liu Ruyan, with Chu Yao in second. It was the two of them that were blocking the majority of the attacks.

Liu Ruyan in particular was amazing. She had endless willow branches everywhere, protecting everyone. Without her, everyone would have been forced to endure many more attacks.

“Fuck, all you bastards, just wait for me!”

Long Chen suddenly clenched his teeth. He formed a hand seal, and the roaring of two dragons shook the sky.

A black flame dragon and a five-colored lightning dragon appeared, coiling around each other. The void around them completely exploded, as if their existences broke the laws of heaven and earth.

A sacred aura appeared, one that seemed to shake even the will of the world. These two dragons seemed to be in defiance of the heavens.

“Boss’s dragons have appeared! But why do they look different from before?”

The Dragonblood warriors were familiar with Lei Long and Huo Long, but they had never seen a black flame dragon. As for the lightning dragon, it possessed a hallowed aura to it, one that was difficult to resist. It gave them an urge to kneel in reverence.

“Go! Double Dragon Destruction!”

Long Chen waved his hand, and the two dragons charged through the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. 

The two dragons were thirty thousand meters long. They now joined together from head to tail, forming a ring around the Dragonblood Legion and Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils charging toward them would instantly turn to ash when they struck either Huo Long or Lei Long.

The current Huo Long was not using the power of the Heaven Incinerating Flame. It was using the berserk power of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame. Those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils that touched it exploded instantly as if their fuses had been lit.

As for Lei Long, it had fully devoured the divine lightning from Long Chen’s last tribulation and finally possessed the power of divine lightning. That kind of power could destroy heaven and earth. It was especially effective against the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils.

“Boss is mighty!”

Cheering rang out. No matter how those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils tried to attack, they were unable to take half a step through the two dragons. The number that tried was the number that died.

However, Long Chen’s expression was still dark. With Evilmoon on his shoulder, he roared, “You idiots hiding in the dark, come out if you have the guts! No matter what you try, your grandpa Long will crush it!”

Long Chen’s voice echoed through the air, resounding throughout the barren land.

Long Chen knew that they were within Heavenly Fate Island’s trap. First, one of their people had used some kind of secret art to enlarge the spatial gate, extending it to aboveground and allowing Life Star level devil creatures to pass through.

Seeing that Long Chen and the others were still able to block the wave, someone else then brought over Magical Beasts to attack. This was all perfectly coordinated. It was like this was a chessboard, and the other side still had many moves they could make. The only reason they hadn’t made those yet was to see how Long Chen reacted to their previous move, so they could decide on the most effective move to kill him.

Each bit of power he exposed right now was giving his enemies more information, information that was being used to attack him more effectively. That was extremely bad for him. The more he exposed, the more dangerous their situation would grow.

Long Chen couldn’t sense any outsiders in the surroundings, but he knew that everything happening here had to be watched by his enemies. They wouldn’t reveal themselves until they were absolutely sure that they could kill Long Chen and the others.

If even a portion of them got away, their scheme would be exposed. Hence, they had no choice but to be careful. Long Chen’s words were both a provocation as well as intimidation.

Long Chen wanted the other side to hesitate. Right now, what he needed most of all was time.

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