Chapter 1705 Being Sabotaged

“What a group of monsters. I’ve gotten good rolls three times in a row, and I still can’t pass them.”

In the depths of the Devil Abyss, a man stood on the ground. Beside him was a giant black dragon unleashing its breath, annihilating the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils.

This black dragon was thirty thousand meters long and had three heads unleashing dragon breath at the same time, killing any Empyrean Winged Blood Devils in the vicinity. Although its aura was only around the tenth tier, its killing power was astonishing.

However, even with this dragon, the man couldn’t help but sigh upon seeing his kill points.

This person was Hu Feng, a dark horse in the Devil Slaughter Rankings. His ranking was consistently inconsistent, however, he did manage to stay in the top ten at this time.

Nevertheless, when he looked at the first place Guo Ran, he despaired. Guo Ran’s kill points were almost double Leng Yueyan’s who was in second place. His current number was one hundred and three. In other words, one hundred and three trillion kill points.

Each Empyrean Winged Blood Devil that was killed was worth one hundred million kill points, so Guo Ran had killed around a million Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. As for Hu Feng, he was only at thirty-seven. The difference was immense.

“Isn’t the Eastern Xuan Region’s strongest expert called Long Chen? How is this Guo Ran first?” Hu Feng didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. He continued directing the black dragon to fight. He had to maintain his current position. If he slowed down, he might get passed by others.

“Monsters, all monsters! How am I supposed to compete against them?”

The sky was filled with exploding runes, raining down from a huge formation. Those runes exploded, blasting the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils to pieces.

Within this huge formation was a man with a helpless expression. He was looking at the jade plate in his hand.

This man was Xia Chen, the person who had dominated the Devil Slaughter Rankings for over a month. However, now he was bitter.

He had already fallen out of the top ten. He had to make a painful decision.

“Do I force it or not?”

Xia Chen mulled it over. He stared at the Devil Slaughter Rankings for a long time before shaking his head.

“No. I should save what little I have. If I pack up now, I won’t have lost out, although I won’t have made anything either. However, if I spend everything I have and still don’t get into the top ten, that would be the worst-case scenario. How unlucky, how did I encounter so many monsters? I thought I’d get in the top three at least! Looks like I overestimated myself and underestimated others.”

Xia Chen was a bit unwilling but in the end, the huge formation vanished. Xia Chen’s figure also vanished amongst the endless devil creatures.

Less than a breath’s time after he left, his ranking fell one spot. Three breaths later, he fell out of the top twenty.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, he was out of the top hundred. From this, one could see how intense the competition of the Devil Slaughter Rankings was. No one could stop or slow down, or they’d be passed by others.

In the Eastern Xuan Region’s Devil Abyss, the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils were still falling in droves. With each passing breath, thousands of them died.

This wasn’t even a battle anymore. It was a one-sided slaughter. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had no ability to resist in front of Guo Ran. Their deaths were only a matter of time.

Behind them was the spatial gate that they couldn’t go back through, while in front of them was the rock-solid defense of Meng Qi and the others that they couldn’t break through. In the sky, Guo Ran was the devil king, constantly reaping their lives. There was nowhere for them to go.

On the other side of the spatial gate were countless Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. Their auras were on the level of the human race’s Life Star realm, however, despite that power, they could only roar unwillingly. They were unable to pass through the gate, as it didn’t allow such powerful creatures to pass. They could only watch as their fellows were killed.

“Despicable human race, you won’t have a good death!” cursed the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils on the other side. Regretfully for them, cursing couldn’t change the results.

The number of winged devils on the battlefield rapidly dropped. They soon became sparse. Guo Ran had managed to rack up three hundred and seventeen kill points, over one hundred and eighty more than Leng Yueyan.


Guo Ran was still crazily unleashing the black water when he suddenly realized he had used it all up.

“Fuck, did I really…” Guo Ran instantly became dumbfounded. This time, he really had used it all up. He had been feeling too amazing and hadn’t checked how much of the death spirit water he had.

Long Chen had previously told him not to mess around. At any time, keeping some backup plans was necessary to handle unexpected things.

However, he had used it all up while he was lost in the ecstasy of seeing his kill points soar. He had no idea how he was supposed to explain himself to Long Chen, or what he should do now that he was just floating in the air.

Seeing Guo Ran stop, the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils that were running away from him came to a stop as well.

“He really should be out of it now.”

“Don’t fall for it. Be careful.”

“I agree, the human race is so sinister, be careful of their ploys.”

The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had become cautious after being fooled before. Guo Ran didn’t move, and they didn’t move either. They didn’t attack Guo Ran nor Meng Qi and the others. The battlefield became strange.

Just at this moment, the spatial gate shuddered and began to shrink.

“Hahaha, the spatial gate is finally closing! We’ve won!” shouted Guo Ran excitedly.

The spatial gate had a time limit to it. This intense shuddering meant that it was about to close. Seeing that, the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils’ expressions changed. Once the gate closed, they would really be trapped here.


Suddenly, the long-haired man fighting Long Chen folded his wings and formed a giant blade with them that slashed at Long Chen, forcing him back. The long-haired man vanished.

“Want to run? Keep dreaming.”

Long Chen suddenly formed hand seals, and countless lightning runes appeared in the space around him. His figure also vanished. When he reappeared, he was punching thin air.

The space there exploded, revealing the long-haired man’s fleeing figure. He coughed up blood. Long Chen’s Celestial Lightning Body Blink allowed him to catch up instantly. His punch broke the long-haired man’s shoulder.

At the same time, Evilmoon slashed toward the long-haired man’s arm. It severed his arm at the elbow.

Long Chen then sent out a kick. This attack wasn’t aimed at the long-haired man but his white bone spear.

From using the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, figuring out his location, punching, slashing, and kicking, his movements were smooth and perfectly connected, not giving the long-haired man any chance to react.

“Thank you, boss!” shouted Gu Yang as he caught the white bone spear that was flying toward him. Clearly, Long Chen was sending him a divine weapon.

However, the white bone spear was so heavy that Gu Yang couldn’t even catch it properly. He held onto it as he tumbled into the distance with it, even coughing up a mouthful of blood. However, he didn’t care about that. This bone spear was now his.

However, Gu Yang’s expression suddenly changed. “Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, help me out! It wants to run!”

The bone spear’s runes had lit up. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan hastily grabbed it as well, the three of them working together to bind it.

“Heavenly Wing Tear-”

The long-haired man tried to use his connection with the bone spear to summon it back to him, but Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were preventing that. As for Long Chen, he was already coming for him. Clenching his teeth, he could only face Long Chen directly.

However, he had just formed a hand seal and had yet to fully activate his magical art when Long Chen appeared in front of him like a phantom, slapping him across the face. He staggered back.

“Blood Devil-”

The long-haired man tried to use another magical art when he was interrupted by another slap.

Having his techniques interrupted repeatedly caused the long-haired man to cough up a mouthful of blood. Having energy condense in his body and then being interrupted before he could unleash it resulted in that energy exploding inside him. If it weren’t for his immense talent and powerful bloodline, his body would have exploded.

“Right now!”

Long Chen’s eyes lit up. He had fought this long with the long-haired man precisely for this one opportunity to capture him alive.

Long Chen didn’t care whether this man lived or died, but he did care about what secrets the latter was holding in his head. This fellow had a special status and had to know some secrets.

To defeat him would have been easy, and killing him would not have been too hard for Long Chen. However, capturing him alive was far too difficult. As soon as this guy sensed something wrong, he might just kill himself, leaving Long Chen with nothing.

Through this long battle, Long Chen had been examining his fighting style, as well as the tempo of his magical arts. His habits, the changes in his aura, his hand seals, Long Chen had memorized them all. Seeing that the channel was about to close, Long Chen knew that now was his chance. Otherwise, he might run.

This fellow’s status was not ordinary. Most likely, those old fellows on the other side would use some special art to bring him back just like the one they had used to send him through. 

That was why Long Chen unleashed his full power to catch him off guard, interrupting his magical arts and causing a backlash. He was now heavily injured. Long Chen’s hand reached toward the long-haired man’s head. He wanted to take his crystal core and then use his Spiritual Strength to fully suppress the long-haired man. That way, he would be able to go through his memories.

However, just as he was grasping this golden opportunity, a figure appeared in front of the spatial gate. That figure took out a miniature pagoda that sparkled like jade. The air of a Grand Dao appeared along with surging primal chaos.

“Not good!” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He immediately abandoned the long-haired man and charged toward that figure.

“Hehe, too late. You can all go die!”

That figure laughed and suddenly tossed the pagoda into the spatial gate. It suddenly grew larger and then exploded.

Countless runes appeared on the channel. The spatial gate, which had been in the midst of shrinking, explosively grew.

The entire world began to shake, and the ground was collapsing. It was like the end of the world had come.

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