Chapter 1704 Where is Heaven’s Logic?

“You idiots, I tried to advise you so much, but you refused to believe me. Well, that’s fine. I will kindly send you to another world!”

Guo Ran suddenly changed tones. Dozens of thumb-sized holes opened in his armor, and small balls of black water shot out of them.

Those small water balls exploded amongst the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils attacking him. They had no time to dodge and miserably howled as they fell from the sky. The other Empyrean Winged Blood Devils retreated.

With one attack, Guo Ran forced back the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils. A layer of porcelain-like material covered his armor once again.

This was the special porcelain he was using to block the black spirit water from damaging himself. Only porcelain and jade were capable of blocking its corrosion. Other objects, even divine items, would corrode on contact.

“Face your deaths!”

Fully armed once more, Guo Ran’s dual sabers vanished, replaced with cannons again. He started shooting once more. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils howled as they fled in every direction.

Guo Ran was once more unmatched. A rain of death spirit water shot out of him.

“How is it? Is it refreshing like rainfall after a long drought? Correct, I’m a celestial god that came to relieve you of your drought. Under my divine nectar, you will obtain rebirth. Don’t be afraid. Don’t run. It will only be painful for a moment. Once the pain passes, you will be reborn in the flames of another world. There’s no need to thank me, this is simply what I should do as a man.” Guo Ran was constantly chattering away as he unleashed the black water.

“Fuck, we got duped!” roared an Empyrean Winged Blood Devil. They finally realized that Guo Ran had just been acting like he had run out of the black water to trick more of them into coming.

“You weren’t the only ones to fall for it. We got duped as well. Those scoundrels Long Chen and Guo Ran, I got so scared just now,” raged Tang Wan-er with embarrassment.

Endless waves of wind blades were coming out of the manifestation behind her. No matter how those Empyrean Winged Blood Devils charged at her, they were unable to shake her at all.

“You already know how evil Long Chen is. His panicked expression tricked everyone.” Chu Yao also shook her head.

However, it was because their acting was so good that they had so easily tricked their opponents.

“Guo Ran took back first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings.”

With this breather, everyone saw that Guo Ran, who was once more ‘sprinkling his divine nectar’, had managed to take back first place after dropping to fifth.

Before, his black water was so powerful that the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils hadn’t dared to go through the gate to fight, resulting in him not being able to rise in points. After briefly taking first place, he had quickly been surpassed by others.

It had been Leng Yueyan who had taken first, with Dong Mingyu being a close second. The two were essentially even. Dong Mingyu would occasionally look like she might take first place, but she was just off by a little bit from surpassing Leng Yueyan.

Third had been the arrogant fellow from the Xuan Beasts, True Immortal Jiaoqi.

Mo Nian had been fourth. However, since Guo Ran had taken back first place, they all fell back by a rank.

Now, sixth place was that person called Hu Feng. Seventh was Zhao Xuehan. Eighth was Xiang Yunfei, an expert from the ancient races. Ninth place was Zi Yan, while tenth place was the Pill Fairy, Yu Qingxuan.

Ye Zhiqiu was ranked eleventh, unable to get into the top ten. As for the original first place Xia Chen, he had fallen to twelfth. It could be seen how intense the competition for the top ten was.

However, along with that intense struggle was a cruel reality. Names would occasionally disappear from it, showing that top heavenly geniuses had just died. After all, this was a true battle, not a game.

The people who were in the rankings and died were all amazing experts in their own right. That was because following the arrival of the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, only top experts could possibly dare to fight in that horde of enemies.

The ordinary experts were unable to resist such terrifying opponents and had long since retreated to their sects. With their sects’ formations and divine items, combined with their sect leaders and Elders, they could slaughter the devil creatures as they came out of the channel.

Thus, the majority of those dying were experts near the top rankings. This principle was similar to the fact that it was more often those who knew how to swim that ended up drowning. It was their arrogance that brought their downfall. The Devil Slaughter Rankings weren’t so easy. Even top experts could die.

“Li Qi, do you sense anything strange?” Song Mingyuan suddenly turned to Li Qi as he controlled his earthen giant.

“What?” Li Qi was startled.

“I feel like the wall we built is a bit loose. Should we reinforce it?” Song Mingyuan looked back at the giant defensive wall behind them.

“You’re overthinking it. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils haven’t had any chance to attack the wall. Just the shockwaves of the battle aren’t able to shake it. Plus, now isn’t the time to get distracted. These fellows are like panicked rabbits because of Guo Ran, and they’ll attack us crazily. We can investigate once this wave is over,” said Li Qi.


Song Mingyuan nodded. The Empyrean Winged Blood Devils were now trapped here and being slaughtered by Guo Ran. As the gate was a one-way street, they were now attacking with no regard to their own lives, so the disciples couldn’t be careless.

Not long after that quiet conversation, a transparent figure appeared out of the earthen wall that Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had constructed.

This figure was essentially invisible, nothing more than thin air. It silently passed through the wall. With everyone fighting the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, no one noticed that something strange had appeared behind them.

This almost invisible figure didn’t cause any damage to the wall when it passed through it. Instead, it slowly sank into the ground, vanishing without a sound.

In the depths of the Devil Abyss, where an endless horde of devil creatures had formed a giant flood, a woman in provocative clothes with a bone sword repeatedly attacked. Each time she swung her bone sword, it would unleash a brilliant explosion of light. Wherever her sword-light passed, the devil creatures would collapse.

This woman was the Corrupt path’s genius, Leng Yueyan. She was alone, dominating this channel herself. The corpses of the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils had already piled into mountains. Furthermore, Leng Yueyan held the head of a white-haired man.

If Long Chen could see it, he would recognize it. This man’s aura was almost identical to the man that he was fighting. He should be a king amongst the Empyrean Winged Blood Devil race, someone with an exceptional bloodline that gave him immense combat power.

However, his head was lifeless in Leng Yueyan’s hand. His eyes were still filled with shock.

Leng Yueyan slashed her sword a few times, the sharp sword-light wiping out the majority of the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils near her. She put away the head and frowned.

“Just what kind of ability does this Guo Ran have to repeatedly take first place?”

In a similar place, there was a cloaked girl with a dagger. Within the manifestation behind her was a giant figure holding a massive sickle.

The sickle was larger than a mountain, but it was sweeping through the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils before her without her needing to do anything. Anything that touched that terrifying sickle would explode. The rate at which she killed her enemies was astonishing.

This girl had once taken first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings for a while. Now, she was chasing Leng Yueyan. She was Dong Mingyu from the Bloodkill Hall.

The girl was holding a dagger with one hand and a jade plate with the other.

“Guo Ran? That fellow who hides in a turtle shell all day and doesn’t dare to face others? How could he be so strong?” The girl muttered to herself, unable to comprehend how Guo Ran’s killing speed could actually be greater than herself and Leng Yueyan’s.


A furious roar shook the heavens. A sound wave blew apart the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils that had just charged over.

There was a giant figure in the sky. It was an ancient beast covered in scales, similar to a Qilin. However, it also possessed a long tail. It was the tail of a drake.


That giant tail smashed apart the ground with a casual swing. It was like a godly whip capable of bringing down the stars. It was unknown how many Empyrean Winged Blood Devils were killed with a casual swing of it.

“Guo Ran? What thing is that? Whatever it is, anyone who dares to take first place from me will die eventually.”

This giant figure was currently ranked third on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, True Immortal Jiaoqi from the Xuan Beasts. If someone saw his body, they would immediately understand why he called himself Jiaoqi. He was actually in possession of two ancient bloodlines, the Jiao, also known as the drake, as well as the Qilin. It was no wonder he dared to call himself True Immortal.

However, this True Immortal Jiaoqi was filled with fury. He had already summoned his true body and unleashed his strongest area attacks, but he was unable to get higher than third place the entire time. He was actually surpassed by two humans.

Then, Guo Ran, who looked like he was practically cheating, had shot from fifth place to first place in an instant, making his ranking drop. How could he not be angry? Regretfully, his anger had no use. All he could do was focus on killing the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, or his ranking might fall even more. There was another human right on his tail in terms of points.

“What the fuck, what kind of drug did that fellow eat?!”

Mo Nian was holding a five-colored bow. With each blink of an eye, dozens of arrows would shoot out. Each arrow would explode amongst the Empyrean Winged Blood Devils, slaughtering them.

His attack speed and efficiency were dumbfounding. No one had ever seen such an archer with such speed. It was impossible to even see his shooting movements.

However, even with such speed and power, he was unable to catch up to the True Immortal Jiaoqi in front of him. But that wasn’t what confused him. What he found completely incomprehensible was that even that wretched fellow Guo Ran was able to so easily take first place.

“Where is heaven’s logic?” Mo Nian let out a mournful sigh. This was a huge blow to him, but he couldn’t slow down, or he’d quickly be surpassed by the others behind him.

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