Chapter 170 Three Heroes Fighting an Old Ghost

“And I will tell you the truth right now. Under the suppression of the White Tiger Dragon Suppressing Formation, his strength will at least be cut in half.

“That is also a compensation to you from the monastery. As for whether or not you accept it, that will be up to you,” said Tu Fang.

Tu Fang’s words immediately caused shock to ripple through the crowd. He could work with his companions? How was that compensation? That was clearly cheating!

Before Long Chen could even reply, Qi Xin had angrily stood up. “Elder Tu Fang, how can you handle it like this? Previously you said that luck was also an important part of strength.

“Since Long Chen entered that cave, it can only be said that his luck is bad. For you to offer him an easy path is completely unfair.”

Qi Xin had yet to recover, but he absolutely wouldn’t just stand there as Long Chen got a huge advantage. 

Everyone else was also looking at Tu Fang. Qi Xin’s words were completely correct. By doing it like this, Tu Fang truly was favoring Long Chen.

Tu Fang only indifferently replied, “In order for the monastery to develop, it naturally formed some rules that favored the powerful.

“Of course, if you can’t accept that and think it’s unfair, then alright. I can place this corrupt corpse back into the cave. As long as any of you can manage to stay alive for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, I will give you three core disciple positions.”

Tu Fang’s words caused everyone’s heart to pound. Three core disciple positions? Had they heard wrong?

“Hmph, but let me tell you, this corrupt corpse’s soul used to be a powerful expert. Only someone with the sect leader’s top-level power was able to subdue him.

“Although he’s sealed within this corrupt corpse, he hasn’t used up his spiritual energy in over a thousand years and has already recovered to possess a frightening strength.

“Within that cave, even the Bone Forging Elders would all be killed by him. Now is there still anyone who is unconvinced and wants to take that test?” Tu Fang icily swept his gaze over everyone.

He could kill Bone Forging Elders? Everyone turned numb, involuntarily turning to look at Long Chen. They could not understand how Long Chen had managed to get out alive.

Let alone them, even the Elders were bewildered. Since this corpse was able to resist the light from the stone pillars and charge out to kill people, that meant its strength had reached a shocking point.

According to common sense, for such a person, killing Long Chen would be pretty much the same difficulty as killing an ant. But when Long Chen had come out, his clothing had still been intact and not even his hair was a mess. That was completely incomprehensible. Had that brutal old monster just been having a nice conversation with him?

The funny thing was, that sarcastic joke was actually the right guess. That old ghost had just been chatting with Long Chen the entire time, wanting to steal away his body to escape the Xuantian Monastery.

Tu Fang’s words immediately caused Qi Xin to shut his mouth. He wasn’t an idiot and knew Elder Tu Fang had already become slightly irritated with him.

Obviously, Tu Fang possessed great authority within the Xuantian Monastery. It had been many years since anyone had dared to retort against him. For him to have not angrily cursed Qi Xin was already giving him face.

For a moment, the entire crowd was completely silent as everyone stared at Long Chen. They were watching to see how he would reply.

Long Chen looked at Tu Fang. “How weak has this old ghost’s combat ability dropped to?”

“He needs to use his Spiritual Strength to control the black mist, and he’s also being restricted by the White Tiger Dragon Suppressing Formation. His current combat ability should be around thirty percent greater than the corrupt corpse that fought against Tang Wan-er.” Tu Fang examined the corrupt corpse that was completely suppressed by the formation to the point that it was unable to even move.

Only then did Long Chen relax slightly. Walking to Tang Wan-er, he asked, “Was the one you fought powerful?”

Tang Wan-er nodded, “Extremely powerful. The fact that I could kill him was also thanks to my luck. If we fought again, I wouldn’t necessarily win again.”

Thinking back to that previous battle, Tang Wan-er shivered in fear. That corrupt corpse had been too strong, its corpse hard as iron. Her wind blades had been unable to break its body.

But for the corpse, any part of its indestructible body was a lethal weapon. If it had landed a direct blow on her weaker body, she would definitely have been heavily injured, if not dead. And so she had had to fight extremely carefully the entire time.

“Long Chen, this danger should be worth it. With me and sister Wan-er helping you, we should have a large chance of success.” Ye Zhiqiu had also walked up now.

Although they had both already fought previously, after two hours of recovery and with the assistance of medicinal pills, they had at least recovered to eighty percent.

Long Chen was moved. According to Tu Fang’s explanation, it was definitely possible to win this battle, but he knew that it would be extremely difficult and risky.

“Before the battle, let me give you a warning. Opportunities are always combined with risk. There are no free lunches in this world.

“If you succeed, Long Chen will obtain a core disciple badge, receiving a core disciple’s treatment.

“But if you lose, those two core disciple positions you two have obtained will also become invalid. So think about it carefully,” Tu Fang warned.

Long Chen raged, “Can you not explain the rules all in one go? Are you trying to mess with us?!”

Why are there so many ridiculous rules?! Aren’t they just playing around with us?! During despair you give a bit of hope, during hope you give me some more despair! Long Chen raged inside.

As for the other Elders, they were stupefied. It seemed it had been many years since anyone had dared shout at the Enforcement Elder like this!

Tu Fang was also a bit startled, but he didn’t really become angry at Long Chen. In this situation, it was true that the monastery was in the wrong.

“That’s why I said opportunity and risk exist together. You guys can discuss it,” said Tu Fang lightly.

Now it was much more difficult for the three of them. Ye Zhiqiu and Tang Wan-er had risked their own lives to obtain their core disciple badges. If they lost it, they would be left with nothing. That kind of gamble was far too large.

“You two can leave for now. I’ll try it on my own,” said Long Chen. He didn’t want to drag these two down with him.

Tang Wan-er shook her head. “You don’t know how terrifying that corrupt corpse is. Your chances of winning on your own are too low. But as for sister Zhiqiu-”

Ye Zhiqiu didn’t wait for Tang Wan-er to finish before shaking her head, “You don’t need to try and dissuade me. Since we are in an alliance, I refuse to back down when you need me. In my entire life, I’ve never gambled on anything. Now I want to see how my luck is.”

Ye Zhiqiu’s expression might be always icy, but her heart was warm. Last time after they obtained the Profound Spirit Fruit, both of them had said they didn’t want it, leaving it for her.

Although they both said the Profound Spirit Fruit wasn’t useful to them, that wasn’t really true. It was just that both of them purposely left it to her who needed it the most.

That favor was always remembered by her. Now that Long Chen needed help, her honor would not allow her to turn her back to him.

Seeing both of them supporting him, Long Chen’s heart warmed. This kind of feeling of trust really was moving.

“Oh two beauties, for you to love and protect your junior brother like this, junior brother really is moved-” Long Chen exclaimed in admiration.

“Stop! What kind of time is this! No more of your glib tongue!” Tang Wan-er knew Long Chen was about to start acting wacky again and hastily stopped him. “Prepare yourself. The three of us will bring out our full strength to get his head. At that time, you will also be a core disciple.

“A core disciple’s treatment is far greater than you imagine. You definitely have to do everything you can to win, understood?”

Long Chen nodded, “But before that, I’ll first have to get a good weapon.”

He shouted to Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s people, “Hey, is there anyone who can lend me a weapon? The heavier the better.”

It went without saying that having many people helping was extremely convenient. One huge and burly fellow walked out with a huge saber even longer than himself.

The saber was nine feet long and the back of the blade was at least seven inches thick. Its entire body was black. Just looking at it, it appeared incredibly heavy.

“My family’s Rainfall Mountain Splitting Saber is almost five tons. Can you use it?” That fellow was one of Ye Zhiqiu’s people.

Long Chen received that long saber and tested out its weight a bit. He happily said, “Thank you, brother. Lend me your saber for a moment.”

That fellow was speechless as he saw that his blade was practically weightless in Long Chen’s hands. Even for him, using this saber would require him using his full strength. And even so, he wouldn’t be able to use it as easily as Long Chen.

Holding that huge saber, Long Chen’s entire manner changed. He was like a sword being unsheathed, giving people the feeling of a dust-covered divine weapon finally being awoken.

“What I really need is something heavy like this thing. I really don’t know when I’ll be able to find one for myself that satisfies me.” With that saber in his hand, he was filled with confidence. Holding the saber on his shoulder, he said to Tu Fang:

“Let the trial begin.”

Tu Fang nodded, a trace of admiration appearing in his eyes. Despite clearly knowing that it was dangerous, despite clearly knowing he couldn’t possibly survive the consequences of losing, he still dared jump into battle.

That wasn’t arrogance, but a kind of Dao-heart. It was a kind of unparalleled Dao-heart, a confidence that would break out of any and all shackles.

Tu Fang had purposely let him take this trial. According to the monastery’s rules, someone who failed the core disciple trial but came out alive would only be able to become an outer disciple.

That would definitely be unfair to someone with Long Chen’s talent, and so Tu Fang had been unable to endure, using his own authority to give Long Chen another chance to obtain a core disciple position.

Although the sect leader had advised him not to interfere with Long Chen’s growth, in Tu Fang’s opinion, he didn’t consider this intentionally favoring Long Chen. If it was any other genius, he would have also done the same thing, so it couldn’t count as interfering with him.

At the same time, Tu Fang had also given Long Chen even greater pressure. And in front of that pressure, Long Chen had still stood back up. Furthermore, there were even two other experts who would face that danger with him. It was obvious how charismatic he was.

He trusted that if Long Chen could obtain a core disciple’s treatment, he would definitely rise like a shooting star. In the future competitions, he would definitely radiate a brilliance that would bring the monastery to the peak.

Long Chen, Tang Wan-er, and Ye Zhiqiu slowly walked to the front of the formation. That formation was like a net of light that enveloped an area of several miles.

As for Gui Sha, he was trapped in the center of that formation. There were countless rays of light that sealed him in place, making it so no matter how he struggled, it was absolutely useless.

Watching those three figures slowly walk into the formation, Tu Fang announced:

“Begin the trial!”

Following his voice, the light sealing Gui Sha’s body slowly faded, and Gui Sha immediately obtained his freedom.

Having escaped from his bindings, Gui Sha immediately let out an angry howl and charged at Long Chen.

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