Chapter 1699 Gate to the Devil World

“Hu Feng.”

This name had appeared once again. He had previously managed to threaten Xia Chen’s position, but not long after, he had silently vanished from the rankings.

Long Chen felt it was somewhat inconceivable for his name to reappear at such a time. Logically, the people dominating the rankings now had to be people skilled in killing single targets very quickly. Area or group attacks were not very effective at this time, as the Golden Claw Blood Devils were too strong to be killed that way.

That was why Long Chen couldn’t understand what this fellow was doing. If he was strong, his name would have stayed at the front the entire time. If he wasn’t strong, then there was no way for his name to appear now.

Long Chen continued looking. Seventh place was the previous first place, Xia Chen. His kill points had just broken past ten billion. He was clearly lagging behind now. It was unknown if he didn’t have the power or if he was holding back.

Experts on this level mostly had divine items on them. If they activated those divine items, their power would multiply by several times. However, that wasn’t something that could be used for such a long battle. They wouldn’t use such measures until the final moment. One reason was to keep it as a trump card to compete for rankings, while another reason was to keep it as a life-saving measure.

Although Long Chen couldn’t see the situation with other people, he knew that they had to be fighting with their own power. No idiot would use divine items at this time.

Eighth place was Yue Zifeng. It went without saying that sword cultivators were truly terrifying. Those Golden Claw Blood Devils were all killed in just one attack from him. Their powerful flesh was as weak as tofu in front of Yue Zifeng’s sword.

Furthermore, Long Chen noticed a mysterious light enveloping Yue Zifeng’s sword. Back in the Grand Han, that light had also been present. However, it had only covered the blade, not the entire sword.

That light made his sword incomparably sharp. It was unstoppable. It was like his sword had been blessed. That made Long Chen even more suspicious that this world really had a Sword God in it.

Yue Zifeng was currently the strongest one on the battlefield. Almost half the Golden Claw Blood Devils that appeared were killed by him.

Ninth place was someone from the ancient races, Xiang Yunfei. It seemed they were also a terrifying expert. Their name hadn’t appeared before, but they had charged into the top ten at this time. Their kill points were narrowly behind Yue Zifeng’s.

That made Long Chen sigh. The Martial Heaven Continent was truly filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Even someone like Yue Zifeng had powerful competitors that might surpass him at any time. The ancient races’ experts couldn’t be underestimated.

Tenth place was the Pill Fairy. That surprised Long Chen. He still didn’t know much about the Pill Fairy’s true combat powers.

If she had managed to enter the top ten without using the Daynight Furnace, then she had to have been conserving her power in the Jade Lake Sacred Land, or her combat power had to have risen greatly after returning.

Eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth place were all from the Central Xuan Region. In fifteenth place, he saw Ye Zhiqiu’s name and then another large batch of experts from the Central Xuan Region. He also saw Zi Yan’s name in twenty-first place.

Guo Ran had originally been twenty-first, and then Zi Yan had taken his place. Ranks twenty to rank fifty were mostly from the Central Xuan Region. It could be seen that the Central Xuan Region was truly a land filled with experts.

In fifty-third place, he saw Chu Yao’s name. After all, Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan’s kills counted for one person. Even though Liu Ruyan was focused more on defending, the two of them still managed to enter the top hundred.

When Long Chen saw the person in sixty-second place, a faint sneer came across his face. It was Di Xin. Previously, he had almost taken first, but now he had fallen this far. With his character, he was probably so angry that he might vomit up the male cow milk again. That was especially true since he was now chasing Guo Ran’s butt. Guo Ran just happened to be ranked sixty-first.

Having fought against Di Xin, Long Chen knew that he was a water attribute expert, one who used his powerful domain to crush his opponents. In a one against one, his opponents would suffer as soon as they were caught in his domain.

As for his group killing arts, they might be excellent against some ants, but there was no way to use them against the powerful Golden Claw Blood Devils. He would have to face them one on one.

His divine item had been destroyed, while his precious flesh-eating fish had also been poisoned to death. Long Chen could imagine how furious he was.

There was no one else from the Dragonblood Legion in the top one hundred. As for his own name, he didn’t know where it had fallen to, but he was too lazy to check.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi had a decent ranking, while Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan weren’t even able to get in the top two hundred. However, to even have their name appear in the midst of all these monstrous geniuses was already not bad.

In any case, as long as one person from the Dragonblood Legion could occupy a position in the top ten, then Qu Jianying’s mission would be accomplished. At the very least, she and Li Tianxuan wouldn’t have to be too worried based on the current rankings.

After looking over the names on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder Qu Jianying had said that the Central Xuan Region was where geniuses gathered. Seeing so many of the top names being from the Central Xuan Region was quite a blow.

As time passed, more and more of the Golden Claw Blood Devils appeared. Originally, only one of them would appear for every ten thousand blood-colored devil creatures, but after a few hours, their proportion increased by ten times. The pressure on the battlefield grew increasingly great.




Suddenly, explosive sounds rang out and the entire world quivered. It was like heaven and earth were about to collapse.

Long Chen looked toward the channel. His eyes blazed with light. As expected, the Golden Claw Blood Devils weren’t the strongest opponents this time. There were even stronger monsters crazily attacking the channel. The channel’s runes were rapidly dimming.


The channel completely exploded. It vanished, leaving behind a giant whirlpool that was like a gate that had been opened wide.

“The channel has crumbled. It seems the five regions will have to face the gate to the devil world directly.” Long Chen’s expression turned serious. He could see an endless army of the devil world from the gate.

Originally, there should have only been one gate to this world. Long Chen had no idea what had happened for another gate to appear here. After all, according to reason, this gate should have been located in the Central Xuan Region, and then a formation would distribute the devil creatures to the other four regions. However, now that the spatial channel had vanished, what replaced it was another gate. In other words, they would be directly facing the devil world’s army.

The gate shuddered, spreading ripples that blew apart the ground. A vast killing intent filled the air.

“Everyone, retreat!” shouted Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors pulled back, shrinking their formation. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others also fell back, protecting the Dragonblood warriors.

Guo Ran also left his platform. Now, the only one left standing at the front was Long Chen, who stared coldly at the gate to the devil world.

The gate was a translucent whirlpool. He could see an endless horde within it.

The devil creatures inside had a pair of giant bat-like wings. Other than that, they looked similar to humans. Their bodies were large and they held bone swords. Each of them had a single blood-colored rune shining in their eyes that was constantly revolving. A frightening bloody air immediately assaulted the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

“The winged devils. However, they’re not the same variant.”

Long Chen recognized these devils. Back in the Jiuli secret realm in the Eastern Wasteland, he had seen the skeletons of the winged devils. However, those winged devils’ skeletons had been giant. 

In Devil Spirit Mountain, he had also encountered the winged devils. Their bodies had been about the size of an average person.

These devil creatures were fifty percent larger than a normal person. The blood-colored rune in their eyes was also extremely strange.

Now, Long Chen was experiencing just how many varieties of winged devils there were. As for who was stronger and who was weaker, it couldn’t be judged based on their size. Regretfully, Yue Xiaoqian wasn’t here. With her knowledge, she would definitely be able to tell what kind of variety they were.

The rumbling and explosive sounds from the gate grew weaker. It would take some time to stabilize. Before it was stabilized, neither Long Chen nor the opposing devil army could cross through.

“Inferior human race, I see the fear in your eyes. A cowardly, filthy race like you should never have existed in this world.”

What shocked the Dragonblood warriors and the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples was that these devil creatures were able to speak. Their intelligence was not inferior to humans at all.

Long Chen smiled disdainfully. He suddenly took out Evilmoon and unleashed a sharp saber-image at the spatial gate.

Shockingly, this attack passed through the unstable gate and crashed through the devil army. A dozen winged devils were slain.

“As expected, the sixth form of Split the Heavens contains the power to pass through all barriers. It really is a divine technique.”

Long Chen had just wanted to try and see if the sixth form of Split the Heavens could break through the restrictions of this spatial gate, but he hadn’t expected it to actually work.

Long Chen had unleashed an attack that had passed through the unstable spatial gate and killed the winged devil that had spoken. The Dragonblood warriors exploded into cheering. Long Chen was finally fighting.

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