Chapter 1699 Gate to the Devil World (Teaser)

“Hu Feng.”

This name had appeared once again. He had previously managed to threaten Xia Chen’s position, but not long after, he had silently vanished from the rankings.

Long Chen felt it was somewhat inconceivable for his name to reappear at such a time. Logically, the people dominating the rankings now had to be people skilled in killing single targets very quickly. Area or group attacks were not very effective at this time, as the Golden Claw Blood Devils were too strong to be killed that way.

That was why Long Chen couldn’t understand what this fellow was doing. If he was strong, his name would have stayed at the front the entire time. If he wasn’t strong, then there was no way for his name to appear now.

Long Chen continued looking. Seventh place was the previous first place, Xia Chen. His kill points had just broken past ten billion. He was clearly lagging behind now. It was unknown if he didn’t have the power or if he was holding back.

Experts on this level mostly had divine items on them. If they...

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