Chapter 1698 Fighting for the Front of the Pack

Guo Ran had been first, but after his shrapnel fragments had lost effect, his ranking had rapidly fallen since he had relied purely on his dual sabers to kill. Despite how hard he had tried, his ranking had still fallen, driving him crazy.

By the time Guo Ran had come out of the channel, he had fallen to fifth place. That couldn’t be blamed on him. He had already done very well. The only thing that could be said was that his competitors were all monsters.

Now that he was killing a Golden Claw Blood Devil every few seconds with his arrows, he should be able to quickly climb above others.

After all, each Golden Claw Blood Devil was worth fifty million kill points. As for one of those ordinary blood-colored devil creatures, they were only worth a thousand kill points. One Golden Claw Blood Devil was equivalent to slaughtering all the blood-colored devil creatures here.

With Guo Ran’s reminder, Long Chen looked at his jade plate. When he saw the rankings, his pupils shrank. He was silent for a long time.

“Boss, did I manage to take first place or not?” asked Guo Ran.

“You’ve already fallen to rank twenty-one. No, rank twenty-two.”


Guo Ran was so shocked that he missed his shot. He hastily released another arrow, killing a Golden Claw Blood Devil being restricted by Liu Ruyan.

“Boss, how is that possible?”

Long Chen looked at the expert in first place. He felt a slight chill. The Bloodkill Hall’s Dong Mingyu.

If it was an expert from somewhere else, he wouldn’t be too shocked. However, this name made him feel a vague sense of unease.

The Bloodkill Hall did not possess area attacks. They killed their targets one by one. 

This Dong Mingyu had to have been waiting for this moment. They were targeting the Golden Claw Blood Devils, using their single-target killing arts to quickly eliminate them. 

It had only been two hours since the third eruption started, but Dong Mingyu’s kill points had surpassed nineteen billion. That meant she had to have killed close to four hundred Golden Claw Blood Devils in two hours.

These Golden Claw Blood Devils were on the same level as Empyreans, yet this Dong Mingyu killed them so easily. 

Considering his enmity with the Bloodkill Hall and how he had destroyed their statue of the Killing God, Long Chen was mortal enemies with them. He might not be afraid of them, but he was worried about them targeting the people beside him.

However, knowing that the Bloodkill Hall had such a terrifying figure meant that he was at least prepared. It was better than not knowing at all.

When Long Chen saw second place, a strange expression crept over his face. A beautiful face appeared in his mind. It was a face that was so perfect that it shouldn’t exist in this world. Even each hair of her eyebrows was perfectly symmetrical. There was no flaw to pick out.

She was a woman whose beauty could cause the downfall of a nation. She was a woman who was merciless, becoming hostile in the blink of an eye. She was a woman who was a vicious, ruthless killer. She was a woman whose thoughts Long Chen could never read.

“Leng Yueyan.”

There was no prefix to this name. There was only an image of a fierce human skeleton. That was the mark of the Corrupt path. Leng Yueyan was actually participating in this battle of the Devil Abyss.

Qu Jianying had said that even the Corrupt path would participate. They normally wouldn’t attack the weaker devil creatures and would instead kill the strongest ones to get first place. That was to suppress the Righteous path.

Back then, Long Chen hadn’t understood. Only later had he learned that if the Devil Abyss’s creatures managed to charge onto the continent, the most dangerous ones weren’t the strong ones, but instead the weak ones that charged out in hordes.

The powerful ones would be quickly found by divine items and killed. However, the weaker ones were limitless, and if they charged onto the continent, it would be a cataclysmic blow.

Their numbers were too great. Even if only one slipped through the net, they could destroy a whole city. So even though the Corrupt path was enemies with the Righteous path, they would come in to kill the powerful devil creatures. It was a competition of morale. It was a mark of their future reputation and prestige, and that was very important to any large power.

Leng Yueyan was second, with over nineteen billion kill points as well. She was right on Dong Mingyu’s tail. However, their kill points were crazily rising with every second, showing how quickly they were killing the Golden Claw Blood Devils.

“Monstrous, absolutely monstrous! What am I supposed to do?” Guo Ran was enraged. He had thought that he was competing for first place, only to find out he had been completely trampled.

“Shut up and get to work.” Long Chen kicked Guo Ran in the butt. Even at this time, he was competing over such useless things.

Liu Ruyan, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others were all fighting with their full power. They were using their strongest area attacks. Guo Ran shot arrows whenever he saw a good chance, alleviating quite a bit of pressure on them.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan controlled the terrain of the battlefield. As soon as a dangerous situation appeared, they would work together, causing the ground to crumble along with a portion of the devil creatures. They staggered the Golden Claw Blood Devils, if dozens of them charged at once, it would be dangerous.

With Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Liu Ruyan, Cloud, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan working together, the majority of the Golden Claw Blood Devils were stopped and killed. Only a small portion of them managed to get by them and reach the second line, the Dragonblood warriors.

Gu Yang was there, picking off the Golden Claw Blood Devils. Some of them still managed to charge into the regular Dragonblood warriors. However, they were easily killed by three Dragonblood warriors working together. The Dragonblood warriors were incredibly powerful now.

As for the ordinary blood-colored devil creatures, they were like cabbage rolling toward them. They were killed without the slightest effort. The Dragonblood warriors were unstoppable.

This scene fired up the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. Those powerful blood-colored devil creatures were nothing in front of them. Even the Golden Claw Blood Devils could be instantly killed by them.

This was a real fight. Compared to the Dragonblood Legion, their fighting was child’s play. Affected by that sight, the Dao Sect’s disciples grew more confident and began to fight like them. Even if they died, being able to fight in such a battle meant that they hadn’t wasted their lives.

Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Wang Zhen, Mu Qingxuan, Su Mo, and the other Empyreans were fighting with the Dragonblood warriors, helping them defend the second line. Even when the Golden Claw Blood Devils managed to get in, the defensive line didn’t shake at all.

The Dao Sect’s disciples worked with the forts to attack the blood-colored devil creatures that got close. It was incredibly easy for them.

The Empyreans fighting alongside the Dragonblood warriors couldn’t help but feel a kind of regret. They regretted not running into Long Chen earlier. Although the Dragonblood warriors were just rank nine Celestials, their combat power and killing efficiency were many times greater than theirs.

This kind of life and death battle could rapidly mature and strengthen people. If they had the Dragonblood warriors’ killing power or combat experience, perhaps they could have also charged forward to the front to fight alongside Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the others, handling a whole region on their own.

Although they also had an urge to compete for the Devil Slaughter Rankings, they knew inside that they didn’t have that power. Without the power to kill the Golden Claw Blood Devils in one attack, it was too dangerous. If they were attacked by three Golden Claw Blood Devils at once, they might lose their lives.

What inspired them the most was that Long Chen was just standing on the platform, overlooking the battlefield with a calm expression. That not only increased their confidence, but it also raised their expectations. They even hoped that the devil creatures would get a bit stronger so that they could witness Long Chen’s attacks.

To use the Dragonblood warriors’ words, only when they saw the boss fighting was it a real fight. They were just fighting a small scuffle in comparison.

If Long Chen knew what those people were thinking, he would definitely be caught between laughter and tears. A life and death battle was not a show.

Long Chen was currently looking at his jade plate, keeping track of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Leng Yueyan had now taken first place, with Dong Mingyu following in second.

They were both at twenty billion kill points, and their names were constantly flashing as they overtook each other. Dong Mingyu would be first place for a moment, then it would be Leng Yueyan. There had never been such intense competition for first place.

Third was an expert from the Xuan Beasts. When he saw that name, Long Chen shook his head. True Immortal Jiaoqi.

In front of his name was a Xuan character. This person was from the Xuan Beasts. However, for him to dare to call himself True Immortal, he was definitely too arrogant. It was said that the titles of True Immortals, Heavenly Immortals, and such were given to people on the verge of ascending back in the immortal era. Only experts that had touched upon the barrier to godhood or immortality would be given such a name.

This was the Devil Abyss, and those that could enter were only at the Soul Transformation realm. For someone in the Soul Transformation realm to dare to call themself True Immortal, it was unknown if he was just too arrogant or trying to insult the human race.

“He’s probably just another idiot.” Long Chen’s lips curled into a sneer. Just from this name, he knew that this fellow was another idiot who considered everyone else beneath him. A normal person wouldn’t give themselves such a name.

Long Chen continued looking. He smiled. Mo Nian was quite powerful. He was ranked fourth, and his kill points were close behind True Immortal Jiaoqi. True Immortal Jiaoqi was at fourteen billion seven hundred million kill points, while Mo Nian was at fourteen billion five hundred million kill points.

“Work hard. Beat that idiot.”

Long Chen cheered for Mo Nian before continuing to look. Fifth was someone from the Central Xuan Region called Zhao Xuehan. This name was rather genderless so he couldn’t tell if they were a man or woman.

Whoever it was, their kill points were at twelve and a half billion. There was quite a distance from Mo Nian and True Immortal Jiaoqi. Catching up would be difficult.

Right now, first and second place were constantly changing, while everyone else had been thrown into the distance.

Mo Nian and True Immortal Jiaoqi were already very far from them, while fifth place was also very far from the two of them. At this time, a person’s true power was shown. There were no longer any tricks available.

When Long Chen saw sixth place, he couldn’t help being startled. How had he appeared again?

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