Chapter 1696 Guo Ran’s Distress

“What the fuck! Boss, you conned me!”

Guo Ran let out a startled cry, not having expected Long Chen to suddenly kick him into the spatial channel. When he passed through the opening, he immediately felt like millions of giant mountains were crushing him from every direction.

Guo Ran hastily sent more energy to his protective runes, but he still felt that terrifying pressure.

This channel was supposed to be a one-way street. The reason it had been done like that was to maximize the channel’s strength.

A one-way channel was ten times more stable than one that went both ways. Although magical arts could go through, physical bodies couldn’t. Furthermore, even magical arts couldn’t be used so easily. It would consume a terrifying amount of Spiritual Strength to send them through without them weakening from the pressure of the channel. Long Chen’s previous attacks, especially the Nine Star Beads, had taken up a huge amount of his Spiritual Strength to send through the channel.

This kind of consumption was too much. To make sure a magical art’s power didn’t drop while going through this long, crushing channel was too much for him to do repeatedly. If he did, it would affect his combat power, so he hadn’t added any more attacks after the Nine Star Beads.

Even with his powerful physical body, he didn’t dare to test going in. However, Guo Ran was different. He had his armor protecting him. Even if he didn’t succeed, he would at most be injured. He would run as soon as he felt his armor was at its limit.

However, if he succeeded… Long Chen knew Guo Ran far too well. This risk was definitely worth it.

Guo Ran coughed up blood despite his powerful golden armor and his body having been upgraded by the blood essence stone. Just as he felt that he couldn’t hold on any longer and was preparing to turn back, he saw that he wasn’t far from the exit on the other side. There were blood-colored devil creatures packed there.

“This variety hasn’t appeared outside yet. They must be worth a lot of kill points! Fuck, I’m risking it! This suffering will definitely lead to some amazing posing!”

Guo Ran clenched his teeth. Certain pieces of his armor on his butt lifted up, and fierce flames spat out of them. He shot out like a cannonball.

The closer he got, the greater the spatial pressure grew. He repeatedly coughed up blood, but he stubbornly persevered.

This channel was extremely strange. Going with the flow was easy, but going against it brought with it an incredible amount of pressure.

“Guo Ran, what makes you so brave? What makes you risk your life to advance? What is your motivation? I’ll tell you, it’s showing off, showing off, showing off! I want to make sure the entire world remembers my name!”

Guo Ran roared, refusing to give up even as his armor began to distort and cracks appeared in his shoulder blades.

Suddenly, with an explosive sound, he reached the end. The terrifying pressure instantly vanished. He was delighted to see that the devil creatures were packed at a greater density than on the other side.

They were crazily attacking the border of the spatial channel, wanting to break its defensive runes. Each time one of its defensive runes shattered, the channel would grow a bit larger, and more of the devil creatures would charge through.

Only once he was through did he see a bunch of blood-colored humanoids. They looked the same size as humans as well. Their bodies were covered in blood runes; they had large claws and were attacking the channel with immense power.

Those devil creatures immediately erupted into furious roars when they saw Guo Ran appear.


Seeing so many devil creatures charging at him, Guo Ran was shocked and immediately tossed out hundreds of bombs.

Consecutive explosive sounds rang out, blowing the devil creatures to blood mist. At the same time, fragments flew out in every direction. When those fragments pierced the blood-colored humanoids, they let out howls and fell to the ground.

“Fuck, what did I just do? These fragments are so powerful! Ugh, just kill me now!”

Guo Ran had tossed out hundreds of the bombs that Long Chen had told him to keep as trump cards to protect their lives.

Originally, he had made over eight thousand of these bombs. According to Long Chen’s instructions, he was supposed to keep at least three thousand for the worst-case scenario.

However, while he had been showing off, he had forgotten about those instructions. By the time he had remembered, he had only had five hundred-some left.

The other bombs had been used, repeatedly. Hence, they had lost all their killing power. Now, Guo Ran was using half of the precious fresh bombs that hadn’t been used yet, and their power was so immense that all the devil creatures around him were killed. That wasted killing power made Guo Ran want to weep.

“How could you not listen to boss? Guo Ran, you really are a pig!” cursed Guo Ran.

If he had kept his bombs for now, wouldn’t he easily take first place?

He glanced at his jade plate and let out a painful howl that was even more pained than those devil creatures. With this one attack, he had taken ninth place.

This channel had a strange ability to distinguish the power of the devil creatures. The stronger species needed to wait until their attacks weakened the channel to get through it.

This kind of step by step increase in power had been designed by the ancient experts of the human race who had left a buffer for their descendants. This allowed their descendants to train without making the Devil Abyss too dangerous. That was the original intent of the experts that had created this channel.

As for how the formations were able to distinguish the combat power of these devil creatures, outsiders didn’t know. The wisdom of the ancients wasn’t something people of the current era could comprehend.

Others were still handling the ones that got through the channel, but now Guo Ran had been tossed into the source and was crazily killing the devil creatures.

More bombs flew out of him. He was constantly gathering the fragments and making new bombs.

These bombs had two layers, with the outer layer preventing outside forces from destroying them. They were simple in design, and it only took a few seconds to pack an empty bomb with fragments.

Yet, the endless tide of devil creatures here poured toward him. Sometimes, he didn’t have time to throw a bomb and was struck by an attack from those blood-colored humanoids. What shocked Guo Ran was that their sharp claws contained even greater power than a rank nine Celestial, and he couldn’t allow their attacks to indiscriminately land on him.

Most shocking of all was that their claws, despite not managing to penetrate his armor, left behind long marks on it. This armor was made of the best Ancestral item material and was composed of multiple Ancestral items. It could be said that it was the strongest armor at the Ancestral item level. It could even block an attack from a quasi divine item. Ordinary Ancestral items wouldn’t even be able to leave a mark on his armor.

However, these creatures’ claws were. They were shockingly powerful.

“Come, have a taste of how amazing your daddy Guo Ran is!”

Guo Ran didn’t dare to be careless. He increased his speed, dodging and weaving within this limited space, constantly unleashing his bombs. Seeing his kill points rapidly rising, he was extremely motivated.

Long Chen, on the other side, saw that Guo Ran had made it through. He sighed with relief. Going over there was difficult, but coming back was easy. Guo Ran could return whenever he wanted.

“Long Chen, where did you send Guo Ran?” Seeing Long Chen return when he and Guo Ran had mysteriously charged away, Meng Qi asked him curiously. Guo Ran’s ranking was rapidly rising.

“I sent him somewhere he can profit. Let him show off as much as he wants there. Conveniently, he can be a sentry for us,” laughed Long Chen.

Guo Ran was fighting intensely, while the fight on the outside was just as intense. However, the forts were like solid boulders, and no matter how many devil creatures appeared, they were unable to break the forts.

“Third! Guo Ran’s amazing!” Gu Yang let out a startled cry. It had only been a moment, but Guo Ran had reached third on the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

By this point, rising in ranking was difficult as the devil creatures were growing incredibly powerful. Wanting to kill a huge number of them in one blow was growing increasingly difficult.


After four hours, Li Qi also let out a startled cry as Guo Ran’s name surpassed Di Xin’s.

On the fourteenth hour, Guo Ran took first place. The Dragonblood Legion cheered. Not only had Long Chen taken first, but even Guo Ran had done so.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples also cheered. Long Chen and Guo Ran took first place like they were just messing around. Within this world filled with slaughter as well as heroic ideology, their actions were especially shocking.

To be able to fight alongside such peerless experts, what was there to be afraid of? What was there to fear?

“First! First place! Ah, but I want to die…”

Guo Ran was howling with grief as he dodged the devil creatures’ attacks. His heart was in pain.

He had now taken first place, but as he used the fragments over and over again, their effect continued to drop. Their killing power was greatly reduced now.

Guo Ran was filled with regret. If he hadn’t wasted so many before and had instead unleashed them here, he would have far surpassed everyone else. He wouldn’t even be able to see them behind him.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. When the bombs lost all effect, he would only be able to fight with his dual sabers.


Suddenly, space shook violently. A group of black figures appeared, causing Guo Ran’s expression to change.

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