Chapter 1694 One Move to Stun the World

The golden shooting star shot through the spatial channel and exploded amongst the sea of devil creatures. The golden flames devoured them.

On the other side of the channel, the devil creatures were packed even high into the air. The explosion covered an extraordinary number of them.

The golden mosquitoes were instantly turned to ash. The Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes were weak to fire.

With this one Star Fall, Long Chen’s kill points instantly rose to over thirty million. He charged into the top five hundred just like that.

“I have to eliminate these Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes as fast as possible. If they get through, it’ll be troublesome.”

Long Chen knew that when the Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes entered a battle state, they would hide themselves in the air, making themselves imperceptible to a person’s eyes and their spiritual senses. They possessed frightening killing power. The other devil creatures could be ignored, but the Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes had to be eliminated as soon as possible.

This channel was created by ancient experts. The devil creatures were constantly attacking it, and each time they succeeded in breaking it a bit, it would grow larger, allowing more powerful devil creatures to charge in.

Currently, only the giant devils were capable of passing through. It seemed the others were being restricted by something and couldn’t enter.

In the past, the Devil Abyss’s eruption was split into two portions, the first eruption and the second eruption. The second eruption was when the real battle started. 

However, Qu Jianying had said that the descent of a great era threw those past precedents in the garbage. This time, the Devil Abyss’s eruption would be on an unprecedented scale.

Based on what he saw, there would at least be another eruption. If the channel was forced any larger, these devil creatures would all instantly charge in. Perhaps the Dragonblood Legion would be able to handle it, but the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples would take heavy losses.

This channel was extremely strange. Long Chen found that he couldn’t charge through it. He could only launch attacks from the other side.

Of course, this had benefits as well. He could attack them, but the devil creatures on the other side couldn’t strike back.

“Nine Star Beads.”

Long Chen formed hand seals, and nine flame spheres shot out in a straight line. They exploded on the other side.

A single sphere exploded into nine smaller ones, and those smaller flame spheres would explode and condense into nine more smaller spheres.

This would occur nine times. This was a magical art he had learned in Pill Valley, however, he had modified it to make its power absolutely monstrous.

This move actually didn’t have much killing power on its own. However, it was huge in scale and allowed him to devour the world on the other side in the Heaven Incinerating Flames.

Its area of effect was huge, but naturally the larger the area of effect, the weaker an attack would be. The more powerful devil creatures wailed upon being burned, however, the flames would go out in a few seconds on their bodies. The flames alone couldn’t kill them.

Long Chen had expected that from the start. His target wasn’t those devil creatures. It was the endless Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes in the air.

They were extremely weak to his flames, and once ignited, it was like the flames would enter their stomachs. They would explode. After this move, there was no trace of anything golden in the air.

“What the fuck! Boss, calm down! You’ve taken first place with two billion six hundred million kill points!” shouted Guo Ran.

Long Chen was startled. He hastily looked over to see the Devil Slaughter Rankings in the sky. He had actually appeared in first place, while second place was now Xia Chen.

“The kill points awarded are based on the target’s killing power. These Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes must be worth a huge number of points each, meaning they were really frightening.”

Long Chen patted himself on the back for killing them. If he had allowed them to attack everyone, it would have been really dangerous. Unless a person killed the mosquitoes as they attacked, it was almost impossible to kill them while they were hidden.

Taking first place instantly wasn’t something he had expected, however, this actually raised his wariness. He absolutely couldn’t be careless, or the slightest mistake would lead to huge losses.

“Boss, why have you stopped? Keep killing,” said Guo Ran.

“You kill for me. You’re the main force.” Long Chen waved his hand. “Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, stop attacking for now. Set up some powerful fortifications, the kind that can be used for both offense and defense.”

Long Chen called over Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. He pointed to over ten places where forts could be built in the channel they were defending.

“Boss, why bother?” Li Qi and Song Mingyuan didn’t understand. As long as everyone fought, killing these devil creatures wasn’t difficult.

“It’s just in case, and a path of retreat for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. They can’t compare to the Dragonblood warriors, so having something they can depend on is very important for them,” said Long Chen solemnly.

Once the fortifications were built, Long Chen called over the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. He had Hua Shiyu teach them how to use the forts’ offensive and defensive measures.

“Long Chen, did something happen?” Meng Qi was the first to realize something was wrong, and she sent a message to Long Chen.

Long Chen replied, “Just now, I saw some winged devils on the other side. I got a bad feeling. Qu Jianying’s words might really come to pass. This eruption of the Devil Abyss will be unprecedented in history.”

“Winged devils? You mean…”

“Yes, just like those winged devils we’ve seen before. I don’t know if it was a misperception or not, but I feel very uneasy. Tell everyone to be careful at all times. Make sure they save their energy to handle anything unexpected. An even larger battle will come soon. As for the disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect, don’t tell them this to avoid them getting nervous.”

Meng Qi nodded and passed Long Chen’s orders to everyone. After learning that there were even more terrifying devil creatures in the rear, the Dragonblood warriors weren’t affected at all. Instead, they were filled with battle intent. Guo Ran especially was shouting excitedly and fought even more energetically. 

After attacking once, Long Chen didn’t attack again. However, his name had instantly taken the top spot of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. That had shaken the Martial Heaven Continent. Countless people stared at that name with disbelief.

“Long Chen, you really have some skill. You’re truly powerful.”

Within an abyss, a man who appeared to be in his early twenties was sitting lotus style on the ground. His complexion was fair and delicate. He had a foot-long square formation board. 

No one knew that this seemingly delicate, scholarly man was the one who had dominated first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings for over a month, Xia Chen.

From an aerial viewpoint, a petal-like image was on the ground. The petal was huge, covering a hundred thousand miles. This image had countless stone pillars stuck in the ground within it.

Those stone pillars were flashing with countless runes. They constantly interwove, forming a giant formation.

Any devil creatures that entered the formation were blown apart. The stone pillars would merely light up slightly to kill them, and anything of value on their bodies, be it their bone clubs, teeth, and claws, would vanish, sucked into a spatial ring possessed by Xia Chen.

This was an absolutely terrifying formation. Xia Chen was just sitting there, and he completely blocked this exit. He was like an idle trapmaster, just waiting for the devil creatures to come to him.

If people saw this, they would definitely be so angered as to cough up blood. This was practically cheating. Others were risking their lives and working as hard as possible to kill the devil creatures, while he was calmly sitting there, waiting for his prey to come to him. He looked far too relaxed.

Seeing that his first place had been taken, Xia Chen merely smiled. He didn’t seem to care that much.

“Long Chen, I’m taking first. Although you’ve helped my Grand Xia a lot, I’m not very willing to see my spot on the Devil Slaughter Ranking be taken.” Xia Chen smiled slightly. He was full of confidence. He closed his eyes, not doing anything. He completely ignored the devil creatures that were still charging forward to their deaths.

“Long Chen, you bastard, you’re definitely cheating!” roared Di Xin. His face was twisted with hatred.

In an effort to get first place, Di Xin was unwilling to guard one place. He was going in every direction, attacking wherever the most devil creatures were. Quite a few experts were forced away because of him. He had been very close to surpassing Xia Chen. As long as he found another place with many devil creatures, he would have taken first place.

However, Long Chen had suddenly appeared, instantly taking first place as if it was as easy as breathing to him. Compared to Long Chen, his frantic rush to kill devil creatures was embarrassing. Even if he did take first place, it wouldn’t have any glory to it.

Long Chen took first place like he was playing around. That had a huge impact on others. Di Xin, in particular, couldn't accept it. He was clenching his teeth so hard that they almost shattered.

“Bastard, don’t get too arrogant! Let’s see if you can be so pleased when the strongest devil creatures appear in the end!” sneered Di Xin.

“He took first place just like that? I, Mo Nian, can only admire such showing off.”

Mo Nian was also shocked by Long Chen’s sudden climb on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. The Western Xuan Region was different from the Eastern Xuan Region. The Eastern Xuan Region had one direct channel, but the Western Xuan Region had many channels, with people defending each one. They couldn’t sense the huge army of devil creatures lying in wait behind the main spatial channel.

Long Chen had accidentally shown off when he had just been trying to kill the Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes. Mo Nian might not be aware of what was happening in the Eastern Xuan Region, but with his understanding of Long Chen, he was sure he had to have run into a coincidental opportunity.

After taking that one opportunity, Long Chen’s kill points didn’t go up again. Without any other knowledge of what had happened, it looked like Long Chen had let out a random attack, taken first place, and then felt like the battle was too boring, so he couldn’t be bothered to keep fighting.

That was why Mo Nian could only say that he admired Long Chen’s showing off. He didn’t know how many people’s jaws had fallen to the ground because of Long Chen’s one attack.

In the depths of the Devil Abyss, in an unremarkable corner, there was a very pretty girl wrapped in a black cloak. Although only the lower part of her face was revealed under her hood, she looked like a refined porcelain doll.

“Big brother Long Chen, I wonder if you’ll remember that little girl when you see my name. Perhaps you’ve long since forgotten my name!” The teenage girl gently rubbed a jade plate, or more accurately, the name on the jade plate that was first place. She couldn’t help sighing.

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