Chapter 1693 Everyone Coming Out to Fight

Tang Wan-er and the others had been waiting for a long time. Now, their chance had come, and they charged out individually into the sea of devil creatures.

Wherever Tang Wan-er went, space would twist ever so slightly. Any devil creatures close to her would be torn to shreds by invisible blades. That sight was strange and terrifying.

Tang Wan-er’s wind blades had already reached a practically heaven-defying level, a realm where movement turned into stillness. She killed her enemies without them even sensing her attack.

Cloud transformed into the true body of a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. Rainbow runes revolved around her. She opened her mouth, and a black line of light shot through the battlefield. Anything touched by the black light turned into nothingness.

This was a divine ability of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. Anything touched by the black light would vanish.

Meng Qi didn’t participate, staying by Long Chen. Chu Yao smiled and said,” Big sister, go ahead and attack. I’ll make sure to look after everyone.”

Chu Yao knew that in any large battle, there had to be someone controlling the overall battlefield. Although the Dragonblood Legion didn’t need someone to look after them, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were still in danger in a fight of this level.

Those disciples were the pillars Long Chen had left to uphold the Xuantian Dao Sect. He wanted as many of them to return alive as possible. That was why there needed to be someone staying back to help them.

Meng Qi shook her head. “You should go instead. These giant devils’ spiritual fluctuations are strange. I can’t kill them all instantly like before unless I waste a huge amount of my soul energy. It would be better for you to go attack. Your wood attacks cost less and are so sharp. Plus, with you and Ruyan working together, it will be easier for you to charge onto the Devil Slaughter Rankings. In the face of these strange devil creatures, my own killing power is reduced, but causing a few of them to lose their minds temporarily is still easily done. I’m the one most suitable for controlling the entire battlefield.”

When Meng Qi put it like this, Chu Yao looked at Long Chen. Long Chen smiled. “Let’s just do as Meng Qi says.”

Chu Yao nodded and chose a region for herself. Wooden stakes appeared out of the ground like sharp nails. The devil creatures in her region ran into calamity.

“This seems a bit… terrifying. I feel a cold breeze down below.” Seeing that the trap Chu Yao had arranged was destroying the lower bodies of the devil creatures, Gu Yang shivered.

“It really does look a bit painful. Let’s just not look,” said Long Chen.

The earth birthed wood. Having her wooden stakes grow out of the ground was the most energy-efficient way for Chu Yao to attack. That way, she could draw out spiritual qi from the earth to replenish her spiritual yuan. She was practically not using any energy to kill them at all. However, a beautiful woman constantly causing the lower bodies of the devil creatures to explode was a bit difficult to watch.

Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan also charged into the fray. Gu Yang charged through the devil creatures with a spear, while Li Qi and Song Mingyuan simply summoned their Spirits of the Earth, which were those earthen giants they had summoned at the start. They pummeled the devil creatures.

Each step of the earth giants caused a shockwave to spread through the ground. Those shockwaves blew apart the devil creatures.

“Zifeng, there’s no need for you to attack. Just preserve your energy. Actually, if you can project the Devil Slaughter Rankings into the sky, it will be easier for us to keep track of what’s going on,” said Long Chen.

Yue Zifeng’s attacks were incomparably sharp. However, they were like a torrential storm. His attacks were powerful, but he couldn’t repeatedly use his strongest attacks over a long period. He was unsuitable for this kind of battle.

“Alright.” Yue Zifeng took out his jade plate and sent his Spiritual Strength into it. A projection of it appeared in the sky with the current rankings.

First place was still Xia Chen, with two billion kill points. As for second place, it was no longer Hu Feng, but Di Xin. He was just one hundred million kill points off of catching up to Xia Chen.

“It seems that the water inheritance has been fully refined by Di Xin, allowing his power to grow. Hmph, such a good treasure was wasted on a pig like him.” Long Chen spat on the ground. Just thinking of Di Xin disgusted him.

Hu Feng was third, while fourth was Guo Ran. Fifth was actually Zi Yan. Long Chen knew that Zi Yan’s power, when combined with the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, was absolutely terrifying. Her musical attacks could kill devil creatures in huge numbers.

Sixth was a foreign name, someone who came from the Central Xuan Region. Their name was Qin Xiaoxi, a woman’s name.

When he saw seventh place, Long Chen was startled. At some point, the Pill Fairy’s name had silently risen through the rankings.

“I suppose there’s nothing curious about it. Pill Valley definitely wouldn’t give up this chance to show their power. If they didn’t get a good ranking, they would lose face,” thought Long Chen.

He had clashed with Pill Valley several times now. Each time, he had made them leave after a crushing defeat, which had caused their prestige to drop. Pill Valley needed to win back that face. It seemed that this heavy mission had been entrusted to the Pill Fairy.

Eighth place was another expert from the Central Xuan Region that he didn’t recognize. Ninth was Ye Zhiqiu. She was extremely powerful to actually be ninth.

When he saw tenth place, Long Chen smiled. That fellow Mo Nian had managed to kill his way there.

Long Chen knew that Mo Nian didn’t specialize in huge area attacks. However, he still managed to get into the top ten. He had to be working hard.

With Chu Yao joining in, combined with Liu Ruyan’s kills going to her, her ranking was rapidly rising.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had joined in a bit late, so for now, they couldn’t get into the top five hundred. As for Gu Yang, Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to look. Who knew what kind of last place ranking he was fighting for right now?

“Boss, have we gone above and beyond for the mission this time?” shouted Guo Ran as he constantly threw his bombs.

It went without saying that Guo Ran was truly skilled when it came to forging. He had some kind of magnetic item on him that would pull the sharp fragments back to him after they exploded. He then added them into new bombs and tossed them out again.

“You’re thinking too simply. Just wait, in a bit, you’ll all be knocked down.” Long Chen shook his head and didn’t pay any more attention to Guo Ran. He flew off toward the source of the Devil Abyss’s eruption.

The battlefield was constantly being forced to expand by the spatial pressure here. Before, the Dragonblood Legion had been able to hold back the flood. However, now, as the battlefield grew larger, the Dragonblood Legion had no choice but to retreat into the channel.

One reason was because they couldn’t allow the devil creatures to attack the wall behind them, while another was to protect the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. They had to make their preparations for a long-term battle. No one knew when this battle would end.

Now Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the others had joined the battle. They were all handling their own regions, unleashing huge area attacks that blocked the majority of the devil creatures. As they were controlling the tempo of the battle, there was no need for Long Chen to worry about them yet.

As for the Dragonblood warriors, this kind of battle wasn’t anything to them considering their experience. It was also unable to threaten their lives.

Without having to worry about this, Long Chen shot past the battlefield, diving past the sea of devil creatures to where they were coming from.

Li Tianxuan had given Long Chen a detailed explanation of the structure of the Devil Abyss. There was a giant spatial node in the Martial Heaven Continent’s underground.

This was a place where the Martial Heaven Continent met a devil world. The devil creatures were coming from the devil world, but thanks to the restrictions of the formations left behind by ancient almighty experts, they could only invade through five spatial openings.

This way, a giant flood was split in five. Rumor was that the Central Xuan Region was there to draw the focus of the devil creatures, so forty percent of the devil creatures were drawn there. The rest were evenly divided between the east, west, north, and south.

The formations gave the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts breathing room. They wouldn’t be immediately overwhelmed by a huge flood of devil creatures. If it weren’t for the formations left behind by those ancient experts, the Martial Heaven Continent might have been devastated by the devil creatures already.

Here, Long Chen could see a giant spatial opening. There were countless runes here, and it was like a giant whirlpool. The devil creatures were coming out of the center of that whirlpool.

When Long Chen arrived, countless devil creatures attacked him, but he merely snorted and summoned golden flames around him. Any devil creatures that entered his flame domain would be turned to ash in less than a breath’s time.

That surprised him a bit. He hadn’t expected the Heaven Incinerating Flame to be so effective against these devil creatures. It had to be known that they were no weaker than ordinary rank nine Celestials, but they weren’t able to block the Heaven Incinerating Flame. They had to be weak to it.

Long Chen ignored the devil creatures and continued examining the whirlpool. He stretched his divine sense inside.

His divine sense passed the whirlpool. Inside was a giant spatial channel tens of thousands of miles wide. When he saw the situation in the other world, he couldn’t help gasping.

“Damn, there are actually this many more?!”

At the end of the channel, he saw countless devil creatures. Furthermore, there were even more varieties of them.

He saw birds, apes, humanoid creatures with snake tails, etc. He also saw a golden sea up in the air.

That golden sea was a giant pack of inch-long mosquitoes. They looked like they had been made of gold, except their mouth was pitch-black.

“Fuck, these are the legendary Shadowless Golden Mosquitoes…”

Long Chen jumped. Legend was that these creatures could activate their golden runes to fade into the air and vanish from sight. Their mouths were extremely sharp, and once they stabbed a person’s flesh, they would instantly poison them. A person’s body would instantly rot, with not even their bones surviving. If their Yuan Spirit didn’t run fast enough, it would also die. They were renowned creatures.

These devil creatures were attacking the channel with all their might. It seemed they were trying to make it larger, or break it down so that they could all enter at once. The giant devils that had entered the channel so far were nothing more than a drop in the ocean compared to this giant army.

“I can’t just wait. I need to take some initiative.”

Long Chen summoned a golden flame sphere. It instantly grew to thousands of meters until it was like a blazing star. He sent it into the channel.

It was like a shooting star as it went against the flow of the devil creatures. Any devil creatures in its path were killed. It shot straight to the end of the channel.

The devil creatures were in the midst of attacking the channel when this sphere flew out of it, stunning them. It seemed they didn’t sense any danger from the sphere.


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