Chapter 1692 Heavenly Geniuses Reveal Themselves


Space exploded, and a huge hole appeared in the void. Large figures began to rush out of that hole.

They were humanoid giants holding giant bone clubs. They charged at the Dragonblood Legion, and their bronze eyes filled with furious killing intent.

“Heavens, this is the legendary giant devil race, a high-level race even amongst the devil race! Their bloodline is extremely pure, and their power is heaven-shaking! They’re comparable to rank nine Celestials!” 

Startled cries rang out. These giants were recorded in the history of the continent. In the previous dark eras, these terrifying devils had caused endless grief to the continent.

Although they had been eliminated in the end, the damage they had done in a short hundred years had made their name pass down in stories. Some elders even used the name of the giant devils to frighten children.

They were demons from nightmares. They were insanely powerful and extremely bloodthirsty. They ate living humans and were said to be able to devour all lifeforms in order to replenish their energy and increase their power. Just looking at their large mouths and teeth gave people goosebumps.

Their bone clubs and sharp teeth were their powerful martial weapons. They were just as hard as Ancestral items, and in a one against one, a rank nine Celestial would have to pay a definite price to kill one of them.

“Isn’t it said that they are the final power of the devil race? Each time they appear, their numbers are limited to under a hundred thousand! But this time…”

Seeing the endless giant devils pouring out of the spatial channel, the disciples felt a chill. Their numbers would probably have to be counted in the hundreds of millions.

“Hahaha, the meat has finally come! Brothers, don’t blame me for being rude and eating first!”

Guo Ran laughed excitedly. He put away his dual sabers and flew into the sky. Huge spheres fell from his hands, landing amongst the giant devils.

Each sphere was thirty meters thick. They exploded when they landed, leaving giant holes in the ground.

However, it wasn’t the power of their explosion that was so frightening. No, the frightening part was that every time they exploded, small broken fragments would shoot out in every direction.

Those small fragments were incredibly sharp. They easily pierced the bodies of the giant devils as if their tough bodies were paper. Each fragment would fly through hundreds of their bodies before the momentum was canceled out.

Wherever they exploded, all the giant devils in a thousand miles would collapse. Those giant devils let out miserable cries when they were pierced by the fragments. Their bodies twitched and then stiffened. By the time they fell to the ground, they were dead from pain.

Those fragments were the chains and blades Long Chen had taken from the Skinners of Purgatory. They had been turned into weapons by Guo Ran. They contained the air of Purgatory and caused immense pain.

However, unexpectedly, these giant devils had even less resistance to pain than humans. That was a pleasant surprise to Guo Ran.

“Hahaha, I’m taking first place!” laughed Guo Ran as he continued chucking more of the giant spheres. 

With Guo Ran at the front bombing them indiscriminately, over half the giant devils were occupied. The remaining portion came for the Dragonblood Legion. The Dragonblood warriors were fighting seriously now. They had formed two giant circular formations, slaughtering the giant devils like spinning circular saws.

“Brothers, this is the real battle! There’s no need for you to bother with the Dragonblood Legion’s side, but if you don’t want to just watch, go over to Liu Ruyan’s side and work with her. However, you should remember that what came before was just practice. This is the real life and death battle. Take care. I hope that when we return, I can drink with you once more. Brothers… kill!” shouted Long Chen.




The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were filled with confidence seeing Guo Ran take care of so many of the giant devils and the Dragonblood Legion’s sharp killing movements. Adding on Long Chen’s encouragement, they charged toward Liu Ruyan’s side.

Here, Liu Ruyan was in control. Her leaves were constantly slaying the giant devils. Having the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples work with her was the best tactic.

“Long Chen, look! The Devil Slaughter Rankings have completely transformed!” shouted Tang Wan-er.

“Guo Ran’s rank four, but other than Xia Chen, Hu Feng, and Guo Ran, the other top ten have all been replaced by new names,” said Gu Yang.

The Devil Slaughter Rankings revealed that rank one, Xia Chen, had accumulated one billion four hundred million kill points. Hu Feng was at nine hundred million. The third was a new name, an expert from the Central Xuan Region with four hundred million kill points. Guo Ran was close behind him with three hundred and eighty million kill points.

The previously calm Devil Slaughter Rankings were thrown into chaos. All the top five thousand spots were crazily flashing as new experts entered the mix.

“The real experts have finally started to appear.”

Everyone recognized that the appearance of the giant devils meant that the real start of the battle had come. The true experts that had been lying in wait were waiting precisely for this moment.

“Di Xin has appeared!”

Tang Wan-er let out a startled cry. Di Xin had appeared at rank seventeen.

“That bastard really has a tough life. He actually didn’t die.” Long Chen coldly smiled as he looked at Di Xin’s name.

In a deep abyss of the Central Xuan region, an endless raging sea of black water was constantly crushing the giant devils. The water was like ink, and it spread at a rapid rate. The amount of water was shocking.

“Long Chen, I’ve fully absorbed the water inheritance. This time, I’ll make you die a miserable death. If you have the guts, then just come at me. Let’s see just who takes first place!”

Within the center of the sea, Di Xin’s originally handsome face was twisted into a sinister expression.

“Heroes of the Southern Xuan Region, thank you for your support before. Leave this battlefield to my Illusive Music Immortal Palace.”

In the abyss of the Southern Xuan Region, hundreds of thousands of experts retreated, replaced with thousands of women. They descended from the sky like transcendent fairies.

Zither music rang out, but it no longer sounded beautiful. Instead, it was filled with killing intent.

Sound waves spread, and any giant devils touched by them would stiffen. Their bodies would then rapidly inflate and finally explode.

A jade hand lightly touched a string of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. A giant ripple spread and covered half the battlefield, killing countless giant devils. The entire battlefield became empty.

Zi Yan stood in the sky, looking into the distance. She sighed.

“Long Chen, is this our fate?”

In the Northern Xuan Region, ice covered the battlefield, and countless devil creatures were slain. The human experts stared in shock at the distant white-robed woman.

Ye Zhiqiu was like an ice goddess, sacred and noble. Beneath her feet, a ripple of ice spread, turning the charging devil creatures into beautiful ice crystals that filled the air.

As for the giant devils, they charged at her wave after wave. As a result, wave after wave became encased in ice and exploded.

“Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian, will rise to glory. Cough, it seems after not showing off for so many years, my skill in it has regressed. My beautiful lines no longer have the same flavor as back then.”

Mo Nian stood atop a tall rock. A hood covered the majority of his face. He wanted to shout loudly, but for some reason, he found that he couldn’t. His voice was drowned out by the roaring of devil creatures and the sounds of slaughter.

“Fuck, this is my first failure in showing off. It seems I’ve been away from the rest of the world for too long. People have already forgotten my legend. Time to show myself off.”

Mo Nian couldn’t help but feel irritated upon seeing that his actions couldn’t draw any attention from the other experts.

A five-colored bow appeared in his hand. He pulled the string with his right hand, and it instantly arced perfectly. The world began to shake.

“What’s going on?!”

As Mo Nian pulled his bowstring, five-colored light soared into the sky, causing resonance with heaven and earth. Astral winds surged out of him. It was like a giant five-colored dragon was enveloping him. He instantly drew the attention of all the experts.

Suddenly, a five-colored arrow flew out of his bow. Its resplendent divine light looked like all the stars of the sky were shooting out with it.


The arrow exploded in the center of the devil creatures, its light devouring the majority of the battlefield. Anything touched by its divine light was turned to nothingness, even the giant devils.

“Sorry, I’ll have to borrow this place from everyone. It took me a long time to find a place with such nice feng shui. To avoid any misunderstandings, I’ll ask everyone to retreat to a safe distance.”

With one arrow, Mo Nian shook the heavens, the earth, and all the experts present. They immediately retreated, some people going to find another region to fight.

“Long Chen, I’ve shown myself. What are you still waiting for? After so many years apart, are you no longer able to keep up with me?”

Everyone’s expressions satisfied Mo Nian greatly. He looked at his jade plate with a smile.

Di Xin, Zi Yan, Ye Zhiqiu, Mo Nian, and other names finally appeared on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Long Chen took a deep breath. Since they had all come out, he couldn’t be too lazy.

“Let’s go! We’ll give a greeting to our old friends.” Long Chen waved his hand, moving toward the front of the battlefield with Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Yue Zifeng, and the others.

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