Chapter 1692 Heavenly Geniuses Reveal Themselves (Teaser)


Space exploded, and a huge hole appeared in the void. Large figures began to rush out of that hole.

They were humanoid giants holding giant bone clubs. They charged at the Dragonblood Legion, and their bronze eyes filled with furious killing intent.

“Heavens, this is the legendary giant devil race, a high-level race even amongst the devil race! Their bloodline is extremely pure, and their power is heaven-shaking! They’re comparable to rank nine Celestials!” 

Startled cries rang out. These giants were recorded in the history of the continent. In the previous dark eras, these terrifying devils had caused endless grief to the continent.

Although they had been eliminated in the end, the damage they had done in a short hundred years had made their name pass down in stories. Some elders even used the name of the giant devils to frighten children.

They were demons from nightmares. They were insanely powerful and extremely bloodthirsty. They ate living humans and were said to be able...

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