Chapter 1691 Hu Feng

On the battlefield, the Dragonblood warriors and the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were constantly killing devil creatures. As the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples learned how to cooperate, they did form a kind of life and death trust. They started to unleash the real power that experts on their level should possess.

In truth, these disciples were all extremely talented. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s requirement criteria for the new disciple were very stringent. Someone who wasn’t a genius wasn’t even qualified to join.

It was just that many of those people were greenhouse flowers who would die from a winter’s breeze. Those who had been unable to adapt had already died, while those still persevering were now true warriors.

If you were to say that they could only use half their power when they first came and were suppressed by their fear, then now they were using a hundred and twenty percent of their power.

That was due to their cooperation. Each person protected each other, each person fought for others to recover, each person created opportunities for the others. They were in complete control now.

No matter how large a person’s lung capacity was, they wouldn’t be able to last forever underwater. However, if there were people switching off with them and each person had time to breathe, then they would be able to last forever. In this kind of huge battle where they had no idea when things would end, winning breathing room for each other was enough to decide whether they would live or die.

From rookies who didn’t even know how to fight, they had transformed into true warriors in just a month. The cruelty of the battlefield meant that you either adapted or died. There was no third path.

“Seeing them, I’m reminded of the Dragonblood Legion’s early stages. Perhaps they will also become amazing warriors.” Meng Qi stood by Long Chen’s side, looking at the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples that were fighting intensely.

“Yes. In truth, they’re already not bad. It’s just that they were misguided by a bunch of idiots. I trust that after this battle, they’ll have an even deeper understanding of life. Then they can truly grow.” Long Chen nodded.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were fighting more and more fiercely, but instead of growing weary, they only became more refreshed.

As for the Dragonblood warriors, they were the cornerstone of this battle. They controlled the tempo. Once they pushed back the devil creatures to the front lines, Long Chen ordered them to simply hold there. He had to give these disciples the maximum possible time to adapt. Once the real battle descended, they had to have grown even stronger. That was the only way to minimize the casualties.

Without the first month of training, if they had encountered a battle on this level, then other than the Empyreans, the rest of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples would have all died. Long Chen was doing his best to give them time to grow.

The most excited person on the battlefield was Guo Ran. The runes around his butt activated, and he shot back and forth like a bolt of golden lightning. He was like a hardworking farmer cutting through the weeds. Wherever Guo Ran went, the devil beasts collapsed.

Guo Ran had been more than prepared this time. He had piles of resources that he could use to kill the devil creatures.

“It feels amazing to have money!”

Guo Ran laughed grandly. That arrogant appearance of his made others want to give him a beating so that he would fall from the sky.

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing emotionally. That golden armor of Guo Ran’s was also a money-burning toy. Of the money that Long Chen had gathered during this time, at least two to three hundred spirit crystals had been used on it. However, Guo Ran’s ability at transforming money into combat power was marvelous. In this cultivation world, money would always rank first.

Innately, Guo Ran didn’t have any talent. However, relying on his head, he made many bizarre inventions. With Long Chen’s wealth added into the mix, he was soaring forcibly. This time, Guo Ran had decided to fully reveal his amazing skill.

“What’s Guo Ran’s rank?” asked Long Chen.

“He’s already seventh. His speed’s not bad,” praised Tang Wan-er.

On the edge of the battlefield, Liu Ruyan was still killing devil creatures, neither slowly nor quickly. After they died, their flesh was absorbed by Liu Ruyan’s roots. Faint black mist had appeared around her giant body.

Liu Ruyan had said that their flesh was useful to her. She wasn’t fighting for ranking, but for that flesh.

Her roots were spread throughout the battlefield. No matter who killed the devil beast, their flesh would be absorbed by her. Her aura was growing increasingly frightening.

Chu Yao told Long Chen that this was one of the Undying Willow race’s divine abilities. They could kill experts to strengthen themselves. That made the Undying Willow race very warlike, however, they were worthy of trust, so there was no need to worry.

Liu Ruyan had left the core of the battlefield to them now. She was killing devil creatures in the corner, causing Chu Yao’s ranking to fall to 549. It could be seen how intense the fighting was now that the various experts had stepped in.

Guo Ran danced through the battlefield like he was playing. But his efficiency was shocking. He was like a killing machine.

The battlefield rocked, and each time he passed through the tide of devil creatures, it was unknown how many he killed. It looked completely effortless as if he was just playing around.

At this time, people finally realized why Guo Ran had been so arrogant as to say he would get in the top ten. This kind of killing efficiency wasn’t something others could compare to.

“Long Chen, look! This person, how is he rising so quickly?!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er suddenly.

On the jade plate, one name was rapidly flashing. Normally, a single flash meant that a person’s ranking had advanced, but this name had rapidly repeatedly flashed as soon as it had appeared. From under the five hundred, it charged into the top hundred in just a few breaths’ time, and even in the top hundred, his name continued to rapidly flash and climb.

“Hu Feng? An expert from the Southern Xuan Region? How come I’ve never heard of such an expert in the Southern Xuan Region?” Long Chen was startled. This kind of crazy rise in ranking had to be because of unleashing huge attacks and racking up kills. 

For example, Ye Zhiqiu and Meng Qi had unleashed large-area attacks to show their names on the rankings for an instant. However, now the devil creatures were incredibly powerful, and some even had a strange immunity to certain magical arts. It was now very difficult to wipe them all out. According to reason, such a crazy speed was impossible now.

“Fifty… twenty-seven… fifteen… nine… heavens, how is his rank rising so quickly?!” Gu Yang also exclaimed in shock.

Just how was Hu Feng doing this? In an instant, his name actually rose to the second rank. However, after reaching the second rank, his name stopped flashing. Even he was unable to shake Xia Chen’s first place ranking.

The sudden appearance of a dark horse like Hu Feng shocked even Long Chen. He didn’t understand what this guy was thinking. For him to charge up the rankings so quickly, he had to be a top expert. But for such a top expert to attack at this time seemed off.

Qu Jianying had already warned him about this. The Devil Abyss’s eruption could be split into two portions. In the first portion, only weak creatures would appear with limited combat power.

He was to preserve his energy for the second portion, the true bloody battle. The real experts were all waiting for that time. However, this Hu Feng had suddenly appeared. It was befuddling.

“Is he aiming at Xia Chen?” wondered people. Did this Hu Feng dislike Xia Chen, so he wanted to kick him out of first place?

“I don’t know, but it’s fine. The real battle has yet to start. At this time, we must still fight steadily.” Long Chen also couldn’t understand what this Hu Feng was thinking, but in any case, they could just continue according to the plan.

“Fuck, is he forcing me to unleash my ultimate moves?!” cursed Guo Ran. He had just gotten to rank seven when he fell back to rank eight because of Hu Feng, angering him.

“Hurry up and get to your work!” raged Long Chen. Releasing his ultimate moves at this time was exactly the opposite of what Long Chen had just said.

Only then did Guo Ran suppress his anger and continue killing. After three days, Guo Ran hadn’t just taken his spot back but had also advanced to rank six. Guo Ran was smiling brightly.

The entire Martial Heaven Continent was paying close attention to the Devil Slaughter Rankings. How many eyes were staring at him right now, discussing his identity? Thinking of that, Guo Ran’s smile threatened to split his face. Now, his fame would really shake the heavens. How amazing was that?

Even after three days, Hu Feng’s position didn’t change. It didn’t drop, nor did it rise. Xia Chen’s position as rank one was unshakable.

Suddenly, the name of an expert who had climbed into the top ten started to dim. It then vanished.

“Why did this person’s name suddenly turn dark?” exclaimed Tang Wan-er. 

“It means that person’s dead,” said Long Chen flatly.

“But how is that possible? Such a powerful person, how did they die to these devil creatures?” Tang Wan-er couldn’t believe it.

“Who said that they had to have died to the devil creatures?”

“Wait, you mean… but isn’t it unpermitted to fight amongst each other in the Devil Abyss?”

“Foolish girl, rules are nothing more than a joke. Some people exist above the rules because they are strong enough that the rules can’t restrict them. This person was likely killed by someone they had offended. I would even guess that the culprit is most likely the Bloodkill Hall. Only the Bloodkill Hall’s experts have killing power sufficient to eliminate such a powerful existence without them being able to escape.” Long Chen smiled faintly. His sixth sense was telling him that the Bloodkill Hall was starting to grow active again.

“Then it’s a good thing that we’re the only ones in the Eastern Xuan Region. At least, we won’t be sneak attacked by others,” said Gu Yang.

Just as they were talking, space began to explode, and terrifying auras rose. It felt like the world would collapse.

“Xuantian Dao Sect disciples, retreat! Dragonblood Legion, form the dual-wing killing formation! The real battle starts now!” Long Chen’s expression turned serious as he looked at the crumbling space ahead. The second portion of the eruption had come.

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