Chapter 1690 Four-Armed Devil Creatures (Teaser)

Day after day passed. Other than Xia Chen whose position was unshakable, the top ten on the Devil Slaughter Rankings constantly changed. Chu Yao’s name hovered between ninth and thirteenth. It could be seen how intense the fight for the top ten was.

As time passed, more devil creatures appeared, and they only grew stronger. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples clenched their teeth and bitterly fought. In a month, they had lost twenty-three thousand people.

By this time, the devil creatures had grown strong enough to threaten even their strongest members. Furthermore, more and more varieties of them appeared, some with strange fighting methods. Each time new varieties appeared, it would catch a few people off guard. The majority of those who died were sacrificed during those times.

Some managed to escape with their Yuan Spirits once their physical bodies were destroyed. Long Chen ordered those disciples to immediately return to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

However, some disciples refused to leave even after being reduced to their Yuan Spirits. They continued to fight to the death. Seeing the companions fall...

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