Chapter 1690 Four-Armed Devil Creatures

Day after day passed. Other than Xia Chen whose position was unshakable, the top ten on the Devil Slaughter Rankings constantly changed. Chu Yao’s name hovered between ninth and thirteenth. It could be seen how intense the fight for the top ten was.

As time passed, more devil creatures appeared, and they only grew stronger. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples clenched their teeth and bitterly fought. In a month, they had lost twenty-three thousand people.

By this time, the devil creatures had grown strong enough to threaten even their strongest members. Furthermore, more and more varieties of them appeared, some with strange fighting methods. Each time new varieties appeared, it would catch a few people off guard. The majority of those who died were sacrificed during those times.

Some managed to escape with their Yuan Spirits once their physical bodies were destroyed. Long Chen ordered those disciples to immediately return to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

However, some disciples refused to leave even after being reduced to their Yuan Spirits. They continued to fight to the death. Seeing the companions fall one by one filled them with hatred, and they swore to avenge their fallen companions.

The battlefield was the easiest place to form emotional ties with your comrades, especially when you saw them die. The emotions people hid inside them would instantly erupt, and their own lives wouldn’t even feel that important anymore.

However, they only had their Yuan Spirits left, and they weren’t Empyreans, so their Yuan Spirits weren’t very powerful. Staying here was suicide.

Long Chen had Meng Qi forcibly send those people away. Having undergone the baptism of blood and fire, they had completely transformed into true warriors. As long as they didn’t die, they would become pillars of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

After a month of life and death battle, they had taken the first step. Even though they had lost their bodies, that wasn’t too bad. Each sect had secret arts that allowed experts to recreate a physical body.

It was simply that those bodies wouldn’t suit them as well as their original bodies. However, as long as you had money and were willing to spend it, then it was a different matter. In this world, there were very few things that money couldn’t solve. Otherwise, Pill Valley wouldn’t be glaring at the Huayun Sect all the time while being helpless to do anything to them. The Huayun Sect’s attitude was always one of competing with whoever had the most money.

For the people that had lost their physical bodies, the Xuantian Dao Sect would be willing to spend a fortune to create a new physical body for them, one that definitely wouldn’t be inferior to their old body. In fact, this new body might even be a bit better and wouldn’t affect their talent.

Suddenly, faint cracks appeared in the space ahead. It was like glass that was finally starting to break under immense pressure.

“Dragonblood Legion, prepare to move out. The real battle’s starting. You’re the main characters of this battle, so make sure you warm up and let our brothers learn what a real battle is!” shouted Long Chen.

This place was one where the Martial Heaven Continent’s space mixed with another world. For space to be torn apart like this, the spatial pressure had to have increased. In other words, even stronger devil creatures were about to appear.

“Hahaha, it’s finally my turn! My blade has long since grown thirsty for blood!” laughed Guo Ran heroically.


Space exploded, and the channel where the devil creatures were coming from grew by several times. A black flood poured out of it.

That was a sea of countless large creatures. When they saw those devil creatures, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples’ expressions changed completely.

These devil creatures actually looked humanoid. They were ten meters tall with four arms that were bulging with muscles. They looked like iron, as if their bodies possessed so much power that it was exploding out of them.

This was clearly a power-type devil creature. Each of them possessed a frightening aura. When it came to power, they definitely weren’t weaker than them. Now, they were charging out like a flood, and that sight sparked despair.

Just as that despair was sparked, Guo Ran charged forward in his golden armor. A pair of golden wings appeared on his back, and he had golden sabers. He shot out like a shooting star toward them, and a metallic voice rang out.

“The one who swept the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, the one whose invincible dual sabers slaughters devils and demons, Guo Ran, is here!”

A golden light smashed through the army of four-armed devil creatures.

Guo Ran’s dual sabers and wings flashed with divine light that transformed into four sharp saber-images. Each was dozens of miles long and cut right through them.

Any devil creatures touched by his saber-images were torn apart. The entire sea of devil creatures was split by him.


Following Guo Ran, the Dragonblood warriors who had been thirsting for battle also charged out, pouncing on their enemies like wolves. Over ten thousand Dragonblood warriors advanced. Flesh and blood flew everywhere.

These Dragonblood warriors advanced in a straight line formation, using this weak formation to directly crush their opponents. Not only did they stop their opponents, but they pushed them back as well.

Before the battle, Long Chen had arranged for multiple battle lines and had the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples guard their own sections.

However, each time new variants of devil creatures appeared, they would cause confusion that forced the battle lines back. By now, they had already been backed up against the wall Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had created.

Now the Dragonblood Legion was forcing the battle lines forward. As blood filled the air, the Dragonblood warriors were like machines, reaping their opponents’ lives. They quickly won back all the ground the disciples had lost.

The Dragonblood warriors’ efficiency, their explosive power, the speed of their refined attacks, and their perfect cooperation amazed all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

Although these disciples had also done their best to cooperate with others while fighting, they fought mainly while thinking of themselves. But now they saw the Dragonblood warriors fighting. They were a perfect unit of over ten thousand people working together seamlessly.

Those terrifying four-armed devil creatures were cut down like tofu in front of their perfect cooperation. Shockingly, the Dragonblood warriors hadn’t even summoned their manifestations. Just this cooperation was enough for them to effortlessly slaughter these four-armed devil creatures.

“I always thought that group battles were limited and that the more people fighting together, the lower their overall power would drop. But now… I’m really amazed,” praised an Empyrean who was watching with respect.

Experts disdained working together with each other. Furthermore, when two people worked together, their actual combat power wouldn’t be one plus one equals two. It might very likely still be one or even less than one.

To work together required trust. That was too rare. No one liked entrusting their lives into other people’s hands.

“Remember, in this world, there is nothing that can survive on its own.”

At this moment, Long Chen walked over to those amazed disciples. “A single drop of water would quickly vanish on its own. It must merge with the sea, using the power of the sea to resist the whittling of the heavens. As for the sea, it can’t exist on its own or it would dry up sooner or later. It has to rely on the sustenance of the rivers flowing from the land, relying on the cycle of the elements to replenish itself. Stars can’t exist on their own. They need to merge with the cosmos and live with the cycle of the cosmos. As for the cosmos, it definitely can’t exist on its own either. As for what it relies on, that’s not something people like us can figure out. The drop of water must trust the sea to live forever, the sea must trust the stars to survive eras, and the stars must cycle along the will of the cosmos to not extinguish. People have never been alone, or there wouldn’t be fathers, mothers, husbands and wives. Trust is the foundation of a person getting stronger. If you don’t trust others, you won’t gain other people’s trust. Sincerity must be won with sincerity. Right now, you lack trust, so you can’t get stronger. Why not try entrusting your lives to your companions once? When you feel other people entrust their lives to you, you’ll understand the true meaning of life. All experts must possess their own convictions.”


This world was like a hammer striking the hearts of these disciples. To entrust their own lives to others, that was something they had never thought of. That went against the instincts of a cultivator.

However, they looked at the Dragonblood warriors. Their absolute trust in each other deeply shook them. Could the trust between two people really reach the level where they would entrust their most precious lives to each other?

Suddenly, roaring filled the air. Guo Ran had made a beautiful arc in the air and then descended again, slaughtering more of the devil creatures.

As Guo Ran swept through them, each time forming a large path in the sea of devil creatures, his rank rapidly rose. He quickly reached twenty-eighth place.

At the same time, Chu Yao’s name dropped to seventeenth. Many foreign names suddenly appeared on the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

That meant that the appearance of the four-armed devil creatures had caused quite a few experts to come out. They were all starting to use their real power.

“Brothers, no need to go so all-out. Leave a path. Even if you take all the meat, you have to leave some soup for the others!” shouted Long Chen.


The Dragonblood warriors laughed and opened a path in the middle, allowing a small portion of the devil creatures to get past.

“Brothers, your lives are mine, and my life is yours. We’ll fight shoulder to shoulder today!”

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples charged into the battlefield that the Dragonblood Legion had left them.


Affected by Long Chen and the Dragonblood warriors, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples also tried the same kind of cooperation. They clearly felt an increase in their combat power this time.

In this kind of chaotic battle, working as a team was extremely important. If they were instead like scattered grains of sand, rather than fighting ten against one, they would be fighting one against ten. It wouldn’t be long before they were individually taken out.

In the Central Xuan Region’s battlefield, in an extremely unremarkable region, a violet-robed man scowled. He held a six-sided magic cube in his hand. He softly prayed, “It’s already been a month. Please, stop joking around with me. Give me a powerful helper now, or it’ll be too late.”

After saying that, the man tossed the cube. It spun in the air, slowly coming to a stop. One side of it lit up.

“Hahaha, yes! I, Hu Feng, will definitely take a place in the top ten!” laughed the man.

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