Chapter 1689 The Ice Fairy

In the depths of the Devil Abyss, on the battlefield belonging to the Northern Xuan Region, countless experts were fighting the devil creatures. This was the Northern Xuan Region’s first line of defense.

This battlefield was at the main channel, and they blocked the devil creatures from charging past them to the branches leading to individual sects.

However, some heavenly geniuses had grown impatient and charged out beyond the battle line. Those who could come here were the best and most famous geniuses of their sects. Their goal was to enter the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

Over a hundred thousand experts were fighting right now, blocking the endless horde of devil creatures. However, it wasn’t taxing on them at all.

On the edge of the battlefield was a group of a few dozen experts sitting with their eyes closed. They weren’t interested in the battle ahead at all.

These people’s auras were heavy. The power of the Heavenly Daos revolved around them, and the space around them was twisted just from their existence.

However, just based on their Heavenly Dao fluctuations, they had to be Empyreans, and even had to be outstanding even amongst other Empyreans at that.

They had no intention of participating in the current battle. Clearly, they disdained killing these devil creatures. They also knew that now wasn’t the right time to charge onto the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

Just as these experts were indifferently sitting there, a white-robed woman walked out. She was like a fairy from another world, and she appeared without the slightest sound.

When she walked out, the entire battlefield suddenly dropped in temperature. It was like winter had suddenly come. The woman gracefully walked forward.

With each step she took, a flower-like ice crystal bloomed. Wherever she went became a world of ice. The earth was frozen, and snow fluttered in the sky. It was like an ice goddess had descended into the world.

“The Ice Fairy Ye Zhiqiu? Why would she come out this early?” Those Empyreans sitting outside the battlefield were greatly shocked.

They all recognized this Ice Fairy, who was known as the Divine Ice Palace’s most outstanding disciple. She was their top expert in the junior generation and possessed her own legendary story. Rumor was that she had once died in battle, but experts had used an ice seed to freeze her soul in place. Using her soul as the bridge and her body as the lure, they had allowed her to undergo nirvanic rebirth, which had also awakened her ice spirit body.

Although Ye Zhiqiu’s name had long since resounded throughout the Northern Xuan Region, that was only because she was known as the Divine Ice Palace’s most outstanding disciple. Only a few people had ever seen her, let alone seen her fight.

Without summoning her manifestation, without activating any magical arts, she froze heaven and earth with just her aura. That was something only the legendary ice spirit body could accomplish.

“What a beautiful ice beauty. It’s too bad she’s too cold,” sighed an Empyrean emotionally.

Ye Zhiqiu was so beautiful that it was suffocating. Her white robes were like snow, while her black hair fell to her waist. However, when her beauty was described as suffocating, it wasn’t just a description. It was reality. Just looking at her would make someone feel like their soul was about to freeze. Weaker disciples felt stabbing pain in their souls from taking a glance at her. That shocked everyone. If just looking at her caused this, wouldn’t being looked at by her freeze you to death?

Ye Zhiqiu’s face looked like a jade carving. It was flawless, a masterpiece of the heavens. However, this beautiful face didn’t have the slightest emotion on it. If you had to say what kind of expressions she had, then she only had two. One was icy, and one was icier.

Her face hadn’t changed at all from when she was in the Eastern Wasteland. However, her eyes had become frighteningly icy. No one dared to look her in the eyes.

As she gracefully walked forward, the experts fighting immediately opened a path up for her. Just like that, she slowly walked toward the devil creatures.

The area around Ye Zhiqiu was covered in ice. Those howling devil creatures were instantly frozen solid as soon as they entered her ice domain.

Countless ice statues appeared as Ye Zhiqiu walked forward. Those statues were in charging postures. It was a strange sight. No devil creatures could even get close to her before being turned into ice statues. Even the Empyreans’ expressions changed.

Although these devil creatures were nothing in their eyes, they definitely wouldn’t be able to kill them so easily with just their auras.

“What terrifying Ice Qi…” sighed an Empyrean. This was a kind of power that caused despair. She was truly worthy of possessing the legendary ice spirit body. She was practically an unrivaled existence.

Ye Zhiqiu continued forward, leaving a path of ice statues. She quickly arrived at the place the devil creatures were charging out of. This place had a formation preventing her from going any further.

This battlefield had been created to be in the shape of a funnel. The exit was smaller, creating a bottleneck that blocked the devil creatures and made it easier to defend against them.

As for Ye Zhiqiu, she was not standing at the widest part of the funnel. A huge ice crystal appeared and instantly exploded, shrouding the world in ice.

“Heavens, what kind of move is this?!”

The battlefield had been instantly turned into a world of ice. All the devil creatures present had been turned into ice statues.

All the roaring that filled the air came to a sudden stop. The world was deathly silent. It was as if it wasn’t just the devil creatures that were frozen, but even time and space.

In the next instant, the frozen statues exploded into ice fragments. There wasn’t a trace of the devil creatures left.

The huge battlefield was emptied in an instant. The only one standing at the core of the battlefield was Ye Zhiqiu. That sight stunned all the Northern Xuan Region’s disciples.

With one move, she had emptied the battlefield. Was there any move more terrifying in this world?

Ye Zhiqiu slowly walked toward a corner of the battlefield. As she walked away, the ice and snow in the world faded. Very quickly, more devil creatures charged out as if nothing had happened.

The place Ye Zhiqiu had moved to quickly became a world of ice. A giant ice palace condensed around her.

Ye Zhiqiu sat on the throne. When she looked at the jade plate she held in her hand, finally a trace of emotion appeared in her eyes. However, that emotion wasn’t something anyone else could read.

“Seventh! Ye Zhiqiu’s amazing! What did she do to instantly charge to the front?” Tang Wan-er cried out excitedly.

What excited her wasn’t that Ye Zhiqiu was so strong, but that they had finally received some news about her.

“Zhiqiu is giving us a greeting.” Long Chen was also emotional as he looked at the jade plate. Although they had no way of meeting each other yet, Ye Zhiqiu was clearly transmitting her emotions this way.

“Then I’ll return it!”

Meng Qi smiled. Cloud suddenly transformed into her true body and Meng Qi jumped onto her back. Like a bolt of lightning, they flew to the core of the battlefield.

The devil creatures that appeared on the battlefield only grew stronger. Some of them had eight arms and were comparable to ordinary Life Star experts.

At the start, ten thousand of the weak devil creatures were only worth one point. Now, one of these more powerful devil creatures was worth one point.

Meng Qi stood in the air. A pair of transparent wings appeared behind her. She pointed at the sky, and a miniature version of her appeared. It was her Yuan Spirit.

After condensing her Yuan Spirit a second time, Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength had grown even more terrifying.

“Soul Extinguishes Life!” A ripple spread from Meng Qi, like a ripple on a smooth lake.

Those devil creatures stiffened and fell to the ground just like that, their souls extinguished. The battlefield was emptied here as well.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples looked at Meng Qi with shock. If she were an enemy, how many of them could she kill with just one attack? Fortunately, Meng Qi was on their side.


Meng Qi’s name also appeared on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Chu Yao was originally ninth, but Ye Zhiqiu had pushed her to tenth, and now Meng Qi had pushed her to eleventh.

That wasn’t because Liu Ruyan wasn’t strong enough, but because Long Chen had told her to control the battlefield. She was giving the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples a chance to train. Otherwise, if Liu Ruyan used her full power, Chu Yao’s ranking would be even higher.

In the Northern Xuan Region, Ye Zhiqiu saw that familiar name appear on her jade plate, and a trace of warmth appeared in her icy eyes.

Ye Zhiqiu extended a hand, and her ice domain slowly shrank until it formed a small, ice world around her. She was now isolated from the outside world. She had already achieved her goal, so for now, she didn’t need to do anything else.

“Long Chen, you were right. The best time to get on the Devil Slaughter Rankings really is at the end. The ones at the start were all people without real power who just wanted to draw some attention to themselves while they could,” said Tang Wan-er. This was evident from how Meng Qi and Ye Zhiqiu had charged onto the rankings so easily.

“That’s not certain. For example, Xia Chen has maintained first place the entire time. He’s definitely powerful.” Long Chen pointed to Xia Chen’s name.

“That’s true. After so many days, other people’s ranks are constantly changing, but no one has managed to shake his position. Perhaps he’s a very conceited person who wants to maintain first place from start to end,” guessed Gu Yang.

“I don’t care who’s first place. As long as one of us can get into the top ten, it’ll be accomplishing the alliance head’s mission. Otherwise, my butt might end up being beaten red,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Long Chen, you don’t want to fight for first?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Not really. Fame has its price. I don’t want to be stared at by so many people.” Long Chen shook his head. This kind of meaningless fame was just that, meaningless.

“Boss, how about I go fight right now?” asked Guo Ran impatiently.

“It’s still too early. Wait for Mo Nian to appear. You can fight when he appears.” Long Chen laughed. He knew that Mo Nian definitely wouldn’t let this chance to show off get away.

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