Chapter 1684 Devil Slaughter Rankings

“The Devil Slaughter Rankings? What’s that?”

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, Qu Jianying, the patriarch, Li Tianxuan, and Long Chen were sitting together. Long Chen looked at Qu Jianying blankly.

Li Tianxuan said, “The so-called Devil Slaughter Rankings are determined each time the Devil Abyss erupts as a whole. The Martial Heaven Continent’s young experts will kill the devil experts, and each devil expert they slay gives them a certain number of kill points. They are recorded with the Heaven Watching Divine Jades and that information is sent back to the Devil Slaughtering Divine Tablet in the Martial Heaven Alliance’s main headquarters in the Central Xuan Region. The Devil Slaughtering Divine Tablet will rank each disciple according to the number and strength of the devil experts they kill. That’s the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Although each time the Devil Abyss erupts the Martial Heaven Alliance is the main force holding them back, the embarrassing thing is that we haven’t been able to produce any geniuses that enter the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Even those who can reach the top thirty are rare.”

“Why is that?” asked Long Chen.

“Because…” Li Tianxuan hesitated, pondering how to reply.

“It’s because of the helplessness of the Martial Heaven Alliance. We haven’t been able to produce many good geniuses. Each time, the top ten is occupied by the ancient races, Xuan Beasts, Bloodkill Hall, and the Corrupt path’s experts,” said Qu Jianying gloomily.

“How is that possible? Why would the Corrupt path work together with us?”

“Don’t misunderstand. They aren’t helping us out of the kindness in their hearts. They’re just trying to give a blow to our morale. They will only send a few experts who they are confident in, and they enter the core of the battlefield through other entrances with their only goal being to get into the top ten. They don’t allow my Martial Heaven Alliance or the ancient family alliance’s experts to enter the top ten. The Righteous path’s morale has never been high, and one reason is because we can’t get into the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Even getting into the top thirty would depend on luck,” sighed Qu Jianying.

“Then can’t you just not let them enter?” asked Long Chen.

“Hmph, being powerless myself, how am I supposed to prevent the competition from joining in? If I allowed the Righteous path to get such a big head and grow so conceited, the entire Righteous path would be disbanded within a thousand years. Don’t be so silly,” raged Qu Jianying.

“Hehe, I didn’t think of that,” laughed Long Chen. Qu Jianying’s considerations were reasonable. With the Righteous path’s irrational pride, feeling inferior was definitely better than feeling superior.

“That’s why, you have to enter the top ten for me, or I’ll skin you for all the trouble you gave me! Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you did. I’ve written it all in a book. If you do well, then I can write it off with one stroke, but if not… hehe.” Qu Jianying smiled threateningly. Most likely, Long Chen wouldn’t have any more good days if he couldn’t achieve this.

“Why not first place?” asked Long Chen.

Qu Jianying laughed. “Little brat, do you think others are all useless? I don’t want to give you a blow, but if you could enter the top ten, I’d already light incense as thanks. You have no idea how big the continent is, or how many experts there are. You also don’t know how great the difference is between the Central Xuan Region and the other four regions. Most importantly, just because you have high combat power doesn’t mean you’ll have killing efficiency. With just one saber, even if you could slash straight through the entire battlefield, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to enter the top ten. This isn’t a competition of battle power but how many you can kill. There are many experts who might lose in a fight against you, but have amazing area attacks that can instantly kill as many devil experts as you can kill in several hours. Not only that, but other than the sects that you know of, some existences that have been hiding for countless years and have almost been forgotten are reviving with the descent of the great era. Those ancient sects possess terrifying inheritances. Furthermore, they aren’t technically part of the Martial Heaven Alliance, so even if their people got in the top ten, it wouldn’t have the slightest relation to us. All kinds of monster-class geniuses will come out during the Devil Abyss’s eruption this time. They all want to leave their name on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. The competition will be exceptionally intense, and it will be unimaginably savage. You should just give up on first place. Just entering the top ten would satisfy me,” sighed Qu Jianying.

The reason why the Martial Heaven Alliance could lead the Righteous path wasn’t because the Martial Heaven Alliance itself was so powerful, but because the Righteous path needed protection and to unite against the Corrupt path.

As for sects that were strong enough, they disdained joining any alliance. No one dared to provoke them, so those sects’ disciples could be monstrously powerful. Although Qu Jianying was hopeful for Long Chen, she was also worried.

As the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance, she wished she could raise her people’s morale and vent years of frustration. Even if she died, she could die in peace then.

“If that’s the case, then it’s not a problem. Even if I can’t, there should be no problem with my people entering.” Contrary to Qu Jianying, Long Chen wasn’t worried at all. He might not specialize in group killing arts, but plenty within the Dragonblood Legion did.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as one of you can enter the top ten, it will be good. The Devil Abyss is starting to grow more intense. You should prepare yourself faster, as the eruption this time will be on an unprecedented scale. However, let me give you just one order. You cannot press forward out of greed. You have to fight while making sure the Devil Abyss’s creatures cannot charge onto the continent. Although it’s a bit unfair to you, nothing can be done about it. We can’t let the devil race’s creatures slaughter the continent’s people. Otherwise, even if you got first, it would be a disgrace. Understood?” demanded Qu Jianying.

Long Chen suddenly understood. This was probably the main reason the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples were unable to get a good ranking. Others could charge deeper into the Devil Abyss and slaughter as many as they pleased, while the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples had to stay back and defend.

“Don’t worry, I’m confident.” Long Chen patted his chest confidently.

“I’m confident in you doing bad things, but I am really worried when it comes to you doing good things.” Qu Jianying looked at Long Chen helplessly.

Qu Jianying was extremely busy, and after giving Long Chen his instructions, she left immediately to handle her other duties.

Once Qu Jianying left, Long Chen went to see Wilde. Wilde was still sleeping, but he was no longer the same as before. A thunderous snoring came from him.

He was emitting a terrifying aura, one that wasn’t similar to a human at all. It was more like an ancient beast’s aura.

Long Chen examined Wilde and found that his body was finally starting the slow process of reviving. His cells, which had been completely asleep, were starting to awaken. It seemed it wouldn’t be long now.

However, he had to awaken naturally. If he was forcibly awakened, it would definitely be detrimental to his body.

Li Tianxuan gave a map of the Devil Abyss’s channels to Long Chen. The Devil Abyss was the result of a channel opened in a spatial wall in the underground of the Martial Heaven Continent. The devil race’s experts invaded the Martial Heaven Continent through that channel.

In the ancient era, almighty experts had modified the channel, splitting it into five regions, the eastern, western, southern, northern, and central regions.

Those five channels had then been split into millions of tiny channels that led to the various large sects. The Xuantian Dao Sect was one of them.

“Wouldn’t there be even more in the core region? Won’t they have a huge advantage over us like that?” asked Long Chen.

“No, the core region also has a formation. Whether it’s the geniuses of the Martial Heaven Alliance or the genius of other powers, they can only occupy one of the positions around the core region and attack from there. If they go too far, they will be suppressed by the spatial channel, and it will weaken them. They might die within the sea of devils like that. Don’t look down on these devil creatures. I suspect that they have also produced higher level experts due to the great era. Their top geniuses are no weaker than our human geniuses. No one knows what will happen, so don’t be careless. A single mistake will bring calamity to the Eastern Xuan Region. This eruption came at the wrong time for us. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s defensive formation has not been fully built. Otherwise, you would be able to go forward without any misgivings,” sighed Li Tianxuan.

The Xuantian Dao Sect looked like it had been fully built, but only Long Chen, Li Tianxuan, and the patriarch knew that the current Xuantian Dao Sect was just a fancy frame at the moment. Only once the main formation was completed could it be capable of its true offensive and defensive powers.

“Don’t worry, I’m more confident than other time for this Devil Abyss eruption. I definitely won’t allow the devil creatures to charge aboveground, and I definitely will accomplish the alliance head’s mission.” Long Chen was extremely confident. The current Dragonblood Legion had completely transformed. Their power had reached a level that even he couldn’t estimate.

He wanted to leave the Dragonblood Legion’s name on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, so that the entire continent would know their power. In fact, he was almost unable to suppress his own excitement. He wished the Devil Abyss would erupt earlier.

“Alright, since you’re so confident, I’m at ease.” Li Tianxuan was more confident in Long Chen than anyone else.

What he had been worried about wasn’t Long Chen’s safety, but that Long Chen would be careless due to his youth and allow some of the devil creatures to charge aboveground.

Those devil creatures were all bloodthirsty fiends. Once they charged onto the continent, they would slaughter all life. There had been such a baptism in the past.

Millions of those devil creatures had managed to charge onto the continent. They had rapidly spread out in every direction. Despite the various powers hunting them down, it took seven days to kill them all.

In just seven days, thousands of cities had been annihilated, and countless innocent commoners had been killed. It was a true calamity.

That was the result of one sect’s disciples being too arrogant and treating the devil creatures as nothing. They had charged forward to rack up points, resulting in this tragedy.

Those disciples were executed by their sect in the end, and the sect leader killed himself as an apology to the world. That had given the entire continent a warning. So Qu Jianying reminded Long Chen of this, and Li Tianxuan also couldn’t help reminding him again since he knew Long Chen’s character.

Time passed slowly. On the eighth day, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples gathered. The Devil Abyss had suddenly turned silent. It was about to erupt, and an immense battle was about to start.

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