Chapter 1684 Devil Slaughter Rankings (Teaser)

“The Devil Slaughter Rankings? What’s that?”

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, Qu Jianying, the patriarch, Li Tianxuan, and Long Chen were sitting together. Long Chen looked at Qu Jianying blankly.

Li Tianxuan said, “The so-called Devil Slaughter Rankings are determined each time the Devil Abyss erupts as a whole. The Martial Heaven Continent’s young experts will kill the devil experts, and each devil expert they slay gives them a certain number of kill points. They are recorded with the Heaven Watching Divine Jades and that information is sent back to the Devil Slaughtering Divine Tablet in the Martial Heaven Alliance’s main headquarters in the Central Xuan Region. The Devil Slaughtering Divine Tablet will rank each disciple according to the number and strength of the devil experts they kill. That’s the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Although each time the Devil Abyss erupts the Martial Heaven Alliance is the main force holding them back, the embarrassing thing is that we haven’t been able to produce any geniuses that enter the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Even those who can reach the top thirty are rare.”

“Why is that?” asked...

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