Chapter 1680 Kill Them All

There was a sea of people outside the Xuantian Dao Sect’s main gate. They were the genius disciples of the other regions. They had completely blocked the entrance, and any disciples or Elders of the Xuantian Dao Sect who needed to come or go were cursed by them.

They said that the Martial Heaven Alliance was harboring a killer, while the Xuantian Dao Sect itself was unable to distinguish right from wrong. Sooner or later Long Chen would cause the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction. Some even said Li Tianxuan was muddleheaded and tyrannical, while Qu Jianying appointed people due to favoritism. As for Long Chen, he was the black sheep of the entire Righteous path.

In the face of all that cursing, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s members were infuriated. These fellows were clearly being used by others to infuriate them.

Right now, the continent’s public opinion was controlled by Pill Valley, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts. If there was just one person saying something, then people wouldn’t believe it. But if a million people said it at the same time, then even if what they said was false, it would become true.

Furthermore, did they only have a million people? Not even a billion would be enough if you counted their members. They didn’t give Long Chen any chance to retort, as they were drowning him with their spit.

Even with Qu Jianying testified that Long Chen was innocent, regretfully she was his senior. This kind of testimony was naturally lacking weight, especially with Pill Valley secretly controlling the majority of the Righteous path’s forces. Even if those Righteous sects didn’t dare to go against Qu Jianying, they could still secretly support this public opinion without Qu Jianying being able to punish them.

In the face of all of that, Li Tianxuan had ordered the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples not to cause any trouble. If they couldn’t handle that, then they could just stay inside. In any case, the Xuantian Dao Sect had a grand formation protecting it, and it completely blocked their words.

Li Tianxuan’s patience encouraged those people even further, making them even more arrogant. Some of them even began turning their cursing into incredibly infuriating songs.

“Fuck, in the face of the Corrupt path, they turn into little sheep, but they’re better than anyone at internal fighting. How did the Righteous path raise these kinds of idiots?” demanded one of the guards at the gate.

Others couldn’t hear these people’s cursing, but the guards at the gate had to listen to it all day, making them feel like they would explode. Having to listen to their insults while not being allowed to strike back was a kind of torment.

“Ignore them. Once senior apprentice-brother Long Chen and the others come out of seclusion, there’ll be a good show to watch. They won’t be here for much longer. I’m sure you know senior apprentice-brother Long Chen’s methods,” laughed another disciple evilly.

“I really don’t understand these people. Are they really idiots? Do they not realize how easily senior apprentice-brother Long Chen could crush them?” Another one of them shook his head.

These people were nothing but a mob. Although there were a few Empyreans hidden amongst them, Long Chen was known to kill ordinary Empyreans like killing chickens. Just what were these people thinking?

“The majority of these people were hired to come here, while another portion has enmity with the Xuantian Dao Sect or senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. The remaining portion are the real idiots who were duped into coming here. The reason they were duped is due to their jealousy of him,” said another disciple.

“Jealousy? What right do they have to be jealous?” snorted the previous disciple. These people didn’t even have the qualifications to look at Long Chen, let alone be jealous of him.

“How could they not be jealous? Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen managed to climb his way to the peak of heavenly geniuses without any master or powerful background.”

“Well, he did that by risking his life time and time again. In any case, other than admiration, I don’t feel anything else toward him.”

“Hehe, that’s because we both came from normal backgrounds. But what about those fellows that are above others from birth, that have powerful families and amazing masters? Those fellows might be born with a divine item in hand, with their foundation being built while they were still a fetus in their mother’s bellies. They were born with the best talent, the best cultivation environment, the best masters, but despite getting such a head start, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen had already thrown them into the distance. Do you think they like it? Even if they can’t beat him, do you think they’ll pass up the chance to give him a bloody nose?”

“Then they’ll be paying a big price for that bloody nose. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is no peaceful Buddha.”

Just as the disciples guarding the gates were discussing things quietly, the gates slowly opened, causing them to jump in shock.

It had to be known that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s members also came and went from the smaller side door beside the main gate. This was the first time the actual main gates were opened since the reconstruction of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The huge gates slowly opened, revealing Long Chen, the Dragonblood warriors, as well as the other elite disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect. 

Those experts hurling abuse against the gates instantly fell silent. These hundreds of thousands of experts went quiet like a blade had severed their throats.

Long Chen’s name and fame had already spread throughout the Martial Heaven Continent. When they actually saw him, they felt a chill. Looking at him was like looking at a death god.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!” Those guards hastily bowed.

“It’s been hard on you.” Long Chen knew that they had had to endure a great deal during this time. He coldly looked at the crowd. “There are many kinds of death, and the most annoying one is when the person dying has to irritate you right before death. However, I, Long Chen, am already used to it, and I’m not picky about who I kill. As long as someone wishes to be killed, I won’t let them down. I’ll give you all one incense stick’s worth of time. If you don’t want to die, then scram. After an incense stick’s worth of time, anyone within a hundred thousand miles of the Xuantian Dao Sect will be killed to the last.”

Long Chen took out an incense stick. It was a completely ordinary stick of incense, and he jabbed it onto the staircase and lit it.

Long Chen’s arrival shocked all these experts. Those people that had been cursing so eloquently had their mouths clamped tight.

The guards looked at them disdainfully. Weren’t these people so arrogant just now? But as soon as they saw senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, they became mute.

“Long Chen… so you still have the face to come out? If I were you, I’d have long since killed myself out of shame. You slaughtered countless innocents! You’re even worse than a devil! How dare you stay in the Righteous path!?” shouted a rank nine Celestial.

Although he shouted loudly, his voice was clearly quivering, showing his nervousness. There were quite a few syllables that he stumbled upon.

Guo Ran snorted and raised his hand, but he was stopped by Long Chen. He looked at the disciple who was hiding behind others and holding a talisman tightly. He shook his head.

Clearly, this person was one of the leaders. He wanted to provoke everyone’s hatred. If Guo Ran really attacked, he would immediately flee using that talisman in his hand. 

“A talisman is unable to protect your life. At most, it can make you feel a bit more secure. But that feeling of safety will be what makes you lose your life,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Laughable! Since I came here, I never thought about leaving alive! Do you think others are as afraid of death as you? Do you think everyone else is the same as you and tramples over other people’s lives just for their own? Let me tell you, this is a Blood Explosion Talisman, a trump card I prepared for fighting you to the death! Even if I can’t beat you, I’ll show you what’s called righteousness! I would rather die than submit! Compared to me, you are garbage!” shouted that rank nine Celestial.

His words impressed countless others. Who would have thought that this person was so unyielding and upright? Quite a few people felt their blood heating up.

“What a joke. That’s clearly a seven star aimless teleportation talisman. As long as you crush it, you’ll immediately scram and leave a bunch of idiots sending themselves to their deaths. For there to be someone so shameless in this world, my eyes have truly been opened. Let me put it this way. This person is a talisman cultivator and skilled in all kinds of talismans. If I’m wrong, I will cut off my own head and give it to you. How’s that?”

Behind Long Chen, a white-robed man walked forward. He was also an Empyrean and was one of the new members of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

This immediately caused an uproar. Everyone looked toward the rank nine Celestial.

The rank nine Celestial panicked. He didn’t know how to reply. From within the crowd, another Empyrean walked up to him. It was a woman.

She sneered, “Although I’m not a talisman cultivator, I know a bit about them. Don’t you think having your own people decide what a talisman does is a bit conceited?”

The white-robed man’s expression sank. This woman was actually questioning him. He was about to speak when Long Chen waved his hand. “They’re just trying to stall for time. Let them do as they please. In any case, there’s still a bit of time left.”

Only then did everyone realize that in that tense atmosphere, they had forgotten the incense stick. There was only an inch left.


Some people were finally afraid. With their understanding of Long Chen, they knew that staying was death. Following a portion of them fleeing, the remaining people were thrown into chaos.

“Haha, run then! I won’t run! I don’t believe Long Chen dares to do so! If he did, then Pill Valley, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts would have a righteous reason for tearing the Xuantian Dao Sect up by its roots! What reason does he have to kill us all?” sneered that woman.

“Correct, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t dare to do so. If he did, he would implicate the Xuantian Dao Sect and they would be exterminated along with him. He’s just trying to intimidate you!” shouted another Empyrean. He stood at the front of the crowd.

With one expert after another standing up, a portion of the people that had run returned, feeling that these Empyreans made sense.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. When the incense stick finally burned out, he finally opened his mouth.

“Kill them all.”

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