Chapter 1678 Working Hard at Excavating (Teaser)

Looking at the flame lotus in his hand, Long Chen was so emotional that he almost cried. He really had succeeded.

This World Annihilation Flame Lotus was probably even a bit stronger than Star Fall. It absolutely delighted him.

Right now, he had only created the embryonic form of the World Annihilation Flame Lotus. It would only continue to get stronger, and it would be easier to develop it.

What Long Chen wanted to do was merge Star Fall into the World Annihilation Flame Lotus. There were eight petals. He wanted to see if he could condense eight Star Falls on the petals. As for the stamens in the center, for now he didn’t dare to touch them.

Those stamens were the core of this magical art. If he merged Star Fall with it, it would definitely have immense power. However, the core was the bridge connecting the energy. If there was a problem there, it would cause the entire thing to explode.

Furthermore, there were one hundred and eight of those stamens, all connected. In other words, if he wanted to add Star Fall there, he would have to condense one hundred and eight Star Falls to maintain the equilibrium.

What kind of joke was that? If any of those one hundred and eight Star Falls exploded,...

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