Chapter 1677 World Annihilation Flame Lotus, Heavenly Manifestation

Long Chen didn’t view himself as particularly talented or as someone possessing the immense intellect of the ancient creators of magical arts. Those experts had been truly peerless when it came to intelligence, and they had come up with amazing techniques.

Those who could create amazing magical arts were capable of founding their own sects and inheritances. However, in the long river of history, countless heavenly geniuses soared like shooting stars, but then also fell like shooting stars. The absolute majority of the supreme sects from those times had vanished after the dark era. No more sects on their level ever rose.

That was due to the decline of this era. By this point, the current generation had been severed from the inheritances of the immortal era. It was impossible for someone to create similar magical arts on the same level.

Long Chen knew that this was very difficult, and his chances were slim, but he still wanted to see if he could do it. After all, as long as he constantly consumed the pills that Huo Long refined for him, he was still steadily increasing his cultivation base. He could focus on other things while digesting those pills since he had the divine ability that Evilmoon had given him for his stomach.

As he absorbed the medicinal pills, he also experimented with creating his own magical art based on the principles of the divine rune.

His unwavering perseverance resulted in a notebook filled with notes after three days.


The flame sphere in Long Chen’s hand exploded again. Long Chen wrote down: Failure #798. Reason for failure: unable to stabilize the core.

After writing down this line, he sat on his butt. Although he had prepared himself from the start, failing so many times dispirited him.

“It really isn’t a normal level of difficulty.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

Before this, he had thought of countless possibilities for his magical art. However, after failing time and time again, the space for his imagination shrank. When he failed the last time, it was a big blow to him.

Long Chen sighed. “Maybe I’m aiming too high. Perhaps I should take things step by step.”

Originally, Long Chen had felt that using the divine rune’s principles to blaze an alternate path would be possible. However, when he tried to summon a flame domain similar to the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, he found he was completely unable to stabilize the core of it. He was unable to summon a true domain.

Although he had created a few simple magical arts, those were practically garbage. If he used them in combat, his enemies would laugh at him.

“Whatever. I should try building naturally on the divine rune instead.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. He spent an hour to make sure his heart was as calm as possible before he once more summoned the divine rune.

This divine rune was like fertile soil. As long as he had a suitable seed, it would easily grow. Having this divine rune saved him a great deal of effort when it came to creating his own magical art.

Despite that, it was still incredibly difficult. This divine rune was like the foundation of a skyscraper. Although the foundation was amazing, building a skyscraper was still very difficult.

The most difficult thing was that if his building didn’t match the foundation in the end, it would immediately explode.

With the divine rune as the foundation, his greatest advantage was that his magical art wouldn’t crumble in the middle of it. Success or failure would only be shown when it was fully built.

However, where there were advantages, there were also disadvantages. If he didn’t have this foundation, he would know if he failed right at the start. He could immediately give up and start again, which would save him time.





Explosive sounds rang out in the room along with Long Chen’s cursing. After failing another hundred times, even Long Chen was going crazy.

There were some magical arts that he felt should definitely work in theory, but when they finally reached the final point, the divine rune formed a rejection toward them and collapsed. 

“I refuse to believe this crap! I can definitely find an equilibrium.”

Long Chen’s stubborn character flared. For now, he gave up on this kind of testing. Based on his understanding of the divine rune, he began to test how to stabilize the core of the magical art while still allowing all the divine rune’s power to circulate throughout the magical art evenly. He wanted to make the divine rune and the magical art one entity that could not be separated and would not have any expulsion toward each other.

Long Chen wrote down nineteen plans at once. This time, he confidently started his experiments. The result? All nineteen failed.

“Fuck off!”

Long Chen destroyed a stone stool in rage. He felt like he was going crazy. In theory, it clearly worked, but when he actually tried it, it refused to balance itself. It was like after creating a water channel, a hole would suddenly appear when he poured water into it, and then the whole thing would explode. What infuriated Long Chen the most was that he wasn’t even able to find the holes.

Long Chen lay on the ground, looking at the roof of the room. There were dozens of pearls embedded into the ceiling, forming a lotus-flower pattern. Their light was warm and comforting.

Long Chen suddenly sat up and raised a hand. The flame rune reappeared in his hand, and a lotus flower grew out of it. It had eight petals, each with a straight vein leading to the center. At the center was the core of the divine rune in the form of stamens.

Looking at the flame lotus, his eyes began to shine. He increased its power.


The entire room exploded, and Long Chen hacked up blood. His arm had been turned to pulp.

This room had been built according to the standards of Life Star experts, but even it was unable to endure the force of the explosion. 

Long Chen ignored his injuries. His arm instantly recovered, and he summoned the flame rune again. The flame lotus was reborn.

A halo of fire appeared around the edge of the lotus, protecting it. As Long Chen circulated the divine rune, the fire halo began to spin faster and faster. As it spun, the petals grew brighter, and the flower stamens had small whirlpools appear within them. The fire halo absorbed energy from the divine rune, sending it to the petals, which sent it to the stamens. The whirlpools inside the stamens then sent the energy to the divine rune below, forming an endless cycle. The flame lotus bloomed with light.

“Hahaha, finally, success!”

Long Chen roared with laughter. Just now, he had grasped a spark of inspiration that allowed him to succeed with just one more failure.

“I’ll call you the World Annihilation Flame Lotus!” Long Chen was incredibly excited. This was a magical art unique to him. He had finally succeeded.

Just as he shouted the name of the World Annihilation Flame Lotus, the Eastern Xuan Region as a whole shook. Seven-colored clouds filled the sky, dyeing the world in all its colors. Countless experts looked up in a panic.

Everyone went out to take a look. Some people thought that the end of the world had come.

“Don’t panic! These seven-colored clouds are an auspicious sign. It’s a good thing!” shouted some experts to relax others.

The entire Eastern Xuan Region was thrown into chaos. No one had ever seen such a manifestation. They activated photographic jades, but they were shocked to find that their photographic jades were unable to see the seven-colored clouds.

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, all the disciples were looking up in shock. The world had transformed into the colors of the rainbow. This kind of phenomenon was shocking.

“Everyone, don’t panic. Based on the records, there are three conditions that can bring about the appearance of seven-colored clouds. The first is that our world’s qi flow has reached a pinnacle, and so the heavens bestow an auspicious sign. The second is that a priceless treasure has appeared, one overflowing with karmic luck that brings about the appearance of seven-colored clouds. The third… isn’t too possible.” Li Tianxuan’s voice rang out in the sky, allaying people’s fears.

“What is the third possibility? Disciple wishes to know.” An Empyrean bowed respectfully.

“The third possibility is that someone managed to create a magical art capable of shaking heaven and earth. When that expert bestows a name to that magical art, if it obtains the recognition of heaven and earth, seven-colored clouds will appear as a confirmation of its existence and name. However, after the dark era, with the inheritance of the immortal era essentially severed, creating a magical art that can match the perfect divine arts of the immortal era is essentially impossible. So everyone should simply wait calmly. We’ll wait for news from the other regions to see if this auspicious sign descended there as well,” said Li Tianxuan.

However, Li Tianxuan had just said this when the clouds suddenly scattered. The world returned to its normal appearance. Li Tianxuan was stunned.

“You hit your own face by saying this. You just said that the third possibility wasn’t very likely, but the clouds already vanished. If the continent had truly been restored to its peak or a priceless treasure had appeared, the auspicious clouds wouldn’t have appeared for such a short time,” said the old patriarch who was facing Li Tianxuan in the Xuantian Tower.

Li Tianxuan reddened slightly. Suddenly, Li Tianxuan looked at a jade plate on his waist. “The western, southern, northern, and central regions didn’t have the seven-colored clouds appear. Only the Eastern Xuan Region had this manifestation. Did some peerless expert in the Eastern Xuan Region really give birth to such a shocking technique?”

“You don’t need to be curious. This peerless expert is from our Xuantian Dao Sect.”

Just at this moment, the Xuantian Tower’s voice rang out, stunning Li Tianxuan and the patriarch.

“Long Chen?” exclaimed Li Tianxuan and the patriarch.

“Yes. He just created a technique. Its power is definitely amazing. However, according to reason, it shouldn’t have reached the level of gaining heaven and earth’s approval. I don’t know why it managed to summon the seven-colored clouds.” The Xuantian Tower’s voice contained confusion as well.

“So it was him. Then there will be a good show to watch. A magical art created by Long Chen that was capable of forcing heaven and earth of giving it their approval. I look forward to seeing it.”

Li Tianxuan’s eyes began to shine, and he looked in the direction of Crouching Dragon Mountain. Being able to bear witness to the rise of a Heaven-Defier was also a kind of unrivaled honor.

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