Chapter 1673 Making a Demonstration

The next day, Crouching Dragon Mountain was completely sealed off. It had its own special formation that, when activated, isolated it from the rest of the world. Unless someone used the Xuantian Tower, no one could enter or disturb them.

Long Chen had gathered the entire Dragonblood Legion. After a night of rest, he was much more refreshed.

“This time, I obtained quite a few good things in a mysterious place. It will take you some time to digest them all.”

Long Chen took out a blood essence stone and a blood soul stone. The terrifying Blood Qi and Spiritual Strength that came out of them caused people to jump in shock.

“This is a blood essence stone and a blood soul stone. They can completely transform your bodies and souls, tempering them so that your Yuan Spirits grow stronger and your bodies become more terrifying than Magical Beasts. Based on my tests, using the blood essence stone’s energy to temper the body will have amazing effects, but the pain involved isn’t something a normal person can endure. That’s why I will first give everyone a demonstration.”

Long Chen transformed into a ray of light that shot through the Dragonblood Legion, dragging out a quivering Guo Ran who had been hiding in the back like a chicken.

“Boss, I don’t need that power! I’m just a forger! Don’t waste the resources on me, give my place to Gu Yang!”

“Don’t worry, there’s enough energy for everyone. Guo Ran, remember, what supports your showing off is always bitter training. The suffering you go through today will become your bragging tomorrow. You’ll thank me in the future.”

After saying that, he didn’t give Guo Ran any chance to beg for mercy. He clapped a hand on Guo Ran’s back, and thunderforce immediately paralyzed Guo Ran. His arms stretched out involuntarily like a wooden puppet, and he received the blood essence stone.

“Everyone, pay attention. Use your soul to guide one drop of blood out of the center of your palm and brand it with your spiritual mark. Remember, you must only use one drop, no more. Use that drop to form a bridge with the blood essence stone and slowly draw in its energy.” Long Chen used Guo Ran as a demonstration as he pulled out a drop of Guo Ran’s blood from his palm. Guo Ran’s spiritual mark was placed on it, and then it slowly pressed against the blood essence stone.


The instant Guo Ran’s palm touched the blood essence stone, his sleeve exploded, and his skin split apart. Even the skin on his face split open, shocking everyone.

The blood essence stone was like a volcano, while Guo Ran was a tiny little opening for it to erupt out of. Only a trace of its energy flowed out, but that little trace was enough to destroy mountains. If Long Chen wasn’t supporting him, Guo Ran’s current body would have already exploded.

Guttural sounds were coming from Guo Ran’s mouth, but he couldn’t open his mouth, nor could he speak clearly.

“Don’t talk. If you open your mouth, all your energy will try to rush there and your body will explode. Even the patriarch wouldn’t be able to save you then. Either you endure, or you die.”

Long Chen knew that Guo Ran wanted to beg for mercy, but Long Chen didn’t give him any chance. Guo Ran was currently an Empyrean. His talent had been upgraded to be very amazing with limitless potential. However, Guo Ran was too lazy. Even with such amazing talent and potential, he wasted it. Without forcing him, he wouldn’t cultivate.

“Everyone, watch carefully.”

Only once Long Chen said this did everyone recover from their shock and carefully examine Guo Ran. Guo Ran was covered in blood and looked like a mess. It was a frightening scene, but they then saw an even more shocking thing.

Guo Ran’s blood was constantly surging, with faint bubbles appearing in it. Guo Ran had fainted from the pain, but with Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength surging through him, Long Chen forced Guo Ran’s mind to still be wide awake.

He had to make Guo Ran remember this process. Only then could Guo Ran have complete control of his body. The price of Guo Ran’s laziness had to be repaid. Guo Ran had a feeling like death would be better than living now. It was a frighteningly painful torture.

Long Chen pointed at Guo Ran’s injuries. The blood there was becoming thicker, and it was an extremely strange sight. ”This is the blood essence energy of the blood essence stone. It has a strange ability. It can stimulate and refine your blood, expelling its impurities. It can also excavate the potential of your Spirit Blood. This process is very painful, but you have to endure. You can’t faint. During this process, your nerves will form their own kind of memory, allowing you to control the power of bloodline better in the future.”

“Boss, Guo Ran is frothing at the mouth!” exclaimed a Dragonblood warrior.

“It’s fine, he’ll get used to it quickly.” Long Chen looked at Guo Ran firmly. This was just an instinctual reaction and nothing major.

He had long since told Guo Ran that there were no shortcuts to cultivation. If he was lazy now, it would be a debt he had to repay in the future. This debt was something that he would have to pay as long as he didn’t die.

However, Guo Ran refused to believe him and always tried to think of some way to escape during his tribulations. With Long Chen keeping an eye on him, Guo Ran hadn’t had any chance to be lazy, but in the last tribulation, Long Chen hadn’t been present. This little fellow had definitely played dead at that time, or there wouldn’t be so many impurities in his Spirit Blood. It also wouldn’t be so painful for him now.

“Boss Guo Ran’s blood is starting to glow!”

After an incense stick’s worth of time, Guo Ran’s blood stopped flowing out. His blood vessels had already recovered, and what flowed inside them was now a richer red that had some faint luster to it. It was dazzling, and it emitted its own bursts of power.

“This is the power of Spirit Blood? I thought only the most ancient bloodlines can have such power!” exclaimed a Dragonblood warrior.

Everyone had Spirit Blood and their own bloodline pressure. However, for most people, they were so weak that they might as well not exist. There were very few people capable of using their bloodline pressure to suppress other people’s auras. Only people from extremely ancient and powerful inheritances could possess such power.

Such figures were rare. Most geniuses used the pressure of their manifestations to suppress their opponents. By the Soul Transformation realm, there was practically no one who would use such a bloodline pressure.

It was different from the pressure of the Heavenly Daos. The pressure of a bloodline was even more direct and tyrannical. If the pressure was strong enough, then without even needing to do anything, you could cause your opponent’s blood to explode inside them.

After a while, Guo Ran’s injuries fully healed. Guo Ran’s body was now releasing a terrifying bloodline power that made everyone else’s hearts shake.

However, he was still twitching and frothing at the mouth. His eyes had rolled into the back of his head. It looked like he was having a seizure.

Long Chen released Guo Ran, allowing him to collapse on the ground. Gu Yang apologetically said, “Boss, it was my mistake. Last time, I got soft-hearted and let Guo Ran be lazy.”

Last time, they had undergone their collective tribulation in the Spirit World. Gu Yang had controlled the tempo of the lightning. However, Guo Ran’s ability at acting dead was extremely skillful, and Gu Yang had thought that Guo Ran had really reached his limit, so Gu Yang had let him faint.

If Guo Ran had endured longer during that tribulation, it wouldn’t have been so painful on him today.

“It’s all this little fellow’s own fault. Toss him to the side. His debt can only be paid by himself. No one else can help him.” Long Chen shook his head. A few Dragonblood warriors carried Guo Ran to the side. Even at this time, he couldn’t be allowed to faint, or it would leave behind a flaw.

Just as they were carrying Guo Ran away, he suddenly let out a furious roar. He grabbed one of them and slammed him onto the ground. That Dragonblood warrior was taken by surprise and was knocked out.

“Fuck, boss Guo Ran, have you gone insane?!” The other Dragonblood warriors cried out in shock. Guo Ran’s eyes were now scarlet like a rampaging beast.

One of the Dragonblood warriors grabbed onto Guo Ran from behind, holding him tight. But he never expected Guo Ran to have so much power that Guo Ran easily broke his arms and knocked him flying. Guo Ran’s power was overflowing.

“Some of you, go test him out. Guo Ran has gone crazy from the pain. Check how much his power has grown.” Long Chen was very calm. He was just a bit surprised that even Guo Ran, who had always possessed the weakest physical body, could instantly become this powerful.

It had to be known that without his armor, Guo Ran was the weakest existence within the entire Dragonblood Legion. Any random Dragonblood warrior could crush him. However, now even a dozen Dragonblood warriors couldn’t knock him down.

Those Dragonblood warriors were using their physical strength to try and hold him down, but Guo Ran’s power was like a Magical Beast’s. His power had multiplied dozens of times. He was like a madman, randomly kicking and punching. He even bit one of the Dragonblood warriors on the butt, causing him to cry out in pain.

This kind of crazy state was temporary and merely a result of the immense pain that he had been in. Long Chen knew that Guo Ran would be fine once he had a chance to release his energy.

However, it seemed the Dragonblood warriors holding him down would have to become victims. They were all shouting for help.

Dozens of them formed a human pyramid crushing Guo Ran beneath them. Even then, they were unable to suppress him, so more piled on him. Eventually, Guo Ran was unable to struggle and passed out.

“Brother, your butt has suffered. But this sacrifice was worth it for boss Guo Ran.” One of the squad leaders patted the poor Dragonblood warrior who had been bitten.

Long Chen laughed, “You should thank your luck that you weren’t lying on your back. Otherwise… hehe…”

That Dragonblood warrior instantly shivered when he thought of that possibility.

“Alright, so now you know the effect and how to use the blood essence stone. Now, Meng Qi will teach you how to use the blood soul stone. Pay attention. The Devil Abyss is about to erupt, so our time is limited. We have to do everything we can to get stronger,” said Long Chen gravely.

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