Chapter 1670 Preliminary Scale

“Boss, you’re finally back! Boss, you really are awesome. You even managed to handle those bastards in the Southern Xuan Region!”

Long Chen had just arrived at the gate when he saw the entire Dragonblood Legion waiting to greet him. Guo Ran was waving his hand, and his feet were dancing.

“How did you know?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, how did we know? The alliance head sent a message over. Apparently, the Xuan Master got a tongue-lashing, something about how the Xuantian Dao Sect had always followed the norm until he took over. He clearly corrupted you,” laughed Gu Yang.

“Ah, the alliance head wrongly accused the Xuan Master. I was corrupt from birth,” laughed Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit bad for the Xuan Master. Thinking of Qu Jianying’s fiery temper, the Xuan Master had probably been cursed without daring to make a sound. After all, Qu Jianying’s seniority was far above him.

“You brat, as long as you know that, it’s fine. You caused so much trouble outside and ended up bringing it to me.” Li Tianxuan’s voice rang out, causing everyone to jump.

Li Tianxuan also appeared at the gate. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Long Chen. Long Chen had only been gone for a few days, but he had completely wrecked the Southern Xuan region. Li Tianxuan was fully convinced of Long Chen’s ability to cause trouble. He was truly worthy of being a legendary existence.

“Hehe, aren’t we one family? I cause trouble, you handle it. What perfect cooperation!” said Long Chen.

“Hmph. Come in and have a look. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s construction is almost complete.” Li Tianxuan beckoned for them to come.

Once beyond the gates, they let out startled cries. On the outside, the Xuantian Dao Sect looked the same as ever, with tall mountains and flowing water. However, once they were in, they were immediately stunned by the mountains that pierced high into the clouds.

Only now did they realize that there was a spatial formation covering this entire space. What they had seen outside was multiplied dozens of times.

Stone steps coiled around the mountains, and those mountains all had special formations covering them, making them give off a heavy and majestic feeling. The dense spiritual qi struck Long Chen and the others as soon as they entered. The clouds and mist curling around the mountains made it seem like a wonderland. Those clouds weren’t actually clouds, but the result of spiritual qi that had reached an extreme density.

There were eighty-one main mountains, all the same size and arranged in a special formation that covered the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. Each mountain had some busy workers doing things like arranging the formation’s divine runes. They still weren’t done with the construction.

“Heavens, this is so shocking!” Tang Wan-er covered her mouth. It had just been a few months, but she no longer recognized the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“It really is shocking. Even though I watch it rise day by day, I still feel shocked.” Yue Zifeng nodded. This was everyone else’s feeling as well. They had personally seen countless craftsmen working day and night.

As they advanced, Long Chen suddenly looked at the staircase below them and said, “Xuan Master, isn’t there supposed to be a formation supporting the staircase from below? Where’s the formation?”

“Cough, we’ll discuss it later,” said Li Tianxuan awkwardly.

Long Chen immediately realized that they had run out of money again. It seemed the difference between their initial estimate and the real cost was quite great.

Continuous palaces appeared in the main area. At the core was a soaring tower and the largest building in the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuantian Tower.

This giant reconstruction of the Xuantian Dao Sect was all linked together by a formation below, which made the Xuantian Dao Sect one giant entity.

There were countless formations drawing energy from heaven and earth, providing it to the Xuantian Tower. The Xuantian Tower could use that energy to nourish itself, as well as use it for offense and defense. This was a terrifying construction, one that was most definitely unmatched within the Martial Heaven Continent.

Li Tianxuan brought Long Chen to various areas. He showed Long Chen the Alchemy Hall, the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, the cultivation rooms, the battle arenas, the Xuantian Tower, and hundreds of other areas. Meng Qi and the others were stunned by everything they saw. The Xuantian Dao Sect had completely transformed.

As for Long Chen, he didn’t feel that much. This was all based on the diagrams that he had given Li Tianxuan, so he had been prepared.

There were quite a few disciples along their path, and they said hello to Long Chen. They were very respectful to Li Tianxuan, but to Long Chen, they were filled with wild worship. This was the charisma of an expert that won over both men and women.

After a stroll through most of the Xuantian Dao Sect, Meng Qi and the others were bedazzled, and they wanted to explore some smaller areas. As for Long Chen, he went with Li Tianxuan to the Xuantian Tower.

At the peak of the Xuantian Tower was the old patriarch. He was waiting for them with a smile. However, when he looked at Long Chen, that smile became a bit odd. It almost looked like a crying smile.

“Disciple greets the patriarch.” Long Chen bowed respectfully.

“Alright, there’s no need to be so courteous to family. It’s been hard on you this time.” The patriarch had no idea what to say, so he simply followed common courtesy.

“It wasn’t hard at all,” said Long Chen politely.

“How could it not have been hard? You killed so many people. You must be tired,” said Li Tianxuan grumpily. He reached out to grab the teapot on the table.

Long Chen immediately grabbed it first and poured tea for the three of them. He smiled. “You also know that sometimes there’s nothing that can be done. If I didn’t kill others, they would have killed me. I’m quite afraid of death, so I could only kill them.”

Long Chen knew that Li Tianxuan was irritated and sullen at having been scolded by Qu Jianying over his matter. Hence, Long Chen could only put on a smile.

“I understand you better than anyone. If you were to passively kill people, then it would have been fine. After all, it was for self protection, and it wouldn’t be all your fault. But… you shouldn’t have slapped Di Long. You really are too brazen. That is even graver than killing all the Southern Xuan Region’s disciples. If Di Long doesn’t avenge that slap, how is he supposed to face the rest of the Martial Heaven Continent?” Li Tianxuan shook his head.

When he had heard that Long Chen had slain all the elite disciples of the Southern Xuan Region, Li Tianxuan hadn’t been that surprised. After all, Long Chen was a Heaven-Defier and rejected by this world. Other heavenly geniuses wouldn’t like him and would want to find trouble with him. Long Chen definitely wouldn’t go easy on those people.

However, when he heard that Long Chen had slapped Di Long in the face, even Li Tianxuan had become dumbfounded. To slap the face of the leader of the ancient family alliance, that was… that was really heaven-defying.

“Well actually, the slap isn’t that big of a deal anymore…” sighed Long Chen.

“Little fellow, don’t tell me you did something worse?” Li Tianxuan immediately felt a chill.

“It’s not that bad. That Di Long is simply incurable. Despite being the leader of the ancient family alliance, he actually lowered himself to try and kill me on my way back here. I had no choice, so I used a nail that I brought back from the Netherworld to hold him back. Originally, I thought that it could heavily injure him and win me a chance to escape, but who would have thought, either the nail was too amazing or Di Long was too weak, but his clone was killed by the nail, so… that really can’t be blamed on me.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch gasped. “You… killed… Di Long’s clone?”

“I didn’t kill him, it was just his fate. It has nothing to do with me,” said Long Chen.

When Li Tianxuan asked about the nail, Long Chen hesitated but still ended up telling them that it was something he had taken from the Gates of Hell.

Long Chen felt that since Qu Jianying could retain her memories from before the Gates of Hell, the matters outside the Gates of Hell shouldn’t be too forbidden.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch were speechless. Long Chen’s guts were too big. He actually dared to take a nail from the Gates of Hell? That wasn’t something a normal person would do.

However, when they heard of the nail’s origin, they could understand how someone as powerful as Di Long had still lost a clone to it. After all, it was something from the Netherworld. 

“Don’t spread word about this matter. I trust Di Long also won’t say anything about it. After all, this is extremely embarrassing for him. Let’s just all keep this to ourselves. However, this will probably make things harder on senior Qu,” sighed Li Tianxuan. He understood the rules of the cultivation world far better than Long Chen. He knew that Qu Jianying was about to run into trouble.

Long Chen didn’t hear Li Tianxuan’s meaning behind his final sentence. He said, “Xuan Master, have we run out of money again?”

“Yes. I have no choice but to accept that this formation diagram is truly terrifying. The cost is just as terrifying as its power. If you didn’t guarantee that there was no problem with that Xia Chen, I’d suspect he was intentionally trying to con us. We’ve already spent so much money on just building this preliminary form. There are still many formations that need to be built, and many other areas that need more money. Each time we restart building, our initial budget gets thrown out. Based on our current money, it seems we’ll only be able to finish half.” Li Tianxuan felt a headache as soon as this was brought up. The further the construction went, the greater the cost.

“This is no problem. I’ve already reached an agreement with the alliance head. For the Devil Abyss’s eruption, the Xuantian Dao Sect will handle the entire Eastern Xuan Region’s side. Then all the Eastern Xuan Region’s reward will go to us,” said Long Chen.

“Are you really confident in that? The great era has come. The Devil Abyss is going to erupt at an unprecedented scale,” warned Li Tianxuan.

“Don’t worry about it. This time, I’m more confident than any other time.”

Long Chen patted his chest confidently. He truly was full of confidence this time. This was the moment to collectively increase the Dragonblood Legion’s power.

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