Chapter 167 Corrupt Path's Old Demon

In response to Long Chen’s direct slash at him, that person merely snorted coldly. A withered, black hand directly grabbed onto Long Chen’s blade.

A metallic ringing filled the air when the two collided. That blade in his hands shook and a powerful force knocked him flying.

“Hmph, you’re far from capable enough to put on such an act in front of me.”

That person suddenly moved, disappearing like a specter. By the time he once more appeared, he was already blocking the exit.

“How fast!” Long Chen was alarmed. As soon as he had encountered this strange person he had felt that something was wrong. He constantly felt a chilling sensation that told him he was a threat to his life.

He had been planning on borrowing his counterforce to quickly flee from here. Unfortunately, his ploy had been seen through.

“Although this corpse is too weak, with my Spiritual Strength controlling it, it’s not something an amateur like you can defeat.

“Little fellow, I’ll still give you those two options again. Either die or surrender,” he icily said.

Long Chen’s heart pounded loudly. This corpse contained an old monster’s spirit. What kind of crap was this trial?

And what bastard had dug this cave so deep that there wasn’t even a chance to flee?

“If you want me, Long Chen, to surrender, you’ll have to show me you have the skill.” Long Chen icily snorted. Since he couldn’t flee, he could only face it head-on. The divine ring appeared in his Dantian as his FengFu Star circulated. Terrifying pressure began to soar.

“Oh, somewhat interesting.” That person was actually a bit intrigued by Long Chen’s aura. But there was no surprise in his voice; clearly everything was completely under his control.

“Parting Wind Slash!”

Long Chen’s sword slashed down, but that corpse’s claw-like hand directly punched away the sword tip.

He was horrified to see that his Earth class Battle Skill was so easily blocked. It was unable to even slightly wound that person.

“Breaking Wind Fist!” 

Long Chen once more shouted. Light appeared over his fist as he sent a punch smashing into that person.

Previously, in the fight for the Profound Spirit Fruit, his heavy spear had already been broken. Without a heavy weapon, most of his Battle Skills were unable to display their full strength. It was better for him to give up on using a weapon and fight with his fists.


Long Chen’s punch landed squarely on that withered corpse’s arm. That fist could easily destroy a boulder, but it was unable to break that arm. At the same time, his own power rebounded and forced him back several steps, turning his own arm slightly numb.

“What a hard body!” Long Chen was horrified. This corpse was incredibly powerful. If he had been alive, he would definitely have been a terrifying expert.

“Little kid, are you still unconvinced? Hmph, then I’ll let you see just how minuscule you are to me.” That person snorted, and his body suddenly moved. A pair of black hands appeared in front of Long Chen in just an instant.

Long Chen hastily punched out to block it. Although he managed to block it, his body was still forced back again.

“Your physical body is not bad.” His withered claws then began to continuously attack Long Chen, his speed like a wild tempest.

BANG, BANG, BANG! Long Chen was unable to even see the movements of his claws. He could only rely on his intuition to block as best as he could, filled with horror.

Just what level of expert was this old ghost? It was clear that only his soul still remained, and he was simply possessing this corpse. However, he possessed such mighty strength.

Long Chen could clearly sense that this soul was relying on Spiritual Strength to control the corpse. But even so, he was completely dominating him.

Furthermore, Long Chen had no idea what was going on with that corpse. No matter how he struck it, he was unable to break it at all.

Although he knew that the core disciple trial was difficult, he was sure it was not supposed to have reached this level! This was essentially impossible to overcome!

There was not even the slightest chance of him beating this old monster. Even if he used his full strength, there would not be the slightest hope. Something wrong had definitely occurred somewhere.

The only lucky thing about this was that the old monster didn’t want to kill him. He wasn’t attacking him with his full strength and was even mostly avoiding his vitals.


A kick landed on Long Chen’s stomach, sending him flying into the wall behind him. Only then did they stop.

“Hehe, kid, you’re not bad. I’ve decided to take you as an apprentice. Hurry up and kowtow to your master.”

That person walked up to Long Chen. His dead face was right in front of Long Chen, making him appear even more sinister.

“Do you think someone like you is capable of being my master?” Long Chen icily laughed, blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth.

After that tempest of attacks, Long Chen’s body was covered in bruises. That corpse was too strange. Its hardness was even greater than any of his weapons.

“Bastard, who do you think I, Gui Sha, am? Three thousand years ago I swept across the land, striking fear in the hearts of anyone who heard my name. For me to take a fancy to you is a blessing for you,” raged Gui Sha.

“Then you mean, you’re very amazing?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course, I’m extremely amazing,” said Gui Sha proudly.

“Then how did you end up in this state that is neither human nor ghost?” sneered Long Chen.

“Tch, what do you know. Back then three Meridian Opening experts surrounded and besieged me. Furthermore, I was already wounded then. Otherwise, how would I have ended up like this?”

Gui Sha clenched his teeth, his voice filled with anger and brutality. A terrifying killing intent immediately filled the entire lounge.

That killing intent seemed to almost take a solid form, striking shock and fear even in Long Chen. Who knew just how many people this old ghost had killed in order to compile such a terrifying killing intent?

“Kid, don’t try any crap with me. I see that your talent isn’t bad, and your physical body is perhaps even perfect. If you can study my Grand Corpse Devil Refinement Technique, I guarantee you’ll become a true expert within three years,” said Gui Sha.

Long Chen didn’t respond, descending into thought.

“Kid, don’t get any ideas. Even in this dead state, I am still alive. I’ve experienced over three thousand years of time. No plots will work against me.

“Right now you only have two choices. The first is death. The second is to become my apprentice and bring me out of here,” said Gui Sha icily.

“How can I bring you out of here?” asked Long Chen.

“I can hide my soul within your Dantian. You’ll carry out this corpse’s head to exchange for the badge.

“Then when you find a good opportunity, flee from the Xuantian Monastery and I’ll bring you to my sect. Hmph, there you will get one hundred times better grooming than here…”

Long Chen sneered inside. As expected, this old ghost was trying to trick him. How could he place someone else’s soul within his Dantian? Did this old ghost think he was an idiot?

You want me to give up my defenses so that your soul can invade my body and swallow my own soul. How is this me bringing you out? It’s obviously you seizing control of me.

But with his Spiritual Strength, it would normally be easy for him to take control of someone with my cultivation base.

It seems that this corpse has some mysterious energy enveloping it that is sealing his soul inside, so he can’t escape as easily as he should.

“What do you think? Do you want to die? Or do you want to become my apprentice? Do you want to receive my techniques that will allow you to enjoy endless power and beauties?” Gui Sha asked icily. Although he did his best to sound calm, Long Chen’s own powerful Spiritual Strength could sense the fluctuations in his voice.

“Accepting you as a master is fine. Bringing you out of here is also fine. But I, Long Chen, am also this generation’s genius, and I still need to see what qualifications you have to be my master.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s simple. Teach me something that will let me admire you. If you can’t satisfy me, hehe, as a proud man, I, Long Chen, would rather die than surrender,” he proudly said.

“Jiejiejie, ok, interesting. Then, I’ll teach you a technique. Look closely.”

Gui Sha sat down and began to speak. “Your body is excellent, and your physical strength is even comparable to a third rank Magical Beast. But you have no decent Battle Skills.

“So I’ll teach you a decent Battle Skill right now. It is called the Blood Killing Hand. Its strength is limitless and will allow you to fight above your realm.”

“How do I train in it?” Long Chen hastily followed up. That was definitely something he really wanted to learn.

“To cultivate in the Blood Killing Hand is extremely simple. Each day use the warm blood of a person’s heart to dye your hand, letting the blood and qi condense over your palm. When you attack, circulate that blood energy and easily cut across the space to crush your enemy’s heart.”

Long Chen’s heart trembled when he heard this. Use a person’s heart’s blood to temper the hand every day? Then didn’t he need to go kill someone every single day?

Furthermore, Gui Sha had said that so indifferently. It was as though he had been talking about something completely insignificant.

“If you kill one hundred people a day, then in less than one hundred days you will reach the initial mastery point. If you want to reach complete mastery, it will require at least one thousand days. At that time, whenever you strike with your hand, even those with a higher cultivation base than you will still die if they aren’t on guard. Now I’ll teach you the technique…”

“Wait, I’m an upright person. How can I cultivate such sinister techniques?” raged Long Chen.

“Nonsense! Since I am your master, you’ll definitely have to learn these!”

“No, absolutely not! Teach me something else.” Long Chen shook his head.

Gui Sha was infuriated inside. He was a Corrupt sect’s esteemed Elder. For him to teach Long Chen something other than his Corrupt techniques was definitely a kind of humiliation.

He actually wanted to give this brat a slap and kill him, but since he needed to rely on Long Chen’s body to get out of this cave, he couldn’t. He needed to take control over his body, but without Long Chen’s cooperation, it would be impossible for him to escape his current corpse body.

Gui Sha controlled his temper, and once more told him of two other kinds of techniques, but Long Chen shook his head to both. He refused to go follow the Corrupt cultivation path.

“Brat, don’t be too excessive!” Gui Sha’s anger was already at his limit.

“Has there been some mistake? Didn’t you yourself say you were absolutely amazing? Just this little bit has already exhausted all your abilities?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

“You…!” With his temperament, he would have long since tortured Long Chen to death. But unfortunately, he couldn’t right now. He really was afraid to lose this good of an opportunity.

“Fine, I’ll teach you a footwork technique. It’s called the Netherworld Ghost Steps. It’s a secret technique I have never transmitted, but it’s extremely profound. If you can’t understand it, then don’t blame me.” Gui Sha ground his teeth and began to teach Long Chen the Netherworld Ghost Steps’ mnemonic.

Long Chen put on a blank face as if trying to understand it was extremely taxing. But inside, he was so excited he was almost about to shout.

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