Chapter 1669 Furious Di Long

A huge skeleton appeared in the sky, emitting a tyrannical pressure that caused Long Chen and the others to jump in shock. They hastily brought the flying boat to a stop.

This was the only path through the Ancient Battlefield. There was no other way. If they strayed from this path, they would become lost within the immense battlefield and never find their way out.

Rumor was that the Ancient Battlefield was the result of peerless experts fighting at such a high level that they shattered the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent. As a result, the fighting wills from that battle persisted all the way to the present, as not even the laws of time could wipe them out.

Sometimes, some strange scenes would appear within the channel, but it was forbidden to touch them. Under ordinary circumstances, they wouldn’t affect people that much.

The huge skeleton suddenly let out a bestial roar. Spatial fluctuations exploded out of it, sending the flying boat flipping back.

Long Chen hastily controlled the flying boat to retreat. He did his best to make it retreat along their original path.

“Isn’t it said that all the Ancient Battlefield’s lifeforms died in battle? How can there still be one alive? Did it revive itself?” cried Tang Wan-er.

The skeleton was huge and looked similar to an Earth Dragon. However, its neck was very short, making the proportions wrong. Furthermore, it had six feet. It was unknown what kind of lifeform it was.

“It didn’t revive, nor is it alive. This isn’t even a real body. Although its body died, its will was not erased,” said Long Chen gravely.

This was an extremely shocking ability. It was clearly an incorporeal will that had condensed a body. That killing intent was not wiped out even after countless years. Just how terrifying was that?

Following the giant skeleton’s roar, more figures appeared. Flying birds, walking beasts, lifeforms with two wings on their backs, giants three hundred meters tall.

One of those giants punched the skeleton, blowing it apart. However, the giant was then attacked from behind by a winged creature. Its head was cut off by a sword.

Each of their attacks was simple and direct. One punch shook the heavens, while one sword fractured space. The laws of heaven and earth were all destroyed over and over.

They fought fiercely for a moment before the scene grew chaotic. Space twisted, and they vanished from sight.

“How powerful. Even after so many years, their battle will still remains. A portion of their battle can even affect our generation. This is a kind of eternal power.” Chu Yao was still filled with shock.

If they said that what they had just seen was all an illusion, that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The terrifying battle had ended up breaking free of the restrictions of space and time to affect them in the current era. However, they also couldn’t say that what they had seen was necessarily real. Whatever it was, it had vanished in just a moment.

“Just what happened in the ancient era? We still don’t know, but it’s fine. We’ll reach that height sooner or later, and at that time, all those secrets will no longer be secrets.” Long Chen clenched his fist.

That scene just now was truly stunning. Although it had only appeared for a moment, it had made Long Chen feel incredibly minute.

In that intense battle, each blow had destroyed the laws of heaven and earth, and Long Chen had felt himself to be an ant without the slightest ability to resist. That had stimulated his determination to get stronger faster. Once he returned, he definitely couldn’t continue tarrying. He had to hurry up and increase his cultivation base.

Long Chen then sent the flying boat forward carefully. They didn’t encounter more strange sights on their way. Once they were out of the Ancient Battlefield, they sped up, flying for the Eastern Xuan Region.


In a certain underground room in the Central Xuan Region, a roar rang out, filled with rage and beast-like brutality.

“Long Chen, you dared to destroy my clone!?”

This person was Di Long. However, it wasn’t his clone, but his true body.

Di Long’s expression was twisted, and killing intent raged in his eyes. He was clenching his fists so tightly that they creaked.

Di Long pushed open a stone door. When he walked out, two elders looked at him in surprise. “Alliance head, why have you come out of seclusion so quickly?”

Di Long’s true body had entered seclusion not too long ago. The one in charge of urgent matters had been his clone, and his true body was not to be disturbed by anyone.

These two elders were half-step Netherpassage experts. They were guarding this room to prevent anyone from disturbing Di Long.

“How is Di Xin?” Di Long didn’t reply, instead asking a question.

“The Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree is currently absorbing young master Di Xin’s death qi. Although he hasn’t woken yet, the death qi has essentially been suppressed. Furthermore, we’ve already had someone from Heavenly Fate Island read young master Di Xin’s fate. He has escaped danger this time,” answered one of the elders.

That elder was curious. With Di Long’s clone outside, all this information should have been known to him. After all, his true body’s soul was linked to his clone’s soul. Why did he need to ask?

He didn’t know that Di Long’s clone had been destroyed by Long Chen. Although Di Long had immediately severed his connection to his clone when he was stabbed by the nail, he had been infected by a portion of its death energy. Hence, Di Long currently felt a needle-like pain in his head.

Part of that pain was due to the nail, while another reason was the destruction of his clone. He had lost part of his soul with it. In this kind of situation, Di Long couldn’t possibly cultivate properly.

The destruction of his clone infuriated Di Long. He had never expected a Soul Transformation disciple to have the means to destroy his clone. He had taken a huge loss this time.

“Transmit my orders! The ancient family alliance is officially breaking off relations with the Martial Heaven Alliance. We are no longer allied, and both sides will mind their own businesses!” announced Di Long.

The two elders were shocked. “Alliance head… that’s not a good idea! We work together with the Martial Heaven Alliance to fight the Corrupt path. If we break off ties, the Corrupt path will immediately target us.”

The ancient family alliance might be said to be on equal standing with the Martial Heaven Alliance, but in terms of combat power, it didn’t even have a third of the power of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

After all, the Martial Heaven Alliance was the sum of all the sects in the five great regions. Its total power was unimaginable. Compared to it, the ancient family alliance was clearly weaker. If they were to split off, the Corrupt path would become the ancient family alliance’s greatest threat.

The two elders didn’t understand Di Long’s command especially since the Devil Abyss was about to erupt. If the ancient family alliance broke off ties with the Martial Heaven Alliance at such a critical time, they would appear despicable. If the Martial Heaven Alliance wasn’t able to stop the devil race’s invasion at that time, the devil creatures would slaughter countless innocent people on the continent. Wouldn’t the ancient family alliance become a sinner in the eyes of the rest of the world?

“It’s all the Martial Heaven Alliance’s fault. Qu Jianying is harboring Long Chen, destroying the unity of the continent. Leaving behind the bad apples in the Righteous path is already a grave mistake. I won’t allow my ancient family alliance to be ruined because of those bad apples, so it can’t be called despicable. The wrong ones are Qu Jianying and Long Chen, not me. If Qu Jianying admits her mistake and kills Long Chen, we can still be allies and fight against the Devil Abyss together. Otherwise, she can only take responsibility for her own actions. Remember, people won’t criticize us, but the Martial Heaven Alliance’s Qu Jianying and Long Chen. In any case, it isn’t your job to care about those things. Just do what I say. I want to see how tough Qu Jianying really is,” snorted Di Long.


The two of them didn’t dare to say anything else. They turned and left.

They had just left when space twisted slightly, and a woman appearing to be in her thirties appeared. She possessed an inherent air of nobility.

“I want to see Long Chen’s head within seven days. I won’t allow anyone to harm Xin-er. That Long Chen must die,” said the woman gloomily. This woman was Di Xin’s mother. “Oh? Your clone is gone? Could it be…”

Perhaps others might not be able to sense the change in Di Long, but she was Di Long’s wife, someone who had engaged in both spiritual and physical dual cultivation with him. She immediately sensed the change in his spiritual fluctuations.

“I was careless. That brat took out a special divine item to destroy my clone,” answered Di Long.

Di Xin’s mother looked at the unsightly Di Long and suddenly laughed. “Di Long, ah, Di Long. You really are blind. How did I end up falling for such a useless coward? That dreg of the Mo family is running around digging up graves in the Western Xuan Region, and even though you sent so many people to hunt him down, he’s still living happily. Now your clone was not only slapped by Long Chen but even destroyed. If news of this spreads, will you still have the face to live? If I were you, I’d just kill myself. How can someone like you be the alliance head?”

“Shut up! Do you think I wanted this to happen? That brat of the Mo family refuses to show himself. He’s too slippery. What can I possibly do against him? As for Long Chen, if it weren’t for your precious son being duped by that slut Shen Bijun and being used, he would still be fine. It’s all because you pampered him so much that he couldn’t even see through such a simple trap. Now that I’m forced to stand up for him, how are you making it all my fault? Does your brain have a problem?!” roared Di Long like an angry lion. His constrained emotions were finally erupting.

“It’s all because you’re useless. What qualifications do you have to randomly shout? If you could kill Long Chen with a wave of your hand, wouldn’t things have been settled? Other than that, don’t forget your status. If it weren’t for my family’s support, do you think your Di family would have been able to snatch the alliance head position from the Mo family? Keep dreaming. Everything you have was bestowed to you by my family, so it would be best if you remember that. Without my family’s support, you are nothing. Di Long, if you don’t kill Long Chen, I’ll tell my family just how useless you are as alliance head. If I really feel like it, I might even suggest they support someone else,” sneered Di Xin’s mother before leaving.

Di Long’s entire body quivered as he looked in her direction. He smashed a fake mountain in front of his private room to pieces out of rage.

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