Chapter 1669 Furious Di Long (Teaser)

A huge skeleton appeared in the sky, emitting a tyrannical pressure that caused Long Chen and the others to jump in shock. They hastily brought the flying boat to a stop.

This was the only path through the Ancient Battlefield. There was no other way. If they strayed from this path, they would become lost within the immense battlefield and never find their way out.

Rumor was that the Ancient Battlefield was the result of peerless experts fighting at such a high level that they shattered the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent. As a result, the fighting wills from that battle persisted all the way to the present, as not even the laws of time could wipe them out.

Sometimes, some strange scenes would appear within the channel, but it was forbidden to touch them. Under ordinary circumstances, they wouldn’t affect people that much.

The huge skeleton suddenly let out a bestial roar. Spatial fluctuations exploded out of it, sending the flying boat flipping back.

Long Chen hastily controlled the flying boat to retreat. He did his best to make it retreat along their original path.


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