Chapter 1668 Conning A Netherpassage Expert to Death

Meng Qi and the others were startled. They hastily looked around. However, all they saw was the chaotic space. It was impossible to see anything.

This place was the Ancient Battlefield. The surroundings were always like this. They didn’t sense anything strange.

“Haha, little bastard, you’re quite vigilant.” Di Long’s voice rang out. Space twisted, and Di Long appeared in front of the flying boat.

Meng Qi and the others’ expressions changed. They hadn’t expected Di Long to be waiting for them here. 

Qu Jianying had told them to be careful before leaving. They shouldn’t think that just because they were powerful, they could challenge Netherpassage experts. The true Netherpassage realm was far stronger than half-step Netherpassage. There was an uncrossable divide between the two.

Even if Long Chen could defeat the half-step Netherpassage Han Wanchang, he would still die to Di Long. He probably wouldn’t even be able to receive a single blow.

However, who would have thought that Di Long would appear in their path right after Qu Jianying left? They instantly fell into a definite death situation.

“Old bastard, you’re also not bad. You actually pushed all the responsibility onto senior Qu Jianying so that she would be forced to go to the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. As for us, we have to hurry back to the Eastern Xuan Region to handle the eruption of the Devil Abyss. I suppose you’ve already entrusted someone with sending the Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree back, while your disappearance was just to fool us, correct?” said Long Chen indifferently.

Long Chen didn’t find it too curious to find Di Long blocking their path. He had slapped Di Long in the face. With the Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree, Di Long didn’t have any more misgivings. As long as he was given an opportunity, he would definitely make sure that Long Chen vanished from this world.

“Being smart is useless. Today, you’ll definitely die.”

Di Long took a single step before slamming a palm at Long Chen. Black and white ripples spread from him as this space was filled with life and death energy. It was like in that instance, the life and death of everything in this domain was under his control.

Di Long still had one arm behind his back. His attack looked effortless, however, there was a terrifying power condensed within his palm.

“Even a clone dares to be so arrogant?” Long Chen summoned his divine ring and battle armor. He slashed Evilmoon at Di Long. “Split the Heavens 6!”

“This is a good move, but sadly the user is too weak.”

Di Long disdainfully smiled. His movements didn’t change at all, and he blocked Long Chen’s attack with a simple palm strike.


Long Chen felt like his saber had landed on a star. His arms shook, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Hmph, ignorant brat, the power Netherpassage experts can control is no longer just energy, but law. With your pitiful power, how can you block me? Foolish to the peak.”

Although that was what came out of his mouth, Di Long was actually a bit surprised. His palm should have blown Long Chen to pieces, leaving behind only his Yuan Spirit. The power of Long Chen’s physical body was something Di Long had never witnessed before.

Di Long’s body shook. The world turned dark and then suddenly turned bright. Di Long appeared right in front of Long Chen, seeming like the ruler of this world. His palm was unavoidable.

Space had been fully compressed. His life and death domain was at full power, locking Long Chen down.

Long Chen wildly vomited blood, and Evilmoon went flying out of his grip. He was finally experiencing the terror of Netherpassage experts. Qu Jianying was correct. They truly weren’t something he could currently fight against.

“You’re the one who’s foolish to the peak. Have a taste of my fist!”

Long Chen’s eyes turned red as he unleashed all his power into a punch.


Di Long looked at Long Chen’s deathbed struggle with disdain. There was an uncrossable gap between them. No matter how Long Chen struggled, it was useless.

Long Chen’s fist met Di Long’s palm. As a result, Long Chen’s arm deformed, breaking into an unknown number of segments. He wildly coughed up blood and was smashed into the ground.

Di Long was about to say something after sending Long Chen flying when his expression completely changed. A burst of pain came from his palm, and he saw a black nail in it now.

“Hahahaha! Di Long, how’s the taste of this nail?!” Half of Long Chen’s bones were broken, but he still laughed wildly.

He had intentionally looked like he had gone insane to bait Di Long into attacking. The nail had been hidden in his hand, and he had unleashed it the instant he had met Di Long’s palm.

Di Long was a Netherpassage expert, and this was his life and death domain. Everything here was under his control, and none of Long Chen’s actions could escape his senses. However, this nail didn’t give off any fluctuations. Di Long hadn’t sensed it and had been struck.

“This is…” Di Long was shocked. His blood turned black in the blink of an eye.

He was also shocked to find that he couldn’t move. His entire body was rigid.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others were also stunned. They saw Di Long’s entire body turning black. He was emitting a strong air of death, and all his vitality was fading.

“What is this?!”

Di Long was infuriated. He had seen many things in his life, but he had never seen such a terrifying concealed weapon.

His jaw suddenly cracked and fell from his head. It landed on the ground, transforming into black dust.

“Idiot, do you think I’d tell you?” sneered Long Chen. But in truth, he was also shocked. He had known that this nail from the Gates of Hell should be terrifying. After all, when he had accidentally cut just the outer layer of his skin, to the point that he didn’t even bleed, his finger had immediately turned pitch-black. If it hadn’t been for Evilmoon cutting off his finger, the consequences would have been too terrible to imagine. He hadn’t expected that even a Netherpassage expert would be helpless against it. He had thought that it would simply cause Di Long some trouble and give Long Chen a chance to run.

However, even a Netherpassage was unable to move once pierced by this nail.

In just a breath, Di Long’s body became covered in cracks, and his body fell to the ground piece by piece, transforming into black dust.

“How… how is this possible?!” roared Di Long.

He tried to struggle, but he couldn’t even move as his body shattered. His Yuan Spirit couldn’t escape either. His eyes gradually turned black like coal.

With a bang, Di Long’s body exploded, transforming into dust. Chu Yao hastily summoned a wooden shield to protect everyone.

However, this action was superfluous. The resulting dust of Di Long’s body had no killing power. It was like ordinary dust.

“Damn, if I had known the nail is so amazing, I would have thought of a way to take down the entire door!”

Seeing Di Long actually be killed by this one move, Long Chen couldn’t help but slap his own leg regretfully. If he had thousands of these nails, wouldn’t he be unrivaled in the Martial Heaven Continent?

Just at this moment, Evilmoon’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s mind. “What kind of joke is that? Just taking a single nail almost cost you your life. You’ve already forgotten your lesson from that time. Furthermore, the nail might be powerful, but it requires an idiot of an enemy for it to be effective. He was careless, which is the only reason you managed to hit him with the nail. If he hadn’t been so arrogant, you would have never been able to land the nail on his body. If the nail doesn’t land, it’s meaningless. Plus, that was just his clone, not his true body. Both his power and sense of danger were lacking compared to his true body. If it was his true body here, then no matter how well you schemed, he would have sensed the danger and you wouldn’t have been able to strike him. In the end, this thing is an external object. You should consider how to raise your own power instead. It has already been so long, but your cultivation base hasn’t advanced at all. Just what year are you planning on advancing to Life Star?”

Evilmoon’s voice grew increasingly frustrated. As long as Long Chen’s cultivation base didn’t reach the Life Star realm, he wouldn’t be able to undo its seal. That was what it wanted most of all.

“Aren’t I busy? Fine, I know. When I get back, I’ll immediately refine some pills to cultivate.” Long Chen truly felt that he should increase his power. His cultivation speed was too slow.

They returned to the flying boat and continued onward through the Ancient Battlefield. When Meng Qi asked about the origin of the nail, she couldn’t help sweating when she heard the story. She looked at Long Chen like he was a monster. To take a nail from the Gates of Hell, that was definitely not something a sane person would do. Only Long Chen would do something like that.

They carefully advanced as the space around them was shuddering more intensely. They could vaguely hear terrifying roars and feel the intense battle of countless years ago. There were innumerable fallen spirits here. Even Long Chen felt a chill.

There were many records about this battlefield, all saying different things. The ancient races, Righteous path, Xuan Beasts, and even the Corrupt path had historical records of their ancestors participating in this ancient battle, but those records didn’t match.

This battlefield was sealed, with only one path through it. No one dared to actually enter the battlefield. The Ancient Battlefield had always been a mysterious existence.

Just as Long Chen was controlling the flying boat to carefully advance, the channel ahead exploded, and a huge skeleton blocked their path. It was like a giant mountain floating in the sky, covering the sun.

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