Chapter 1667 Sudden Danger

Qu Jianying left. Matters like defending against the invasion of the devil race were the responsibility of the Martial Heaven Alliance. This was the convention followed for countless years.

However, now there were problems. That was due to the fracturing between the Martial Heaven Alliance and the ancient family alliance.

The main cause of this fracture was Long Chen. Last time, the two sides had started becoming unhappy after the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. Back then, due to Pill Valley pulling the strings behind the scenes, although the two didn’t start a fight, the crack between them had been formed.

As for this time, even two huge hegemons like Di Long and Qu Jianying had gone face to face. The ancient family alliance might stop supporting the Martial Heaven Continent because of it.

This was all caused by Shen Bijun. Qu Jianying definitely had to go to have a conversation with the Illusive Music Immortal Palace.

Once Qu Jianying left, Long Chen obediently used a flying boat to travel toward the Eastern Xuan Region. However, there was now one person missing. Liu Ruyan had returned to Chu Yao’s spiritual space. It was unknown if it was because she didn’t like looking at Long Chen that she left.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Cloud were all talking and laughing. Cloud was holding Long Chen’s arm. Cloud had just learned how to transform and was still learning how the human race conversed. Sometimes, she would suddenly say something bizarre that made them laugh. Cloud would often blush and try to listen more.

“Long Chen, I’ve obtained the wind inheritance. My future accomplishments will have no limit, so you should treat me a bit better in the future so that I look after you.” Tang Wan-er suddenly patted Long Chen on the shoulder in a carefree manner, looking like she was no longer the old Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er had clearly lost her old suppressed resentment and gained confidence as well as optimism. This was the result of her power shooting up.

“Is that so? Since a heroine has opened her chest to me, I won’t be courteous.” Long Chen laughed mischievously and hugged Tang Wan-er.

“What are you doing?!” cried Tang Wan-er.

“I’m expressing how people should speak from the heart,” laughed Long Chen.

“Then… you’re touching… my heart? Hurry up and let go!” 

Although she had done similar intimate acts with Long Chen, those were in private and certainly not in broad daylight with Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Cloud watching. Her whole body felt soft as she didn’t know how to resist.

The previously intimidating bad wolf had now become a cute little rabbit. Tang Wan-er was as red as an apple as she fled.

Chu Yao and Meng Qi were also red. They cursed Long Chen for being a rogue and doing something so immoral.

Long Chen laughed, very pleased with himself. He had finally gotten some revenge. When Qu Jianying had been punishing him, Tang Wan-er had looked so pleased. Now he finally took back the advantage. He found that when it came to women, as long as he was shameless enough, he definitely wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

“Long Chen, don’t mess around. Cloud is still a child, and it’s broad daylight,” scolded Meng Qi.

“Broad daylight? Meng Qi, are you telling me it’s alright at night?” Long Chen laughed wickedly.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er all turned red upon seeing his perverted expression.

“Long Chen, you scoundrel! How can you be so shameless!?”

The three of them raised their fists at the same time and gave Long Chen a flurry of punches. Long Chen laughed, completely pleased with himself.

“How is this shameless? Look at the nice mountains and water, the white clouds in the sky. With such beautiful women beside me, isn’t it very natural to start fantasizing?” laughed Long Chen.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said this, Tang Wan-er immediately turned hostile and glared at him. “Little brat, as expected, you’re thinking about other women.”

“What are you talking about?” asked a startled Long Chen.

“You think you can trick me? You clearly like that Han Feifei. Could it be you like her so much that even though she’s already dead, you’re still thinking about her? Speak, why do you want to fantasize about her?” Tang Wan-er grabbed Long Chen fiercely.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. He had just randomly said something, and Tang Wan-er had ended up connecting that to Han Feifei. Where did that come from?

Meng Qi and Chu Yao laughed. They knew Tang Wan-er was intentionally finding trouble for Long Chen.

After laughing, Tang Wan-er suddenly asked, “Long Chen, you said that you have a method to upgrade our Yuan Spirits. Is that true or not? We also want a powerful Yuan Spirit like yours.”

When Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit was mentioned, they all looked at him enviously. That was their first time seeing Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit come out and fight. He had actually gone against a divine item barehanded.

“Hehe, let me show you something.”

Long Chen closed the windows of the flying boat and took out a large stone. When they saw that stone, Meng Qi was the first to let out a startled cry.

Her soul energy was the strongest, so she could directly sense the vast Spiritual Strength within this blood-colored crystal. That Spiritual Strength was boundless like a sea, and its purity had reached a kind of pinnacle. Even her own Spiritual Strength was starting to surge just from being this close to it. Her soul energy was already starting to show signs of rising without even trying to absorb it.

“What… what is this?!” Meng Qi was startled and delighted. The Spiritual Strength within this stone could actually be absorbed without any resistance. This was huge to Meng Qi.

It had to be known that a person’s Spiritual Strength normally had to be upgraded passively. It was mainly based on one’s natural talent. Hard work had a limit when it came to Spiritual Strength. Natural treasures that could increase a person’s Spiritual Strength this much were incredibly rare.

The exceptions were things from the Corrupt path, which were made by extracting other people’s souls. However, absorbing those also resulted in absorbing a terrifying amount of resentment. As your soul energy increased, you would also become bloodthirsty and crazy. So upgrading one’s Spiritual Strength was far too difficult.

Spiritual Strength was the main foundation for nourishing the Yuan Spirit. Someone with weak Spiritual Strength couldn’t possibly have a powerful Yuan Spirit. After all, the size of the water decided how large a fish could be raised. There was no such thing as a whale raised in a washbowl.

“This is a blood soul stone. I got it from the Netherworld.” Long Chen had kept this information back from Qu Jianying. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust her, but that sometimes when he was about to say certain things, he would feel a vague unease. He guessed that it might involve some kind of karma.

However, he didn’t feel a similar kind of danger when it came to Meng Qi and the others, so he told the truth.

“The Spiritual Strength inside is as vast as a sea. It will allow us to increase our Spiritual Strength by a whole level. That will make our attacks even sharper,” said Tang Wan-er excitedly.

“If it was just a matter of increasing Spiritual Strength, I wouldn’t have taken the risk to get it. This blood soul stone is the only treasure that can allow someone to recondense their Yuan Spirit. The energy inside it is split between blood and soul, however, after being cleansed and purified, these two kinds of energy can be directly absorbed without the slightest flaws. As long as you have enough spiritual yuan, by absorbing these two kinds of energy, you can recondense your essence, qi, and soul to upgrade your Yuan Spirit. It can be said that this blood soul stone is a heaven-defying treasure,” said Long Chen.

For this blood soul stone, Long Chen had almost lost his life. The information about it was something Xie Qianqian had taught him. Her Alldevil star-field produced this thing, so she had plenty of experience with it.

“Recondense our Yuan Spirit? Then can our Yuan Spirits become as powerful as yours?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“I don’t know. It will be based on each person’s limit,” said Long Chen truthfully.

Back when Xie Qianqian had been present, he had asked that very question, and her reply was that recondensing the Yuan Spirit the second time would make it reach its strongest possible state.

However, putting it another way, it meant that it would allow the Yuan Spirit to grow to its limit. A tree might grow to three hundred meters, but a sunflower couldn’t possibly reach the same height no matter how many times you tried planting it. So since each person’s innate talent was different, it would be based on their potential.

“Ah? Well, when I condensed my Yuan Spirit, I had 8,700,000 primordial runes. Doesn’t that mean my limit won’t be much higher?” Tang Wan-er couldn’t help being disappointed.

8,700,000 was a shocking number, but beside Tang Wan-er was Chu Yao who possessed an even stronger soul and had condensed nineteen million runes.

As for Meng Qi, she was even more terrifying, having condensed forty-seven million runes. Amongst the three of them, Tang Wan-er’s soul was the weakest.

Not only that, but her cultivation base, combat power, and Yuan Spirit had been the weakest amongst them, making her feel inferior. That was why Meng Qi had called Long Chen over to make sure that Tang Wan-er could obtain the wind inheritance no matter what. Otherwise, it might have formed a heart-devil in her.

However, although she had obtained the wind inheritance, having such a weak Yuan Spirit still displeased Tang Wan-er.

Meng Qi sensed that and changed the subject. “Long Chen, how many primordial runes did you have when you condensed your Yuan Spirit?”

“Me? I’m embarrassed to say.”

“Tell us! We aren't afraid of receiving an impact.” Meng Qi winked, her meaning clear. Having all three of them receive an impact was much better than just Tang Wan-er feeling inferior. Well, the main thing was that they were truly curious about how many runes Long Chen had condensed.

Long Chen gave Meng Qi a thumbs-up inside. “My Yuan Spirit didn’t have that many primordial runes. It’s actually a bit embarrassing to say it. Back then, I wasn’t too confident and only randomly condensed it. Now I regret it. I should have tried to condense more,” sighed Long Chen regretfully.

“Ah? You didn’t use your full power at that time? Are you a fool? How could you get sloppy when it came to something as major as condensing a Yuan Spirit?” demanded Tang Wan-er.

Meng Qi smiled slightly. She understood Long Chen far too well, and as expected, Long Chen shrugged and helplessly said, “Back then, I felt that one billion and eighty million primordial runes were enough, so I stopped trying.”

“One billion… and eighty million?” Although Meng Qi was prepared, even she was stunned by this number.

Tang Wan-er was stunned, and she suddenly beat Long Chen. “You bastard, you’re toying with me.”

They were in the midst of laughing when the flying boat shook. They had entered the Ancient Battlefield. The spatial fluctuations were growing.

“Long Chen, what is it?” Meng Qi suddenly noticed that Long Chen’s gaze had sharpened. That light was a bit frightening.

“Someone’s waiting for us.”

Long Chen stopped the flying boat and flew out. Toward the surrounding chaotic space, he shouted, “Di Long, I didn’t think you were so enthusiastic to send yourself straight to me.”

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