Chapter 1667 Sudden Danger (Teaser)

Qu Jianying left. Matters like defending against the invasion of the devil race were the responsibility of the Martial Heaven Alliance. This was the convention followed for countless years.

However, now there were problems. That was due to the fracturing between the Martial Heaven Alliance and the ancient family alliance.

The main cause of this fracture was Long Chen. Last time, the two sides had started becoming unhappy after the Dragon Slaughtering Convention. Back then, due to Pill Valley pulling the strings behind the scenes, although the two didn’t start a fight, the crack between them had been formed.

As for this time, even two huge hegemons like Di Long and Qu Jianying had gone face to face. The ancient family alliance might stop supporting the Martial Heaven Continent because of it.

This was all caused by Shen Bijun. Qu Jianying definitely had to go to have a conversation with the Illusive Music Immortal Palace.

Once Qu Jianying left, Long Chen obediently used a flying boat to travel toward the Eastern Xuan Region. However, there was now one person missing. Liu Ruyan had returned to Chu Yao’s spiritual space. It was unknown...

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