Chapter 1666 The Eastern Xuan Region’s Crisis (Teaser)

They left the Skywood Divine Palace and flew on a flying boat for an hour before stopping in a secluded mountain range.

“Brat, where did you get that black water?” Qu Jianying looked at Long Chen. She had been really shocked. She almost didn’t believe it.

Tang Wan-er and the others were also curious. They had seen how terrifying that black water was, and Chu Yao especially had felt great fear for it. That was an instinctive repulsion.

They all looked at Long Chen intently, wanting to know.

“In truth, you know what it is. Your guess is correct,” said Long Chen.

“Then you mean… don’t tell me that…” Qu Jianying immediately thought of a possibility. However, that was even harder to believe.

“Hehe, the old man brought me in for a stroll. You know that hard-working men like us have to help each other.”

Qu Jianying cursed, “That old bastard, he brought a little bastard like you in?! Do you both want to lose your lives?!”

Although Long Chen was alive and well, she still felt it was crazy that Long Chen had entered...

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