Chapter 1665 Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree

The palace master of the Skywood Divine Palace walked over and bowed slightly toward Qu Jianying and Di Long. Whether it was in terms of cultivation base, status, or seniority, she was not on the same level as them, so she had to greet them as a junior.

“Palace master, you have a way? Wonderful!” Qu Jianying was delighted. As long as Di Xin didn’t die, things would be easy to handle.

“I’ll have to thank you for this. If you can really guarantee that my son will be fine, I, Di Long, will owe you a favor.” Di Long’s expression also softened.

The palace master shook her head slightly. She received the jade bottle from Di Long and sniffed it lightly. “This is no evil water. It is something condensed by death energy. Rather than saying it is poison, it would be better to call it a manifestation of a law. Long Chen is correct. There is no way to resolve this kind of energy. My Skywood Divine Palace has a Heavenly Spirit Divine tree that I can lend to you. With its life energy, it can dilute this death energy. However, I would estimate that even the Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree would only be able to suppress it, actually expelling it would be very difficult. Nevertheless, I’m confident that as long as it can be suppressed, you have your own way to expel it, correct?”

“Yes, as long as it can be suppressed, everything will be easier to handle,” said Di Long hastily.

A translucent sphere appeared in the palace master’s hand. What startled Long Chen was that this little sphere contained a giant space. Within it was a tree.

That tree was extremely strange. It was clearly a heaven-soaring tree with only three branches, each with only one leaf. It was like a sapling that had just sprouted.

Although it was encased in its own mysterious barrier, Long Chen could still sense endless life energy coming from it. Just breathing it in relaxed one’s whole body. This was definitely a treasure.

“This is the Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree. These trees have gone extinct on the Martial Heaven Continent, and only my Skywood Divine Palace has three of them left. Today, I will lend you one so that young master Di Xin can be cured earlier. Let us exchange hostility for friendship.”

The reason the palace master was lending Di Long the Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree was two-fold. One reason was because this matter had occurred in the Skywood Divine Palace, and as the host, she couldn’t stay out of it. The other reason was because she truly did not want to see the Martial Heaven Alliance start fighting the ancient family alliance. If these two large forces started a fight, rivers of blood would flow. No one would be able to suppress the Corrupt path.

The Martial Heaven Continent had entered the great era, and heavenly geniuses were springing up like young bamboo after rain. Powerful existences were rising all at the same time. There was the Corrupt path right in front of them, while there were also neutral forces like the ancient races, Xuan Beasts, Bloodkill Hall, and more. They were like tigers lying in wait. The Righteous path had internal troubles and plenty of external ones as well.

“Many thanks for your assistance. Once my son is healed, I will definitely come personally to thank you.” Di Long received the Heavenly Spirit Divine Tree. He was about to leave.

“Hold it!” said Qu Jianying.

“What? Could it be that you wish to exchange a few pointers against me?” Seeing Qu Jianying block him, Di Long’s suppressed rage flared once more.

“There’s no need for that. You are just a clone and don’t have the qualifications to challenge me,” said Qu Jianying coldly. “I’m simply asking how you plan on handling this matter. That Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Shen Bijun was so malicious. Although Long Chen killed her already, this huge calamity the Southern Xuan Region went through was all caused by the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. Are you not planning on demanding an explanation from them?”

The matter of the Jade Lake Sacred Land was too huge. The responsibility would have to be borne by someone. Otherwise, if things were simply left like this, it would make her, the alliance head, appear useless.

“This matter was caused by Long Chen, so the responsibility should be borne by the Martial Heaven Alliance. It has nothing to do with my ancient family alliance. We are only victims,” sneered Di Long.

Qu Jianying’s meaning was clear. The two of them should go find the Illusive Music Immortal Palace for an explanation. It was their disciple that had caused this, so they had to accept the responsibility. Whether it was compensation or just an apology, they had to follow through.

However, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s foundation was frightening, and they were also one of the protectors of the Martial Heaven Continent. Even Qu Jianying didn’t want to offend them, so she wanted to pull Di Long in.

However, Di Long actually refused, pushing the responsibility onto Qu Jianying, even saying that she was at fault. How could she possibly accept that while he acted like the victim?

“Bullshit, we’re the victims. Don’t tell me that if Long Chen and Di Xin’s positions were reversed, you would say Di Xin was at fault for striking back at Long Chen! How did it become our responsibility?” raged Qu Jianying.

Di Long indifferently said, “As far as I’m concerned, this whole disaster originated from Long Chen. Shen Bijun’s love for him turned into hatred. As for what Long Chen did to Shen Bijun, who knows? How he played with her emotions is impossible to know. Shen Bijun is one of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s top two disciples, so she’s definitely no fool. For her to do something so crazy, can you say for sure it’s unrelated to Long Chen? Who would believe that? Long Chen didn’t properly handle his own relationships, implicating everyone else. Even if he had to act out of self-defense to kill those people, he also has unavoidable responsibility for their deaths. As for my ancient family alliance and the other sects, they’re the real victims. You and the Illusive Music Immortal Palace are the ones who have to take responsibility for this matter. I have no time to waste talking to you. If my son is healed, then I’ll leave this be, but if anything happens to him, you should just wait to endure my rage.”

Di Long became covered in divine runes. Space twisted around him as he vanished from everyone’s sight.

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself?!”

Di Long left, leaving all the responsibility on Qu Jianying, making her break out cursing.

The Southern Xuan Region’s experts didn’t dare to make a sound. They were all old foxes and saw that this was a competition of power between two huge hegemons. They knew that with Qu Jianying present, killing Long Chen as vengeance for their disciples was an impossibility.

The ones to blame were clear. The majority of the blame fell to the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. As for Long Chen, he had a bit of the blame, but it was very small. Just that little bit wasn’t enough for them to demand his death.

These experts were infuriated. Their disciples were all killed, but they didn’t know who they were supposed to find for vengeance. Di Long had left. Even without Qu Jianying present, they wouldn’t dare to try and kill Long Chen. That was purely courting death.

They all looked at each other. In the end, they silently left. Staying here was meaningless, as it would only make them lose more face.

“Alliance head…” The southern branch master of the Martial Heaven Alliance came forward respectfully.

“You can go. I’ll handle this.” Qu Jianying flapped her hand.


In the end, all those experts left, leaving behind only Qu Jianying, the Skywood Divine Palace’s master, as well as Long Chen and the others.

Qu Jianying’s expression was frighteningly dark. She slowly turned to look at Long Chen, who immediately felt a chill and put on a hasty smile. “Alliance head, hello! After several months, you’ve grown even more beautiful- aiya!”

Long Chen was in the midst of carefully sucking up when Qu Jianying’s hand reached out like lightning, grabbing his ear and twisting.

“Ow! It hurts! Alliance head, it hurts! Alliance head, I was wrong!” Long Chen didn’t know what Qu Jianying was doing, but it felt like a needle was stabbing his ear.

“Little brat, you don’t feel shame crying it hurts?! I’m the one with the headache!” Qu Jianying ignored Long Chen’s pleas for mercy.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others couldn’t help but find it funny upon seeing Long Chen in such a miserable plight for the first time.

“Alliance head, my wives are right there! They’ll get jealous of your unsuitable actions!” cried Long Chen.

“Bullshit, I’m old enough to be your great-grandaunt. Furthermore, just based on my relationship with your old man, you’d have to call me aunty. What would they get jealous of?!” raged Qu Jianying.

“Aunt, do your best. We definitely won't get jealous. It just so happens we want to learn your great techniques. Please, go ahead and show them all so we can learn.” Tang Wan-er immediately walked forward with an excited smile.

“Wan-er, I have always loved you so much, but you…” Long Chen didn’t even know how he was supposed to express his indignation and grief.

“Hmph, who asked you to be so fickle-hearted?” Tang Wan-er sniffed and turned her nose up at him.

Seeing the usually threatening Long Chen like a little cat in Qu Jianying’s hand, Meng Qi and the others heartlessly laughed.

“Senior Qu, why don’t you come and have a seat in the Skywood Divine Palace?” said the palace master.

“No, I have a crapload of things to handle, and this little brat just gave me even more things to do. Fuck, I’m pissed!” Qu Jianying twisted her hand harder, making Long Chen shout louder.

Qu Jianying was truly powerful, but it actually wasn’t enough to make Long Chen so miserable. However, Long Chen knew that since Qu Jianying was helping him handle this matter, it would be best to let her vent. If he didn’t act pitiable, who knew whether she would switch to an even worse punishment?

Qu Jianying had the same temper as the old man. If he acted too manly now, he didn’t know whether his butt would be turning a bright shade of red in a bit or not. A man who knew how to bend flexibly was a proper man.

The palace master nodded and walked over to Chu Yao. She tidied Chu Yao’s hair a bit and gently said, “You’re a kind child. To tell the truth, I am really unwilling to let you enter a world filled with blood.”


“Good child, the baby bird grows each day in the nest so that it can one day soar through the sky. This day will come sooner or later. It was my fault for saying these things that shouldn’t be said. Take care of yourself. Although you aren’t a disciple of the Skywood Divine Palace anymore, I will forever be your master. If you are tired one day, come and find me.” Although the palace master did her best to control herself, her eyes reddened.

After saying that, she turned and left. Looking at her back, Chu Yao’s tears streamed down her face. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er could only comfort her.

“Let’s find somewhere quiet so I can properly put you in your place.”

Qu Jianying finally released Long Chen, but her expression was still very fierce.

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