Chapter 1663 Netherpassage vs. Netherpassage

It happened too suddenly, so suddenly that everyone was dazed. It felt like time was moving slow as they witnessed one of the most shocking sights of their lives.

Long Chen’s palm slapped across the middle-aged man’s face, and that dignified man was forced back several steps by the immense power. As for Long Chen, he used that force to retreat. 

Just as they separated, a powerful bolt of Sword Qi slashed through the space where the middle-aged man had just been. It was like a celestial blade, a blade of the starry sky. This attack had been to prevent the middle-aged man’s attack. However, it was one step too late, as the middle-aged man had already been slapped back.

Long Chen retreated a dozen steps, each of his steps causing the ground to crumble beneath him. Although he was the one who had slapped the middle-aged man, the resulting backlash was still difficult for him to bear.

His left hand concealed a nail, which he silently put away. That was what he had originally prepared before he had sensed the Sword Qi.

A life and death domain might be able to restrict everyone else, but it wasn’t able to restrict him. He didn’t know if it was because he had entered Purgatory, but this kind of life and death energy couldn’t bind him.

Before, just to prepare himself, Long Chen had asked the old patriarch, a Netherpassage expert, to use his life and death domain against him. At that time, Long Chen hadn’t been able to move a finger.

However, it was different this time. He didn’t know why, but this life and death energy wasn’t able to bind him in his place. Therefore, Long Chen had acted like he was completely bound, just waiting for the middle-aged man to approach carelessly.

The middle-aged man was truly terrifying. Long Chen had prepared the nail from the Gates of Hell, however, just as he had been about to use it, he had changed ideas and switched to the slap that he was most proficient in.

Long Chen stabilized himself and looked up to see a woman standing in the air. Her sword was still shining with divine light. That attack had come from her.

“Greetings, alliance head!”

Long Chen smiled when he saw that woman and respectfully bowed. She was the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance, Qu Jianying. She had attacked to force back the middle-aged man and save Long Chen.

However, Qu Jianying’s current expression was very strange. She had been planning to save Long Chen, but Long Chen’s slap was outside her expectations.

“DIE!” That middle-aged man’s dignified face immediately became filled with killing intent, and he pointed a finger.

A black and white spear shot out of it, prying apart the void. It was as if all the cosmos’s energy was concentrated within this spear, and the laws of life and death revolved around it. This middle-aged man was finally infuriated.

“Alliance head, someone is trying to kill your disciple! You must stand up for your disciple!”

Long Chen immediately dodged behind Qu Jianying. He knew that this middle-aged man had gone completely crazy. His current cultivation base was too low to block a Netherpassage expert’s attack.

Qu Jianying was startled but also found it funny that Long Chen was such a madman. This slap might just shake the Martial Heaven Continent.

However, at the moment, she had no choice but to focus her attention on the middle-aged man. She also attacked, slashing her sword that also had white and black energy intertwining over it.

The attacks of two Netherpassage experts collided. The explosion of life and death energy caused a huge ripple to spread.

Long Chen felt a slight pain in his soul, but it quickly went away. However, in the distance, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others all let out a pained groan and fell from the sky.

Their Yuan Spirits were in intense pain like they were being torn apart. The other experts were no better off, and they all fell from the sky as well, holding their heads and wailing. Their Yuan Spirits had been severely injured.

“A clash of life and death energy causes shockwaves that are very damaging to Yuan Spirits. Fortunately, their Yuan Spirits are strong enough; ordinary Soul Transformation experts would have been killed,” said the palace master. She and the other Elders of the Skywood Divine Palace were watching from a distance.

“Palace master, those two are…” asked a young Elder. She didn’t recognize those two and was very curious.

“They’re both figures that can shake heaven and earth, people with the greatest authority in this world. One is the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance, Qu Jianying. As for the other, he’s the head of the ancient family alliance, Di Long. This will be troublesome. I didn’t expect the Jade Lake Pageant to disturb two extraordinary existences like them. I don’t know how this matter can be settled. If the two of them were to really start fighting, the entire Martial Heaven Continent might become covered in a rain of blood,” said the palace master worriedly.

“Ah? Then you mean Long Chen has just slapped the head of the ancient family alliance?!” exclaimed the young Elder before covering her mouth.

The palace master sighed inside. Although she had long since heard that Long Chen dared to do anything, and his ability in causing trouble was unmatched beneath the heavens, an existence that was constantly imitated but never surpassed, she had never expected Long Chen to accomplish a feat never before achieved in all of history.

“Qu Jianying, I must kill him. If you block me, then from now on, your Martial Heaven Alliance will be enemies with my ancient family alliance.” Di Long coldly looked at Qu Jianying. He clasped his arms behind him like a dignified emperor. His voice was like a drum resounding through the air, causing people’s ears to shake. It contained unquestionable confidence.

From the moment Qu Jianying had seen Long Chen slap Di Long, she had sighed inside. She was currently thinking of how to resolve this enmity. After all, the Martial Heaven Alliance was allied with the ancient family alliance. She didn’t want to make matters worse.

However, Di Long’s tone was clearly a kind of order. That provoked her anger as well. She was the leader of the Righteous path. Who dared to threaten her?

“Long Chen is my disciple. No matter what mistake he made, I, Qu Jianying, will help him bear it. If he was really wicked beyond redemption and a disgrace, I would clean up my own door without you interfering. However, if you had someone intentionally provoke and set him up, then you should know my temper. No matter who I should go against, I will get justice for my disciples.”

Although the time she had known Long Chen was short, Qu Jianying had lived for many years and had seen all sorts of people. She had immediately seen that although Long Chen still possessed the carelessness and temper of youth, he was not an untrustworthy person. It was the opposite. He was someone very worthy of her trust and confidence.

Di Long’s expression immediately sank. Qu Jianying’s attitude was clearly one of not giving a single inch.

“Reporting to the alliance head, Long Chen viciously slaughtered all… all the attending disciples of the Southern Xuan Region in the Jade Lake Sacred Land. You have to get justice for us!” An elder walked over, quivering. He was the southern branch master of the Martial Heaven Alliance. His descendants had also died in the Jade Lake Sacred Land.

“Is this true?” Qu Jianying was startled.

“Long Chen has already personally admitted to it. How could it be false?” sneered Han Wanchang.

“Long Chen, is it true?” Qu Jianying barked at Long Chen.

“Well… I suppose… it’s possible… that it’s likely… maybe… true.” Long Chen didn’t know how to reply.

“You…!” Qu Jianying was enraged.

“Let me first declare that they wanted to kill me, and I had no choice but to fight back. It was well within the bounds of self-defense.” Long Chen hastily expressed his innocence.

“Tell us clearly! With no evil smile!” raged Qu Jianying.

Only now did Long Chen narrate everything that had happened in the Jade Lake Sacred Land, including the trap that Di Xin and Shen Bijun had laid for him right from the start. When Long Chen had still managed to fight back, Shen Bijun had used devil music to control the Southern Xuan Region’s experts to attack the Pill Fairy, Tang Wan-er, and the others. In the end, they had all died to his Star Fall.

“What nonsense! We only have your word and one side of the story. Who could believe such a thing?!” roared an expert.

“It’s because you wouldn’t believe me that I didn’t say anything. However, since the alliance head ordered me, I had no choice.” Long Chen shrugged indifferently.

“You shameless bastard, you killed so many people and still want to act innocent?! You’re the most shameless bastard in this world!”

“The Illusive Music Immortal Palace is one of the protectors of the continent. They have a mission to protect the Martial Heaven Continent, so how could they be so sinister? You definitely tried to kill someone for their treasures and then silenced others by killing them. Long Chen, how sinister! If you don’t die, the heavens won’t be able to rest!”

“We refuse to believe Long Chen’s one-sided story. Furthermore, even if they were controlled, how could you kill the innocents? They had lost their minds, but you still killed them. How vicious is your heart? Are you even human?”

The Southern Xuan Region’s experts’ roars surged out in waves, each louder than the last.

“Are you joking? They wanted to kill us. How did we become the vicious ones for killing them? You must have a mental illness!” Liu Ruyan couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Slut, shut your mouth! We have to kill Long Chen as vengeance for those departed souls. Otherwise, they’ll never be able to rest in peace. Long Chen must die!” Liu Ruyan’s words provoked those experts’ fury even further.

“I just knew that talking reasonably had no use. That’s why I couldn’t even be bothered to try. As I said before, either fight or fuck off.” Long Chen then turned to Qu Jianying. “Alliance head, now you know what happened. I don’t like causing trouble, but I’m not afraid of trouble. No matter who tries to kill me, I will fight back with my full power. Right now, as long as you can stall that fellow for one incense stick’s worth of time, I will make sure these noisy people never open their mouths again. Alliance head, just give me the order!”

Hearing that, those cursing experts immediately shut their mouths. It felt like a blade was pressed against their throats. Everyone was deathly silent.

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