Chapter 1663 Netherpassage vs. Netherpassage (Teaser)

It happened too suddenly, so suddenly that everyone was dazed. It felt like time was moving slow as they witnessed one of the most shocking sights of their lives.

Long Chen’s palm slapped across the middle-aged man’s face, and that dignified man was forced back several steps by the immense power. As for Long Chen, he used that force to retreat. 

Just as they separated, a powerful bolt of Sword Qi slashed through the space where the middle-aged man had just been. It was like a celestial blade, a blade of the starry sky. This attack had been to prevent the middle-aged man’s attack. However, it was one step too late, as the middle-aged man had already been slapped back.

Long Chen retreated a dozen steps, each of his steps causing the ground to crumble beneath him. Although he was the one who had slapped the middle-aged man, the resulting backlash was still difficult for him to bear.

His left hand concealed a nail, which he silently put away. That was what he had originally prepared before he had sensed the Sword Qi.

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