Chapter 1662 Terrifying Expert

That sphere slowly grew as Tang Wan-er spread her hands. It was translucent and sparkling like a crystal, however, when it appeared, time seemed to stand still. Silence drummed in people’s ears, and all those experts quivered. They smelled death from that sphere.

There were millions of almost imperceptibly tiny runes dancing within that sphere. They were simply swimming around naturally, yet everyone sensed a fatal danger from them.

“What kind of magical art is that?!”

The Southern Xuan Region’s experts were horrified. They were large powerhouses who were dominating the Southern Xuan Region, and they had lived for countless years. But even they had never seen such a terrifying and bizarre magical art.

“Wind Spirit Moonslash!”

Tang Wan-er’s hands suddenly began to shine as she unleashed her sphere. Rumbling filled the air, breaking the silence. Space and time were torn to shreds, and the world was thrown into chaos.

Within the Skywood Divine Palace, the palace master and the Elders were watching with shock. How could a Soul Transformation disciple unleash such a terrifying attack?

“The great era has really arrived. Even the Jade Lake Venerate’s four great inheritances have been fully inherited after countless years of people only being able to comprehend portions of them. For Tang Wan-er to be able to unleash her wind attribute divine arts just after obtaining her inheritance, she must have mastered part of it. We can finally see the slightest tip of the ancient Jade Lake Venerate’s power.” The palace master sighed emotionally.

“But Tang Wan-er’s magical art doesn’t seem like it’s using wind energy. The fluctuations are wrong,” said one Elder.

“There is a common saying that wind cultivators must cause a huge gale that shakes the land to display their power, but that’s just a common saying. Tang Wan-er’s magical art has reached the peak of wind, and it returned to a calm state until she unleashed it. This attack is terrifying,” said the palace master.

At this time, Tang Wan-er’s attack had reached the Southern Xuan Region’s experts. The white-haired elder carrying the divine shield was struck first.


The sphere exploded. A vast energy exploded like a volcano.

The previously calm sphere had exploded. Millions of tiny wind blades shot out furiously in every direction.

The white-haired elder’s shield instantly exploded, and the wind blades devoured him, turning him into bloody mist. Even his Yuan Spirit was annihilated.

“She can destroy divine items?!”

The other experts were horrified. They immediately turned around and ran.

However, their speed couldn’t match the wind blades. They could only unleash their strongest attacks as they fled.

Those with divine items were lucky. They only coughed up blood as they were sent flying. However, those who had charged forward to the front without divine items weren’t so fortunate. Their bodies were cut through by the wind blades. The unluckiest ones were pierced through the head and died.

Tang Wan-er’s destructive power was heaven-shaking, and it shocked everyone. If it hadn’t been for the white-haired elder’s divine shield blocking a portion of the power, it was unknown how many of them would have survived.

However, hundreds of Life Star experts were heavily injured, and dozens were killed with this one attack. The survivors looked up in horror at the icy-faced fairy floating in the air.

Even Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Cloud, and Liu Ruyan were shocked. Tang Wan-er was no longer the old Tang Wan-er. In her current state, she was truly terrifying. She had killed a sect leader who held a divine item, even destroying that divine item.

Facing tens of thousands of Life Star experts, Tang Wan-er was completely domineering, like an icy battle goddess. No one dared to take another step forward.

On this side, Tang Wan-er had intimidated all the Southern Xuan Region’s experts to the point that none dared to approach again. On the other side, Long Chen was fighting evenly against the half-step Netherpassage Han Wanchang.

What the Southern Xuan Region’s experts couldn’t accept was that Long Chen was like a ferocious tiger, and he was the one on the offense, forcing Han Wanchang to retreat time and time again.

With his divine ring spinning and five stars revolving in his eyes, he leaped forward again, slashing Evilmoon down heavily.

Long Chen attacked three times, each time stronger than the last. On the third one, Han Wanchang coughed up blood and miserably flew back.

“He… he lost?!”

Seeing Han Wanchang fly back, the Southern Xuan Region’s experts felt their hearts turn cold. That was a half-step Netherpassage expert! He was the one with the highest cultivation base amongst all of them, as well as the strongest. Since he had been forced back by a Soul Transformation disciple, they couldn’t accept it.

Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He coldly looked at the shocked and infuriated Han Wanchang. “You’re only half-step Netherpassage, but your arrogance surpasses a Netherpassage expert. Is this the tradition of your Han family? Do you have no ability other than bullying others? As expected, the young learned from the old.”

Back then, Han Feifei had been the same, charging forward tyrannically through a crowd. When someone didn’t get out of the way fast enough, her people whipped them. Long Chen looked down on people like her the most. They had superiority complexes that had them always crush others to express their own greatness.

Han Wanchang had never expected Long Chen to be so powerful. Even though he had used all his power and magical arts, he was being beaten by Long Chen.

What infuriated him the most was that Long Chen didn’t compete with him in magical arts. Long Chen was like a scoundrel randomly hacking people with his saber. He didn’t give Han Wanchang any opportunity to unleash his ultimate attacks.

Regretfully, Han Wanchang was not an Empyrean who could have his Yuan Spirit form hand seals for him. That would greatly shorten the amount of time required to cast his magical arts.

“You-” Suddenly, Han Wanchang’s expression changed. He took out a dragon-shaped jade plate from his robes, his anger transforming into joy. “Hahaha, Long Chen, your death has come!”

Han Wanchang laughed brazenly as he crushed the jade plate. A pillar of light descended from the sky, and a figure slowly condensed.

When the palace master saw that dragon-shaped jade plate, her expression changed. However, she had had no time to warn Chu Yao.

A figure slowly appeared within the pillar of light. It was a square-faced dignified middle-aged man in yellow robes and a violet-gold crown.

He was large and muscular. His eyes were as sharp as blades, and blood-colored runes flowed within his pupils. It was like his sight could pierce a person’s soul.

When he appeared, the hair all around Long Chen’s body stood on end. He already knew who this person was.

Without saying a word, the middle-aged man moved through the air, leaving countless afterimages. He appeared in front of Long Chen without anyone seeing how he had moved.

“Split the Heavens 6!” Long Chen, who had already started accumulating energy, slashed his saber.

“Hmph.” The middle-aged man snorted and raised a hand to block Long Chen’s saber. He broke Long Chen’s attack easily with just his palm, and Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The middle-aged man’s body shook ever so slightly from Long Chen’s attack, and he was a bit surprised. However, his expression quickly returned to normal. He took another step forward, and the world suddenly lost all its color, leaving behind only white and black.

There were no other colors other than black and white. When that happened, all the experts turned pale with terror.

“Life and death energy!”

“This is a Netherpassage expert! Only a Netherpassage expert can control this kind of energy!”

“An almighty Netherpassage expert actually came to handle Long Chen personally?!”

The experts were all struck dumb. They had never imagined that a Netherpassage expert would lower his own status and dignity to attack Long Chen.

It had to be known that Long Chen was only a Soul Transformation disciple. For a Netherpassage expert to attack him was elevating Long Chen’s status and turning themself into a laughingstock.

The middle-aged man hadn’t said a word. When he summoned his life and death domain, everyone felt that only two types of energy existed in this world now. One was life, and one was death.

Both those energies were under the control of this middle-aged man. Within this domain, he was a god. He decided who lived and who died. There was no way any of them could resist.

Long Chen was completely locked down by this life and death energy. He felt like an invisible hand was gripping his throat, and he couldn’t even move or resist. Resisting meant death.

Space was frozen. Time was still. That middle-aged man coldly walked over to Long Chen, his right hand reaching for Long Chen’s neck.

Suddenly, space shook, and an invisible and silent attack came from behind the middle-aged man. It was Tang Wan-er’s sneak attack.

The middle-aged man didn’t even turn aroundHis left hand reached back, and the wind from the pointing of his finger broke Tang Wan-er’s attack.

However, just as he crushed Tang Wan-er’s attack, the immobile Long Chen suddenly moved.

Long Chen’s large hand slapped the middle-aged man’s face. That clear sound resounded throughout the battlefield.

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